Best of Etsy : Charcoal Line Drawings

Best of Etsy : Charcoal Line Drawings - roomfortuesday.comIt has been a couple of months since I’ve shared a Best of Etsy post, so I figured it was time to change that! Last month I shared a giant roundup of side tables, and this month I decided to search for art. I’ve been trying to support more small businesses this month, and Etsy is a great way to do that. I found a bunch of talented artists and was on the hunt for something specific this time around… charcoal line drawings. You guys probably notice a lot of these styled throughout our home. I often tuck them into my shelf styling, hang them above tables to complete a vignette, or install them alongside more art in a different medium (painting, photography, etc). They’re really classic, timeless, versatile pieces that pair well with any decor or existing art you already own! Click through to see what I found and for some serious inspiration…

Best of Etsy : Charcoal Line Drawings - roomfortuesday.comAfter posting the above image of our master bedroom a couple weeks ago, I got a TON of questions about the charcoal art. That piece was actually done by me. I studied art in Italy during college and have a bunch of charcoal studies from back in the day. Every once in awhile, I’ll frame one of my own pieces. They’re old, but they hold wonderful memories and make me happy. Although I can’t offer you that exact print, I thought I could certainly do my best to curate a gorgeous collection of similar charcoal pieces from Etsy, if you’re working to build your art collection.

Shop my finds by clicking directly on each piece of art below!

Which ones are your favorites? Mine include: #2, #7, #10, #14, #18, #20, #21, and #26…. I know, I know- that is a LOT of favorites, but it was difficult to narrow down my top five. They’re all so good!

Best of Etsy : Charcoal Line Drawings - roomfortuesday.comI like to think outside-the-box when framing and displaying artwork. Don’t limit yourself to just the walls. Art can live in built-ins, on countertops, above nightstands, in so many expected AND unexpected places. It’s honestly one of my favorite pieces of home decor to collect and install.

I hope you’re all having a good week so far. Thank you so much for the support in regards to yesterday’s post. I’m really happy I was able to participate and say thank you! Happy Tuesday, friends.

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  1. I incredibly love charcoal drawings. They have a simplicity and rawness to them that is very moving and beautiful. Your charcoal drawing in your bedroom is stunning Sarah. You are so talented.
    I also have a treasured charcoal drawing of my daughter that captured her amazing facial features just when she was 20 months old. My daughter is 28 now and my charcoal drawing of her graces my living room and is my fav. It has brought me such joy over the years and I sometimes get teary eyed as I remember my baby girl sitting on an egg carton in downtown (so patiently) as an incredible artist captured her beautiful features. The Etsy drawings are very pretty and would also be very lovely addition to any home. Etsy is an amazing resource for incredibly beautiful objects and art. Have a super fab day!

    1. Me too, Colleen! They do feel raw and so personal. Thank you for your sweet words! It has been a lonnnnng while since I’ve played with my fine art supplies- charcoal included. Maybe I’ll have to dig those out soon, just for fun. I love the story of your daughter’s charcoal portrait- that is SO special. What a wonderful treasure and beautiful memory captured in time. Art has that unique ability to transport us! I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far :) xo

  2. Well, that was fun! My love for Etsy does not dim. I’m especially drawn to the nudes; I’ve built a little gallery of them in my dressing room. It’s kind of addictive searching for a new style or medium. I haven’t purchased a gestural drawing yet, so that may be my next search. Others from your round up that I really like are 4, 17 and 21. I enthusiastically embrace the unexpected placement of art! Who doesn’t need more beautiful places for their eyes to rest? Happy Tuesday…it’s feeling like a brownie day over here.💖

    1. Yay!! Mine too. Etsy is really a gold mine. I also am partial to the figure drawings. I love the idea of installing them in a dressing room- amazing idea, Peggi! I like all of your choices. I’m also all about art installed in unexpected places- it’s fun to discover those types of gems hidden throughout a home. Ooooh, brownies?! I think I might call brownie day over here too. We actually have an easy box mix that would take less than 5 minutes to whip up. Maybe today is the day :) Ha! xo

  3. This is a fun thing to think about, and some art that is perhaps even within the realm of accessibility! Thanks for these ideas (my favorite is still YOURS!)

    1. Thank you, Kim! You guys are making my day :) This was a super fun post to compile. I LOVE, love, love art shopping! Happy Tuesday. xo

  4. I love your charcoal drawings Sarah! You may not think so but you are talented with your drawing. I would pick yours over the ones you listed…hands down. I am not surprised you picked the loving girl!
    My mom has one of me in her house when I was 6? Its colored chalk as well. She walked into JCPenny or Sears and they were set up so my mom sat me down and this person did one. Funny story, I was sick with a cold so dark circles under my eyes. I love this picture except for the dark circles.
    If there is one thing I wish I would have done when my kids were little is to have theirs done. Maybe I can find someone to do one with pictures. Need to look into that. You just gave me an idea!
    My favorites are the nudes and landscapes or buildings. Again, yours is so nice!
    Happy Tuesday!

    1. Aw, thank you Danna! I appreciate that. While I do love (and miss) creating fine art, it’s really just a fun outlet for me. You know me too well… I had to throw some horses and zebras in there. Ha! You can take the girl away from the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the girl. I told Emmett someday we need to build a house with horse property! Haha! But really, that would be a dream come true. I love the story behind your charcoal portrait. That’s so special and such a great idea for a tradition to carry on. I bet you could find an artist on Etsy to create one of your kids- you’d probably just have to email them some photos to go off of. I also like the figure drawings, nudes, and landscapes. Happy Tuesday!! xo

  5. My favorite is #24…I’m obsessed with charcoal line drawings lately, specifically figural or nudes. I’ve been on the hunt for some tasteful ones for my bathroom styling…so far only one has really struck me, but I’ll find another. Etsy is fun, but for me it gets super overwhelming; I used to head there first for anything and everything; not so much lately. Maybe I need to rediscover the magic of Etsy during this quarantine! Looks like I’ll be online shopping today! Brownies do sound amazing…cheers to Tuesday everyone!

    1. I love that one, Lauren! I feel like Etsy is such a wonderful resources, but not an easy one- it definitely requires some digging to find what you’re looking for. Maybe we’ll all make brownies tonight? Ha! One can only hope :) Happy Tuesday! xo

  6. Great round up! I love the bird. And your drawing especially! Thanks Sarah. I really like these posts.

    1. Thanks, Liz! So happy to hear that :)