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The Best Live Plants on EtsyThis is a ‘Best of Etsy‘ topic I should’ve compiled looong ago. You wouldn’t believe the amount of plants I’ve bought from Etsy. From airplants to trees, it’s honestly an unexpected go-to resource for live plants. It may seem odd or unintuitive to search online before heading to your local greenhouse, but it holds true for my area… you can find better prices and healthy plants. Click through for a roundup of my favorite live plants!

The Best of Etsy Live Plants01: string of pearls // 02: golden lotus tree // 03: olive tree // 04: staghorn fern // 05: spider air purifying plant // 06: aloe vera plant // 07: king anthurium // 08: tillandsia stricta air plant // 09: fiddle leaf fig // 10: octopus agave // 11: banana plant // 12: dracaena air purifying plant // 13: philodendron plant // 14: jumbo seleriana air plant // 15: sago palm bonsai tree // 16: lemon button fern // 17: snake plant // 18: rubber tree // 19: japanese juniper bonsai tree // 20: donkey tail succulent // 21: variety succulents // 22: money tree bonsai // 23: pecan tree // 24: cream & green creeping fig // 25: heart leaf philodendron air purifying // 26: zz plant // 27: musa banana basjoo tree // 28: xerographica air plant // 29: cacti cluster

I’ve owned most of the plants from the collage… favorites include the air plant (#28), the zz plant (#26), the lemon button fern (#16), and the fiddle leaf fig (#09). Etsy is an especially awesome resource for plants that aren’t native to your area. One year on Valentine’s Day, Emmett surprised me with a rubber tree (#18). We had been looking for one for the longest time and they were nowhere to be found in the states of Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky. He found it on Etsy and it arrived in perfect condition. It’s also important to note: don’t be put off by the plastic pots or containers with some of these. I actually prefer that they don’t come planted, so I can use a pot of my own.

Etsy CactiA lot of people are surprised when they ask which plant came from which greenhouse and I respond with “Etsy”. Their main question and concern is always about shipping. I’ve honestly never had an issue receiving plants in the mail. They’re always packaged extremely well and shipped really quickly with great care. Most come with detailed instructions and the shop owners have all been super helpful in answering any questions. As a result, I have plants that are 3-4 years old and still thriving.

Which plants are your favorite? Have you ever shopped Etsy for live greenery? Most people don’t even think about it… but I’m telling you- it’s my favorite! For more plants and gardening posts, click here.

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  1. What a great resource! I never would have thought about ordering plants from Etsy. I ordered some online once from a big box retailer, and two out of the three survived but it was winter and one arrived looking like it had frozen and then thawed :( so that one was returned haha. But I will definitely be looking at Etsy more. Sometimes it seems like our area just doesn’t have a good selection. I’ve wanted a string of pearls plant for months now, and haven’t been able to come across one anywhere I looked! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. That’s exactly why I love it! You can find things that aren’t native to your area. While living in Ohio, I ordered A LOT of plants from Etsy. Great point on the shipping season though- winter is tough… I’d stick to the mild or warm months just to be safe!! xo

  2. Ann Heltzel says:

    Well, I Never!! =) Sarah, you never cease to amaze me! Who would have thought??

    1. Ha!! I know it’s not very intuitive to shop for living things online- but I’m telling you, this is one of my BEST plant resources. All of my Etsy plants are thriving and cost much less than at my local greenhouse. xo

  3. Ann Heltzel says:

    What plant is in the hanging planter at the top of the article?

  4. Monica Diaz says:

    Hi Sarah!

    Thanks for including Pretty in Green Plants in your best of Etsy post! It made my day : )

    I’d love to send you an air purifying plant as a proper thank you! If you are interested, please email me your mailing address to, or message me through the Etsy store.

    Happy almost first day of summer!


    1. Thank you so much, Monica! Happy almost first day of summer to you too ;) xoo

  5. Christiane says:

    Hello! The maranta in the top image, that leather strap is really nice! Where did you find it? And, how does it hang? (On a command hook? Or from the ceiling?)

    1. Thanks so much! That one actually came from Jewelweed in Columbus- you’d love it. Go check it out! I can’t remember how it hangs. xo