Best of Etsy : Side Tables

Best of Etsy : Side Tables - roomfortuesday.comHappy Tuesday, friends! I hope your week is going well so far. It’s already time for a new Best of Etsy post. As slow as January went, February basically flew by. It seems like just yesterday, I was on the hunt for equestrian art for our basement bath. This month, I’ve been searching for side tables. Side tables may sound boring, but they’re kind of the unsung hero of furniture. They make great filler pieces, can be used in EVERY single room in your home, have multiple functions and purposes, and truly add a layered, curated look to any aesthetic. Click through to see what I found…

Best of Etsy : Side Tables - roomfortuesday.comSide tables, accent tables, end tables… whatever you prefer to call these, they really help pull together a floor plan. I found tables of many different styles and price points. There are budget friendly pieces this month, as well as quite a few collector pieces that are incredibly unique! Take a look…

Shop my finds by clicking directly on each side table below!

Do you have any favorites? There are a LOT I could easily see living in our home… #1, #5, #11, #12, and #21. There are so many to love from this roundup! I stumbled across lots of unique furniture this time around.

Best of Etsy : Side Tables - roomfortuesday.comMy design rule of thumb is that every seat should have a table within reaching distance nearby. Basically every seat should have a designated spot to rest a drink… that’s why you’ll notice SO many side tables sprinkled throughout our house.

Best of Etsy : Side Tables - roomfortuesday.comAccent tables are handy little pieces that are as functional as they are beautiful. Although they’re commonly used in living spaces, end tables can truly be styled into any room.

Best of Etsy : Side Tables - roomfortuesday.comAre you also a fan of sprinkling side tables throughout your home? Tell me what I should search for in next month’s Best of Etsy post! I’d love to hear in the comment section below. I’m off to wallpaper the powder room! Stay tuned for that tutorial later this week.

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  1. Ooooooh. Pretty. I don’t think there is a single table here that I would not welcome warmly into my home. Sadly, I apparently have Marie Antoinette taste! #4! I can’t get over the spectacular craftsmanship of #21. I definitely keep seeing those olive burl Henredon pieces in my searches; maybe the universe will drop one at my local thrift store. #22 though is my side table spirit animal- green, marble, lion heads…and a little cracked. Seriously, so many beautiful options. And I was honestly thinking the other day (as I practiced some of my muscle-based floor planning), I need more side tables! Thanks for such a wealth of lovely on this Tuesday morning!💖

    1. I know, same!! Crossing my fingers the universe drops a table at your local thrift store for you :) I also LOVED #22… so many good things going on with that one. Hope you’re having a wonderful week :) xo

  2. Love the round up! And I {heart} Etsy too. That MCM gilt side table has my eyes popping (but the price tag, ouchie). I just wrapped up a way-too-long online hunt (over a year, at least) for a vintage gilt metal side table, as I found one -FINE-AH-LEE- at a local antique mall. It’s gorgeous! And I saved some moolah because I bought local, and it was obviously extra fun finding it in-person. Of course it’s sitting in the living room “no one uses”, and “MY SPOT” on the sofa still is side table-less so I get to hear my husband, almost daily when he sees my drink-of-the-moment wobbling on the sofa arm, asking me when am I gonna buy a table for that spot?! He has no idea – the home decor obsession is real, and these things CANNOT BE RUSHED (over two years for that hunt, and still going strong)! :)

    1. Thanks Karen! So happy to hear that :) There are some incredible pieces in there (and definitely some with incredible price tags, hah!). So glad to hear you scored the perfect one locally at an antique mall. That’s amazing! You’re 100% right… these things cannot be rushed! xo

  3. Great timing, I was just thinking about looking for a drink stand on the side of my sectional that doesn’t have room for an end table!

  4. Loving #1, #7 (it folds up-how adorable) & #16. Every time I go into HomeGoods I think, will this be the day I find that side table? HA! Now you have me looking at Etsy!
    How about large artwork at different price points? Or ottomans?
    Look forward to your wallpaper tutorial. Happy Tuesday!

    1. Me too! Such good finds. That sounds like me in HomeGoods… I’m always on the hunt for lamps. I honestly haven’t found any good side tables at HomeGoods YET, but who knows what the future holds. Haha! Love your idea of artwork and ottomans- thanks Danna :)

  5. Rhonda Mackenzie says:

    So many pretty tables! When furniture buying I don’t always think of etsy as a place to look. I have been noticing you using Chinese pieces here and there inside your home (the calligraphy brush, ginger jars etc) and there are quite a few Chinese style side tables in this roundup. Do you think it’s a “trend” currently or maybe something a bit more classic that’s around to stay? We have furniture like picture 3 and 5 in abundance here in Singapore, infact I have number 3 style in black and gold as bedside tables in our master. We as expats love the furniture here, but when buying pieces I’m often a little unsure of how they will fit in an American home. It’s so nice to see you using it in your home.

    1. Thank you, Rhonda! Etsy is always a surprising resource to me. So many treasures to find there! I do love asian design and have always incorporated pieces I enjoy into our homes. I don’t really see this as a trend, but more as a type of aesthetic. I like my personal style to feel a bit eclectic, curated, and a little bit worldly, so incorporating pieces of different aesthetics is a great way to achieve that look. It’s just like campaign furniture or regency style pieces… just another style to add to the mix :) My advice? Bring the things you’ve collected from your previous homes and travels back to the US to incorporate into your American home. They’ll bring back happy memories and make your house feel unique and collected (which I personally love)!