Best of Etsy : Equestrian Art

Best of Etsy : Equestrian Art -
source : house & garden

Happy Friday, friends! Somehow, I let four months go by without remembering to share a Best of Etsy post. Oops! I know these are a crowd favorite and I really enjoy putting them together, so I’m happy to be back with lots of amazing Etsy finds. I spent all day yesterday scouring the site for the best equestrian art. I’m planning to install a couple vintage horse paintings in our basement bathroom, so I needed to go ahead and get those sourced & ordered. Click through to see what I found and which ones I landed on! 

Best of Etsy : Equestrian Art - roomfortuesday.comIt’s no secret I’m a big fan of horses and equestrian art…. remember the vintage prints I installed in our guest bathroom upstairs (pictured above)? Or maybe you’re fond of my large horse painting that is currently installed above my bar cart (pictured at the end of this blog post). Either way- I like classic horse art. I grew up on a farm, riding horses and I’ve always had a soft spot for incorporating them into my interior spaces. If you’re also a fan, check out the 25+ options I found from Etsy below. Some of them start at $5 and are super affordable! I also threw a couple higher ticket items into the mix, that are original and a smart investment for any art collector.

Shop my finds by clicking directly on each piece of art below!

Do you have any favorites from the roundup? Any guesses which one I bought for the basement bathroom? Spoiler alert… I ended up buying #16.

Best of Etsy : Equestrian Art -
source : british gq

Remember when I confessed my love for all things Ralph Lauren? Equestrian art feels very Ralph, don’t you think? It’s classic, beautiful, and so timeless!

Best of Etsy : Equestrian Art -
source : patricia altschul

I’m thinking I should give you guys an art tour on IG stories someday… I have lots of vintage horse art I’ve never even installed. I have lots of pieces sitting in my prop closet, just waiting to be used. Art is one of those things I buy sporadically. If I see something I like, I don’t pass up an opportunity to buy it because you never know if something will resonate with you in that same way again… even if I don’t have a specific spot in mind for it. It’s a very personal thing!

Best of Etsy : Equestrian Art - roomfortuesday.comWhat do you think? Are you into equestrian art or is it too traditional for your taste? Does anyone have fun plans this weekend? We’ll be working on the basement bathroom renovation! We’re hoping to finish up the floor tile… then I’ll finally be able to share my heated floor DIY with you guys. I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

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  1. Yay for an Etsy post! I love giving myself a “task” and searching there…like it’s my job! I’ve recently been collecting original nudes in various media for a gallery wall in my dressing room-a riskier search term I suppose than “horse painting.”😨 I never had a horse phase; my country upbringing was around cows. Not as majestic as horses, for sure. I did once have a print of the Lascaux cave paintings and a very pastel abstract horse poster. More like spirit horses, than portraits. Hard to find fault with any of your selections above, but I especially like #8, #9 and #29. Happy Friday! And, yes to an IG tour of your art! I’m finally feeling recovered enough for the park with Joe…and maybe grocery shopping. 💖

    1. Yay!! I love that you’re collecting nudes (another one of my favorite subject matters in art)… although definitely a more risky search term. haha!! Funny story- I used to show cows (and horses) in 4-H- I was one of those farm girls growing up. You’re right- they’re not as majestic as horses, but I do like cows too. Your abstract horse poster sounds gorgeous! It sounds like I would really like that one. I’m so glad you’re feeling a bit better… or at least good enough to get some fresh air with Joe at the park. Take it easy and relax!!

  2. I love horse art too! My daughter was involved in equestrian riding from a young age so I definitely have quite a large collection of her and her horse. But, there’s something about horse art that is totally calming to me. It’s makes me feel so peaceful and totally relaxed. I prefer horse art that’s simply framed or not framed at all. So I’m drawn towards #7, #11, and #26
    Happy Friday 🥂

    1. That’s so special, Colleen! I love hearing that. I also agree that it has a calming nature to it. I love your picks. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend :) xo

  3. I have always heard that once a love of horses gets into your blood it never leaves! Our oldest daughter has been an equestrian rider since she was 5. She is now in college getting her Equine Industry and Business major. Plus she loves photographing horses.
    Your Etsy options would be hard to choose. I personally like the ones with horses alone. There’s not many photos our there that depict woman on horses.
    Look forward to seeing updates on the basement. Happy Friday and have a great weekend!
    Almost forgot! You must go to the Kentucky Derby! Experience of a lifetime!

    1. I’d say that’s true, Danna! I love hearing that your daughter is getting a degree in the Equine industry. Good for her!! Someday, Emmett and I dream of building our forever home on many acres, so we can have a farm and horses again. We grew up racing against each other in 4-H. Hah! Great point about women and horses, when it comes to art… last fall, I gathered up my girlfriends and asked them to model with horses for me, so I could get some awesome photos to use as art. I haven’t shared them yet, but that was my mindset behind the shoot. Growing up in Kentucky, I definitely have been to the Derby and Churchill Downs multiple times- it’s my favorite May event :)

      1. Lucky girl! Just to go feels like winning the lottery. Not an easy feet to get tickets.
        Growing old on a farm with animals sounds divine…in fact we have been thinking of this a lot lately. The cutest story…racing each other in 4-H! If its available, highly recommend kids do 4-H. I entered in the cooking division. Did okay but the experience and meeting kids was great!

        1. It’s so much fun! I love that you’ve been thinking about that too. I was a 10-year 4-H member (the max amount) and so was Emmett. We both agree that it was the best part of our childhood. So many happy memories and friends made through that wonderful program! :)

  4. This could not have come at a better time! I’ve been on the hunt for equestrian art; specifically sketched art. I love just about every one of these finds, but #11 and #26 are my faves!! Thanks for sharing Sarah! I love seeing the art around your home, how you style it, and you’re oh so perfect placement. I need to start my own collection of art now!

    1. Really?! So excited to hear this post was helpful, Lauren. Great choices on #11 and #26… love those! I’m all about collecting art- it’s one of my favorite pieces of decor (and it’s actually a good investment).

  5. The bamboo or rattan doors on your green bar cart, can you tel me if that was a DIY addition ? I’m looking to update a piece of furniture by adding that detail but don’t know where to source the material. Do you have any info that could help me?

    1. That wasn’t a DIY addition, Teri… it came like that! You can check out the before images (prior to painting) in this post: I do know you can purchase cane webbing and woven materials like that on Amazon. I’d maybe check there or your local fabric / furniture restoration shop! Hope this helps :)