Roundup : Non Permanent Kitchen Islands

Roundup : Non Permanent Kitchen Islands - roomfortuesday.comI’ve been on the hunt for a non permanent kitchen island, table, or more substantial cart for awhile now and haven’t quite felt like committing. When renovating our kitchen, we had plenty of storage and given the footprint, there was really no need or space for a permanent kitchen island. It wasn’t something that fit my plan. Instead, I envisioned holding out for a vintage cart, French pastry table, or skinny table that could accommodate some cookbooks with room on top for food prep, if needed. Shortly after our renovation was finished, I bought our little mobile cart, gave it a makeover, and it has been living in our kitchen ever since. I love the cart and it gets used all the time, but still long for something a little bit larger that better fits the floor plan (a longer, rectangular or oval option). I’m still holding out for something vintage, but I think I’m close! I’ve been saving lots of beautiful options that I thought would be fun to share… click through to see some great non permanent kitchen island, table, & cart options.

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet because I’ve really just been patiently waiting and collecting ideas along the way. There were two French marble pastry tables that I tried to bid on before leaving for vacation, but I got outbid on both and didn’t have cell service to counter during our trip. I’d love something with a lighter marble top- carrara would be an ideal contrast.

Roundup : Non Permanent Kitchen Islands - roomfortuesday.comWe use our little cart often. It’s fun to style, holds our fruit bowl, hides loose recipes in the drawer, and comes in handy when entertaining. I can’t imagine having nothing in the center of our kitchen, but I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for more European looking pastry tables or vintage carts. If you see anything, please share it with me!

Roundup : Non Permanent Kitchen Islands - roomfortuesday.comIn the meantime, here are a bunch of non permanent kitchen islands I’ve saved. If you’re also on the hunt for a piece to ground or anchor your kitchen vignette, could use more storage, or are lacking a space for food prep- maybe some of these will fit your design plan.

Click directly on the items to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: french kitchen island // 02: espresso kitchen cart // 03: white kitchen island // 04: small butcher block island // 05: large kitchen island// 06: vintage wood island // 07: off-white cart// 08: grey kitchen cart  // 09: custom block island // 10: vintage marble island // 11: black cart island // 12: oval marble island

Something simple with an open base like #1 or #12 is what I’d like for our kitchen, but there are so many gorgeous options! Which ones are your favorite? Some of those vintage ones are incredible.

Roundup : Non Permanent Kitchen Islands - roomfortuesday.comI like that all of these are very functional, can easily be moved where they’re needed, and feel stylistically more like furniture than a permanent island or bank of cabinets. Most of them feel visually lighter than the typical built-in island, thanks to their open base or decorative leg style. Do you have a kitchen island? If so, is it permanent? Hope you have a great day!

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  1. Good morning! That is quite a lovely collection of islands! Sadly, my galley kitchen could not accommodate any sort of table, which is a downer because (as an undisciplined, messy cook) I could often use additional counter space. I’ve always favored the look of a lighter, mobile table to fixed cabinetry. My impractical Leo heart swoons over #10. The intricate corbels and clawed feet! Of course, #9 is a stunner…and they do custom. Curses to my extravagant taste! If I’m thinking practically though, I would want two shelves and a drawer or two. One higher shelf could be a back-saver, and extra drawers for small necessities are key. Something more like #5, but less enormous. Could you retrofit an old library table or buffet with a marble top? Could be difficult to avoid a cobbled together look, I suspect. The height would have to be optimal, too. Hmmm. Thank goodness I don’t actually need a kitchen island!😂 I’ll just send all my marble island search vibes your way! Thanks for setting my mind awhirl, as usual. Here’s to a productive Wednesday! 💜

    1. Good morning! Oh how I love a galley kitchen, though- so classic! Isn’t #10 the most beautiful and unique?! The price tag also reflects that, but I had to include it because it’s just too cool. We do use the drawer on our little kitchen cart. It holds a stack of loose recipes and tiny condiments. Haha! I didn’t even think of an old library table, but that’s an awesome idea! I have some leftover marble & soapstone remnants that are just sitting in the warehouse at our Tuesday Made shop, so that could be a viable project. Thanks for the idea! Here’s to a productive and good Wednesday, indeed :) xo

  2. Good morning Sarah and welcome back,
    I’m playing catch-up n the blog as we just returned from our cottage. The pics from your trip are beautiful 😍 what a gorgeous place and it seemed like you had an amazing time. Thanks for sharing, Swimming with sharks terrifies me but those cute cottages on the water look dreamy ☺️
    Also love the DIY pedestal on the blog yesterday, so incredibly creative. And of course a beautiful object such as your horse statue deserves a special display and your office is the ideal location 👍 Love it!
    Your kitchen island post is timely as we just put one at the cottage. I’ve always admired Crate and Barrels french style islands so I recognized #1 and #5 but for your kitchen I’m digging #9, 10 and 12. They are more traditionally styled and would be very fitting in your stunning kitchen I think. I’m sure you will find one soon, you have such fabulous taste and your patience will pay off.
    We are on a very small budget for furniture as we have to spend a huge budget replacing the foundation, new front and back decks and we also discovered the beams supporting the roof aren’t supporting the roof properly so they need replacing too 🙄 Needless to say our little kitchenette received the budget friendly IKEA island that accommodated two stools. It will provide so much functionality and it looks pretty good in a worn down space 😅

    1. Thank you, Colleen! I hope you had a wonderful time at your cottage! It sounds like your IKEA island is perfect for the space and is proving to be functional. I didn’t even think to look there for this roundup! I’m hoping to score a vintage bakers table or cart (like #12) for our kitchen, but my patience is wearing thin. haha! Foundation issue are not an easy fix and are definitely expensive. I know it’s not a fun place to spend your renovation dollars, but it’s necessary. That was the right call! I have zero doubts you’ll have that place looking beautiful in no time- no matter the budget :) I hope you’re having a wonderful summer! xo

  3. Good morning! #5 is the G.O.A.T! I love that it has open shelving below and the panel offers the ability for separation between storage and seating. I also adore the cute little foot rest bar and all the detail on the legs. This one looks like it would be the work horse of the kitchen!
    Buuuuuut, I love the clean open look of #1, if seating wasn’t important or needed. I would be pushing things too far on that open shelving and dropping things off the backside constantly. Haha! What’s a girl gotta do to get the base of #5 with an ogee edge though? *makes a trip to stone fabricator* 😂🤣
    #12 intrigues and delights me because of the unique oval shaped top. I have never seen anything like that before and I love it! The old world feel of the cast iron brackets is the sweetest touch; it reminds me of a vintage Singer sewing table. It’s just darling!
    Last in line for me (but not least) is #9. The mix of materials is what catches my eye on this one. That gorgeous walnut against the metal legs, and the contrast finishes…*sigh* It’s perfectly dreamy in every way! I love that it’s customizable in terms of finishes and size, and that you can specify whether you’d like the casters functional or locked. Such a beautiful piece.
    Really Sarah, you can’t go wrong. Over the course of time since the kitchen finished you’ve shared some gorgeous options for a non-permanent island, and I’ve been able to envision all of them in your kitchen. There was one though, from not too long ago, that you shared in another blog post (Peggi, was it a 10 pins post??); I remember Peggi and I drooling over the idea of you putting it in your kitchen. Hopefully she remembers.
    While I don’t have an island, I do have the dreaded peninsula. (We have a love hate relationship with each other). I often find myself daydreaming options when I’m making dinner or baking with my Brookie (who is quite the little chef); wondering if I have space enough to do away with the peninsula, and opt for something non permanent instead? Just the other day I found myself fabricating a round, fixed island in my head, complete with storage and seating- it ended up being a no-go because of functional storage…the inner workings of a mad-woman haha! I digress…It’s going to be a hot and humid Wednesday, but I hope it’s a glorious one for all! Thanks for the drool of the day Sarah! Xoxo

    1. Isn’t that one beautiful? It’s really a gorgeous and functional looking piece of furniture! If our cabinetry weren’t so dark, that one would probably work well and be at the top of my list. #12 is an old French baker’s or pastry table. They’re a pretty common table, but I’ve had zero luck finding one in my area, and given their weight- it’s expensive to ship a vintage one. I think I know what one you’re talking about! I almost snagged this one from the Birch Lane sale, but it sold out before I could place my order. So fun that you two enjoy cooking and baking together- that is the sweetest. It’s another hot one here, too. Our plants and lawn are looking crispy these days because we’re on water restrictions because of the drought. It’s looking pretty sad. Is it fall yet?! I’m ready. Have a good Wednesday! xo

    2. Hey Girls!
      I completely forgot about the Birchlane island, but I’m remembering an example from a Facebook marketplace round up. It was nearly identical to #12- oval-is marble bakers table, but it was way too far to ship! East coast, maybe? It stuck in my head precisely because I had never seen an oval marble top! Proof that one is out there waiting…💜

      1. I remember the Birch Lane one, and the FBMP bakers table-but the one I’m thinking of isn’t either of those. I’m certain it was in a 10 Pins post- a kitchen, it was almost the same color as Sarah’s cabinetry, with the marble top and her same ogee edge. We both specifically called out that piece and said it needs to be in Sarah’s kitchen. *furiously searching past blog posts*😂🤣

    3. Lauren, you hit the nail on the head….#12 does remind me of a Singer sewing table! I too adore #5 so Europen and beautiful!

  4. Hiya, when you say you were bidding on tables…where do you go to look? First Dibs? Chairish? Ebay? I’d love your secrets!

    1. Yes! All of the above… local auctions, chairish, ebay, online auctions (like EBTH), etc! Those happened to be on EBTH.

  5. Although I have long had #1 on my bucket list I have sadly realized that it’s just too large. I have a old science cart that I bought at an antique store many years ago they I plan to drop a marble top on someday instead. You know, the kind that the teacher used to push around the classroom with beakers on it? It’s the perfect size and height, with an old school blue patina, wheels, and an already built in towel rack and storage shelf… thanks for the inspiration to get on the stick with that project!

    1. I love that you have a science cart, Pam! That feels more unique and interesting anyway. A stone top would be lovely on top! Good luck with the project :)

  6. Wow! Some great choices here. I have a beautiful big island in my new kitchen but I would gladly exchange it for #5! All that open storage while looking like a piece of furniture! If I had an apartment or condo I would be thrilled with #1 tho!

    1. Thanks, Patti! I’m being so indecisive about which one I want… too many good options!

  7. Wowza, I really liking #1, #5 then I saw #12 and thought…that’s you Sarah! I like the drawers for tossing in things you need but don’t want out but 12 screams you! Its unique and beautiful!
    If only I could do one like #5 and still have an island for our family to sit at….will need to think about this!

    1. Correction, you can sit at the island! Should have gone to the website first. Still my fave!

    2. Here’s to hoping I can find a vintage option like #12 locally or closer by (so shipping doesn’t cost an arm & a leg, ha). They’re abundant on the east coast, but I haven’t seen any floating around Utah.