Best of Etsy : Vintage Table Lamps

Best of Etsy : Vintage Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comIt’s already time for another Best of Etsy post! This month, I searched high & low for vintage table lamps. After sharing my plaster lamp DIY last week (which came from Etsy), I received many link requests and ideas for fixtures that could be plastered. Etsy is honestly a gold mine for vintage lighting. If I’m looking for a unique lamp, Etsy is the first resource I’ll check. This post will require some imagination though. I find many people have trouble envisioning vintage lighting in their space- especially from Etsy. Many vendors don’t style their pieces, they’re not photographed well, and some components have to be updated to modernize the fixture (for aesthetic and functional purposes). I know that seems like a less than favorable shopping experience, but I’m here to tell you- you can score some incredible pieces at great price points if you’re willing to dig… just like you would in a normal thrift store. Ready to see what I found? Click through for a GIANT roundup of vintage table lamps… 

Best of Etsy : Vintage Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comThere are lots of hidden gems and “project lamps” in this mix. Like I mentioned in the intro, be open minded and try to envision how these could be tweaked to fit your personal aesthetic (plaster the base, spray paint, swap the shade, polish, etc).

Shop my finds by clicking directly on each vintage lamp below!

If you’re specifically looking for a lamp to plaster, I’d choose one of the following: #1, #5, #9 (that one definitely needs paint or plaster), #10, #17, #24, or #25. Interested to know my top contenders from the roundup? The following lamps feel really special and have me excited: #6, #7, #9 would be a perfect project lamp, #11, #14, #15 reminds me of my own vintage brass lamps, #18, #20, and #23.

Best of Etsy : Vintage Table Lamps - roomfortuesday.comI also wanted to share a few vintage light fixture purchasing tips with you…

Tips for Buying Vintage Lamps
  • Remember that shades can easily be replaced. If a lamp shade is damaged, but the base seems to be in good condition, don’t let that stop you from purchasing a cool fixture! Shades are relatively inexpensive compared to the fixture itself.
  • Don’t be afraid to purchase European fixtures. When buying a fixture that comes with a European or non US plug, remember it can still function for you. Get a converter plug or a light kit to switch the cord and plug altogether. Both are inexpensive and easy! Puck lights are another cord free option.
  • Ask for additional details or images. Just like antique or thrift shopping in person, sometimes it’s difficult to know if you’ve found something amazing. Don’t be afraid to ask the seller to send additional details or photos to determine if the fixture is worth the price they’re asking. If it’s not already listed, I always request the following: exact size & dimensions, material (what is it made of), and are there any markings or brand names on the fixture.

After compiling this post, I realized I have a bunch of vintage lighting… more than I thought! I still have vintage lamps in my prop closet just waiting to be used. I love that many fixtures seen throughout our home are original and unique. I feel like they add so much personality!

Want to see more Best or Etsy roundups? I’ll link some past posts below… I’ve done a LOT of Etsy shopping over the years. It’s an awesome way to support small businesses, makers, and artists.

Let me know if you have any vintage lighting questions in the comment section below! Have a great day, everyone.

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  1. #3, 9, 12, 26…My oh my! What a roundup! I’m at a pint where I’m starting to be able to envision our bedroom pulled together with the bathroom. Lamps are going to be a must! I’m not sure quite yet what route I’ll go, but my radar is pinging on unique lamp finds lately and I’m loving tripod style floor lamps of all styles! A little floor planning will have to be the determining factor, but #12 is stealing my heart for our entryway. I find myself gravitating to this particular style of vases, pottery, etc. For me it gives nod to the Mediterranean/Spanish style tiles with pops of blue, while still maintaining a traditional and timeless feel. Great roundup this morning Sarah! And that shed is looking fantastic!!

    1. I love the idea of using floor lamps for each bedside, Lauren. Awesome idea! I did that in our first home and am about to repeat it with vintage lights in our guest room reno. #12 is such a cutie. I love that one! I definitely agree it would be beautiful paired with burnt sienna / orange / terra cotta tones (and Mediterranean styles). The shed is coming along. We’re currently at a stand still waiting for the French doors to arrive. I’m supposed to be choosing paint this week, but am hardcore procrastinating because my to-do list seems to be a mile long. Haha! :)

  2. Oh, the hours I have whiled away on Etsy looking at vintage lighting! I confess that I haven’t ever purchased any…mostly because I am usually lusting after some glamorous ($$) Murano number. I also have a local junk place who is a killer resource. (He gave me an enormous pottery lamp once because I ran and got him a sandwich!) You definitely found some intriguing examples though! I love #22 (the shape!), #23 (fish and that red shade!), and #29 (that navy!). Wait…and #3 and #20. I really enjoy having unique lighting in my home, too; just one more layer of personality!
    Now I’ll have to spend a little time browsing Etsy for “items I do not need.” (Those Palm Beach vendors 😍)
    Have an amazing Wednesday, Sarah.💜

    1. Me too, me too. I can’t blame you for lusting over Murano fixtures. I also love that your junk place guy gave you a lamp because you were kind enough to grab him a sandwich. I just love those kind of stores and shop owners! They’re also so kindness and community driven. It reminds me of the town I grew up in. You picked all of my favorites from the roundup… there are so many good ones! Definitely adds another layer of personality having unique lighting. Hope you have a happy Wednesday, Peggi :)

  3. Hey! Love you taste in lamps. I am learning a lot of about how to describe lamp shades this last week and still feel a little in the dark (get it?). Anyway, I am in love with the trend of a super exaggerated taper on an empire shade (similar to the black shade on the chinoiserie in the first pic and on the pleated shade of your DIY lamp). Could you (a) drop the name of store where you found those shades and (b), if you know, share the term for that deep angled shade? Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Sam! Haha! I loved your pun. My black lamp shade is actually vintage. You can either search with the term empire shade or tapered shade. They come in a variety of angles :)