Best of Etsy : Bookends

Best of Etsy : Bookends - roomfortuesday.comYou guys are in for a real treat! This is my favorite ‘Best of Etsy‘ I’ve drafted so far and it’s packed to the brim with vintage bookends! Here’s the thing… I see a TON of shelf styling and there is one scenario that drives me bonkers: shelves that don’t contain books. WHYYYYY?! Just why? It doesn’t make a ton of sense, even from a styling perspective, in my brain. It’s really a pet peeve of mine. Books add warmth, texture, balance, and after all- BOOKshelves were made for books. It’s only natural to have at least a few books styled in. That leads me to my next point- if you have books, you need bookends. Click through for the best vintage roundup I’ve ever done and snag some of these before they’re gone! I promise- there are so many good ones. Best of Etsy : Bookends - roomfortuesday.comIs there anything more cozy than a nicely styled shelf filled with books? Just think… you pull a book off the shelf, light a candle, snuggle up under a blanket or throw, perhaps with a glass of wine, and CHILL. I probably just described my perfect “me time” scenario, but I’m sure some of you can relate. Or perhaps you just want your built-ins to look cute? That’s a-ok too! There’s nothing easier for shelf styling than a bookend. It’s the one object (besides books) that makes perfect sense on a shelf. I feel like every good shelfie needs a pair- it’s definitely one of my styling essentials. Vintage ones are my favorite. They’re a sure way to add character and conversation to a vignette.

Click the bookends below to shop. 

Gosh, there are just too many cool ones to choose from. I sort of want to buy them all and hoard them. My top picks include: #1, #9, #15, #19, #22, and #23. That didn’t really narrow it down, did it?

Best of Etsy : Bookends - roomfortuesday.comOne of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “How do you style a shelf when you actually own a bunch of books?”… the answer is very simple. Embrace those books!! I love reading, I love books, and I love seeing shelves that are packed to the brim with them. Put them on display for the world to see. The only thing you need if they don’t span shelf-to-shelf? A bookend. See my point?

Best of Etsy : Bookends - roomfortuesday.comThe vintage schnauzer bookend, shown above, also came from Etsy. I made that purchase around six years ago- the same year we picked up Finn as a puppy. It’s an added bonus when decor or vintage items represent something in your life or has a special meaning. I’m always trying to find things that resonate. Do any in the roundup spark something sentimental for you? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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  1. Confession time. I don’t keep books. I don’t style shelves. Can we still be friends? In my house, items left out become pet toys or dust collectors. I admire those who have beautifully styled spaces though! And, I am fascinated to see the books people do have! (I’m about to google “The Thousandth Floor”) Strangely, for a person who doesn’t need bookends, I kind of want to buy #1, 4, 7, 8, 16 and 22!

    1. We can all still be friends – by not having styled shelves, it just means you don’t spend 1.25 hours moving around little decor pieces (and then move them again) – HA! I can spend HOURS re-styling my decorative objects and plants, it’s almost silly. Right now, we have some construction wrapping up, so all my decor items are carefully stacked in big baskets. Do you know how excited I am to bring them all out, lay them on the table, and re-style the buffet? Plus I have two new CB2 Helix bookcases being installed, so I will have oodles of more space to decorate and style (and add more houseplants!)!! I think bringing out some books and adding some bookends are on the wish list now.

      By the way, I LOVE the idea of using vintage bookends! Not only are they very unique, they help add a dose of visual consistency. You rock, Sarah!

      1. Haha!! I totally hear you on that, Karen. I spend a ton of styling shelf styling, but I really enjoy it- so I’ll count that as a win! Excited for you to unpack those big baskets and style up your shelves again- that sounds dreamy. Love the CB2 Helix bookcases, great choice! So happy you liked this roundup :)

    2. Ha! OF COURSE we can still be friends. You had me at pet toys. I feel like with your love for vintage glassware, you’d probably be into collecting vintage bookends too- even if you don’t use them on shelves ;) xo

  2. I’m becoming a bit of a minimalist so the less tchotchkes I have on my shelves the better. But, I still have plenty of books, and I love the idea of having just books and beautiful bookends on a bookshelf. Thanks for this roundup! I love them all, especially those marble sailboats!

    1. I think books and bookends is all you really need! I’m with you… the marble sailboats are so good! xo

  3. One of the pieces I’m always on the look out for at estate sales. I got a pair that is almost identical to #21 last weekend for $5 a pair!

    1. Whoa!!! Such a steal. I love those. xo

  4. Hi Sarah! I discovered you on Instagram earlier this summer. Just lately I’ve started perusing your blog, and It’s like I want to read EVERY post! Haha. I also have a design degree (although not much “real life” experience) and must say that all your content is gold. I especially love the nitty-gritty posts about how to select molding profiles or door hardware. I can tell these Etsy roundups will become a fast favorite as well. Anywho, just wanted to spread some love! Thanks for great design content :)

    1. Thank you SO much, Heidi! Your comment made my day :) Really happy you’re here! xox

  5. You always give the best round ups! Thanks! Off topic I’m wondering about your “no door”mudroom/laundryroom adjacent to your kitchen. Do you wish you had a door? Currently we are in the process of redoing our laundry that is right off the kitchen and I think removing the door will be more aesthetically pleasing since it’s so close. The door seems busy to me. But my husband is concerned about the noise and he’s not sure if it will look good.

    1. This made my day! So happy you like my roundups, Traci :) I like not having a door in between the kitchen / back entry / laundry. It feels open, organized, and like an extension of the workspace in the kitchen. I often use the laundry room counter for packages, grocery unloading, etc. I don’t mind seeing into the space since it is cohesive with the kitchen. I designed them to look like they belonged together. The noise isn’t an issue for us either- the units are usually pretty quiet if you have a newer washer and dryer. Hope this helps! If you’re set on a door, maybe a pocket door would be a good option? The best of both worlds? Hope this helps! xox

  6. Thanks so much for always replying! I really appreciate it. I am biting the bullet and going with no door. Thanks again!

    1. Of course!! I think that’s a good choice :)

    1. oooohhhh… LOVE those. Such a good find!! Happy Friday, Karen :)

  7. Michelle Carson says:

    I completely agree! What’s the point of a bookshelf without books? I personally love buying books. I actually need to look into buying a type of bookshelf for my books, particularly so that I can use that excuse to take my book ends back from my husband who is currently using them as “book ends” for the movies he collects. Hahaha!