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nightstand-stylingBelieve it or not, one of my favorite resources for vintage furniture is Etsy. You can hit the jackpot when it comes to vintage and custom pieces. I tend to find the smaller items like ottomans, nightstands, and side tables are easiest and most affordable because of their lower shipping costs. I’m always on the hunt for unique nightstands, so I’d thought I’d share my current favorites with you!

Vintage NighstandI went a little crazy and included a lot in the roundup – 45 to be exact. There are lots of awesome options of every price, style, shape, and size. Some are perfect as is, while others would look great with a fresh coat of paint. Believe it or not, I have never purchased a new nightstand. Every single nightstand I’ve ever owned has been vintage… and trust me- there have been a lot. In fact, all of the images within this post are vintage pieces.

Best of Etsy - Nightstands01: white and brass nightstand // 02: vintage modern nightstand // 03: blue nightstand // 04: sleek walnut nightstand // 05: small modern nightstand // 06: large lacquered nightstand // 07: solid walnut nightstand // 08: lacquered nightstand // 09: mccobb side table // 10: two drawer nightstand // 11: minimal glam nightstand // 12: asian nightstand // 13: drexel mid century nightstands // 14: chinoiserie nightstand // 15: berkeley nightstand // 16: century asian nightstand // 17: modern storage nightstand // 18: mid century modern nightstands // 19: lacquer and lucite nightstand // 20: danish nightstand // 21: mid mod nightstand // 22: high contrast nightstand // 23: metal and wood nightstand // 24: art deco bedside table // 25: walnut campaign chest // 26: grasscloth bedside table // 27: burl milo baughman nightstand // 28: matina modern nightstand // 29: custom lacquered nightstand // 30: bedside dresser // 31: mid century burl nightstand // 32: pine storage nightstand // 33: navy campaign nightstand // 34: faux bamboo nightstand // 35: walnut campaign tables // 36: mid century nightstands // 37: palm beach nightstand // 38: walnut and leather nightstand // 39: burl wood nightstand // 40: vintage industrial nightstands // 41: american walnut nightstand // 42: vintage drexel nightstand // 43: bernhardt campaign nightstand // 44: hollywood regency nightstand // 45: martinsville nightstands

Which are your favorites from the collage? Is there a certain style you’re most attracted to? I’m partial to numbers 10, 16, 24, 25, 26, 29, and 31. Ha! I know that didn’t really narrow it down much for you, but there are too many good ones. They make me want to have a house with more bedrooms.

Favorite NighstandsI’d say 90% of the options included in the collage are sold as a pair. That’s honestly all I shop for. I’m a person who craves balance and symmetry, so naturally I like matching nightstands or bedside tables. Many of these nightstands can also be customized- a lot of shops now offer custom painting for vintage pieces, if you’re not the DIY type. Another thing that’s nice about the majority of these nightstands is storage. I tried to pick only options that include closed storage. In my opinion- that’s a must!

Teal-and-Brass-Bamboo-NightstandFor more nightstand posts, click here. Jacqueline and I have definitely had our fair share of nightstand and vintage furniture restoration. I’m about to start another nightstand project for our master bedroom, so look for that one soon!

Nightstand RoundupI have to say, this has been one of my favorite Best of Etsy posts to date. If you’re wondering how to style these pretty nightstands, my friend Joanna just posted her 5 nightstand essentials– definitely check it out. Happy Monday nightstand shopping, you guys. Let’s make it an awesome week!

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  1. I’m loving all the mid-century ones! And I completely agree with the closed storage. We’ve always had a set that are open with shelves and neither me or my husband are organized enough for that to work. I always end up so disgusted with how much junk they accumulate and it’s all out in the open! So, hopefully by the time our remodel is done I will have found a new set with closed storage :)

    1. Yes! closed storage is a must for us too. Good luck with your remodel, Amy! xo