The Best of Etsy : Door Knocker Edition

65This may seem like a funny topic… but I just purchased new interior and exterior doors for my house (don’t worry- that’s a post in itself!!), so I’ve had knockers on the brain. Door knockers, that is. After scouring the internet for every option imaginable, I discovered that my favorites all came from Etsy. Therefore, this month’s “Best of Etsy” post contains my favorite vintage, brass door knockers. I have a newfound obsession with them, plus who doesn’t want an amazing and unique first impression upon having guests enter your home? Click through to shop my favorites. Disclaimer: some of them are incredibly weird… weird in the best way possible. best-brass-door-knockers01: brass fox head knocker // 02: vintage hand & ball // 03: ornate brass knocker // 04: chinese dragon knocker // 05: vintage rhino door knocker // 06: french door brass hand // 07: ornate goddess door knocker // 08: classic brass knocker // 09: tall art deco knocker // 10: vintage brass slender knocker // 11: neoclassical greek knocker // 12: brass apple knocker // 13: simple brass door knocker // 14: brass french knocker // 15: solid brass door knocker // 16: vintage bronze horse knocker // 17: solid brass fox knocker // 18: brass dog knocker// 19: lion flower crown knocker // 20: shakespeare door knocker // 21: brass pineapple knocker // 22: lion head door knocker // 23: brass horse head knocker // 24: art deco brass knocker // 25: elephant door knocker // 26: gatsyby dog brass knocker // 27: brass asian door knocker // 28: parisienne brass door knocker // 29: barong head brass knocker

I actually purchased one of the knockers from the above roundup… can you guess which one? If you guess, I’ll tell you in the comments if you’re correct! There’s just something about a vintage brass object that is charming and full of character… mounting it to your door for the world to see is the icing on the cake. Last time around I purchased a new knocker… but for my Salt Lake door, I wanted something really special and interesting.

Ever since ordering new exterior doors (again, look for that post later on), I’ve been daydreaming of the possibilities. My plan is to dress it with lots of brass hardware- a knocker, kick plate, house number, and obviously the knob and deadbolt. Unfortunately the doors take 8-12 weeks to arrive, so I’ll be waiting awhile before I see it all come together.

doors-8In the meantime, check out my inspiration doors that have some major curb appeal! I know many people feel the urge to focus on their exterior or front door in the spring, but for me- it’s always in the fall. I want to get things looking nice prior to the holidays… and before I adorn my door with a charming boxwood wreath I hang every year.

9898ca0a51bf52cab4f963239f0f4382Don’t even get me started on the planters flanking many of these doors. I definitely wouldn’t mind coming home to this scene everyday. I’ve also had some friends ask me about color. Even though I had a black front door last time around, I’m pretty sure I’ll paint my new door black as well. I love a black, chic, lacquered entry. Some of the inspiration almost had me persuaded to try a pop of color though, like this option…

istock_000022257469_mediumBut then I see images of black and brass doors and I just can’t change my mind. They’re classic and timeless…. that’s all there is to it.

karolyn-cooper-newspaper-deliveryWhat do you guys think about the knocker and hardware positioning on some of these doors? For me, it really all depends on the paneling style and proportion.

istock_000007638061_mediumHardware really is like jewelry for your door, and I’m the kind of lady who loves accessories. The more brass the better! Let’s hear your favorite knockers. With 29 options, it was a super difficult decision, but I’m really excited for mine to arrive in the mail! Any guesses? Have I convinced you to give your door a makeover?

image one // image two // image three // image five // image six

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  1. 16? I’ve got a super fun vintage “Cat and the Fiddle” I’ve yet to hang. Can’t have one on my door in this house.

    1. #23… you guessed the horse part correctly though! I need to see this Cat and the Fiddle- sounds amazing!! I’m in Atlanta thinking about my favorite GA native. xo

  2. #23 or #9?? They are my fav’s. Black is the way to go.

    1. You’re so good!! It’s 23. xo

  3. I’m really drawn to the animal heads! Particularly #5 and #25. Looking forward to see what you’ve chosen.

    1. Me too! I ended up with #23 (the horse), but my second choice was the dog (#26).

  4. Girl I know your style!

    1. Ha!! You sure do :) xo

  5. Without reading the other comments, 23 the mid-mod horse?

    1. You guessed it! I’m impressed :)

  6. 17 and 23… 👏🏻

    and i see 23 is the one you purchased! great minds… 😄

  7. HI
    #1 (Wolf) is my favourite door knocker. Thank you for sharing this amazing post.