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Best of Etsy : Planters - roomfortuesday.comIt’s no secret I’m a plant person. Unfortunately, I’m kind of starting over with plants in our new house because most of mine didn’t survive our move (except the one in our previous kitchen pictured above). At first I was really bummed, but I’m choosing to find the silver lining and am welcoming a chance to start fresh this season! New planters, new plants (that are better suited for the lighting in this house), and new corners in which to add life & greenery… it’s going to be good. All of that to say- this time of year, I always itch to welcome spring with planting. I figured new plants meant I could justify buying a few new planters and it led me down an Etsy rabbit hole. This month’s ‘Best of Etsy‘ is filled with all of the planters I saved during my search! Click through to see what I found and the trends I’m loving… 

Best of Etsy : Planters - roomfortuesday.comI really enjoy sprinkling plants throughout my entire home. Inside every room you step into, you’ll most likely find a plant. There’s just something about live greenery & plants that make a space feel complete, welcoming, and alive. Having a charming planter is half the fun! You know I’m partial to vintage or handmade options and Etsy is the perfect place for those types of planters.

Best of Etsy : Planters - roomfortuesday.comShop my finds by clicking directly on each planter below!

Did you pick up on some stylistic details I’m coveting? Clearly I have a thing for pedestal planters. Hey, what can I say?! There’s something romantic and beautiful about a plant that cascades over the edge of a pedestal planter. It just looks so elegant! Much like my newfound love for busts, I’m also digging the planter version of that… classical Greek & European traditional looking planters. Another trend I’m leaning into? Floral blue & white planters that have a chinoiserie vibe.

Best of Etsy : Planters - roomfortuesday.comNot only do I enjoy styling plants into a room for aesthetic reasons, but I also love their health benefits- like air purification. I used to have a giant snake plant in our first home and I’m planning to get another one this weekend if I can track one down. I think it would do best with my low light situation- or possibly a big ZZ plant. I’ll have to see what I find locally!

Best of Etsy : Planters - roomfortuesday.comFerns are one of my all-time favorite plants, but they don’t do as well in Utah since we don’t have much humidity. I kept the fern in my laundry room alive up until our move by trading it back and forth between the laundry space and bathroom. The steam from the shower really helped it thrive!

Best of Etsy : Planters - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re interested in additional plant posts- I have a TON of them… I’ll link some below. Clearly I’m passionate about plants and this is the season to add green to your home. Where do you usually like to buy planters? I love finding new sources, but Etsy has remained my go-to over the years. I also buy live plants on Etsy! See my favorites here.

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  1. Ah spring! It’s definitely a “gimme all the plants” time of year. I love every single one of these planters-especially the footed ones. That grecian urn?!👏 White planters can be surprisingly hard to find, so this is a really great selection. I currently have a few that need plants; my Etsy cart is full from your last post. I just need to make sure all plants are pet safe. So many common plants are toxic!
    Happy (back to work) Monday! I hope you are feeling better.

    1. That’s exactly how I feel. Yes- definitely check to make sure they aren’t toxic… I wouldn’t want Joe to eat something he shouldn’t :) Thanks for the well wishes- I think I’m nearly back to 100 today. Have a great week Peggi!

  2. I’m so glad – for the sake of my house plants – that spring has arrived! I’m getting back in the groove of my twice-per-week-watering schedule, and feel the plants themselves are sighing for spring. Winter here in SoCal was a long, cold, wet one (for us).

    I have to say, in recent years I’m become an Etsyholic – I love finding vintage treasures, and having artisans/craftspeople make custom pieces for me.

    1. Same! Winter can be hard on house plants… between that and moving at the beginning of winter, basically none of mine survived. I’m taking it as an opportunity to start fresh! I’m a fellow Etsyholic- it’s such a great, underrated resource :)

  3. I just purchased a snake and ZZ plant…welcome to my low light world!

    1. Yes! Those two are great for low light… I’ve had both of them in the past and loved them. Super easy! xox

  4. Hi Sarah, are you feeling better? I sure hope so. This is such a timely post. For years I gave up having indoor plants, due to an insane work schedule and deciding I’d lost my green thumb. Then last Christmas, one of our fabulous neighbors gave us a Thanksgiving cactus. I was determined to keep this guy alive, even have him thrive. Fast forward to today, I now have two small snake plants and a small jade plant as well. And I want more. These little beings make me smile every day. Have fun building up your own plant menagerie, Sarah. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Hi Ardith! Thank you so much for checking- so incredibly sweet of you. I’m nearly back to 100 and am feeling much better, thanks! I think this is just what I needed to hear :) It was tough seeing all of my plant babies die during our move and starting over seems a little daunting since I feel a bit defeated, but I just love plants and am determined to make it work again. I thinking it will be fun to rebuild and love some new ones. Thanks again! xox