Best of Etsy : Fruit Still Lives

Best of Etsy : Fruit Still Lives - roomfortuesday.comIt has been a couple months since I’ve shared a Best of Etsy post, and I’ve been on the hunt for a very specific type of art for our kitchen… a fruit still life oil painting. I’ve been noticing more of these classical works styled into spaces and I’m really digging the look- especially in food related rooms (the kitchen, a butter’s pantry, a breakfast nook, the dining room, a coffee bar, etc). I rounded up over 80(!) of my favorites from Etsy- including prints & originals from artists of all backgrounds and locations. You can also find plenty of styling inspiration. Click through for the post!

Best of Etsy : Fruit Still Lives -
image & art via mcgee & co

To shop my Etsy art finds throughout this post, click directly on each painting within the collage… 

I ended up buying #12 from the above collage, but there are SO many to love. Just ask Emmett… I spent hours sorting through art trying to decide which one I wanted for our house. Other favorites from this roundup include: #1, #4, #6, #18, and #22.

Best of Etsy : Fruit Still Lives -
image & art via stoffer home

I love the look of art installed against tile or styled amongst kitchen goods on a shelf or countertop. I feel like it adds a lot of dimension and depth. It’s also a great way to insert personality! Ready for more finds?

I was serious when I told you I found a LOT of good art. My top picks from this one include: #5, #9, #13, #18, and #23.

Best of Etsy : Fruit Still Lives - roomfortuesday.comI really like supporting makers, artists, and creatives through Etsy. My art arrived in the most beautiful package with a sweet, handwritten note, and a bonus piece of art. It made me love the painting even more knowing that so much care went into it. Doesn’t it look beautiful and perfect for summertime, styled on our floating shelves? I knew I wanted something with orange to pair alongside our deep cabinetry color.  I’ve got one more roundup for you…

My favorites from this one are: #3, #7, #13, #15, #18, and #20. I’d love to hear your top choices in the comment section.

Best of Etsy : Fruit Still Lives -
image & art via mcgee & co

I’m also interested in your thoughts… do you like art in the kitchen? Have you noticed more still lives or fruit paintings popping up? I’m really liking this new “trend”, if that’s what it is. It feels very timeless to me!

Best of Etsy : Fruit Still Lives - roomfortuesday.comI know that was a BIG post, but I’ve been hoarding these art links and saving them for over a month now. It took me awhile to choose one because there were so many incredible options. I hope you were able to discover some new artists, find some beautiful new art (if you’ve been searching), and reimagine styling in the kitchen. Have a great day, friends!

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  1. Lynn Cleary says:

    Great post Sarah – I’ve always been a fan of fruit still life. Couldn’t decide between so many – ordered #15 tangerine with leaves. Thank you!! Lynn

    1. Thank you, Lynn! Me too… they feel classical, timeless, and curated. I love the one you ordered! That was one of my favorites. Enjoy and have a beautiful day! xo

  2. #11, 12, 13 from the second roundup are my absolute favorites! I love art in a kitchen, and if I’m being honest, your page is the first place to introduce me to the concept. I’ve always struggled with styling my kitchen…how to balance the beauty with the function. Seeing the way you bring in so much aesthetic from a simple piece of art, or a great vase with greenery, gets me reimagining what I would put in my own space. I like this trend and I think I’ll be hunting for the perfect piece for my own kitchen! What a pleasant surprise this morning! Happy Wednesday!!

    1. I love all of those, Lauren! I spend a ton of time in the kitchen (it’s my happy place) and everything I put into the space makes me smile- especially the art! I’m with you… it has to be a super functional space (for obvious reasons), but it also can be beautiful and styled with non functioning objects that just make you happy. Happy Wednesday to you- have a wonderful day! I’m so sorry I missed you yesterday. Thanks so much for checking in. Xo

      1. No apology necessary!! Xo

  3. Sarah! *exasperated whine* I have things to do! (not really) I can’t be spending all my money on original art! (really) I have 12 tabs open on my browser! (really)🤣
    5 original paintings and one very precious lino print (a signed, numbered Hans Burkhardt!) live in my kitchen, so you could say I’m a fan. All of them were thrifted for 50 cents to $3. I have a terrible problem making up my mind (ahem…GIANT round up), so I let the universe decide for me. When original art speaks to me in a thrift store, I grab it!
    I do not, however, own a fruit still life. I adore how yours looks! From the first collage, I love 1,8,18,22,23, and 27. From the second, I would select 1,12,13,16 and 22. And from the last, I would happily hang 6,9,10,20, 21 and 27.
    SEE? I’m hopeless.
    I’ve got one of these in my Etsy cart now…off to finish my ceiling, so I can reward myself.😘 Have an amazing day!💜

    1. Haha! I’m in the same boat. I spent wayyy too many hours art searching these past few weeks. I’m so glad you like them though, and that you’re also a fan of paintings. I’m insanely jealous of your original works and your Hans Burkhardt! So so cool. I cannot believe you thrifted them for under $5. I cannot find good vintage art here in Salt Lake. It’s either priced extremely high, not original, or the content is really weird. I love, love, love your choices from the roundup! How could you go wrong? Good luck finishing your ceiling today. Have a good one :) xo

  4. I initially misread the title as “fruit still lives”, as in “fruit is still alive!” and I wondered if I had missed something about the death of fruit. :) At any rate, I love that you are supporting small makers!

    1. Haha!! I was wondering if I should have named this post “fruit paintings” instead. Oops. Absolutely love supporting small makers :) Have a great day, Deborah!

  5. I love these!!!
    Have you seen Joel Penkman on etsy?
    She has fruit and still life paintings that remind me of Wayne Thiebaud.
    Her shop sells mostly prints of her paintings, but their are originals available (more on her portfolio site).

    1. Thanks Kristyn! I just looked her up… and wow!! Thanks for the introduction. Her art is very cool. I love the color eclectic aesthetic. Some of them are so realistic! xo

  6. Beautiful roundup! I’m in Florida so I’m finding myself most attracted to the oranges, because I am nothing if not a cliche :) Yours is so perfect for that shelf, and I love how the color plays off of your cabinets.

    I love art in the kitchen, and I’ve been eyeing this piece for my own: https://20×
    Both because I love the photography and because I think it’s hilarious. The bones of my kitchen are quite formal and I’d love to add something a little more playful to tone it down a bit. I’m sure I could find a place for something from this roundup as well!

    1. Thank you, Stacy! I’m also attracted to the oranges. I’m very into the idea of contrast, so I think adding more modern, eclectic, or playful pieces to your formal kitchen is a great idea! xo

  7. Thank you for this post! Our kitchen needs remodeling, but meanwhile, I want to hang a picture on the back of the upper cabinet that blocks my view of the eating area and hides the stove vent. I ordered #6 from the third set. I’ll let you know how it works out!

    1. I love that idea, Jennifer! #6 is so beautiful- wonderful pick :) Looking forward to hearing how it works out! xo

  8. Great post! You inspired me to make a purchase. Thanks!

    1. So happy you were able to find a beautiful piece, Erin :) Enjoy!! xo

  9. I love this article! Thank you for always creating beautiful content.

    I did want to point out that (as counter intuitive as it seems) the plural is “still lifes”.

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah! Ughhh the still lives / lifes debacle. You know what… I went back and forth on this about twenty times. Haha! Do ever get inside your head when it comes to saying or spelling a word that you’ve typed or pronounced too many times? I did a lot of googling and ultimately decided on “lives”, hit publish, then realized the only source I should care about is Merriam-Webster. Turns out, while lots of people say they’re interchangeable, MW says “lifes”, and you’re totally right. Unfortunately, since I had already published… for SEO purposes and people pinning images, I’m stuck with it. Womp womp. If I were to change it now, the images wouldn’t lead back to the blog post and it would appear as a broken link. Such a bummer. Anyway- thank you so much for sharing this! I always appreciate that :) Won’t make that mistake again. Hahaha!

  10. Hi Sarah! Love the round up :) Do you have the source for your black oil dispenser? Been looking for that shapes forever

    1. Thanks Cat! It came from a local shop (Emmett actually got it for me for Valentine’s Day last year, haha)… but I was able to find a link on Amazon for you: