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Best of Etsy : Wallpaper - roomfortuesday.comIt feels like forever since I’ve compiled a Best of Etsy post. Even though it’s been a bit, I love discovering hidden gems the site has to offer. I’m pretty ecstatic with this month’s Etsy haul because it’s a giant roundup of wallpaper! I’m anxiously awaiting the day I get to add wallpaper to our home. I really miss having some pattern on the walls (remember my old hallway?)… that’s exactly what I’m craving. Click through for my favorite patterns, as well as my suggestions for rooms to install them. A bunch are even removable- so if you’re renting (or scared to commit), no biggie!

I’ve honestly found Etsy to be the most affordable when it comes to purchasing wallpaper, and now that removable wall covering technology has evolved, there’s never been a better, risk-free time to give it a try. I’ve broken down the roundups by the rooms where I would install the wallpaper, but it’s all pretty interchangeable… this is just my personal preference or what I envisioned first!

Once our kitchen wraps up, we’ll be moving onto our laundry room and I’m 99% convinced that I should wallpaper the space. The only thing that is keeping me from committing fully is the fact that we haven’t nailed down floor tile quite yet.

01: zebra wallpaper // 02: blue escher wallpaper // 03: channels wallpaper // 04: black and gold wallpaper // 05: art deco wallpaper // 06: puffer fish wallpaper // 07: blue palm wallpaper // 08: black buffalo check wallpaper // 09: waves wallpaper

Let’s begin with powder rooms and bathrooms- this is the perfect space to add some fun personality and go bold. There’s nothing better than wandering into a powder room to discover quirky wallpaper. That is THE BEST surprise when I’m at a party. I think the zebras (#1), waves (#9), and navy palm leaf paper (#7) are my favorites from this one.

Best of Etsy : Wallpaper -

01: blush stripes wallpaper // 02: magnetic dino wallpaper // 03: lavender pinstripe wallpaper // 04: mountains wallpaper // 05: cloud wallpaper // 06: coral escher wallpaper // 07: rabbit wallpaper // 08: leopard wallpaper // 09: whale wallpaper // 10: woodland animal wallpaper // 11: blush dot wallpaper //12: bear wallpaper

Another place to insert personality is in a nursery or kid’s room. These sophisticated wallpapers are colorful and sweet, without looking too juvenile. The dino wallpaper (#2) is even magnetic- so the kids can have fun sticking things to the wall (without using damaging tape or nails). I’m also digging the clouds (#5), the woodland animals (#10), and the sweet toile mountain scene (#4).

Best of Etsy : Wallpaper -

01: dog wallpaper // 02: gold print wallpaper // 03: blue fern wallpaper // 04: dark palm leaf wallpaper // 05: toile wallpaper // 06: blue gingham wallpaper // 07: gold escher wallpaper // 08: gray plaid wallpaper // 09: crane wallpaper

Alright, you already know my plan is to add wallpaper to my laundry room. I’m telling you right now- I HAVE TO HAVE THE DOGS (#1). There’s a reason I put them in the number one slot. I’m such a dog lover and I’m completely smitten. This is one of the best dog papers I’ve ever seen. I think the ferns (#3) would be beautiful too.

Best of Etsy : Wallpaper -

01: navy pattern wallpaper // 02: large floral wallpaper // 03: matchstick wallpaper // 04: gray wallpaper // 05: palm leaf wallpaper // 06: large buffalo check wallpaper // 07: ginkgo leaf wallpaper // 08: dotted wallpaper // 09: blue watercolor wallpaper

Hallways are another one of my favorite spots to install wallpaper (you’ve already seen me do it once). From the above roundup, my top selections include the ginkgo leaf paper (#7), and the large scale neutral buffalo check (#6). Can you imagine that with funky, modern photographic art installed on top of it?

After this post, I’m ready to pull the trigger and buy wallpaper. I seriously want it for every room. I think I need a bigger house or more rooms to renovate. What are your favorites from the roundup? I have to know if they’re the same as mine!

images via featured etsy shops: relativity textiles // sian zeng // len arte wallpapers // decoworks

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  1. Thank you for the round up! We are renovating our laundry room and the last finish I have to pick out is the wallpaper. I loved your old hallway and am considering that paper as well.

  2. Jennifer Faur says:

    Another fantastic post–Thank you! That dog wallpaper makes me SO HAPPY!

  3. I loved that you picked the navy + gold leaf (#7 in the first image)! We’re either going to use it in our small master bath or dining nook (probablyyyy the former). Still looking at options, but I love that wallpaper doesn’t seem as scary as the glue, dated papers of the past! These are all so pretty!

    1. That’s going to be beautiful! That one was one of my favorites. I totally agree- wallpaper technology has come a long way and it’s much less scary to commit. xo

  4. Erin Minckley says:

    Sarah! I am so excited that you posted my wallpaper in your blog post! We love using Etsy to reach our customers. It’s so easy to purchase on the site. What a great round up. Some wonderful designs I’ve not seen before. Xo

    1. So happy to include your wallpapers, Erin! They’re absolutely gorgeous and I always keep the sample book nearby. So pretty! xox

  5. Hi Sarah! I have been itching to put up wallpaper in my hallway. There’s a headboard wainscoting that’s super coastal-traditional that I’ve decided to keep, but I’d love something over it that’s both a nod to the traditional element and a little cheeky (like a toile that’s a little weird or something). Any suggestions?

    1. *beadboard, not headboard. Oh, autocorrect. :)

    2. Without seeing it, it’s hard to say what would be best with the aesthetic of your home. I’ve honestly never wallpapered over beadboard. Sorry, I know that’s not helpful! xo

      1. Sorry, yes. I would be paper above the beadboard, not covering it up. I can see how that would be unclear.

    3. could you paper above the beadboard?

  6. wouldn’t you have to fill in the ridges on the beadboard…..unless you oapered with a super heavy paper….almost a grass cloth type?

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking….

      1. I know that “back in the day” people would fill in paneling ridges and then paint….now it seems that it’s more often replaced with drywall

  7. Have you ever used the peel and stick? I’m afraid it’ll look vinyl-y and maybe not so chic?

    1. I have!! The technology has come a really long way from looking like a sticker. I do recommend ordering a sample size though… just to double check the material- as different brands use different processes.

  8. Victoria Johnson says:

    I love the dog wallpaper!!
    Now I just need to convince my paper hating husband…..
    Maybe in the utility room, it’s not like he knows where that is anyway 🤣🤣

    1. It’s so good! Maybe try a temporary paper to persuade him? Good luck!

  9. I love this list! It’s exactly what I was looking for. Question for you, is there a guide to determine what wallpapers can go together in a house? Is there a science? Or do you just pick and choose what you like the most and not worry about the rest of the house? How can you coordinate them?

    1. You definitely want to try to make the pattern in your home feel cohesive, but unless you’re using multiple papers in a single space or have viewpoints of more than one wallpaper, it’s ok to mix it up.