Best of Etsy : Turkish Towels

Turkish Towels in BathroomLast month, the Best of Etsy post featured cutting and serving boards. Apparently I can’t quit the kitchen decor because that led me down a rabbit hole of dish towels. Of course that led to all towels and here I am… rounding up the best Turkish towels Etsy has to offer. Use them in the kitchen as dish towels, or in the bathroom as hand towels. I’ve even included full size options to stylishly hang on a bathroom hook. Click through for a brand new Best of Etsy post filled with SO many gorgeous towels. I’ve already made a few purchases from this post because there are a bunch on sale!

Best of Etsy - Turkish Towels01: euro turkish towel // 02: traditional turkish towel // 03: cove turkish towel // 04: chain pattern turkish towel // 05: turkish towel set // 06: bold stripe turkish towel // 07: tan turkish towel // 08: handwoven turkish towel // 09: dark turkish towel // 10: pinstriped turkish towel // 11: bamboo turkish towel // 12: blue and white turkish towel // 13: charcoal and white turkish towel // 14: high contrast turkish towel // 15: white turkish towel // 16: turkish bath towel // 17: gray turkish towel // 18: beige turkish towel // 19: aztec turkish towel // 20: classic turkish towel // 21: nautical turkish towel // 22: cotton striped turkish towel // 23: premium turkish towel // 24: peshtemal turkish towel // 25: light blue turkish towel // 26: turkish towel set // 27: diamond weave turkish towel // 28: organic turkish towel // 29: black turkish towel // 30: harbor turkish towel // 31: charcoal turkish towel // 32: blue gray turkish towel // 33: set of 3 towels // 34: minimal turkish towel // 35: stonewash turkish towel

I was really surprised how many of these are currently on sale, or how many come in super cheap sets… 3 oversized bath towels for $29 (I’m talking about #33)?! I’ll take it. Things I like about Turkish towels? They’re textural, neutral, have great absorption qualities, they’re super soft, and come in classic patterns. Plus… I can’t resit fringe detailing. They also bring a worldly vibe to any space, which is always much more interesting than your typical plush towel from Target.

Turkish TowelsIn my experience, I’ve found Turkish towels to be less expensive on Etsy than elsewhere. I made the mistake of purchasing a set at Nordstrom and found a super similar option for half the price months later. After making some Etsy purchases to determine if the quality was comparable, I started gifting these beauties. They make great gifts for weddings, the hostess, bridesmaids, and house warming parties. I keep a few new ones in a box for those types of occasions and pair it with a candle or soap and call it done. Easy peasy! It’s always well reciprocated and looks like it cost much more than it actually did.

Turkish Towel RoundupI keep wondering when I’m going to run out of ‘Best of Etsy’ things to shop for and it never happens (I know- I’m addicted), but if you have any items you’d like an Etsy roundup for- please share ideas in the comments below!!

For more of our previous bathroom (shown in the images), click here. Everyone have an amazing week!

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  1. Laurie Anne says:

    I LOVEEEEE how Turkish towels look but I’ve always been super skeptical if they will actually get me dry (like full body after shower dry). Then again I’m also super spoiled by our regular towels that we spent wayyyyy too much money on from Restoration Hardware. I’ve never been dried so well in my life 😂 But I would love the look of turkey towels wayyyyy more.

    1. Trust me when I say we got a NICE set for our wedding from Bloomingdales… organic cotton, super plush, like from a fancy hotel. Ha! I can honestly say I like my turkish towels better. They look amazing and they absorb more water. Seriously! Try one! xox

      1. Laurie Anne says:

        ok ok ok ill do it. you have convinced me haha!

  2. Do you still have the link to the ones in your bathroom? Looks like they have a bit of terry cloth on the flip side and they’re effect. I’d love to know where you got those.

    1. Hi Katie! Sadly they no longer make them. I checked high and low… Sorry! xo

  3. Jessie Linxwiler says:

    Sarah! 1. I love the towels and pinned a couple that I want to get for my next apartment. 2. Where did you get the stool and rug pictured in this bathroom?? I am moving in to a studio apartment this Winter and the stool especially would be ideal for so many uses!

    1. Hi Jessie! I’m linking everything….