Best of Etsy : Round Wall Mirrors

Best of Etsy : Round Wall Mirrors - roomfortuesday.comHow is it already time for a new ‘Best of Etsy‘ post?! Time is flying. This month’s feature was inspired by something I thrifted a couple weeks ago… a round wall mirror. I’ve always had a thing for round mirrors, but recently I’m really feeling the smaller, convex shaped ones that are purely decorative. Click through for my favorites of every shape, size, and finish (and not just the convex ones). There’s a bunch of good options!

Best of Etsy : Round Wall Mirrors - roomfortuesday.comSee what I mean? They’re cool, right? Round mirrors are a nice way to make a space feel more modern, yet eclectic and classic all at the same time.

Best of Etsy : Round Wall Mirrors - roomfortuesday.comI love the way Megan centered this one above her bed. The one I just thrifted is about this same size and shape.

Check out a bunch of my favorites from Etsy below… they’re mostly all vintage- which I consider a big win.

01:knotted strap wall mirror// 02:slat mirror// 03:black ornate mirror// 04:bamboo wall mirror// 05: ceramic wall mirror // 06:wicker mirror// 07:hammered brass mirror// 08:art deco wall mirror// 09:black wall mirror// 10:leather strap mirror// 11:brass porthole mirror// 12:vintage modern mirror// 13:modern hanging wall mirror// 14:rattan wall mirror// 15:vintage porthole mirror// 16:beveled wall mirror// 17:vintage sunburst mirror// 18:leather strap mirror// 19:brass mirror// 20:antique round mirror// 21:minimalist wall mirror// 22:forged nail mirror

My favorites from the roundup include: #1, #4, #11, #20, and #21. Which ones are you guys digging?

Best of Etsy : Round Wall Mirrors - roomfortuesday.comThe smaller mirrors are great fillers… like the above image in the hallway. They can easily be paired above or below artwork- or alongside something more sculptural, like vintage taxidermy.

Best of Etsy : Round Wall Mirrors - roomfortuesday.comThere are some large options in the roundup as well… just in case anyone is looking for a bathroom mirror! Check out #9, #12, and #16, if that’s what you’re on the hunt for.

I’d love to hear more ideas for Etsy roundups? What would you like me to find next month? I’m running out of ideas, so comment below and help me out.

images: room for tuesday | megan pflug | ryan street & associates | megan pflug

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