Best of Etsy : Stoneware

Best of Etsy : Stoneware - roomfortuesday.comIt’s already time for the monthly ‘Best of Etsy‘ post and I’ve got stoneware on the brain. I especially love stone or ceramic pieces in the kitchen. I’ve rounded up my favorite kitchenware, pitchers, mugs, canisters, dog bowls, plates, oil dispensers, vases, planters, and everything in between. The handmade, organic quality to stoneware adds personality and “art” to your home. Whether it’s new or vintage, it has a very curated feel to it. Click through to see my recent Etsy finds!

Best of Etsy : Stoneware - roomfortuesday.comShop my finds by clicking directly on each piece below!

There are some really great options in this one. You know I’m a fan of decorating with match strikes (#4). If the boys didn’t have custom dog feeders, I’d totally snatch up those adorable bowls (#19), and the teapot (#5) is probably the prettiest one I’ve ever seen. The coasters (#22) are also a great deal!

I did find something I thought I’d never be able to source… my vintage coffee set (#6). It is the EXACT one I have and they are so so gorgeous in person.

Best of Etsy : Stoneware - roomfortuesday.comI hope one of you grabs the coffee set quickly- I can’t believe how inexpensive it’s priced. Yikes! I actually considered buying more for my collection just because they are so cheap. Look how beautiful they are up close… such a nice, petite size.

Best of Etsy : Stoneware - roomfortuesday.comThe difference in using stoneware and basic dishes is that you can leave it out on display. It really is a work of art and it makes countertop styling a breeze! It’s functional, aesthetically pleasing, and the vessels provide additional storage for ingredients, spices, oils, or salt & pepper.

Best of Etsy : Stoneware - roomfortuesday.comAre there any other stoneware and ceramic fans out there? My friend Bre just shared ceramic home decor you need in your life, and I’m pretty sure we’re on the same page. Sarah also shared a great roundup of white vases. While I’m out thrifting, vintage stoneware and glassware is definitely my weakness. It’s just so beautiful!

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  1. Crazy that you found your exact coffee mugs; they are sweet! (Those rounded square handles!!) I am liking the matte black glazes lately…maybe it’s the gray February skies. BTW, your shower niche stories looked very exciting!

    1. I know- I couldn’t believe it! I’m also liking the matte black glaze. Emmett and I are pretty excited about the niche… the tile on the other hand, seems never-ending right now. Ha! xo

  2. I love stoneware ! Wish I would have more surface to display it :) Thank you so mush for best of Etsy series. Etsy is overwhelming and I really appreciate the pointers. Would you consider doing the Etsy choices on planters? (including hanging once)
    Thank you again !

  3. Mmm ceramics! I have done bouts of pottery at various points in my life and have a deep love for hand thrown, hand glazed pieces. I keep my lipsticks in one of my vessels, kitchen pens in another, etc. I live in a town where small ceramics of varying skill and rusticity show up in my local thrift stores pretty regularly, so I definitely keep an eye out for those pieces when I have the chance to browse! Sometimes I want them for usefulness and sometimes just to please the eye in a vignette.

    1. Oohh that sounds dreamy! I couldn’t agree more- they’re practical AND pretty :)