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Best of Etsy : Burl - roomfortuesday.comLet’s talk burl. Ever since sharing our guest bathroom reveal, the messages have steadily rolled in… “where is that gorgeous burl vanity table from?!” and “please tell me you have a tutorial for that!” have been the two most common questions. Sadly, burl is kind of tough to source and a tutorial just wasn’t in the cards for the vanity table as we tried to rush to get the bathroom completed before house guests arrived, BUT- I do have good news. I modeled the table after a simple Milo Baughman vintage waterfall table and there are plenty of those floating around, as well as other gorgeous pieces on the market. I went on a rampage for this month’s Best of Etsy to bring you my favorite vintage burl pieces you can buy right now. Click through to see what I found, and for a rare peek at one of our guest bedrooms…

Best of Etsy : Burl - roomfortuesday.comBurl is actually a deformity in wood that creates a beautiful swirling, organic pattern. I love that it’s unique and almost looks like a piece of art. Burl pieces really add a ton of warmth and texture to a space! Did you know, the burl vanity table in the bathroom isn’t my only piece of burl furniture? I’ve been a fan for awhile. Remember our entryway console from our previous living room? I could never get rid of that thing; I love it so much. I also picked up a couple vintage burl nightstands, pictured at the bottom of this post. They live in one of our guest rooms upstairs.

Shop my finds by clicking directly on each piece below!

There are SO many gorgeous pieces in that roundup! I’m honestly tempted to add to my burl collection. Is anything specific catching your eye?

Best of Etsy : Burl - roomfortuesday.comThere’s just something about the odd texture I can’t quit. I wasn’t really in the marketplace for nightstands, but now that we have four guest rooms to furnish, I figured I might as well swipe those up.

Best of Etsy : Burl - roomfortuesday.comAll of our guest rooms are functional, but they’re certainly not renovated or styled as I’d like yet. Just having the pretty nightstands in there, alone, make me feel better about the space.

Best of Etsy : Burl - roomfortuesday.comWho else is a fan of burl? Emmett actually told me I need to “chill out” with the burl a few months ago. Haha! There for a minute, I bought a few burl things in a row and he apparently thought I needed an intervention. Please tell me I’m not alone.

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  1. I’m not saying that I yelped with delight when I saw the post title, but…😉 I love burl! I have “favorited” #8 on one of my Etsy adventures; it’s a little weird that they stripped it, but I love the Ming legs. Both of those mirrors are great, and if only that headboard was a queen! Also, those trays look stunning. I’ve long dreamed of spotting a cube table while thrifting. #fantasy Gah! Those dining room chairs?! Even with the hilarious dirty handprint, they call to me. Maybe a dual intervention is necessary? Just curious- do you search burl when you are on Craigslist or just happen upon things? I think lots of people don’t know what burl is… Anyway, a thousand thanks for a lovely start to my Tuesday!

    1. Haha!! Those handprints on the chairs, yikes. I feel like some Etsy sellers need to get it together for their photos. I guess that might deter some people, but luckily- those of us who appreciate those pieces and know it can easily be cleaned could probably grab it for less! To answer your search question… I usually just happen upon things, because you’re right- lots of people don’t know what burl is. Have a great Tuesday :)

  2. Jennifer Ricks says:

    I definitely understand the love of all things burl! My daughters have matching, twin, art-deco burl beds (headboard, footboard, and side rails) in their shared room…I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to part with them! They are sooooo beautiful! We also had a waterfall edge burl dining table as my pattern drafting table in our last house, sadly we didn’t have room in this house so it’s sitting in storage waiting to be sold. I love this great roundup!

    1. Those beds sound absolutely stunning!! What lucky girls :)

  3. I share your love of burl – my Dad was a cabinetmaker so I was raised around wood and always loved nature’s mistakes. I got in a major bidding war at an auction because I wanted these walnut dining chairs with burl backs. I got them and absolutely love them-they are so unique. Wanted to send you a picture but can’t figure out how to attach a file here.

    1. SO happy to hear you won your chairs, Kathy! They sound so beautiful. Unfortunately, the comment section doesn’t allow images- I’m sorry!! Feel free to shoot me a message or email :) I’d love to see! xox

  4. The table is gorgeous! So sad you weren’t able to do a tutorial. Can you give more details on how you did the table? I see you modeled it after the table sourced, but I’d really like to know more on how to recreate this. I’m sure many of us would love more details please!

    1. Thank you, Kelli! To be honest, it really isn’t a beginner or accessible DIY project. Aside from being super busy with that renovation, sharing the tutorial felt a bit too complex, as it requires special equipment. My husband works for a custom cabinetry company and we were able to use their resources and machinery after business hours. We were able to secure the burl through one of their vendors (that doesn’t sell to the public), and we used their veneer machines to lay everything up. It took some specialized equipment (outside of standard tools you can find at Lowe’s). I’m sorry! I shared a bit more about it my guest bath IG highlight.