Best of Etsy : Unique & Colored Candles

Best of Etsy: Unique Candles - roomfortuesday.comYou know I’ve been coveting colored candles lately… they feel like a fun upgrade and interesting way to add personality to any vignette. I decided to round up some sculptural, colorful, and unique candles for this month’s Best of Etsy post! The majority of these candles feel like pieces of art, and there’s nothing I love more than burning a candle- even during the summer months. Something about the ambiance, fragrance, and flickering flame is so special… it feels like an easy way to elevate the everyday- it’s a ritual I’ll never quit at home. If you’re ready to upgrade a couple of your candles or are looking to fill some candleholders, click through for some serious Etsy eye candy!

Best of Etsy: Unique Candles -
source : floralsociety

Let’s dive right in with the roundup! It was fun to discover some new Etsy shops and artists. Shop my finds by clicking directly on each candle below…

My personal top picks include the following: #3 (timeless colored tapers), #6 (I love the fluted look), #7 (the beautiful twist), #12 (classic beeswax), and #18 (a fun shape). If you’re having trouble getting your taper candles to stay straight or feel secure in your candleholder, definitely grab a tin of this candle helper. It’s my go-to for candle styling!

Best of Etsy: Unique Candles -
source : etsy

Candles are an easy and inexpensive way to highlight an area or vignette in your home… the entryway, a tablescape set for entertaining, a bar, a mantel, etc. They’re one of those home accessories that seem to work well in any room in the house. It’s fun to see designers, artists, and interior enthusiasts having more fun with them lately!

Best of Etsy: Unique Candles -
source : floral society

I’ve also loved seeing interesting textural candles lately- the twisted, ribbed, and fluted options are a visual treat. I’m definitely going to grab some of those for the holidays this year. We carry The Floral Society brand, pictured above, in our Tuesday Made shop! You’ll have to let me know what colors or shapes you’re most attracted to, and I’ll look at ordering some.

Best of Etsy: Unique Candles -
source : food52

I especially love seasonal candles or specific colors for special occasions or holidays. Remember my living room all decked out for the holidays last year? The pink candles on my limestone mantel were a definite favorite and an easy continuation of my holiday decor palette.

Best of Etsy: Unique Candles - roomfortuesday.comWasn’t that roundup fun? I’d love to hear your favorites. Have you ever tried styling sculptural or colored candles in your home? I actually just added a couple colored tapered candles to the Tuesday Made shop! Be sure to check back tomorrow for a bonus Friday Noteworthy post. I’ve got updates, good reads, and links to share before I leave on vacation. What should I search for next month on Etsy? I’m toying with monogrammed decor, towels, or barley twist furniture. Do any of those sound intriguing to you?

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  1. Good morning, from your sleepy friend! (I got home about 4 hours ago…) I love, love, love colored tapers! I always include them in a special tables cape, but why don’t I style them in other places??? They are actually a favorite thrift find. Our local stores often bag them in pretty color combos; I’ve scored a mixed dozen for $2! I once found an amazing pair painted like Monet’s water lilies and an unopened box of pencil-thin, 18-inch orange lovelies. Look at me, waxing poetic about old candles!😉 (Downside: sometimes they are slightly melted crooked…) My picks from your round-up are #1, 6, 7, 8 and 18. Gimme all the colors, flutes, ribs and twists! Have you ever made hand-dipped candles? It was a popular summer camp project when I was a kid. Imagine a line of children carefully dunking a wick, suspended from a scavenged twig, into a coffee can of molten wax, straightening said piping-hot wick with their bare fingers, and returning to the end of the line to do it again. Over and over! Camp counselors back in the day had nerves of steel.😂 I remember how magical it was to watch my candle slowly form though! Ha! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I’m going to go check out Floral Society; their wares look gorgeous! I look forward to your Friday updates. Have an awesome day and stay cool!💜

    1. I hope you were able to catch up on rest! Traveling is exhausting. Did you take a red eye? We have one tonight and I’m very out of practice. Oof! I love that your local thrift store groups colored candles together- that’s awesome. It would be fun to display those in a vase or a jar! Your water lily candles sound incredible! I’m envious. I too made candles at camp as a kid and those are some fantastic memories! I definitely burnt myself a time or two during that process. Camp counselors really did have nerves of steel back in the day. I’m excited to hear all about your trip. I hope it was a fun, adventurous, and also restful! Take it easy this weekend :) xo

  2. I love the look of empty candleholders…said no one ever. Come for a tour of my home and that’s exactly what you’ll find, haha! In my area plain white tapers abound, or what I refer to as the jelly jar candles. 🙄 Rarely will I see colored tapers or unique shaped pillars. I had never thought to search Etsy for an item like this, but you’ve rounded up some lovely options.
    #2,4,6, 8 and 15 are all speaking to me. I quite love the fluted style, and the teardrop shape. The fluted twist of number 4 is splendid!
    In terms of colored candles I think I’d gravitate to colors that offer deep contrast to lighter walls- and you already know I’d go for the greens and blues before anything else. I’d also love some earth toned options.
    I’m going to jump freely down the Etsy rabbit hole this morning, before I dive into painting. I’m crossing some to-dos off the list before the weekend hits. I hope you have a lovely day friend. Xoxo

    1. Ooooh. Lauren, your selections of #2, 4 (and 15, too) are providing intriguing insight for me into your style! I think there’s maybe an edginess there that I had missed. *makes mental note*😍

      1. Hahaha!! You are spot on my dear! I quite love a bit of drama. Something about the unexpected, the moody, and the eclectic all speak to my soul. 😘

      2. Noted: *lauren loves drama* haha! I love her for that.

        1. 😂🤣 Books, entertainment, and interiors only!! You both make me smile so much. Truthfully you’ve brightened what’s turned out to be a rough week. I’m so thankful for the friendships and respite created here. Home away from home!

          1. Awww, same. Big hugs! And hey- it’s Friday! Maybe order some pizza, make a pizza, have a cocktail ;) Hang in there, friend! xo

    2. HAH!! Find some candles for those things. I’m also liking the fluted and twisted ones. Like you, I’ve got blue and sage colored tapers out right now :) Give me all those cool moody colors and earth tones. How was painting yesterday? Hope you got a lot finished!! xo

      1. Painting has gone perfectly!! I’m in love with the white dove rollers you recommended-I never imagined they would make such a difference. I’m never going back! I’m painting the downstairs bath (SW Windchill) and finishing the paint on the notorious kitchen wall, simultaneously (Adobe Sand by Behr). It took 3 coats of primer to cover the mustard yellow/brown! Already the space feels better. I’m most excited for the bathroom, I’ll admit. Against the Carrara marble vanity top, the color is looking glorious and highlighting the lighter veining spectacularly! Here’s to hoping I finish both in time for guests. If not, that’s just #lifewithreno right?! Lol. Have a wonderful day. Xo

        1. Yay!! Love hearing that. I love SW Windchill- it’s a gorgeous color… good pick. I can’t believe it took 3 coats. Wow! Happy to hear things are already feeling better and looking beautiful. You’ve got this!