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Best of Etsy : Dining Chairs

Best of Etsy : Dining Chairs - roomfortuesday.comLots of people ask how and where I find vintage dining chairs, because let’s get real- they’re sort of my favorite! In fact, I haven’t had a dining room that didn’t contain vintage dining chairs. I know I’m a creature of habit (plus I know what I love), so when the time came to hunt for a pair of chairs for our breakfast nook, I turned to my go-to resource… Etsy. It’s always the first place I look when sourcing things like this. They have such a tremendous amount of amazing dining chairs, in specific, it was difficult to narrow it down for this month’s ‘Best of Etsy‘. Click through to see 29 of my faves. 

Best of Etsy : Dining Chairs - roomfortuesday.comObviously I have a soft spot for cantilever dining chairs, but there are so many great options of every style in the roundup below. Whether you’re looking for modern, upholstered, wood, etc… there’s something for everyone.

Click on each dining chair to shop!

From the collage, I’ll share my top five favorites- numbers 2, 12, 13, 15, and 29. Lots of these come as a set, so be sure to click into the link and see if it is sold as a single unit, pair, set of four, or even a set of six or eight! There are a couple good steals in there. It makes me wish I had another dining room to furnish.

Best of Etsy : Dining Chairs - roomfortuesday.comI think about all the meals and conversations that are shared around the dining table, and for me- it’s one of those places I can justify splurging on. Are you guys also into vintage dining chairs? If you had to choose one style, what would it be? Chairs are honestly one of my favorite things to stumble upon when I’m out thrifting or antiquing.

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    August 1, 2018 at 4:38 pm

    Fun finds! If you haven’t already done one, I’d love a post on how you have the chairs and other vintage finds reupholstered. How do you choose the fabric and find an upholsterer, and what is the process like timewise and costwise? I’m always intimidated to buy vintage upholstered pieces because I assume this is a huge to-do or big investment. Thank you!

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