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Repurposing a Candle Into A Succulent Planter

Repurposing a Candle Into A Succulent Planter - It’s rare that I have time to pull together a Friday post, but this was an easy and fun one, so I thought I’d share! You guys already know I love succulents. I’ve posted about them numerous times and they’re about it easy as it gets when it comes to plant maintenance. If there’s one plant I’d suggest to a person who isn’t great at keeping plants alive- it’s succulents. They’re pretty much impossible to kill and thrive during the summer months, especially. Click through to see how I repurposed one of my outdoor candles into a succulent arrangement. I’m sharing tips for keeping your plants happy, healthy, and ideas for repurposing containers.  Continue Reading

Textile Graphic Art DIY -
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Textile Graphic Art DIY (+ A Video!)

After sharing a sneak peek of the artwork I just installed in my kitchen on Instagram, I received a LOT of requests for the DIY. Luckily, it’s one of the easiest, inexpensive DIY art projects I’ve ever tackled (probably…

Wood Detail Sconce DIY -
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Wood Detail Sconce DIY

Hit rewind and travel back to February, when I was selecting lighting for our kitchen renovation… I fell deep, deep in love with this sconce by Allied Maker, but couldn’t justify spending THAT much money. It was wayyyy out…

Emmett's Top 10 Favorite Tools -
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Emmett’s Top 10 Favorite Tools

This post has been highly requested and I’m finally granting your wish! I took time to “interview” Emmett and ask about his top 10 favorite tools for renovating. Click through to see which 10 items he thinks every DIY guru…

DIY Pedestal Dog Feeders -
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DIY Pedestal Dog Feeders

First of all- thank you so much for the sweet comments in regards to the laundry room reveal yesterday! You guys always make my day with your feedback. As promised, I’m back today to share the DIY pedestal dog…