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DIY Abstract Diptych Art (+ A Video)

DIY Abstract Diptych Art - roomfortuesday.comI’ve been struggling with one wall in our living room since “finishing” it. Let’s get real… there isn’t a room in my home that will ever be completely finished because I’m constantly restyling and switching things around. I think that’s the downside to being a designer… you’re never 100% satisfied. Anyway- the wall behind the sofa has been driving me crazy. I love our giant sconce, but the wall has never felt balanced. Click through to catch an easy artwork DIY that made me love this space SO much more. Everything feels happier and evenly balanced- I couldn’t be happier. Your DIY abstract diptych art awaits… Continue Reading

A Trick for Switching Light Fixture Finishes -
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A Trick for Switching Light Fixture Finishes

With the One Room Challenge in full swing and a kitchen renovation wrapping up, I’ve been in saving mode lately. Home renovation projects require a lot of time and money, which sometimes means getting creative with the budget to…

My Deep Spring Clean Checklist -
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My Deep Spring Clean Checklist

Tis the season for spring cleaning. I absolutely LOVE that amazing feeling you get after deep cleaning your home- it’s one of the very best! Am I right? Do you guys feel amazing afterwards too? It’s like the equivalent…

DIY Bath Caddy Tray -
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DIY Bath Caddy Tray

I’m the type of gal who really enjoys spa-like luxuries. This year I’m also trying to focus on self care and devoting more time for things I enjoy. I’d say I’m off to a good start because I convinced…

How to Install Floor Tile -
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How to Install Floor Tile

The kitchen is cruising right along and I’m happy to announce the floor tile is totally done! Cue the happy dance. Although we had a decent size area to cover (300 square feet, to be exact), it only took…