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diy projects

DIY Bath Caddy Tray

DIY Bath Caddy Tray - I’m the type of gal who really enjoys spa-like luxuries. This year I’m also trying to focus on self care and devoting more time for things I enjoy. I’d say I’m off to a good start because I convinced Emmett to tackle a DIY I’ve had on my list for awhile now… a bath caddy! I resort to a bath for a number of reasons- if I’m feeling under the weather, if I need some alone time or want to do some deep thinking, if I’m stressed out it helps me relax, or if I need some pampering (moisturizing, face mask, hair treatment, etc). Today on the Interior Collective, I’m sharing a fresh DIY that looks like it costs so much more than it actually does. Click through for result! Continue Reading

How to Install Floor Tile -
diy projects

How to Install Floor Tile

The kitchen is cruising right along and I’m happy to announce the floor tile is totally done! Cue the happy dance. Although we had a decent size area to cover (300 square feet, to be exact), it only took…

For the Love of DIY - The UpSkills Project -
diy projects

For the Love of DIY – The UpSkill Project

It’s no secret that Emmett and I feel passionately about taking the DIY route when it comes to our home renovation. You’ve witnessed project after project, and at this point- it’s safe to say we’re addicted to the rewarding…

block print diy
diy projects

Framed Block Print Fabric Art

Hey guys! Jacqueline here. It’s no secret I love a good DIY project, and what better time to do one than in the middle of winter when you’re stuck in the house dreaming of warmer weather! I am nearing…

How to Hide Light Fixture Cords -
diy projects

How to Hide Light Fixture Cords

The living room sconce was a great budget find, but Emmett and I had always planned to modify it and hardwire the fixture when the time came to open the doorway between the kitchen and living room. Let’s just say,…