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diy projects

Extra Long Shower Curtain DIY

Extra Long Shower Curtain DIY - roomfortuesday.comIf you follow along on Instagram, you know I promised to share a shower curtain tutorial after the guest bath reveal… you probably also know my original plan was a ceiling mounted curtain, like we installed in our previous bathroom. Long story short, Emmett and I weren’t on the same page and he went ahead and installed crown moulding in the shower area- which is totally fine, it works well, and it’s stunning, BUT that meant a ceiling mounted track wouldn’t be a good fit. After many messages from you all, I decided to go ahead and post my extra long shower curtain DIY because even though it isn’t mounted to the ceiling this time around, it really applies to any tall bathroom ceiling situation. In the end, I think the higher mounted rod was a happy accident- there is just enough breathing room between the rod and the ceiling, plus it still looks dramatic and tailored. Click through to see how I did it… Continue Reading

Double Sconce Easy Shade Upgrade -
diy projects

Double Sconce Easy Shade Upgrade

I’m certainly not the first person to update a lamp or sconce shade in this sort of way, but I wanted to share my process and the difference it made for a fixture in my guest bathroom… it just…

How to Upholster the Seat of a Chair -
diy projects

How to Upholster the Seat of a Chair

A couple weeks ago I took you thrifting with me and you might remember I brought home this cute cane back chair on casters. For $20, I bought it with the intention of reupholstering the seat cushion and I…

How to Create a Trader Joe's Floral Arrangement -
diy projects

How to Create a Trader Joe’s Floral Arrangement

I’ll start by saying this post is NOT sponsored. It was actually a frequently requested topic after I shared some floral arrangements on Instagram awhile back. As promised, I created a tutorial for assembling inexpensive, easy, floral arrangements- all…