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3 Day Project : Transforming Our Side Yard

3 Day Project : Transforming Our Side Yard - roomfortuesday.comI’m pretty sure most homeowners have that one weird spot in their yard or outdoor space that isn’t functional or large enough to do much of anything with. Most of the time it houses trash bins, utilities- like an air conditioning unit, sprinkler system, or other necessary eyesores that come with homeownership. For the past two years, we lived with an embarrassing “side yard” I pretended didn’t exist. Although it was in plain sight of our newly renovated outdoor living space, I hoped visitors wouldn’t notice. I’m happy to share our latest project… we teamed up with Lowes and finally addressed the elephant in the room (or rather, backyard) and it made all the difference! Click through to see the transformation, get inspiration for your own odd lawn areas, check out three(!) tutorials, in case you’re planning your own 3-day project this Labor Day.   Continue Reading

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Easy Cord Hiding Project

Hey guys…Jacqueline here! Do you ever have those spaces in your home that you absolutely hate and can’t seem to work around? The mantle in our living room is one of those spaces. As you can see from the…