Noteworthy (+ Blog Schedule Summer Update)

Noteworthy (+ Blog Schedule Summer Update) - roomfortuesday.comThis week is cruising right along… just like our shed project that is going FAST. Our lumber was delivered yesterday and the framing process went so quickly last night. It already looks like a shed! I think many of you were just as surprised to see my IG stories yesterday sharing the latest update. I went outside to check on Emmett and my jaw dropped at the progress. Anyway, today I’ve got a fun Noteworthy post for you and a little summer update involving the blog schedule. Click through to read about it, check out my inspiration this month, links & home tours I’ve loved, new accounts to follow, and more!

First matter of business- the blog schedule. I kind of hate using the word “busy” because I don’t necessarily see that as a positive thing, but I’m running around like a mad woman these days. I’m working on something BIG and very exciting, which is taking up 50% of my time, while the blog and regular work is taking up the other 50%. I’ll be able to share more soon and elaborate (I know that’s annoying), but in the meantime, I’m going to adjust my blog schedule for the summer months. Posting five days a week, Monday through Friday, is a ton of work (it’s just me over here behind my computer), and having an extra work day would be a game changer for me this summer. Therefore, this season- I’ll be posting four times a week, rather than five. I’m not going to lie… this was HARD for me to swallow. I love blogging, connecting here, chatting with you guys each day, and even thinking about subtracting a post each week had me feeling really defeated… this is my small business after all! I had some serious conversations with Emmett, and I finally admitted to myself that juggling house projects, five blog posts per week, my latest project, and carving out time to eat, sleep, keep up with laundry (you know- basic survival) was not physically possible. So here we are. Don’t worry- I’m not going anywhere, I just need an extra work day for the next month or so! I also want to have a little fun and enjoy the summer season.

I will have new blog posts ready for you Monday through Thursday this summer. Deal? Also- if there is anything special you want to learn or read about, please let me know in the comment section. I’ll add them to the blog calendar!

Noteworthy (+ Blog Schedule Summer Update) - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of needing more time, we did take a nice break over the holiday weekend! Laurie Anne and her family came for a spontaneous visit (they’ve been social distancing too, so I felt comfortable). It was almost a year ago, I flew to Phoenix to makeover her bedroom and bath! I didn’t realize how much I needed in-person friend time until she showed up. Spending time with people you love feels so much for meaningful these days. I miss hugs, chatting face-to-face, eating out at restaurants, traveling, and SO many things I took for granted before the pandemic. I can’t wait to get back to those things, but we’re still being extra cautious over here as Utah’s numbers continue to climb. How are you guys hanging in there? I hope you’re all keeping healthy and happy this summer, despite everything!

Have you seen the producer of Hamilton’s house tour yet? Jeffrey Seller’s vintage dining set is really stunning. The house is actually what I would expect from him… an interesting, eclectic mix of decor that feels cozy, inviting, and creative. If you’ve yet to watch it, Hamilton is on Disney Plus now.

Another recent movie we’ve watched and liked is Plus One on Hulu. It was pretty cute if you’re looking for a rom com.

Here is another house tour I found really inspiring. It’s located in the Hamptons and I would really love to be quarantined there during the summer months. That pool is calling to me. I actually started a Pool Pinterest Board because it has been H-O-T here in Utah lately and I’ve been dreaming of soaking and splashing around. Browsing and saving pretty images is about as close as I’m getting to doing that though. I’m still trying to convince Emmett we need to spend money on a pool. Ha!

My friend Kyla recently had her dining chairs reupholstered and they’re the prettiest green! I absolutely love the way they turned out. Then again… I have a soft spot for cantilever chairs, and these are of the BRASS variety. So cool!

Are quarantine gardens a thing? I’m pretty sure they are. Our little side yard garden is blowing up! In a few weeks, we’re going to be eating so many good veggies. It has been really fun, positive, and encouraging watching our garden grow. Check it out below…

Noteworthy (+ Blog Schedule Summer Update) - roomfortuesday.comMy recent purchases have not been all that exciting this past month. We’ve been in saving mode for future projects and I’ve mostly had to buy practical items… here are my last five (a couple of them are fun though):

  • eyelet summer blouse // I haven’t shopped for clothing in months, because let’s be real- I’ve lived in yoga pants this entire quarantine, but Loft had a huge sale, so I took advantage. This blouse is on mega sale! It was $54 and now it’s $18 with code LOVEIT. It’s cool, breezy, and makes me look put together, even while I’m melting under the summer sun.
  • earring stud set // These are also from the same Loft sale. I never wear big, dangly earrings… I’m more of a “keep easy studs in and forget about them” type of gal. These felt summery and were definitely an impulse buy. They’re really beautiful in person and don’t irritate my ears like others! I’m happy I snagged them.
  • chapstick with SPF // I’ve hit that point where all of my products are running out simultaneously. Argh. Does that happen to you, too? It’s always all at once! New chapstick with SPF was a must reorder ASAP situation.
  • milk frother // My old one broke, and this one had amazing reviews! My morning coffee isn’t the same without this thing.
  • ceiling medallion // I needed to grab a ceiling medallion for our guest room renovation. We’re still wallpapering and working on trim, but we’ll be ready to swap the ceiling fan for a light fixture soon!

Oh- and one other game changing purchase I recently made… these no show socks! They sound lame I know, BUT they’re the only no shows that actually stay on my feet and don’t slide down. I didn’t want to ruin or stink up any of my summer shoes this season. I hate sweaty feet in the summertime! My friend Sandy told me about these. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly fashion follow, she’s your girl. We met a few years ago at a dinner party event- she also lives in Salt Lake City. I’m not big on super expensive clothing, so I end up buying a lot of her finds.

Noteworthy (+ Blog Schedule Summer Update) - roomfortuesday.comI’ve got another really good giveaway planned for you guys in a few weeks! I’ve been trying to do more “reader appreciation” giveaways, with my favorite things. It was fun to surprise a couple friends with alpaca throws a few weeks ago. Thank you to everyone who entered!

You guys know we love being outside– it’s the reason we moved to Utah… the beautiful landscape. Recently some images and videos went viral of a bright blue, azure colored canal located a couple hours from us in the Salt Flats. Have you seen it circulating? It’s stunning! However, the location is turning into quite an issue and is becoming dangerous due to illegal parking on the 80 mph interstate that runs nearby and potash runoff that bleeds into the crystal blue water. While we’ve been to the Salt Flats many times, we’ve never visited this canal (part of it lives on private property). Utah contains many gorgeous spots, but I’d recommend skipping this scenic IG-worthy location (the locals thank you).

Speaking of the outdoors, I have some fun outdoor living DIY posts planned. I just ordered another bistro set that I have big plans for! I’m trying to top my favorite outdoor sofa DIY. Obviously we’ll be finishing the shed too, so I’ll be posting about that soon.

Noteworthy (+ Blog Schedule Summer Update) - roomfortuesday.comYou know who has been so inspiring to me lately? Paula from Hill House Vintage. Do you follow her? I wish I could teleport to the English countryside for the summer and take up gardening & floral styling. Her dog is a cutie, too! I could totally see Emmett and I renovating a European vacation home someday (if the financial stars align or we win the lottery, haha!) perhaps in England or France. After visiting the French Riviera last year, I would love a place in Antibes.

Well, that’s all from me for now. Thanks for listening to me ramble… if you made it this far! I hope you’re all having a lovely week, summer, and are doing well. As always, thank you for your continued support and for being in my corner! I appreciate you guys more than you know and I can’t wait to share more about my big project / business venture soon. I hope the four posts per week will still provide a nice break for everyone. My goal here on the blog has always been to share a free, inspiring resource that is educational, helpful, and community driven. See you back here on Monday? I hope so!

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  1. Girl, you do you and live your life as you need. You could post a lot less and I’d still be coming back because your blog is fantastic! We all have to look after ourselves and family. So certainly don’t feel bad about it. This may not fit what you were asking, but I am very curious about how you got into graphic design then moved into designing interior spaces (at least I think that’s how you said it went). I’m a maker, but not an artist-no original thoughts here-ha! But I’m fascinated by people who are. So basically I’m curious about your story. And really how Emmett does what he does. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, Brittany! So appreciate your kind words. They truly made my day! I’ve been feeling defeated because I don’t have enough hours, so gaining Fridays throughout the next month or so will be really nice to feel accomplished and cross things off the list. I hope you’re having a wonderful summer so far! Great question about my background… I went to school for design (I got a BFA in graphic design, BA in fine art / design in general, and a BA in marketing), but many of the classes I had to take crossed over into the interior design curriculum. After working as a graphic designer for a few years, I took on an apprenticeship at an interior firm and took additional interior classes and seminars (while also gaining experience in the field). This all was set into motion after we renovated our first home and I fell in love with the process and realized my passion was interiors instead of print design. Now I get to combine all of my creative skills (photography, styling, design, writing, marketing, etc). I feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be now :) and Emmett is crazy talented. I have no idea how that happened (lol!)… I’ve watched his skillset evolve over the past decade and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He goes along with all of my crazy visions and plans and somehow pulls it off. I definitely wouldn’t doing what I love without him. Hope you have a beautiful and relaxing weekend! Thanks again for being here. xo

  2. I’m so excited for you and your new venture Sarah! Congratulations; I can’t wait to see what you have in store! I commend you for being honest about your needs during this season, and you know I’ll be showing up no matter what. That house in the Hamptons is incredible, and I know you love those cane back dining chairs! Lol. The blouse and studs you bought are on point…I’m always on the hunt for cute studs that don’t irritate, so thank you for sharing! I didn’t get a chance to check in on stories yesterday (I ordered my first box from Grove Collaborative and went down the cleaning rabbit hole)…all the products smell so lovely, it was hard to quit! I hope you enjoy the rest of the week, and weekend! See you on the gram😁

    1. Thank you so much, Lauren! Can’t tell you how much your support means :) Summer has been filled with styling and photography so far (which are my favorite) and I can’t wait to share the result this fall! Having Fridays for that is going to be a game changer and gain me some precious sleep, haha! You know me too well- I loved the cane chairs in the Hampton home tour… SO good!! Isn’t Grove Collaborative cool? I love all of their cleaning products that smell amazing. I bet you feel great having a super clean home. That’s always the best feeling. I’m still waiting for my trim text ;) Can’t wait to see what you’ve got cooking in the bathroom!! Have an awesome weekend and talk to you on IG. xo

  3. Well, Sunday just jumped down from my lap and barfed on the rug, so that’s how my morning is going. Cats.

    Anyway! Sarah Gibson (teacher voice), you single-handedly post consistently high quality, entertaining, educational, well-written, warm and engaging content…for free! Even through very busy times and illness, you’ve rarely broken from the 5-post per week schedule. Fridays “off” so you can do more work seems not only reasonable, but right.😘

    Now, those two home tours, sigh. I don’t aspire to a house in the Hamptons, but that classic New England style makes me dream of a summer place in Maine. The tours also made me think of a question for you. To what design magazines do you subscribe? And, do you prefer digital or a nice glossy hard copy? (My magazine collection is…vast.)
    OK. If I had a nickel for every pair of #@$* no-show socks that have failed me…fingers crossed for Sandy’s recommendation. (Actually, Bombas are perfect, but $10 per pair.😲)
    I’m definitely intrigued by your bistro set diy; topping your outdoor sofa won’t be easy! And your garden looks amazing; our tomatoes and basil have just started to get the heat they need!
    Love Paula from Hill House Vintage! Her place is dreamy, and her photo shoots are the cutest. Speaking of British accounts, do you follow Greg @manwithahammer? He’s solo renovating an enormous place. He’s also quite hilarious.
    Well, have a super productive and lovely weekend, friend! I will see you on Monday.💜💪😎

    1. Oohhh Sunday! Poor cat. Cleaning up pet barf is the worst (I feel like I do it at least once a week because my boys are bad and get into things). Haha! The struggle. Thanks for that little pep talk, Peggi! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your words. I’ve been beating myself up because I feel like I’m failing my 5 post standard and don’t want to let anyone down. Emmett keeps reminding me it’s just for the summer and I’ll get more sleep and find better balance. I’ve been photographing and styling like crazy (the most fun for me!) and I can’t wait to share the results with everyone.

      I’m in the same boat- would LOVE a New England style home or a quaint cape cod… a summer place in Maine would be a dream come true. I prefer glossy, print magazines. Since I have a background in print design, I really love having a physical copy. I refuse to read a book on a screen and while Pinterest is filled with inspiring images, I’d rather flip through the pages of a magazine. It’s so special! I miss the old days of Domino. It’s just so/so these days, but still one I buy. My FAVORITE interior magazine is Living ETC. I also find the European editions are better (UK and France usually). I still buy Elle Decor, too. I’ve never tried the Bombas socks, but now I’m intrigued! Wellll- the bistro set has been a big fail (as of last night). I was going to buy an incredible vintage set and give it a much needed makeover, but the seller changed his mind last night. I’m masking up as we speak to drop by a neighborhood estate sale and try to snag an alternative patio set there. Fingers crossed. If it’s too busy, I’m not going to stop… so fingers crossed. Isn’t it so encouraging to see your garden thriving? It puts me in the best headspace! My grandma always said that gardening is for optimists and believe who believe in the future. That stuck with me. Paula is amazing! I just found her last month and am hooked on her gorgeous style. I didn’t follow Greg, but now I do… thank you for that amazing rec! Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll keep you posted on the shed and estate sale :) xo

  4. Sarah, four posts a week is ABSOLUTELY ok! Even if it was longer than a few weeks/months, even if it was forever. You’re one of the only (maybe THE only?) home bloggers I follow who has consistently maintained ANY kind of schedule, even before the pandemic. If this will help you to keep some balance in your life and still provide us with quality posts (seriously, the quality of your blog posts is unmatched) then you shouldn’t feel any guilt about it at all. I’m sure this big project will be worth it once you can share more!

    Things are a little rough over here. I’m in Florida and the current pandemic response from our governor is just appalling. We’re reporting record numbers almost every day now and it’s just so stressful to watch. Personally I’m ok, work has been accommodating and my family is healthy, so I don’t have much to really complain about other than a general sense of unease about everything. I have been getting some overdue house projects done, though! I’m working on pressure washing my driveway this week, which hasn’t been done in…well I’ve never done it, so naturally it’s disgusting. It doesn’t seem like it would be difficult, I mean you’re just standing there, but my body aches after about an hour so it’s slow going. I should be able to finish up this weekend though, and then it’ll just be maintenance from there!

    Haha I also got sucked into that Loft sale over the weekend! For some reason I’ve never shopped there, but they have some really cute stuff! The top you ordered looks lovely :) I hope you have a great weekend, I’ll be looking for those shed updates on IG!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words of wisdom, Stacy! I so appreciate you for being here and for your encouragement. You made my day with this comment! I can’t wait to share more and will use my Friday’s wisely :)

      I’m so sorry to hear it has been rough in Florida lately. I’m sure the holiday weekend didn’t help. Utah isn’t terrible, but it’s definitely not great… and I feel like many aren’t taking things seriously (not a lot of mask wearing in my state, unfortunately). I’m glad your work has been accommodating and your family is staying healthy! If it makes you feel any better, I’m sure many of us (myself included) have that same feeling of unease and anxiety about the entire thing. I’ve been limiting my news exposure because I realized I can’t emotionally handle checking it multiple times a day. Focusing on projects and throwing myself into work has helped me focus my time and energy elsewhere in a more positive way, so I totally support your power washing projects (the MOST rewarding outdoor chore)! I love shopping at Loft. They have the most comfortable jeans for all sizes. I have some shapely legs and they always make me feel good. It’s a go-to clothing store for me! I’m glad you were able to score some things from their sale too… even if we have nowhere to where our new clothes. Haha! The shed is moving along so quickly. I didn’t expect it to go up that fast. It has been really fun to see our vision come to life. Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  5. I’m excited to see what you have in the works! Taking one blog day off is absolutely the right decision, because your high-quality blog posts take time. I’d rather you keep to your usual quality standards and post a little bit less frequently if that’s what you need to make everything in your life work.

    1. Thank you Deborah! I love your mindset… that is my line of thinking as well: quality over quantity. Since my hours are being displaced, it feels like the right move this summer season :) I really appreciate your support! Hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead. xo

  6. Sarah, I’m a huge blog reader and yours is my FAVORITE!!! The fact that you blog 5 days a week is unbelievable. I tried blogging, twice a week about killed me! Four days is still a wonderful treat and don’t forget to schedule in time for just chillaxing. It’s important too! THANKS for a stellar blog, it’s incredible.

    1. You made my day, Beth! Thank you so much for your kind words :) Haha, it’s definitely a lot of work, but it’s my favorite kind of work. We got in some chillaxing time on the water yesterday and it was perfection! Thanks for the reminder. Hope you had a wonderful weekend too! xo

  7. I hear you on the 4 day work week! You’re the only blogger I follow other than Emily Henderson who manages to post so consistently, and she has a staff! I really appreciate the heads up about the changing posting schedule. I get frustrated with blogs who post regularly and then go silent without saying anything– I always worry that something bad has happened!

    1. Maybe I need a staff. Hahah! In all seriousness, thanks so much for your support Lori! I’ve got some big projects in the works that are taking up the majority of my time, so having an extra work day this summer is saving my sanity. I always let my friends and readers know if I’m taking a break, vacation, or time away from social or the blog. I truly think of you all as friends and wouldn’t want anyone to worry. Have a lovely week! xo