Noteworthy: Painting for Fun

Although the days are getting longer, I’m having trouble fitting everything in. Things have been so busy! Today I wanted to take a little time to share what caught my attention this past week and what’s been going on…

Color Palette

Last week I did some painting– just for fun. I can’t remember the last time I did something creative without a purpose. It got me thinking… I hadn’t used my supplies since college art school. I had so much fun, I decided to continue adding to these little canvases. No other reason, really. Simply because I’ve been working a lot, and every once in awhile it’s nice to take a break and recharge creative energy.

On that note, I’m also working towards creating a better balance between working and living. I pretty much work every day- even on weekends. I’ve been trying to do a better job of making more time for family, friends, and being outside!

Abstract Painting

Around the internet, I found this article to be helpful… what you need to know before buying a vintage rug.

I know I totally overgram Finn, but you guys seem to think he’s cute (ha!) … since you’re also dog lovers, I wanted to share this! One of my Facebook friends who also has a giant, posted this hilarious video of her dog rolling in the mud. It recently went viral, but it seriously made me laugh. Giant schnauzers are kind of like little pigs- they love to root. I would totally kill Finn if he did this. It took her hours to get him clean.

This mud cloth pillow DIY is genius (plus, it’s from one of my favorite fellow Ohio bloggers). Jacqueline and I are going to do some shibori dying this weekend, so look for that DIY in a week or two!

Lately I’ve been loving nail tints. They’re like a lighter, matte version of polish that are meant to be worn alone. They’re subtle and pretty! I don’t paint my nails very often, so I like that these are understated.

I’ve been on the hunt for a new work tote for spring/summer- you know, to carry my laptop, pens, notebooks, and other shenanigans. So far I’ve narrowed it down to this one, this one (in blue), and this one. Which is your favorite? Help me out!

Target was a dangerous place for me this week. I went in for a lint roller and of course came out with a bunch of random stuff. My friend made a rule that she’ll never use a cart when shopping there. She’s convinced she’ll spend too much, so she only buys what she can carry in her arms. Haha! I think that’s a pretty good theory. The new Nate Berkus collection is out and it’s pretty good. I bought this ceramic dish for my nightstand; it made a tiny appearance here (I also tried the Bouqs for the first time). Overall, shopping could’ve been much worse!

With the weather warming up, Kalyn has been on a landscaping kick lately. He loves it and is actually really amazing at landscape design. Would you guys want to see any landscaping posts or is that boring? To me, it’s not as fun as interiors, but it really does change the exterior appearance of a home. Either way, this has me dreaming of patio furniture and enjoying time outdoors.

I often feel guilty taking a timeout from work because there is always so much to do, but afterwards I’m always glad that I did. So here’s a little reminder for you guys… do something for yourself, because it makes you happy. Carve out a little time to have a moment of whatever it is you enjoy. I promise you the world will keep turning and you’ll get back to reality feeling refreshed. Fingers crossed I can take my own advice…

Happy Friday, you guys! Everyone have a fun weekend.

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