Roundup: Bird Art

Roundup: Bird
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Good day, design friends! Peggi here. I hope the first week of May has greeted you with warm sunshine, gentle breezes and cheerful birdsong. Birds just happen to be our topic on this beautiful Friday. We love chatting about all types of art here on Room for Tuesday (See original landscapes, wall art and fruit still lives), so today I thought we could explore pictorial representations of the avian variety. If you’re interested, click through to peep some stunning inspiration images and a gorgeously eclectic collection of bird art.

Roundup: Bird
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Let me start by showing you probably my favorite ever use of bird art. I realize the above image may not fit everyone’s aesthetic. Some of you might even think, “It’s pretty except for the vulture.” This scene has lived in my memory because of the condor since I saw the article in the July/August issue of Elle Decor…2008. Classic, timeless and edgy? That’s a feat, friends.

Roundup: Bird
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Before we chat further, peruse the collage below and keep reading for my top picks and tips…

Noteworthy - roomfortuesday.comClick right on the images to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop my finds… not all are clickable.

01: large tapestry // 02: framed vintage prints // 03: japanese cranes // 04: goldfinch original oil // 05: raven original impasto // 06: bluebird original oil // 07: art nouveau herons // 08: Italian swallows // 09: red audubon // 10: red-tailed hawk print // 11: crow original oil // 12: pair of vintage hummingbird prints // 13: loon linocut 14: bluebird instant download // 15: wild turkey photo // 16: vintage bird on branch // 17: vintage parrot lithograph // 18: bird in flight photo // 19: sparrows original oil // 20: barn owl original pastel // 21: pink flamingo watercolor print // 22: great blue heron audubon print

Would you look at all that pulchritudinous plumage! So tough to choose, but… Number 1 is gorgeous, enormous and remarkably priced! Perfect over a bed or as a commanding presence in a living room or dining room. I’m captivated by the graphic nature of #3. Also, this shop and several others offer numerous sizes and material options. Customize to your heart’s content! Another bold choice I just want to gaze at endlessly is the vivid, dreamy #7. Swoon. I’m a forever fan of the oversized Audubon prints, and seller #22 lists twenty different species! Two more quick notes. Vendor #17 sells sort of “mystery” lots consisting of 3-5 antique prints from deconstructed books. I ordered a set and am so pleased! Finally, I can personally vouch for the stunning print quality sold by artist #21. Your turn! Do you have any favorites?

Roundup: Bird
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An estimated 10,000 species of birds inhabit this planet of ours. If you favor art that reflects its environment, you should have no problem finding a feathered friend to fit the bill. Puffins, seagulls, and flamingos bring to mind ocean breezes. Ducks, loons and cranes conjure inland waterways, sparkling lakes and even city parks. Nothing says desert to me like a roadrunner! Don’t forget that each state has its own official bird. I won’t name all 50, but you get the idea. Ha!

Guest Bedroom Reveal - roomfortuesday.comA well-chosen bird portrait can introduce a subtle theme to your decor, and the choices are plentiful… new or vintage!

Roundup: Bird
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Maybe you prefer art that is more symbolic? Certain birds represent peace, wisdom, pride or transformation. References vary across cultures and religions, of course, but birds can be powerful totems. What sort of energy do you want to bring into your space? Perhaps the meaning you seek is more personal than universal. An avid reader may choose a favorite literary symbol. (Quoth the raven...) Duck or pheasant paintings look right at home in a hunter’s den. Do you share a name with a certain soaring creature? Whatever the association, bird art can convey a message in addition to its beauty.

(Am I the only one who wonders about the secret significance of people’s art?)

Roundup: Bird
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Of course, you might just enjoy the wondrous, magical splendor of birds! Their myriad sizes, colors and shapes afford endless fascination. Whether you opt for a giant statement piece or a carefully curated gallery, bird art effortlessly graces the walls of any room. So tell me, do you display artwork featuring lovely winged wonders? Do you find them as enchanting as I do? Are any of you actual bird watchers? I would love to hear about it! Although I likely lack the requisite patience, I can’t deny being intrigued by such a hobby. Share in the comments. I always look forward to reading your thoughts and opinions! Until next time, friends.

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  1. Good morning Peggi dear! You never cease to amaze me with your knack for thought provoking topics here on the blog. You are always able to quickly spark an interest in art or decor that I’ve never given much thought. Avian art is quite intriguing as it’s not the most frequent choice compared to its floral, landscape and abstract counterparts, but certainly equally beautiful! #2 is breathtaking in its simplicity- I prefer bird art with a neutral background that allows the striking details to stand out- #14 being the next example. The colors here would be fantastic in our primary bath. Although something about #19 strikes a chord as well. If I were to choose a specific type of bird friend to display I’d have to go with a raven (my favorite), pelican, crane or pheasant. It’s captivating to ponder how the choice of bird itself would completely change the look and feel of a room, and certainly points to a more intentional approach to art. The possibilities are endless here- choosing avian art to build a color palette, or to contrast it; as you mentioned, selecting a species to display for it’s symbolism or aesthetic- all wonderful reasons to choose a winged subject matter. Thank you for the rabbit hole this morning! I hope you’ve had a lovely week Peggi. Xoxo

    1. Good morning, Lauren! Thanks for your kind words! As always, you echo so many of my thoughts about birds as an artistic subject. Once I started searching, well…I realized that I need more walls. Ha! While I truly love all of the artwork above, I also enjoy those that feature the bird on a clear field like #16 and #17. I’d be hard-pressed to choose one species as a favorite, but I do adore the pterodactyl quality of herons and cranes. I also appreciate the focus of a raptor and the workaday persistence of a vulture. Also, that wild turkey photo over a bar? Wink. So many choices on this lovely Pizza Friday! Have a fantastic weekend, friend. I hope you are appropriately celebrated on Sunday (and every day)!💜

  2. Happy Spring Peggi 💐🌹🌼
    You and I are birds of a feather, I love bird art and yes, I own some very treasured pieces. But first your beautiful roundup and post definitely ticks all the boxes for me. #1 is a statement piece for sure #2 is a classic #3 captures my Floridian heart #4,5 & 6 I love the composition and scale of those #7 is fun and beautifully vibrant #8 would definitely work at our Canadian home #9 makes me smile #10 is striking #11 would make a wonderful addition to a ghoulish collection #12 who can resist the magic of a hummingbird #13 would make an awesome piece of art on our frame tv #14 is stunning #15 would be beautiful at our cottage #16 is incredibly interesting (love it) #17 perfect color combo and would be beautiful in our entryway #18 would be so cute in a nursery #19 another cottage option #20 how sweet it is #21 would definitely be quite fitting in our Florida home #22 would be smashing in my sitting room or my husband’s office. My most treasured piece I own is a watercolor of my native Newfoundland’s National bird the Atlantic puffin. It was painted by a local artist and was gifted to me by my late sister about 20 years ago. It’s incredibly special and looks amazing in my living room. Its small in scale but fits perfectly by a window, for obvious reasons it’s my favorite. Birds make such a lovely addition to any space in art, sculpture, figurines (I have two vintage beauties from my aunt) dishes (I have a collection from Anthropologie) even candle holders. So fun! Thanks for this wonderful bird inspiring post😍 Have a super terrific weekend!

    1. And happy spring to you, Colleen! I’m so pleased to know we share a love of birds! I really do find them magical. Speaking of magical, the watercolor from your sister sounds dreamy and so, so special. As a Mainer , I’m partial to puffins as well; they’re so playful looking! Do you have loons in your area, too? I had to include #13 because linocut and loons?! It’s funny that you mention figurines because I collected some very beautiful examples, but I feared another entire collage might be bird overload. Ha. (I may sneak some into a future post.) Thank you for chiming in and sharing your enthusiasm. I hope you have the loveliest of weekends and a brilliant Mothers’ Day, friend!💜

    1. Hello, Lisa! I’m so happy you liked the selection! And thanks a million for sharing the Audubon resource! I had no idea! I’m going to spend a *little* time checking out the site. I hope your Friday is going swimmingly and that your weekend is a triumph!💜

  3. What a great roundup, Peggi! The parrot (?) caught my eye first and when you mentioned the same Etsy seller sells packs for $20, I clicked through. I have tons of art I still need to hang, but those lithographs might be too good to pass up. :) Now off to peruse Jayne Design’s site!

    1. Hello Kathleen! Thank you so much! That parrot is, indeed, beautiful! I can’t tell you how much I love the items I received from that seller! I ordered a bird/floral mix. The quality is truly stunning; they are from antique books and one has a tiny bit of foxing. Just an fyi. The vendor included additional book pages of text also-so cool! I hope you enjoyed Thomas Jayne’s work. His New Orleans apartment is a longtime favorite. I appreciate his colorful traditional-with-an-edge style. Wishing you a fab weekend!

  4. Melanie T says:

    Hi Peggi, I love #3. Everything about it including color, composition, framing, orientation. Really all of the birds are interesting choices and would make great art. I especially love the vignette by Sarah Bartholomew of the single bird theme art in varying sizes, all with unifying simple dark frames. Great roundup!

    1. Hi Melanie! #3 is definitely one of my faves, too! And I’m also drawn to that simple, yet striking gallery assortment. Although they are clearly different, I think both choices share a spare, graphic quality that’s so appealing. Thanks for weighing in! I hope your weekend is a super one!

  5. Happy weekend Peggi! I apologize for the late response to your interesting post. Unfortunately, I have been under the weather. The aviary images do make me smile. I too admire landscape art and some animals as well. Every year I pull out a vintage turkey picture for Thanksgiving. “Mr. Tom”, is my favorite! I too wonder about the meaning or stories behind others’ choices on art. My aunt had a huge selection of rooster prints, pottery, etc. I can’t look at one without being reminded of her.
    There is something about bird prints or sculptural pieces that I tend to gravitate toward. Sarah Bartholomew’s gallery is beautiful! Sarah’s guest bedroom prints are just as beautiful as well.
    Hope you have a wonderful spring weekend!

    1. Hello Danna! I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well! Hopefully you are resting and on the mend. I adore the idea of Mr. Tom appearing every year! That’s so fun and speaks to my Thanksgiving tradition-loving heart. I’m glad to know I’m not alone in my curiosity about folks’ art. I confess to being just snoopy enough to inquire sometimes! I love hearing about your aunt’s rooster collection; you never know what will spark a warm memory. I echo your sentiments of that Sarah Bartholomew gallery. I’ve really been studying it and soaking up the details. Of course, Sarah’s guest room is A+. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Here’s to a lovely, healthy weekend!

  6. Cici Haus says:

    We called our baby “Pigeon” until he was born and now we are obsessed with bird artwork! We have several fun pigeon prints in his nursery but holy cow that giant painted pigeon – we may need to commission something like that!

    1. Hello, Cici! Apologies that I’m just seeing your comment. First of all, how adorable that you referred to your baby as Pigeon! And isn’t that enormous pigeon painting bonkers? I adore it. I think commissioning something similar sounds like a super idea. I bet you could find an amateur artist who might be open to a fun project-maybe even a local high school or college student? Definitely send us a photo if you pursue that! I hope you’re having a lovely weekend! Thanks for chiming in!