Roundup : Original Framed Landscape Paintings

Roundup : Original Framed Landscape Paintings - roomfortuesday.comI’ve got a real treat for you today… a giant roundup of framed original landscape oil paintings! Our vintage art in the Tuesday Made shop always sells so quickly, I figured a roundup may be helpful for you. If you’re on the hunt for pretty original pieces, this is a post you won’t want to miss! I spent an entire day scouring the internet for beautiful landscape paintings worthy of your walls. Click through to see what I found and to snag your favorite vintage piece before someone else grabs it… happy curating! 

Roundup : Original Framed Landscape Paintings - roomfortuesday.comIf you’ve been following along for awhile now, you probably already know I have a soft spot for vintage original art and vintage rugs. I’m always willing to spend some money or splurge for either of those interior items, because I love them- and because they hold their value. Most of the pieces I included in this blog post are surprisingly affordable, but there are a few works that are splurge-worthy.

Roundup : Original Framed Landscape Paintings - roomfortuesday.comOriginal and vintage paintings add so much character to a space. All of my finds are vintage original pieces AND they come framed. If you’re not into the frame- keep in mind, that’s an easy switch. Frames are never a deal breaker for me. I highly recommend finding a local framer if you’re in the market to update your art!

Roundup : Original Framed Landscape Paintings - roomfortuesday.comReady to see what I saved? The following are great for any collection… whether you’re just building up the art in your home, have a specific space in mind, or even if you already have impressive pieces installed throughout your house and are looking to add to your existing collection.

Click right on the paintings to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop my finds… not all are clickable.

01: river boat landscape // 02: vintage city stream // 03: irene cafieri painting // 04: vintage landscape // 05: hudson river landscape // 06: autumnal landscape // 07: dutch oil painting // 08: mountain landscape painting // 09: antique river landscape // 10: impressionist oil painting // 11: vintage pastel desert // 12: flock of sheep painting // 13: original baker oil painting // 14: mid century oil painting // 15: landscape oil painting // 16: cottage river landscape // 17: vintage painting // 18: melchior kern landscape // 19: across the field painting // 20: scottish coastal landscape // 21: plein air landscape // 22: texas desert landscape // 23: vintage oil painting // 24: impressionist landscape // 25: polder landscape // 26: country landscape // 27: vintage oil on board // 28: original oil painting // 29: dutch river // 30: french impressionist painting

So many good options, right?! I’d love to hear your favorites. Landscape paintings are always versatile and blend well with other pieces in a gallery setting- or they can easily stand alone… perhaps beneath a gallery light? It’s a subject matter that always feels timeless to me.

Roundup : Original Framed Landscape Paintings - roomfortuesday.comI will say this- when shopping from resources like Etsy or eBay, be sure to double check the shipping cost. The large scale vintage art I purchased for my home office (which is pictured earlier in this post) cost more to ship than the actual painting- almost $300, just for shipping. Smaller works aren’t bad at all, in terms of shipping… but the larger pieces that arrive via freight can become costly. It’s just something to be aware of! In the past, I’ve reached out to sellers to coordinate my own shipping to save some money.

Roundup : Original Framed Landscape Paintings - roomfortuesday.comI hope some of you are able to snag some beautiful landscapes! I had a lot of fun compiling this post and virtually vintage shopping for art. Would you like more vintage roundups like this? If so, let me know what you’re on the hunt for, and I’ll add it to my blog calendar. We’re headed back home tomorrow, so I’ll be catching up on comments tomorrow and Friday. I hope everyone is having a lovely week!

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  1. Good morning! What’s more fun than shopping for vintage art?! And you found such a selection. I don’t typically seek landscapes, but I realized I have close to a dozen so they must find me! (Pretty, original paintings for a dollar are hard to resist.) None of mine rival the quality of these featured pieces though. I especially love that they’re already framed since I struggle with that. I favor more impressionist (even expressionist) works, so #10, 11, 19, 28 and 30 could live happily on my walls. I also can’t resist the bravado of a teeny painting in an extravagant gilt frame, so #27 has my heart! So many beauties! I hear you on the shipping costs. Such a buzzkill! I try to look at that first before I fall completely in love with an item. Sometimes it’s unavoidable though. I’m pretty good at forgetting once I receive my treasure.😜 Thanks for a lovely roundup! Swift & safe travels to you! See you Friday.💜

    1. Right? I agree! Vintage art for the win. What is your favorite type of vintage art subject matter? For not seeking landscapes, you sure have a bunch of beautiful ones! I love how ornate some of these frames are… it really gives them a gallery feel. Shipping is the worst. I didn’t realize how expensive it was until starting our shop. We eat the majority of shipping costs and I still hate how high our rates are. Our annual shipping total made me a little nauseous. Ha. Oof. Sometimes I feel like Utah is barren when it comes to vintage art. I’ve yet to find anything good here, so online has been my best resource- which sadly means shipping. I’m thrifting today, so send me some good vibes! I’ve got three shelves left to style in my office, so I can photograph it this weekend. I’m on a mission for books and anything else that catches my eye. Fingers crossed!

  2. Landscapes are my favorite. I get lost in them! #12, 17, 23 & especially 29 are what I would pick. 23 looks like what I want our pond to look like when we have it dug. Your vintage finds are incredible. The art above your daybed is gorgeous and some of your other vintage finds like the equestrian series is special. The frames on some of these are beautiful too!
    Hope you are having a great time with family! We went from 80 degrees to a chilly 26 in less than 12 hours. I can’t complain too much since we will be standing on our property today interviewing a builder that I am excited about. Have a great Wednesday.

    1. Me too, Danna! I love all of your top picks, and I can’t wait to see your future pond! Your new place is going to be incredible. We had so much fun with our family! It rained the entire time we were in Nashville (perfect for playing board games indoors with our niece & nephews), and we came home to snow. I honestly loved the weather this week. We need the precipitation here in Utah, so no complaints from me. I hope your builder interview went so well! I’ve been thinking of you and wondering how the process is unfolding. Good luck and have an amazing weekend! xo

  3. You have a incredible eye in curating the most amazing artwork Sarah! My favorite is #30 the French impressionist painting. I’ve collected much of my artwork while traveling and this piece is definitely a gorgeous example of art I would have purchased in Provence when we visited for my 40th b-day. I actually didn’t purchase any art on that trip but that Etsy find is a prize for sure and definitely reminiscent of my travels there. I love the colors and simplicity of the frame and a splendid landscape indeed 😍
    Oh and that piece above your bench is stunning, Wow! I don’t know how you do it but I’m forever amazed at your talent to find the perfect items showcased in the most beautiful way! Your office sneak peaks have me dying to see the reveal, so fun! Can’t wait 😝
    Safe travels ❤️

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! I also love #30. It’s so gorgeous! How amazing that you traveled to Provence for your 40th. What a beautiful celebratory trip! You are so sweet- I’m always flattered by your kind words. Thank you! I’m hoping to photograph the office this weekend (if all goes as planned) and share it next week. Fingers crossed! I need to thrift a few more books today. I have three built-in shelves left to style. Happy Friday! Have a sunny beautiful weekend. xox

  4. My oh my what a wonderful Wednesday for shopping vintage art. All of these are stunning in their own right, and who wouldn’t want original vintage?? This girl says yes please! #7 would be perfect for my kitchen and #11 is just beautiful-the pastel colors make this one really special. I think I’m most drawn to this one because it encapsulates our primary color palette in one piece of art. #21 and #23 are my favorites of the roundup-the subject, depth of color and detail, and the frames on these are gorgeous. The trees remind me a lot of my town and the surrounding area, and these are the first I’ve seen that look like they’d “fit” in our home. I don’t often get the chance to browse landscapes so I’ve always been a bit stumped by what I would like. Clearly I have a type: trees and water, lol. Thank you for sharing these-it definitely helps to see affordable art options that are just as lovely as the higher priced items. For me that is always the design challenge. I’ve learned where to scrimp, where to splurge, and what that looks like for our family, but art was something I never factored into the equation- surprising, because I love unique art! Now that I’m finally ready to fill my walls and finish off some spaces, starting on a more budget friendly end seems to be the best route…for now! I would definitely be interested in a roundup of large scale art or vintage photography. Bonus points for any vintage photography that is historic in subject (still kicking myself for passing on a vintage photograph of WWΙΙ pilots of the Doolittle Raid).
    The snow today brought a wave of nostalgia-I remember when every winter here was like today-it was absolutely gorgeous! I allowed myself pause to take it slow and enjoy the brisk air, the snowflakes, a candle flickering in the window-backlit by the lanterns outside…and I rearranged my faux florals throughout the house. It was a lovely winter day today, and I hope yours was just as cheerful. Xoxo

    1. I’m so happy you liked this post, Lauren! What’s not to love about pretty vintage art? I’m with you. I’m into all of your top picks! I love your idea of a vintage photography roundup. Anne actually requested a photographic art roundup, too… so I think I definitely need to add that to the calendar. I’m thrilled to hear you had a lovely snow day- it sounds absolutely perfect! We’ve been getting snow here, too. We came home to a few inches on the ground, which is always fun. Hope you have an awesome Friday and fun weekend ahead! xo

  5. I think the frames are a real part of the charm. Thanks for sharing this artwork. Looking forward to more posts like this.

    1. I totally agree, Teri! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed this post. I’ll be sure to add more like this to my blog calendar :) Thanks for the feedback. Have a great weekend!