Roundup : Vintage Poster Art

Roundup : Vintage Poster Art - roomfortuesday.comIf you followed along on my personal Insta stories last week (see the highlight here if you missed it), you already know I came home with a fun piece of artwork for the kitchen! I knew I wanted something graphic, bold, a bit colorful, and typographic for the space. I had been looking at vintage poster art online but ended up thrifting a piece that was perfect for covering our ugly electrical panel. It prompted me to share the enormous roundup of posters I had been saving. Click through to see the ones that made my list and why I’m a big fan of typographic art, when done the right way!

Perhaps it’s the print designer in me, my background in graphic design & typography, or maybe the fact that I letter pressed my way through art school… but I think there is something super special about vintage poster art! From advertisements, travel posters, to movie premieres, these works used to be considered gorgeous forms of art.

The piece I actually scored at the antique shop is a vintage poster from Spain… I think you can still do it if you visit (mine was printed in the 80’s), but you can have one custom printed with your name on it. Some might think it’s cheesy, but I think it’s quirky and although touristy- rather fun. I had to laugh because the name “Kevin” shown on my poster is certainly not Spanish, but it was my Dad’s name (more on him in this post), so I took it as a sign and snatched it up to cover the electrical panel in our kitchen.

Roundup : Vintage Poster Art -

But, let’s get back to the art! I love the element of surprise when I see a vintage posters installed in a home. In regards to installation, I prefer to see them printed LARGE. The more giant, the better. I actually wouldn’t recommend arranging these in a gallery wall setting because their typographic nature makes them visually very busy, but they look great installed alone or as a cohesive pair.

Click the posters in the collage below to be redirected to the link! 

Sometimes I enjoy matching the subject matter to the space- like a cosmetic ad or vintage Vogue cover in a bathroom, etc…. but other times, I think anything goes. It makes it feel that much more odd, creative, and charismatic. I didn’t feel the need to use a food or drink advertisement in the kitchen- although it would be perfectly suited. For me, it’s more about the composition and color palette that has to work well within a room.

Roundup : Vintage Poster Art - roomfortuesday.comI think vintage poster art is also a great way to represent a memory without adding another family photo to the wall. It could be a place you’ve visited (or maybe aspire to visit), a product or image that sparks a recollection, or the content might remind you of someone special. I love those little personal connections, and that’s what art is all about- even the reproductions!

Are you guys into vintage or typographic posters? I think it’s safe to say that color is on trend for the next few years and this is a good, non-committal way to add more of it to your home! Which ones are your favorites from the roundup? I basically want all of the horse and ski related ones. Ha!

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  1. Love these! I am partial to the Art Deco era, but the stylized and colorful nature of them all mesmerizes me. I have spent ages happily browsing images looking for secret messages- your dad’s name!! The colors in your poster look smashing with your kitchen. The red, turquoise and lavender really sing. (If you’ve got your art, the reveal must be close!)

    1. I also love the art deco ones! The kitchen is coming along but we hit a snag with the lighting last night…. soon though!! xo

  2. Did something happen to the round up images? My screen just shows the broken picture icon. Hopefully it’s not just my computer! I love your blog by the way! I always look forward to reading and keeping up with you on Instagram and stories!

    1. Thank you so much, Meredith! I’d maybe hit the refresh button? When I link the products directly to the image with hotspots, sometimes it takes a minute to upload. Let me know if it’s still not working. It’s showing up on both of my computers, but I can always go in and relink if it’s an issue. Thanks so much for letting me know!! xox