My Favorite Sources for Digital / Printable Art

My Favorite Sources for Digital / Printable Art - roomfortuesday.comArt is one of those things that really makes a house feel like home. It’s such a personal home accessory that shows the personality of a home’s inhabitants. I love when art makes me feel something or brings me back to a memory or point in time. While I love supporting local artists and am a huge fan of original artwork, I’ll be the first to admit- art can be extremely expensive. Luckily, digital art prints are ever evolving and are becoming super accessible. Printable art is quick, easy, and is often a very budget-friendly or FREE way to add interest to your walls. Did you know I even have a couple digital prints for sale over at Juniper Print Shop? I do! You can find my beloved bison print, as well as my windmill (pictured above). They can both be downloaded for just $20 each and printed to your liking (although physical prints are also available)! I thought it might be helpful to share a little list of my favorite resources when it comes to purchasing digital artwork. Click through to see my favorite sources for digital / printable art.


My Favorite Sources for Digital / Printable Art - roomfortuesday.comObviously, you already know I’m a big Juniper fan, as I’ve been singing praises in the intro of this post, but I just love what Jenny and her team are doing for the art & design community. I can attest to both ends of her business… as an artist, I’m so appreciative of the support from Juniper! As a designer, I love having an incredible resource or large database filled with gorgeous work I can easily and quickly incorporate into a project. It’s just a matter of finding what speaks to me! In my kitchen, you’ll find my best friend Laurie Anne’s work… which is also available on Juniper. Those little seascapes put a smile on my face while I’m cooking each night. My point being- there is LOTS of wonderful art to be discovered over there, and you can rest assured knowing you’ll make a Juniper artist (like me) very happy by making a purchase.

→  check it out  ←


My Favorite Sources for Digital / Printable Art - roomfortuesday.comSpoiler alert… the above print is going in our basement bath! Please excuse the terrible photo. Unfortunately, I got home from photographing Emmett’s office yesterday evening and was quickly running out of daylight by the time I got this equestrian beauty framed. Vintage Supply is my favorite new source for digital prints! The quality is incredible, the content is spot on, and the entire collection is so very sophisticated and well curated. I felt like I had discovered a goldmine when I stumbled across April’s online shop. Fun story… she actually reached out via Instagram weeks ago, asking if she could send a print. Given my inbox is currently a little bit of a disaster, I just got her message last night. I had already purchased this beauty for our bath a month or two ago, and I’m hoping this will be a nice surprise for her. I love, love, love supporting small business owners with a similar aesthetic! I can’t recommend this shop enough.

→  check it out  ←


My Favorite Sources for Digital / Printable Art - roomfortuesday.comYou guys know my love for Etsy runs deep. This resource probably comes as no surprise, but Etsy is a great source for digital art downloads. I knew I wanted to incorporate a gallery wall of vintage ski prints in our home shortly after moving to Utah. Etsy was my resource for curating and collecting those! They lived in our master bedroom at our previous home, and currently live in our basement media room. My biggest tip for printable art shopping on Etsy? Narrow your “digital art print” search! In the left-hand side bar, you’re able to narrow by subject. I like to check the following boxes: painting, portrait, abstract & geometric, landscape & scenery.

→  check it out  ←


My Favorite Sources for Digital / Printable Art - roomfortuesday.comThe Met Collection is especially amazing because it’s filled with renowned works by the greats! You can also filter your search, explore collections, and download every single thing on display. It’s an incredible resource. In addition to printing the images of your choice, it also makes a great “screensaver” or piece of art for the Frame TV, that I’m always talking about. If you missed my tech post, click here! In the above image, the Frame TV in our master bedroom is currently displaying Van Gogh’s Irises. Isn’t it awesome?! I’ll definitely be taking advantage of The Met’s website more often.

→  check it out  ←


My Favorite Sources for Digital / Printable Art - roomfortuesday.comBurst and Pexels are very similar, so I figured grouping them together was an easy way to chat about using photography as art! Both are 100% free and are packed full of images that are worthy of your walls. I like to search for subject matter like landscapes (like the ones pictured above), animal portraits, obscure backgrounds, abstract images, etc. For example… I searched “horse” on both sites and found some VERY Ralph Lauren looking images that would look great framed in a gallery wall. They’re both very fun sites to explore.

→  check out burst …. check out pexels

My Favorite Sources for Digital / Printable Art - roomfortuesday.comAs I previously mentioned, art is such a personal piece of your home. I feel like life is too short to have bare walls! I think a common misconception is that you have to have a large budget to begin collecting or displaying art, but I’ve not found that to be true. Your collection is unique to YOU. There are so many fantastic resources that fit any budget- and some are even FREE. Use them as an opportunity to tell your story in your home, and install pieces that put a smile on your face.

My Favorite Sources for Digital / Printable Art - roomfortuesday.comAre there any other resources I should include? I’m sure there are plenty of shops and online sources I have yet to discover! I’d love to hear about them in the comment section below. Were any of my recommendations new to you? I hope so, and I also hope this post was helpful in inspiring you to expand your art collection. Let me know if you find anything good! Have a great day, friends.

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  1. Life is too short for bare walls! Indeed. The more art I put on my walls, the happier my home feels. I can hardly believe how many resources are available for free?! Jenny K can do no wrong, imho; she’s a gem. I had never heard of burst or pexel; so many images! I purchased downloadable prints from an Etsy seller who takes vintage photos and digitally enhances them; I’m not describing them well, but they’re fun! I’ve always loved your ski photo gallery, too. So many great choices! Thanks for the resources. I hope you’re sailing smoothly toward the weekend!

    1. Indeed!! I totally agree with you… more art = the merrier. Jenny K really is a gem. We don’t deserve her! I love, love, love that lady. Etsy is an awesome art resource- the digitally enhanced photos sound super cool. I’ll have to check them out :)

  2. I’m a big fan of getting prints from Society6! Their prices are great and the shipping is fast. There are a few artists & photographers I follow over on IG who have shops on that platform.

    1. Oh yes! I’ll have to add them to the list. Thanks for sharing, Lori :)

  3. Art is a tough one for me. I have yet to find anything that speaks to me, so I end up buying generic things that fill the space. You’ve got me on the hunt though! I perused all of these and there’s definitely a lot there to consider! Thank you for sharing these; a few of them are new to me! Hope you were able to rest well after a few long days of shooting! Have a wonderful Thursday!

    1. You can do it, Lauren! Enjoy the process :)

  4. Hannah Gokie says:

    Unsplash is a good one similar to Pexel and Burst!

    1. Thanks Hannah! I’ll have to add that to the list :)

  5. Agree! I’m an art lover and love when I can use my own photos. Etsy is my go to for downloading prints. I appreciate the other sources.

  6. Where did you get the frames for the Laurie Anne art in your kitchen? Beautiful!

    1. Those came from a local shop, but I’ve thrifted very similar ones in the past! Thanks, Abby :)

  7. Finding Beautiful Truth has some wonderful photographs in her shop.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Teri :)

  8. You’ve done it again…great post! I was trying last night to add art to our tv because its the first thing you see when walking into our bedroom. What a great concept when its not in use!
    “Life is too short for bare walls”! So true! I look at art online; put it in my cart; then think about it for weeks. Art and rugs are 2 things I have a hard time deciding on. I need to just go with it…trust myself.
    I love all the artwork in your home. Where do you like to get the frames for some of the vintage prints? Do you go to antique shops or thrift stores?
    Thank goodness for Etsy and downloadable prints. We saved a ton on art for our daughters apartment. She found a couple of prints that we had blown up for her living room and I surprised her with a colorful horse print…its my favorite one!
    Now I am off to look at the Met Collection for our bedroom tv. Happy Thursday Sarah.

    1. Thank you, Danna! Yes- trust yourself :) choose whatever art speaks to you or reminds you of a memory / point in time. I get a lot of my frames secondhand (thrift stores for sure). Your daughter’s horse print sounds beautiful. The Met Collection really is a gem! :)

  9. Library of Congress and the National Archives! I used to be a photo editor for a history magazine, and these government sources are FREE! You have to spend some time searching, but most images you can download at 300 dpi or better.

    1. Oooh! How did I not know about that resource?! So amazing! Thanks for sharing, Sarah. xo

  10. Ann Heltzel says:

    Sarah, How about a little piece on Mats? To mat or not to mat, THAT is the question, haha. I’m trying to put finishing touches on a bath remodel (thanks for the vertical tile inspiration!! – it is s o c o o l!) Dh, told me I should put some of my amateur photography up. I just went to an orchid show. Now, to mat or not to mat, THAT is the question. I’m considering putting a 20 x 16 (w x h) over the toilet, an 11 x 14 on a wall that is next to a wall with a 20 x 30 med cabinet mirror. The room is soo super zen right now, I feel it needs POPs of color (purple orchids of course). I’m a big picture lover, but a mat can add a little refinement. hmm want a picture to make a lesson out of it?

    1. I love that idea, Ann! I love that you’re going vertical with the tile in your bath renovation… makes my heart so happy! I personally like matting photography. For paintings I’m indifferent, but I think photo prints look more tailored with a mat!

  11. Quick question- where in California is the windmill picture taken? It’s a beautiful picture!

    1. It has been years ago, but I think it was headed east out of Bakersfield. We were stuck in traffic. Haha!