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Guest Post : Laurie Anne Art - roomfortuesday.comHi friends, Laurie Anne here! Last week Sarah, Emmett, my husband, Taylor, myself and our pups spent a few days on the Oregon Coast and it was a WONDERFUL break from the Phoenix and Salt Lake City summer heat! We got to talking and decided it would be fun for me to write a guest blog post! Click through to read it and learn more about our friendship and my art…

Guest Post : Laurie Anne Art - roomfortuesday.comIf you don’t know the story, Sarah and I became friends via Instagram because we both have wire fox terriers, more on that here. We eventually became real life friends when we went on a weekend trip to NYC together a few years ago for the Domino Blog Awards (I was Sarah’s plus one because Emmett couldn’t go). It was a hilarious way to meet in real life because I was waiting at her terminal gate with her name written in giant letters on my iPad, haha!

Guest Post : Laurie Anne Art - roomfortuesday.comSarah and Emmett have become some of our dearest friends who we seem to visit every few months…twice in the last 1.5 months actually, and it’s a huge bonus that the drive from Phoenix to Salt Lake City is sooo beautiful! It’s one of my favorite drives that has inspired many of my paintings. I’ll link some of my recent favorites from our travels!

Guest Post : Laurie Anne Art - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the paintings below to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop my art…

01: palm island // 02: antibes coast // 03: lost beach // 04: foggy countryside // 05: olive hills // 06: big cottonwood // 07: french coast // 08: painted river // 09: countryside creek // 10: spanish morning // 11: antelope island // 12: zion // 13: the lake // 14: morning desert

Guest Post : Laurie Anne Art - roomfortuesday.comI painted Antelope Island after a trip to visit Sarah and Emmett in July. She took us to Antelope Island to drive around and search for Bison. It was such a beautiful area and I took about 400 photos… this was one of the paintings that came from that visit. I definitely recommend visiting there if you are ever in SLC!

Guest Post : Laurie Anne Art - roomfortuesday.comSarah came to Phoenix last summer to make over our bedroom and bathroom that desperately needed help. She nailed it and we still love it so much! Every time I walk into our room, I am instantly calm with how beautiful and peaceful it is. I’m still trying to convince her to come back to makeover the rest of our house because the bedroom is much more beautiful than our other rooms! I think I’ll get her to do it eventually (maybe when she and Emmett are tired of snow this winter), haha!

Guest Post : Laurie Anne Art - roomfortuesday.comLast year, we both took vacations to Europe and ended up in different parts of France a week apart. I painted these paintings from a drive along the French Mediterranean coast just north of the Spanish border. The small port towns and wine vineyards along the Mediterranean were so dreamy! Sarah and Emmett spent some time in Antibes and I couldn’t help but paint from one of the photos she took! You can find that print linked here.

Guest Post : Laurie Anne Art - roomfortuesday.comThe inspiration for Painted River (shown above as a 24×36 inch print) came from our first drive to SLC from Phoenix to visit the Gibsons a couple years ago. On the drive, we saw a beautiful patch of yellow trees out in the desert and followed a random dirt road down to an amazing river that inspired at least two or three of my paintings.

Guest Post : Laurie Anne Art - roomfortuesday.comLast month, when driving up to SLC to escape the Phoenix heat, we were able to visit Zion and I captured the stunning red rocks and canyons in the above painting. I can’t wait to get home to paint from all of our Oregon photos!! Basically, being friends and taking adventures with Sarah & Emmett has inspired a lot of my artwork. I’m sure we’ll plan our next one soon! Hope you enjoyed reading about the inspiration behind a few of my paintings. This was really fun! I also wanted to say thanks for your support on Instagram (I hit a big milestone last night- 30k!). Follow along for more of my artwork and travel inspiration if you’re interested. I’d love for you to join the fun!

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  1. Good morning! Congratulations on your big milestone! I’ve always loved you and Sarah’s friendship story; the power of dogs and social media.💜 Your stories from AZ make me nostalgic because I lived in the Valley for over a decade; your desert paintings take me back. (And, obviously, Hazel is a star.) I can’t wait to see the pieces inspired by the Oregon coast; I’ll keep watch on IG so I can snag a tiny original if possible. And I definitely think Sarah should go down to Phoenix to design the rest of your house! AZ in the winter; sigh. I hope you are all safely returned to PHX, refreshed and inspired!😎🌵

    1. Laurie Anne says:

      Hi Peggi! Thank you so much for your kind words!! I love that our pups brought us together 🥰 it’s a cute story that I love to tell! I’m definitely going to try to get them to come down this winter and makeover the rest of the house haha! Sarah, hint hint 😉

  2. I already follow you on Instagram and with this post it finally clicked that you and Sarah are connected. Your artwork is so beautiful!

    1. Laurie Anne says:

      Hi Lexie!! Thank you so much!! ❤️

  3. Laurie your artwork is incredible and I’ve loved when Sarah has shared something you’ve painted! So cool to hear how you met and how your friendship travels have inspired so many beautiful paintings. My absolute favorite is Antibes Coast! I am enthralled with the coastal cities of the Mediterranean, and you’ve captured this one so beautifully. My sister lives in Utah and the drive is so gorgeous; many of your paintings spark that joy I feel driving through certain stretches. You are a very talented artist; thank you for sharing your work with us!

    1. Laurie Anne says:

      Hi Lauren! Awe thank you!! That is such a huge compliment and makes me so happy that my paintings spark a sweet memory in you! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. How fun, Laurie Anne (w/ an E -yea! 😂😁)! Your work is just beautiful – colorful and vibrant, yet serene and calming. How do you do that?! When I saw the image of #6, it immediately looked familiar and knew it had to be a Utah inspired one. Can’t believe it’s Big Cottonwood! That view is basically what my brother and his family see out their front windows. (Lucky ducks, I know.) Hmm…may have found their Christmas gift! I’ll PM you on Insta. Congrat’s on 30k, too! xoxo….

    1. Laurie Anne says:

      Hi Anne! I know we already chatted on IG but just wanted to pop in here and say thank you for your kind words!! ❤️❤️❤️ And yay for Anne with an e!! Haha!

  5. Hi Laurie Anne,

    I am in love with your art, so into the colors and shapes you use. Do you have any online class or tutorials where we can subscribe? I would love to learn some techniques from you as a new starter :)

    Thank youuu :)