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gallery wallThis month’s Best of Etsy is focused on one of my favorite topics right now… art! I have been sourcing art for our living room for the past few weeks now and I have had SO much fun finding awesome resources all over the web. One of my favorite places to shop for one-of-a-kind art is Etsy. Etsy is a great resource for original and vintage artwork, affordable prints, photographs, paintings and figure drawings. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite pieces for your walls below.

Best of Etsy - Art01: watching trees giclee // 02: vintage airedale print // 03: typographic print // 04: still life fern painting // 05: vintage female portrait // 06: black and white geometric print // 07: juicy pair painting // 08: flora giclee print // 09: don quixote original line drawing // 10: white swan minimal print // 11: poppy flowers oil painting // 12: pink and gray abstract art // 13: man with glasses // 14: signed braque lithograph // 15: signed vintage bally print // 16: female nude drawing // 17: giclee abstract print // 18: vintage portrait of a man // 19: Amsterdam photograph // 20: black and white abstract painting // 21: portrait of a girl // 22: orange tea still life painting // 23: charcoal nude sketch // 24: blue and cream abstract print // 25: minimalist abstract art print // 26: Paris photograph // 27: vintage constellation chart // 28: in the suburbs print // 29: antique oil painting of red poppies

When putting together a gallery wall or even just a small collection of artwork, variety is key. It’s best to pair contrasting styles such as a bold, high contrast, abstract piece with a quiet photograph or soft sketch. You also want to think about the color palette- keeping it pretty consistent or within the same family. Aside from finding cohesive pairings and groupings, you should also consider originality. Wouldn’t you rather have something vintage, interesting, or original? Etsy is the perfect place to find affordable artwork that isn’t mass produced. It may take a little digging, but the end result is well worth it!

dining room artworkWhat are some of your favorite shops for artwork on Etsy? Share below – we’re always looking to add to our collection!

image sources: brittany ambridge for domino, apartment 34

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  1. i’m sure i’ve bookmarked several art shops on etsy, but names are not coming to mind. it is a great source, though… and one i need to remember to go back to, because i’ve sort of been in a Minted rut… maybe out of loyalty, since i have some prints for sale there. =)

    great roundup here! which i could buy that braque lithograph!!!

    1. You and me both!! I would LOVE to have that piece. The art history nerd in me would be freaking out. xo

  2. AWESOME! Thanks for sharing this list Sarah, I have found it really useful looking through these! I can also recommend @josh.dring one of my favourite artists on Instagram. He has also sells beautiful art prints on Etsy ❤️

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Kate! I’ll definitely check out the Etsy shop :)