Artist Spotlight : Kelli Kroneberger + A Giveaway!

kelli-kroneberger-and-room-for-tuesdayIn this Artist Spotlight edition, we’re featuring a multi-talented artist. She wears many hats and practices a couple different artistic endeavors. I was first drawn to the beautiful composition of her images on Instagram (she’s a photographer), but then I noticed her fine art (she’s also a painter)! It’s really difficult to decide which medium of her artwork I prefer. Long story short… she’s really talented on many different levels. Allow me to introduce Kelli Kroneberger!

painting-by-kelli-kronebergerOne thing I really love about Kelli’s process is the fact that she visualizes how a painting will look installed, in an actual room. I’m guessing her background in photography leads her to work in this manner- with the intent to place a piece of artwork in a specific space, where it has a since of belonging and feels cohesive. In fact, if you’re looking for artwork that uses a certain color palette, her custom commission process is the way to go. She prefers clients to send images of the space, the preferred color palette, and even hues they dislike.


artist-spotlight-kelli-kronebergerLet’s jump right into the interview…

S: Since you work in both photography and painting, would you consider yourself to be more focused on one or another? Which do you enjoy most?

K: There are seasons when painting is busier than photography and vice versa so I’m able to set aside time to focus on both and do them well. My first love at a young age was painting, and I continue to love it. But there is also a fulfillment that I get with photography because while they are both creative, I get to use very different parts of my creative brain, which keeps me on my toes and always getting better.

kelli-kroneberger-paintingS: How did your artistic career begin? Are you formally trained?

K: It sounds cliche, but I knew I wanted to be an artist from the age of 12. I also knew I wanted to own my own business at that age. So to find that I can own a business while being an artist is a huge blessing that doesn’t happen to a lot of people. I took painting and photography classes in high school and college, but I found the best training was with workshops from painters and photographers that were actually making a living at what they do. So yes, I do have some training, but I’d say the most beneficial training has been been hands on experience over the last 8-9 years of doing this professionally.

artist-spotlight-kelli-kroneberger-on-room-for-tuesdayS: Where do you seek inspiration on a regular basis?

K: I’d like to say a really fancy answer, but the real answer is by living a simple and honest life and being around genuine people. We live in a world full of distraction, and when I’m distracted it’s impossible for me to find true inspiration. Of course I browse pinterest and instagram for a quick visual fix, but the best inspiration comes when I’m traveling… seeing, smelling, and tasting different cultures, food, colors, architecture, and the like. When I’m paying attention, there is really great inspiration everywhere I go.

S: Congratulations on your new adventure – motherhood!! How do you expect your career, goals, or inspiration to change after the baby arrives?

K: Thank you! We are beyond excited to be parents. I’ve already sensed my career and goals changing, but in a really good way. Spending time with people seems to matter a whole lot more because my time and life as a whole feels a lot more precious. I’m planning to take a little time to rest when the baby comes, but the beauty about what I do is that it’s really flexible and I can work from wherever I need to (and whatever hours I need to). I’m looking forward to the change and having a little buddy by my side as I work toward future goals.

S: I love the painterly nature of your fine art. Have you ever dabbled in different styles, or have you always produced abstract pieces?

K: Thanks! And yes. I first began painting from photographs I had taken while traveling as a kid so my paintings looked very realistic as opposed to my abstract work now. I painted A LOT of landscapes, beaches, sunsets, and flowers back then, haha. I think that helped me understand how to use color, composition, and different paint brushes to transition to more of the abstract impressionism that I do now.

kelli-kroneberger-fine-art-giveawayS: Lastly, what advice would you give new artists, designers, or other creatives who are just entering the industry?

K: It’s easy to say, but not so easy to do when you’re starting out, however I would tell someone to take A LOT of time discovering who you are as a person, as a friend, and as an artist so you know who you are, what you like, what you don’t like, and what you want to be about. It’s really easy when starting out to look at what’s popular and try to emulate that, but all it does is bring emptiness, jealousy, and a whirlwind of doubt. Also, allow yourself to fail, but be willing to try again. Failure and mistakes are part of the growing process, and it’s OK to put bad work out sometimes. Life is not going to end. Just learn from it and do better next time. I would also say that the creative industry is a really long process, and most likely it will change (whether big or small) as you grow as a person and an artist so be patient with yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Not to find out answers and copy the artists you admire, but you’ll avoid a lot of headache if you’re willing to be humble and ask for help. Most importantly, never let the amount of likes or followers on social media dictate your worth! You are YOU, and that is a really awesome thing.

artist-feature-kelli-kronebergerThanks so much, Kelli! You guys will definitely want to follow her beautifully curated Instagram, as well as enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a framed print (completely ready to hang!!).

kelli-kroneberger-giveawayEnter to Win (CLOSED):
1. Follow @kellikroneberger on Instagram
2. Like Kelli Kroneberger on Facebook
3. Comment below and let us know where you’d install the framed print!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for entering and congratulations to Rachel on winning the artwork!

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  1. Followed and liked! I’m in Denver so I was excited to see that she’s in CO also.
    I need art above my couch – desperately. We moved in 2 years ago and I can’t find anything quite right…

    1. Congrats, Rachel! You’ve been randomly selected as the giveaway winner. Please email with your mailing address to claim your prize!

  2. Followed & liked! My husband & I are working on a gallery wall for the only hallway in our house. We’ve been super reserved with the pieces we’ve picked so far, since it’s the only large blank space we get to create on. Her work would be a perfect addition to brighten up our hallway!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    ✔️ Follow on IG
    ✔️ Liked on FB

    I love the movement in Kelli’s artwork. I’d install the piece in my living room. The ceiling is almost 20′ tall and requires a beautiful focal point to being the eye down.

  4. “When I’m paying attention, there is really great inspiration everywhere I go.” Love that!

    Would love a print of her work! As to where I’d hang it, it’s so hard to say. I think it would depend on the colors in the piece, as each of my rooms has a certain color scheme. But I can definitely see one of her prints in my living room or bedroom! I followed both her pages… and am already smitten with all the eye-candy in both places!

    Do you have any of her works, Sarah? I can see one of her pieces going beautifully in your new house after you’ve remodeled it!

  5. Such beautiful work! Thanks for sharing! I often work from home which is great, but my home office space is pretty drab. One of these beautiful pieces would certainly inspire my own creative work and make it a place I want to be!

  6. Beautiful art! Our master bedroom is in need of art.

  7. Leah Prevost says:

    I would have to say I’d hang one of those beauties in my living room or bedroom! Great spotlight Sarah!

  8. Followed and liked! Beautiful work! Depends on the size, but I have a blank wall in our dining room. Or else in the bathroom we recently renovated! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Lauren Martin says:

    Followed and liked!

    Since we moved in, and patched the many many holes in our walls before painting them, I’ve been very picky about what is deserving of a new hole. One of Kelli’s stunning pieces would be so worthy of a new hole!

    I may need a few pieces, one for our bedroom, dining room, entry, hallway, I could go on and on :-)

  10. Kimberly Telfer says:

    Lovely!! I’m working on our living room now and would love to add one of Kelli’s abstract art prints! Thank you for the chance to win :)

  11. Kylie McGowan says:

    I think we would put them in our stairwell.

  12. Stephanie C. says:

    I would place it above my bed. We get some good light in the bedroom and those colors make me sigh contently and give off a relaxing vibe…okay I’m reading way too much into this, but I’m not taking it back. ;)

  13. Kelly Christine says:

    Her work is just gorgeous! I would hang one of her prints in my office. I have the perfect spot right above my desk.

  14. Lauren Christel says:

    Oh my goodness, stunning work Kelli! I’m so excited for the highlight on the blog because it’s the first I’ve seen of your work. I work in education and we constantly reinforce with our students that making mistakes is how we learn and they are to be celebrated! The way that you’ve highlighted that as part of what shapes your art is a neat parallel that jumps out at me. I would place the art in my living room, as your style suits the vibe of my decor in my home. It would complement it beautifully! Fingers crossed!

  15. Brittany Walton says:

    I would definitely add it to the wall in our living room in our new cottage! Such a beautiful painting. 😍

  16. Love this feature, Kelli! Redoing our living room and would put this above our sideboard in the kitchen/dining room! Been waiting for something simple, unique and perfect!

  17. Leslie Peterson says:

    I already liked Kelli on Facebook. Now following on Instagram. I also live in Ft.Collins. I’d probably hang the painting in my bedroom or bathroom because that is were I spend a lot of time and want to feel peaceful, but I need art for every space in my house! Love all of her paintings–the color, negative space and brush strokes, AND COLORS (I said that twice!!).

  18. Jenn Gallagher says:

    Following & Liked! I would hang this lovely piece in my dining room I think. My wall color is Sedate Gray

  19. Reina Boyson says:

    I would hang it either in my daughter’s room or our master bedroom. I’ve loved Kelli’s work for a long time now! Great interview!

  20. I am loving her work! I would put my new piece in the foyer, front and center :)

  21. I just started following / liked Kelli’s pages! Her work is gorgeous! I would absolutely put her painting in my entryway. It has such a calming presence, I would love for it to be the first thing we, or our guests see when they enter my home.

  22. Followed and liked! Definitely above my workspace (as the colour-palette is similar), but really, where the print wants to be hanged.

  23. I have been following Kelli for awhile on Instagram and love her work with blue! Since we have moved into our new home I have yet to hang anything in the office and would love one of per paintings there!

  24. Martin Smith says:

    What beautiful work!! We’re moving into a new home soon and I would love one of these pieces for our living room, where we will spend most of our time as a family!

  25. Marie Clements says:

    These are such beautiful pieces! I love colorful abstract art. I would put this above my kitchen table– it’s a large wall and could use a lovely focal point like this!

  26. I have a perfect spot in my living room. Thanks for the chance!

  27. I love this art! So fun! It would look great in my dining room!

  28. Love your artist spotlight posts (in addition to all our fabulous Etsy ones)! What a fantastic artist to follow! I currently have my homes original 1929 blueprints framed over my living room couch but am thinking a piece of art would look better and lighten the space up.

  29. Followed and liked! Love Kelli’s work, and I have been thinking about investing in a piece for a while. I would put the piece in my kitchen so that I could look at it every day.

  30. Jennifer Hochmiller says:

    I follow all of your stuff, and you’re such an inspiration! You’re so driven, and creative…..and congrats to you and Kevin on your growing family!! I’d put the print in our bedroom. We want one wall to have our bed, and the opposite wall to have two reading chairs, with a console table in-between, and the painting right above it. I believe that wall will be painted navy, and the wall with our bed on it will be a lighter blue. We’ll probably have gold curtains on the large windows on the adjacent wall. This visual is making me so excited.

  31. I followed and liked :) I have a blank wall in my family room that I am looking to get a console table for and would love to put a piece of artwork above it!

  32. -followed & liked-
    Love for a springboard to inspire my new bedroom makeover! 💙

  33. My fiancé and I have the perfect spot above our dresser in our bedroom! So happy to have found this interview – we’ve been looking for art to invest in for awhile!

  34. Hyun Ah Perez says:

    I’m a clean palette, all things neautral lover. Would def. place one of her pieces in my office for daily design inspiration and for a pop of color.

  35. Just moved into our new apartment and I’d hang it above the bed!

  36. Dana Moss says:

    Gorgeous! Followed and liked. I’d put it in my living room for our future gallery wall.

  37. Dana Manning says:

    Beautiful! Liked and followed.
    We’d hang it in our living room – we’ve got a blue vibe going on right now, so it would be perfect!

  38. I’ve followed it on instagram, thank you for sharing with us yet another beautiful profile ( gorgeous! ) love the abstract art – I would hang it on my hallway wall to shine and be able to see it every time I open my door to step inside !

  39. My husband and I are in a rental so artwork really helps to make it our own (since we can’t paint, etc.). Would love to have a piece for my living room!!

  40. Wow, I love Kelli’s work. I’m happy to be following her on Instagram and Facebook!! I’ve got a bare wall in the entryway that I’ve been jonesing to fill. One of her pieces would be beyond!

  41. Beautiful! I have lots of spaces that could use a dose of color and art, but I think I’d have to be selfish and put it in my bedroom!

  42. Vonny Farrell says:

    I would love to add a piece of hers to some art that I’ve been getting together for my staircase wall. I love the movement and energy in her pieces, as well as her use of shades of white. I also agree wholeheartedly with her comments about letting yourself fail, and getting inspiration and help from working artists. I am WAY older than Kelli and am STILL working through that process of defining my creative identity. Thank you for introducing us to her!

  43. Followed and liked! I would place the art in either our bedroom (we have a blank wall begging for some art) or in the family room so we all could enjoy it.

  44. Stephanie O'Connor says:

    I how I have so many places! With our new home art has been my hardest commitment UNTIL you just introduced me to Kelli!! Love this work. I would put her piece in our entry. Thanks for the chance!

  45. Done and done!

    Oh goodness, we’ve lived in our house for over a year and have almost NOTHING on the walls, so there are soooo many places where we could put something gorgeous. I love Kelli’s work!

  46. Elena Kaloupek says:

    Its all so lovely. I’ve been really wanting some original art to break up all of our framed photographs, and this is perfect! I’d put the art in the living room if it would fit the color scheme, or in our dining room for more of a focal point.

  47. Live Simply by Annie says:

    Completely adore Kelli’s work! Thank you for putting it on our radars! I’m at a loss for which of the bare, white walls in my new house I’d choose to feature her work first! I mean, I really want to win this! ;)

  48. I would definitely hang it on our kitchen, love the colors!

  49. I would hang the print in my dining room. I have been searching for something new.

  50. Followed on Instagram and FB.

    I love Kelli’s work. It’s very tranquil and interesting at the same time. I recently moved to Colorado and in our new home full of character and windows, I have white walls that are begging for colorful paintings. I would love to hang Kelli’s painting above my mid-century modern grey couch.

    1. Congrats, Anya! You’ve been randomly selected as the giveaway winner. Please email with your mailing address to claim your prize!

  51. Beautiful artwork! I would be thrilled to hang one of Kelli’s prints in our front entry way :)

  52. FB follow as Carolsue Anderson: Instagram follow as @Cezovski9
    I would hang the picture over the sofa in the living room if I won.

  53. Ann Heltzel says:

    Fb as Ann Marie, Instagram as Lacydress1

    Congratulations Kelli. You are the first (sorry Sarah) person to inspire me to log into my twitter account. Lol
    I would hang it over the fireplace or over the buffet. Your mossy greens and navy blues are divine!

  54. Ann Heltzel says:

    BTW, I love that’s ok to fail. I tell my students this all the time. Fail simply stand for First Attempt In Learning. =)

  55. Her work is quite lovely! I would hang it in my girls’ room for them to be inspired.

  56. I love her artwork; so striking and moody in all the right ways. I’d put one of her beautiful pieces in the gallery wall I’m working on in my family room!

  57. Cora Schleicher says:

    Ohh her work is such a dream! I just painting my bathroom a deep blue with brass accents and her beautiful work would help elevate this space perfectly. Fingers crossed- and huge thanks for providing this giveaway!

  58. Anastasia says:

    Ahhhhh what an inspiring interview and truly lovely giveaway! I’d hang Kelli’s original piece in my living room, as I swap out the pieces in there seasonally. I currently have a cute overhead beach print- but Kelli’s pieces would warm up the space so well for fall and winter. XO

  59. Kelley McCaskill says:

    I have a wall next to my bed – I’d love to wake up and see a beautiful piece of Kelly’s work every day!

  60. Wow! I’m so glad you introduced me to Kelli and her beautiful art. Absolutely love her creations and would be thrilled to walk past one every morning as I walk downstairs to make my coffee. I have the most perfect bare wall near our front door that could use a touch of magic like Kelli’s work…

  61. Liked on FB and following on Insta!

    I would love to put her work in our living room! We just got a beautiful new mid century couch, but the walls are still blank! 😬

  62. :((( why only US residents, anyway followed and liked :)
    I love her artwork, I live in Poland and just moved to brand new appartment, tiny but still…
    I would love to have one in my living room, on the light grey painted wall above the sofa.
    Greetings from cold, atumnal Poland

  63. Jordan Arnold says:

    In my upstairs sitting room!!!

  64. SO beautiful! Liked and followed :) I would absolutely place it front and center in my open and bright living room!


  65. Living room for SURE. (hearteyes)

  66. My bedroom needs beauty.

  67. Alexis Roark says:

    Followed & liked! What an inspiration! I would love to win such an awesome statement piece such as Kelli’s works. I have been waiting around for something great to hang above my bed and this would be lovely!

  68. Awesome work! I’d hang it in my family room.

  69. Danika McCalley says:

    Just found out I’ll be relocating and working from home a couple of days a week. A piece of Kelli’s artwork would definitely be amazing in my new home office.

  70. Meagan Puterman says:

    Followed & Liked- would love to hang it in my hallway it’s so bare right now and could use a beautiful piece of Canadian art.