Artist Spotlight: Alex Foster + A Giveaway!

Artist Spotlight: Alex Foster

I first noticed Alex on Instagram and immediately fell in love with his playful and charismatic illustration style. A few emails later and a shipment across the pond, here we are featuring his awesome work… not to mention, he’s an award-winning illustrator with an array of awards, exhibits, and recognition! I’m excited to introduce Alex Foster as our next Spotlight Artist…

I really like his floral and houseplant prints and stationery- they’re so fun!

Artist Spotlight: Alex Foster

My absolute favorite pieces are his custom works. Alex will illustrate custom pet portraits, home portraits, and even maps of your favorite places! I love that they’re one-of-a-kind and meaningful. Handwritten titles are also an option… wouldn’t these make the most thoughtful gift?

Custom Pet Portrait

Aside from illustrating custom maps, he also has a couple in his shop that feature New York and London. I love the pretty saturated blue that adds a pop of color for spring. Not to mention, they fit perfectly inside the matted Ikea Ribba frame.

Artist Spotlight: Alex Foster

Artist Spotlight: Alex Foster

He’s probably one of the most friendly artists I’ve met and is super easy to work with. That’s the beauty of supporting artists like Alex, you get to know them and it makes the piece that much more perfect! Let’s get to the interview (and giveaway!)

Artist Spotlight: Alex Foster
image credit: Bill Mudge

S: When did you begin your illustration business? Have you always been interested in drawing? Are you formally trained or self-taught?

A: I started working commercially in my second year at Middlesex University in London where, thanks to the help and suggestions of one of the tutors, I managed to work on a map or Barnet for the 2012 Olympics. It featured the Olympic torch route through Barnet and some of the sites along the way. That was a great first ‘real’ project because it taught me a lot about how the commercial illustration world works – it went through a lot of different people and alterations and had it’s own challenges.

Artist Spotlight: Alex Foster
image credit: Bill Mudge

S: I love your high contrast and colorful style! Your work is very bold and graphic… have you always had this aesthetic or was there a point in time in which your work evolved?

A: Thanks! Colours are such a huge part of it for me, and I think it has evolved from screen printing. I always liked the way lots of screen printed work looked, and how lots of illustrators I liked didn’t just draw outlines and colour them in – it was the shapes themselves that made up their illustrations. So I had started working that way screen printing, then a technique evolved where I’d draw all the shapes in pencil on paper, scan them in, then compile and colour them on Photoshop. This gave me the texture and hand drawn qualities I wanted, but gave me the versatility and options of digital work where I could change sizes and colours on the fly.

S: What is your most popular print, or what do people always ask you to illustrate?

A:  I’ve made almost 150 House Portraits now, that has by far been my biggest ongoing project – especially around Christmas when the gift guides come out. I love seeing all the different types of buildings across the UK and sometimes abroad, and drawing them has taught me so much about the architecture. I’m really grateful people are still ordering them and giving them as gifts.
Maps are another huge part of my work, they can be used in so many ways and I love making them. I’ve made lots of maps for weddings, prints for people’s homes, area guides etc.

Custom House Portrait

S: What has been your biggest achievement in art so far? I’m pretty impressed with your resume!!

A: Working on the Roald Dahl map and prints for the office, and discussing it with his Grandson Luke was an amazing experience – I loved every second of it from chatting to Luke and planning the work, to making the Chocolate timeline and researching all the books, loctions and characters for the map.

My most commercial success has been working on the Totally Thames poster, the Art Direction was great and it lead to a nice big print of London which was displayed at Train Stations and billboards all over the country, then this image won me the World Illustration Award for Advertising last year so that was an honour!

Artist Spotlight: Alex Foster
image credit: Bill Mudge

S: Favorite and least favorite things about your job?

A:  Least favourite is probably doing lots of the ‘businessy’ side of things like the emailing and marketing etc, there is a lot of that. But I don’t mind doing it at all as it’s a vital part of the whole process and it enables me to continue working as an illustrator. There are lots of favourite parts for me, I feel very lucky that I get to draw for a living, and that there’s a lot of variety in my day to day work – sometime’s I’ll be drawing all day working on a commission, or sometimes I’ll be printing, posting and packing orders, or, like last week I spent a few days with the kids at St. Mary’s Primary school in Folkestone for book week which was a lot of fun!

S: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions and share your work with us, Alex! We’ll be giving away 3 prints from the shop: a London map, a New York map, and a Wildflower print.

Enter to Win:
1. Follow @alexfosterillustration on Instagram
2. Like Alex on Facebook
3. Comment below and let us know which of the three prints you’d like!

Three Room for Tuesday readers will be selected at random, and will win one specified print. Giveaway closes in one week. Good luck!!

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  1. Karen Gall says:

    I LOVE the wildflower print!! But they are all amazing!! What a talented artist. I will definitely be following his work. May have to add a custom house and dog illustration to my home décor!

    1. He’s awesome!! I’m going to order a house illustration this spring… can’t wait to see what Alex comes up with.

  2. Lori Knudtson says:

    I love them all!! The dog one is adorable and the london print is amazing!!

  3. Kylie McGowan says:

    Wildflower please! Love his work, so quaint.

  4. Love these! My favorite prints are the Wildflower and House Plants. But all the maps are great too. :)

  5. Dana Moss says:

    Incredible! I’m a new fan now, Alex! The New York map is my favorite of the three.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Congratulations, Dana!! You’ve been selected as the winner for the New York print. Please email w/in 24 hours to claim your prize :)

      1. Dana Moss says:

        Hooray! Just emailed you. Thanks again!

  6. I think my favourite is all of them? :O But if I had to choose…. The wildflowers print !! :)

  7. The New York print is amazing!!

  8. I love the custom pet portraits! And both the wildflowers and NY prints are darling!

  9. ALex is really talented guy! It would appreciate to have his work at our house”
    why not the Wildflower and House Plants ? thank you “

  10. Love the London print as it reminds me so much of the very random trip my husband and I took there after I returned from active duty. Iberia made an error on their plane ticket pricing so we hightailed it to London for $300 total. Thanks for introducing to this wonderful artist!

  11. London or New York would be wonderful. Love the simplicity of this artist. Thank you for the offer!

  12. Leah Prevost says:

    I love the wildflower print. The customized dog and house ones are awesome! Definitely going to be ordering some for Christmas gifts since my entire family is dog lovers ♡♡

    1. Congratulations, Leah!! You’ve been selected as the winner for the Wildflower print. Please email w/in 24 hours to claim your prize :)

      1. Leah Prevost says:

        Whooooop whooooooop! Thank you doll! I just emailed you :)

  13. Love this artist and his fun, bright, and happy prints. My favorite is the New York City map!

  14. I would absolutely adore having the wildflower print in my bedroom!

  15. Love the London print! Will definitely keep him in mind for a house portrait when we get one.

  16. Stephanie says:

    That London print is the most gorgeous print I have ever seen. Thanks for the intro to Alex Foster, and Sarah I love the styling with the Turkish towel!

  17. The London print – for my husband who is originally from England. Love the idea of the personalized house print, will look into that also

  18. Im loving the London Map! Now to just make it there one of these days…

    1. Congratulations, Melissa!! You’ve been selected as the winner for the London print. Please email w/in 24 hours to claim your prize :)

  19. The New York print is so cute, my best friend and I took a trip there and will soon be living together :)

  20. I adore his pet portraits and would have three- one for each of my fur babies! My son chimed in and loves the Star Wars print, too!

    I don’t have Facebook but I did follow on Instagram. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  21. Oops- just saw the choices listed. In which case- wildflowers all the way! But will have to look into pet portraits!