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Roundup : Wall Art - roomfortuesday.comWe’re moving right along this week! I’ll admit- I blocked yesterday off because I got my second vaccination on Monday, so I assumed I might feel side effects and be stuck in bed on Tuesday. Luckily, I felt totally normal, so I played hooky and took the day to go skiing (since we got snow yesterday) with my high school art teacher who is here visiting Park City! It ended up being a great day and I’m thankful to be feeling good and fully vaccinated. Anyway- today’s blog post is another reader request! Many of you messaged asking for more art roundups! I’ve got a BIG roundup that covers lots of different topics for you today: landscapes, abstract pieces, vintage art, portraits, and even three dimensional options. I tried to pick something for every aesthetic and budget. Click through to browse some of the art I’ve been loving lately…

Roundup : Wall Art - roomfortuesday.comArt is one of those decor or home accessories that really makes a space feel personal and layered. I’m currently working on gathering art for my home office, and I’ve found it’s something that can’t be rushed. If I see a piece I love, I’ll grab it… but my collection is constantly growing (slowly). Even if I don’t have a specific place or room in mind for art, but a piece speaks to me- I’ll buy it because I know eventually I’ll find the perfect spot and it will make me smile. Anyway, ready to see what I found? First up- landscapes…

Click directly on the items to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: vintage seascape // 02: italian hills print // 03: long landscape print // 04: countryside sketch // 05: big sur canvas // 06: clouds art // 07: vintage tree

Number one is a gorgeous original that I found at an estate sale for the Tuesday Made shop. I seriously considered keeping that one (and still might). You know I also had to include a piece from my best friend, Laurie Anne. I will never tire of her paintings!

Roundup : Wall Art -

01: abstract portrait // 02: blind contour // 03: ink portrait // 04: afro woman portrait // 05: bath painting // 06: figures in embrace

When it comes to portraits, I love them all… figure drawings, oil paintings, abstracts, and even the super realistic ones. I think the human form is just gorgeous. If you’re interested in reading more about my thoughts on that- check out this post on nude art.

Roundup : Wall Art -

01: vintage horse painting // 02: thoroughbred pair // 03: vintage horse race // 04: colt in stable // 05: horse study pair

Does horse or equine art deserve its own category? Probably not, but if you’ve been hanging out here long enough- you know that I live and breathe horses. I think equine art is so stunning, timeless, classic, and looks good anywhere!

Roundup : Wall Art -

01: untitled 24 // 02: encapsulated shapes II // 03: loop // 04: neutral labyrinth // 05: last tuesday

When it comes to abstract art, I usually gravitate toward palettes that are more neutral- or have just a few bold, high contrast colors mixed in. I love pairing these neutral and textural pieces alongside more classical or traditional pieces of art. It creates such a nice juxtaposition that feels sophisticated and interesting.

Roundup : Wall Art -

01: framed intaglio III // 02: mali textile // 03: embroidered silk // 04: plaster relief // 05: embroidered butterfly // 06: palm fronds

Lastly, let’s chat three dimensional artwork… from relief artwork to framed textiles and shadow boxes, these types of pieces add depth to your wall. Remember when I dyed fabric with coffee and framed it, pictured below? 3-D art creates a beautiful visual, layered difference and are perfect in a gallery wall setting or on their own, paired with a picture light to really highlight the dimension. Yes, you’re welcome- I included a butterfly for my insect loving friends (despite the fact they give me the heebie-jeebies).

Roundup : Wall Art - roomfortuesday.comI’d love to hear your favorites from the roundup, as well as your favorite piece of art in your own home! Art is such a special part of our interior spaces and I’m very glad we live in a world where we can fill our homes with gorgeous pieces that bring us joy and reflect our personalities. Art is a fun way to read people and one of the first things I notice when I enter someone’s home!

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  1. Phew! Shopping for art could be a (dreamy) full-time job! I agree, though, that finding pieces that speak to you takes time. I think you find the art, then find a spot for it rather than the other way around. Since our taxidermy talk, I’ve been noticing how difficult articulating (maybe even determining) my reasons for being drawn to a piece can be. (Guess I don’t really need to justify my choices, but sometimes analyzing myself is an entertaining exercise.) So, without explanation, here are my favorites. 😉 From the landscape round-up, I love the tree etching #7. Gimme all the portraits! (Although #3 does look alarmingly melancholy) Definitely have to go with #5 from the equine section. When we’re talking abstracts, they’ve got to have black! Now. The 3-dimensional selections! I don’t have anything of this type. I adore #4! Have you seen Ron Nicole’s work? She’s phenomenal. Hahaha. I am impressed that you included a butterfly, albeit embroidered. You know, I find them magical! Maybe a shimmering specimen should be my foray into 3-dimensions.
    Thank you, as always, for an informative and inspiring post! I’m so happy that you had no reaction to your vaccine, plus you enjoyed fresh air and exercise. I worked in the garden for 6 hours under sunny skies, so I’d say we both had stellar Tuesdays!🌸💜

    1. It’s one of my favorite ways to procrastinate. Haha! It really is difficult to explain why we like or dislike a certain piece of art… I believe that it just resonates or speaks to you. Of course I love all of your choices :) Yes!! Ron Nicole is incredible. I would really love to own one of those florals someday. Here’s to more garden days ahead this weekend- I have yet to play in our garden, so I’d love to get my hands dirty! I know you’ve been putting in a lot of hours outside- hopefully you have a nice mix of relaxing and time outside this weekend (with pizza & wine, of course). xox

  2. I could shop for art all day- and sometimes never find anything that speaks to my soul. It definitely takes time to build a collection. My favorite piece of art in the house you’ve already seen- the gorgeous portrait of the woman in my room. Side story- that artwork originally belonged to my stepmom. I remember exactly where she had it hanging growing up. I loved it then, but I thought it was actually a portrait of my stepmom (my childhood brain noticed the similarities in the hair). That artwork has traveled countless places with me, always in a closet. This is the first time in over 20 years that she has graced a wall…and I still love it. Now for the roundup…its #7 in the landscapes for me. It reminds me of all the trips to see redwoods as a kid. Truth be told, I have a hard time selecting landscapes; something about all of the colors throws me off- I usually gravitate towards black and whites, or sketches. Is that weird?
    #3 in the portraits is so so good- I can’t tell you why I’m drawn to it, but it stood out among the rest. #2, and #4 in the equine section. The thoroughbred pair in your shop is my absolute favorite! I always get major Ralph Lauren vibes when I’m looking at equine art; I think that’s why I like it so much. It speaks to the timeless and traditional side of my tastes and I can never get enough. #4 is just stunning in that frame! From the abstracts it’s #3 for me. Another one I struggle with- always gravitating to the neutrals when it comes to abstracts. I’ve yet to find a colorful abstract piece that my brain says “oooooh, I love it”, even though I’m constantly hunting for that one colorful abstract that will blow me away. #5 and 6 in the 3D section! I love the fact that the butterfly is embroidered- the real thing kind of creeps me out when they’re framed, even though they’re always beautiful. The palm fronds in navy or natural are stunning. (Really anything in navy is gorgeous in my opinion). I will admit, I never considered adding 3 dimensional art to a space-but you make a great case for including it. Thank you for an amazing roundup! I was actually shopping landscapes yesterday…as you can imagine, that wasn’t a fruitful hunt. Lol. It’s lawn day for me-and it’s nice and crisp in the air this morning (my favorite)- here’s to hoping for no more snow for you! I was shocked to see that on your stories! Does that halt the roof project? Have a lovely and productive Wednesday Sarah!

    1. I feel like the best art always happens in the moment, or it is something you gravitate toward right away! Building a collection definitely takes time. I love your portrait and I’m so happy you found a perfect place for her! Maybe you’d enjoy a landscape lithograph or block print in black and white or neutral colors… maybe a charcoal landscape is more your thing! They don’t all have to be colorful :) I love all of your picks. I also get RL vibes from the equine art, which is probably what inspired me to start decorating with horses in the first place (that and growing up on a farm with horses). They’re so beautiful! The butterfly being embroidered felt better to me, but you know I don’t do butterflies. LOL! I also love the palm fronds in our shop- they’re really cool in person. I hope you had a productive lawn day with awesome weather! Here’s to a good weekend with sunny skies ahead!! xox

  3. I love these round ups and I usually discover a new to me Etsy shop which this time around is the source for #3 & 7 in landscapes and #4 in 3-D- so pretty! I am totally partial to landscapes and while your horses are beautiful I go for birds. I’m itching to add an abstract, just haven’t found the right piece. My most treasured pieces are of course the personal ones. I have art from my grandfather, and aunt hanging in my home and I even framed pelican feathers picked up from a beach trip. So glad to hear you’re feeling well after the vaccine. I’m getting my first shot today!

    1. I’m so happy you like these, Melissa! Etsy is really such an amazing resource- it just takes some time to dig and discover the good stuff. I also love landscapes! In addition to horses, I also enjoy birds… I have three beautiful vintage bird prints in our guest bedroom from the 1960s and they’re really gorgeous! I definitely agree that the most treasured pieces are personal or have a story behind them. How special that you ave art from your grandfather and aunt… and I love the idea of framing feathers from a vacation. Very cool! I hope your first vaccine went really well and you felt good afterwards :) xo

  4. Hey Sarah,
    It seems very fitting to me you take time on a Tuesday to have some well earned fun 😉 sounds like you had a fabulous day!
    I’m always drawn to landscape artwork. I have quite a few in our home here and most of these pieces I acquired while traveling. I enjoy connecting my artwork to a memory of a place I’ve visited or a place I would love to go. Of course I have all kinds of artwork, it’s definitely an addiction like others may have with shoes or purses. And I like to move my artwork around to enjoy in different spots and have quite a bit in storage which I change up occasionally.
    I have a dedicated wall to family in a sitting room that I cherish and also have artwork to balance color schemes in certain areas. I too have equine artwork that brings me much joy and a chalk portrait of my daughter when she was about 2 years old which is of course my favorite piece in my home. Most of art that I collect have a story and I also have made a few pieces which was incredible fun. My sweet sister also gifted me a couple which is high on my most treasured list 🥰 Artwork is life and is a beautiful form of expression. It’s the soul of a home in my opinion and adds so much character. I think creating a collection over time is the best way to acquire, at least that what worked for me. Great post Sarah! Glad to hear you are fully vaccinated, that’s wonderful. Vaccinations are slow here in Canada so we have yet to receive our first vaccine but hopefully soon. Have a super awesome day! It’s sunny skies here 😎

    1. Thanks, Colleen! It was a wonderful day :) I also love landscapes, and the best is finding pieces during our travels to remind us of the trip. I’m exactly like you- I connect my art to a moment or memory in time… I think that’s what makes it so special! The chalk portrait of your daughter sounds incredible- what a special piece. I feel like the best art has a story behind it. Fingers crossed you’re able to get your vaccination soon. I’m thankful to have felt well after both of them, which wasn’t the case for many of our friends & family members. Well worth it, though! Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead!! xox

  5. Jonelle Riboni says:

    Speaking of art – have you found a place to hang the dog portraits you did such a great job on? Would love to see them hanging again with Crosby in the mix this time.

    1. Totally agree, Jonelle! Those dog portraits are ah-mazing. Sarah could definitely have a third f/t job if she wanted it selling those!

      1. Thank you so much, Anne! It has been too long since I’ve last painted for fun.

    2. They’ll eventually live in our future laundry room once we renovate! We’ll relocate the space, so for now- they’re all living in the closet (but not forever)! :)

  6. Meagan Graham says:

    Hi Sarah- great post! I notice you rarely (if ever?) display personal photos and just wonder if you remove them from styling for the blog or if you genuinely don’t display any? Do you have a take on this? Are there ways you have seen it done that are better style wise than others?

    1. Great question, Meagan! I was wondering, too if that would be a good Design Discussion topic since I’ve definitely heard vastly different points of view? I, personally, tend to keep most family photos in our more private spaces (bedrooms, office) and display our photo/art prints in the more public spaces (living room, kitchen), but sometimes I wonder if I’m doing myself a disservice by doing that. I’m strongly considering doing a family gallery wall on the short hallway across from our laundry closet leading to our office, though. I also know it’s an especially hot topic when people are looking to sell, too.

    2. Hi Meagan! Great question. We don’t display any at all (maybe that’s weird we don’t have a single family photo framed?, just because it’s our personal preference. We didn’t get wedding photos, we don’t have kids, and while we do keep some special images tucked away in books, albums, and bowls, we really don’t have any that we like well enough to hang on our walls. I guess it’s just not our thing. We both prefer art and other sentimental pieces! We have pretty organized digital files of our family photos and travel, which is really where we’ll reminisce. If you enjoy seeing your family photos in your home, I absolutely think you should display or frame them! In terms of design, I like when they’re consistent on the wall (same frame finish, but varying mats and overall sizes). Gallery walls are a great option, or a simple bedside frame on your nightstand or dresser. Hope that helps to answer your question :)

  7. Jennifer Laura says:

    Love this! Such a great round up!! Bookmarking for the future!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! So happy to hear you liked it :)

  8. Finding art we love and speaks to us is definitely a very personal decision. Being a photographer, we tend to gravitate towards photographic art prints (most often our own travel/landscape photography), which you didn’t feature-just curious why-or are you treating “wall art” in this case as non-photographic? I know you have some b/w vintage ski photographs, but don’t think I’ve ever see other framed photography on your walls. I could also be wrong! Either way, it’s definitely a personal preference and all art is subjective anyway. ☺️
    From the round ups:
    Landscapes – #5 & 6 (Big Sur will almost always do it for me)
    Portraits – #2 & 4 (FWIW- from a positive Feng Shui perspective, you should never have “singles” in any artwork in your bedroom if you’re in a committed relationship (or want one)-only couples. You should also generally not have any artwork in there that makes you sad or angry, either, but I would say that’s true of all your spaces!)
    Equine – None of those, sorry!
    Abstract – #3 & 4 (I tend to like more subtle abstracts than stronger ones.)

    LOVE that you took the day off to go skiing and that you felt good after your second vaccine. I’m getting my 2nd in two weeks and hope I, too, feel fine after. Congrats on being fully vaxxed, Sarah and let the travel planning begin!

    1. It really is! I have some pretty photographic pieces picked out for my office, I think you’ll like Anne! I honestly don’t know why I didn’t think to roundup photographic art for this post (brain blip on my part). Maybe it deserves its own roundup? That could be a fun one! I had no idea about the “singles rule” in Feng Shui. Love all of your choices! Hopefully you feel free after your 2nd vaccine, too. I was prepared for the worst (knowing it would still be worth it), but am thankful I didn’t feel terrible. I feel so relieved! Hope you have an amazing weekend :) xox

      1. Yea! Can’t wait to see what you found and if you wanted to do a photographic art round up, I wouldn’t be mad about it. ;-D
        Friends had reactions after their first shot AND the flu shot often makes me sick, so I was pleasantly surprised that I felt totally fine. Fingers crossed that trend keeps up for the 2nd shot! Either way, though, you’re right – TOTALLY worth it.
        Have a fantastic weekend, S&E!

        1. Fingers crossed for your second shot! I had Moderna and felt totally fine after number two. My sister-in-law is on the Modern task force for R&D and she said if you’re going to have symptoms, it will most likely be after the second one. I was worried, but ended up feeling great. I’m hoping it will be the same for you :) Totally worth it either way! xo