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gift guides & roundups

gift guides & roundups

Roundup : 2018 Planners

Roundup : 2018 Planners - I know we’re not even to Christmas yet, but I’m the incredibly organized, scheduling, neat freak type of gal. I thought if any of you were in the same boat, you might appreciate this post sooner rather than later. You know what bothers me to no end? Marking dates for 2018 in a 2017 planner. I know that sounds silly, but I like old school organization that I can physically write and record. You can’t exactly do that once the planner runs out, so I’m sharing my favorite planners for 2018 that are sure to keep you organized in the upcoming year. Click through to see which one I bought… Continue Reading

Artifact Uprising Gift Idea
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It’s here!! I polled the audience yesterday and asked when you wanted the annual gift guide to be published and by popular vote, I moved it up in the content calendar. I’m guessing the early birds are ready to get…

Bathroom Decor Sourced on Amazon
gift guides & roundups

Amazon Finds : For the Bath

Like everyone else, I’m a devoted Amazon Prime customer (and no this is not a sponsored post). Emmett and I use it for everything: tools, groceries, decor, books, etc. It’s definitely one of our go-to resources. A lot of…

Turkish Towels in Bathroom
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Best of Etsy : Turkish Towels

Last month, the Best of Etsy post featured cutting and serving boards. Apparently I can’t quit the kitchen decor because that led me down a rabbit hole of dish towels. Of course that led to all towels and here…