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Amazon Finds : Gift Wrap & Packaging - roomfortuesday.comI spent most of yesterday wrapping up the laundry room makeover I’ve been working on (I can’t wait to share) and at the end of the day- I went on a little gift wrap & packaging shopping spree on Amazon. Over the weekend, I had help putting up my tree and now that it’s looking gorgeous (another blog post I’m eager to share), I feel like the base is lonely without at least a couple packages down there. I can never seem to turn my design brain off and it feels out of balance. I wanted to get a jump start and order gift wrap… or maybe even wrap a few faux presents for styling purposes so my tree doesn’t look so lonely or top heavy. All of that to say- I rounded up the very best packaging on Amazon late last night and wanted to share! Most of it actually works for any holiday or occasion. I don’t usually gravitate toward “Christmas” looking things. Click through to see what I found.

Click directly on my finds below to shop or use the numbered links at the bottom…

01: kraft wrapping paper // 02: maroon velvet ribbon // 03: boxes with magnetic closure // 04: gift box with bow // 05: gift tags // 06: marbled paper // 07: large white gift box // 08: black & white ribbon // 09: felt basket // 10: two inch velvet ribbon // 11: matte wrapping paper // 12: kraft gift bags // 13: satin ribbon // 14: copper scissors // 15: pre-tied bows // 16: chevron ribbon // 17: tissue paper // 18: gift basket with filler // 19: striped tissue paper // 20: white paper gift bag // 21: box set with bakers twine // 22: gift wrap set // 23: silver velvet ribbon // 24: crinkle paper

90% of the items in the collage come in different colors, sizes, and quantities… it’s definitely worth clicking through if you’re shopping for something specific- like velvet ribbon, for example. #23 comes in multiple colors- you can see a preview of this exact ribbon in the stocking DIY I shared yesterday. Other things I love using from this roundup? Plain matte wrapping paper (#11) is super classic and easy to dress up with ribbon. I always buy #21 for neighbor gifts… I like to fill the boxes with holiday cookies, tie a bow with bakers twine, and spread the holiday cheer around our neighborhood. I also send professional gifts to my clients and any of these gift boxes are perfect for that: #3, #4, #7, or #18. They look classy and have magnetic closures. I’ve also found that the heavy gift boxes I just mentioned, look great repurposed in closets or on built-ins (which is why I prefer the neutral colors). I’m all about recycling gift wrap and packaging!

Amazon Finds : Gift Wrap & Packaging - roomfortuesday.comThe above image is from last year. We had just moved into our new house and I quickly put up our tree and wrapped two gifts to make it feel more homey. What you’re not seeing is a giant stack of moving boxes in the background. Haha! It’s hard to believe that same room now looks like this. I’ll have another One Room Challenge update for you guys tomorrow… spoiler alert- we have millwork! It’s also weird seeing my hair looking so long in that photo, since I recently had it chopped. A lot has happened in a year! I digress… remember when I shared this easy DIY gift wayyy back in 2016? I still like this idea and would like to do these again- maybe this time with sophisticated velvet ribbon (#10).

Amazon Finds : Gift Wrap & Packaging - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re interested in more of my Amazon Finds, I’ll link some previous posts below. You can also shop my Amazon storefront, where I curate my best finds!

I know I’m talking holiday a little early this year, but I’m trying to get organized and share ideas before it’s actually time to start decorating! Happy Tuesday, friends. I hope this was helpful if you’re also in the market for gift wrap or enjoy pretty packaging!

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  1. A beautifully wrapped gift always seems extra special. I can enjoy creating the presentation as much as shopping for the gift! On one hand, talking holiday seems early (It’s before Thanksgiving!). On the other hand, we have 19 school days until Christmas break?! Sometimes the weeks become a blur.
    See you tomorrow for that millwork update! XO

    1. Speaking of gifts… I’ll send you tracking for your package ASAP. I didn’t make it to the post office over the weekend, but it’s all packaged and ready to go :) Stay tuned! You’re SO close to Christmas break… the 19 day countdown begins. Yay!

  2. Waking up to this post might be better than Christmas morning! Maybe not, but definitely a close second! I’m up in Canada, and Thanksgiving is looong over for us, so Christmas posts can’t come early enough in my mind!

    My office is currently filled with half wrapped gifts – I started on November 1st, but this is giving me serious inspiration!

    One thing I don’t have is ribbon, so I’m looking forward to picking out a few colours from this guide! What colour is #13? In your post it looks like a delicious coppery/brown colour, but I didn’t see anything like it on the Amazon page?

    Lovely round up as always, I can’t wait to see more of your house decorated!

    1. I love that you’re in the Christmas spirit, Carly! I wish American Thanksgiving was earlier so we had more time to enjoy each separate holiday. Haha! Color #13 is “dark olive”… it’s the 8th swatch over on the Amazon link. So many pretty colors to choose from- I love that one! xo

  3. Luxury paper is one of the best reasons to buy a years worth of non season specific designs this time of year. The selection and price is better at Christmas. I like to wrap as I go in case my hiding place is stumbled upon.

    I encourage everyone to embrace the empty tree. Get a great tree skit, hang ornaments low, or stick the tree in a great container. I do this for two reasons. My now 17 and 15 year old boys still love the “magic” of presents appearing and stockings filling overnight. The other and most important is that the tree awaiting gifts (empty) is a reminder of the season of expectant waiting, the time of prayerful preparation for the gift of Christ. It’s is so easy to get busy and overwhelmed this time of year, but that change of focus is so important.

    Thanks for all you do!

    1. It’s true! I like to hoard pretty gift wrap and use it throughout the year. Great idea on the empty tree, Paige :) Minimalism and meaning, all in one. xox

  4. Found some pretty olive green colored ribbon thanks to you! And those magnetic boxes are a great idea! My family makes fun of me because I take back the ribbon after they have opened their presents….yep, because otherwise they throw it away! I am a huge recycler of ribbon. I love to gift wrap but am the worst about waiting till the day or night before. My favorite tissue paper is from Costco. I go through so much during the holidays that their package lasts me a year and it is so economical.
    I like Paige’s idea about the reason or focus for the season…so true!
    The wait is killing me on seeing your laundry room! Have a great Tuesday!

    1. Yay!! Happy to hear that, Danna. I don’t let my friends or fam throw away ribbon either, haha! We’re in the same boat. It’s just too pretty to be trashed when I could use it for something else. I’ll have to check out the Costco tissue paper- thanks for the tip. The laundry room is still in progress- my material hasn’t arrived yet. Womp womp! xox