2019 Holiday Gift Guide : Stocking Stuffers

2019 Holiday Gift Guide : Stocking Stuffers - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! I have a couple more holiday gift guides to share this holiday season. If you missed the BIG one- check it out here. This one is filled with little, easy items that will put a smile on someone’s face AND fit your budget. Those are kind of the best gifts, right? Click through for small gifts by price point- under $5, under $10, under $15, and under $25 that make great stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, small tokens of appreciate for your neighbors, etc. Hopefully this is helpful if you’re still shopping!

Please use the numbered links at the bottom of each collage to shop. Unfortunately, the widget I use to link the product images (so you can click directionally on each item) is temporarily broken. I’m working to get it resolved ASAP, because I know that’s most convenient for you.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide : Stocking Stuffers - roomfortuesday.com

  1. BEARD GROOMING SET // I picked this set up for Emmett at Target last week on a whim, and he says it’s working well! It’d make a great, easy gift for the bearded men in your life.
  2. TEA TOWEL // I stock up on pretty tea towels (along with my hand soap collection), because they make great gifts! I’ll tie them to baked goods for neighbors, or create a set with related kitchen items for hosting gifts.
  3. FIREWOOD CANDLE // During the winter, I’m all about cozy scented candles to warm up a home. These also make inexpensive, thoughtful gifts & stocking stuffers.
  4. TASSEL KEYCHAIN // I have a tassel keychain that helps me keep track of my keys. It’s easier to find when I’m digging through my bottomless purse. Last year, I got these for all of my girlfriends.
  5. HOT COCOA MIX // ‘Tis the season! Bring on the snow and hot cocoa that accompanies it.
  6. EXFOLIATING CHAPSTICK // This is my new go-to. I bought it solely based on the reviews and it did not disappoint! For $4, this makes an excellent stocking stuffer.
  7. BUTTER TOFFEE POPCORN // I always bought this for my Dad. It was his favorite and reminds me of him! I buy it every season and find it’s also a great party gift. Who doesn’t love munching on snacks?
  8. CLARIFYING FACE MASK // I’ll take allllll the face masks this season, please & thank you.
  9. HAND CREAM // This beautiful $5 hand cream is sure to be a hit this winter. I bought some last month and keep it in my bag at all times.
  10. MONOGRAMMED MUG // Personalized gifts are always a good idea.
  11. INK PEN SET // I’m a sucker for nice ink pens… tie a ribbon around this set and you’re good to gift!
  12. REUSABLE STRAW SET // If you’re trying to convince a friend or family member to make the switch from plastic, give them a little nudge with this reusable straw set.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide : Stocking Stuffers - roomfortuesday.com

  1. HORN BOWL // This horn bowl looks wayyyy more expensive than it is. The design & decor lovers in your life would be into this, I’m certain.
  2. BRASS MEASURING CUPS // Know someone who enjoys baking? These measuring cups are almost too pretty to use.
  3. MARBLE COASTERS // I own a few sets of coasters and they’re all stone! I love this modern marble option.
  4. BEANIE // I’m digging the look of this affordable, unisex beanie.
  5. MINI BAR COCKTAIL CARDS // 100 essential cocktail recipes in the form of flashcards to keep at the mini bar!
  6. STAINLESS STEEL TRAVEL MUG // I considered getting this for Emmett, then realized he has way too many travel mugs. Ha!
  7. CERAMIC MUG SET (4) // All four ceramic coffee mugs for under $10! I’m into the modern shape and think these look like they cost a lot more.
  8. DOPP KIT // Know of anyone who could use a classic dopp kit?
  9. WINE STOPPER & POURER // I have four of these and use them ALL. THE. TIME. This is the best invention ever and the wine drinkers will love it- trust me.
  10. BOTTLE OPENER // This “Happy Hour” bottle opener is so pretty. I kind of want one for myself!
  11. WIRELESS MOUSE // I switched to a wireless mouse about four years ago and there is no turning back.
  12. DIFFUSER & CANDLE SET // This is another set you could totally tie a bow around and call it done! Ready to gift.
  13. TURKISH TOWEL // Another turkish towel to add to my collection for gifting. Shocker, I know.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide : Stocking Stuffers - roomfortuesday.com

  1. MONOGRAMMED MARBLE COASTERS // More coasters, more monograms… do you sense a theme here? I swear, they make the best practical gift!
  2. PASHMINA SCARF // I love traveling with this! It comes in a bunch of colors.
  3. LIP MASK // The lip mask with a cult following- just check out the reviews. There is no such thing as winter lips when you use this!
  4. BRASS TEASPOONS // These would be fun tied to a mug with artisanal tea. I’m digging the dramatic spoon shape.
  5. MODERN PLANTER // Pop a poinsettia in here and call it done! I might actually do this for our neighbors this year.
  6. COLLAPSIBLE COFFEE CUP // I bought a few of these for gifting this year- as well as one for myself. Again, lots of colors and sizes to choose from!
  7. PORTABLE CHARGER // This universal portable charger is great for friends, family, and co-workers on the go. I always have my portable charger on hand.
  8. MONOGRAMMED LEATHER CATCHALL // I bought this for my brother last year, as he was going off to grad school. Now that he’s teaching his own class, his desk looks a little more organized and professional. Ha!
  9. MARBLE CHEESE SLICER // This is another classic gift that could easily be layered…. a bottle of wine, a nice cheese, and this pretty marble slicer! Easy peasy.
  10. BRASS TRAY // I’m a collector of trays. I love them for styling and think they make great gifts.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide : Stocking Stuffers - roomfortuesday.com

  1. BATH BOMB SET // I’m kind of a bath bomb / bath salt snob. This collection contains all of my favorites… and as a bonus- they’re boxed and ready to gift.
  2. AMAZON GIFT CARDS // The pickiest people in my life receive Amazon gift cards from me. It’s so much easier and I know they’ll be used & appreciated. I just ordered these to stuff in a couple Christmas cards I’m about to mail out.
  3. BLUETOOTH SPEAKER // This small bluetooth speaker has wonderful reviews and is very affordable in comparison to competitors.
  4. NEST CANDLE // The Nest votive candles are my all-time fave. Hearth is my favorite holiday scent, but there are multiple to choose from! It’s an easy win.
  5. CUTTING BOARD // A solid wood cutting board for under $25? Sign me up! Pair it with a tea towel, cookbook, or hand soap to expand the gift.
  6. STONEWARE PITCHER // This gorgeous stoneware pitcher would look great with a bow on the handle as a holiday gift.
  7. TAROT CARDS // One of my best friends has these exact tarot cards and I make her bring them to all of my dinner parties. It’s so fun to read cards with friends! This deck is exceptionally beautiful.
  8. THROW BLANKET // Throw blankets are perfect cozy holiday gifts. This one comes in a variety of colors.
  9. HOUSE SLIPPERS // I just bought these house slippers (again, based on reviews) and they are incredible!
  10. MARBLE SALT & PEPPER SET // How pretty is this salt & pepper set? It’s black nero marble.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide : Stocking Stuffers - roomfortuesday.comI hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with winter and holiday fun! Emmett and I are planning to get lots of work done on the formal living room (hopefully we can get the beams up), and I’m baking holiday cookies with neighbors. Let’s make it a good one!

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  1. Such a great selection of desirable items! I can honestly say, with the exception of the beard grooming set or the travel mug, I would love to receive everything in this round up! (And actually, my super short hair might like the beard products…🤣) This collection proves that you really can find beautiful, high-quality tokens for very little. (Sidenote: as a lefty, why have I never purchased a wireless mouse for my school computer?) Have a deliciously productive weekend! Your story the other day has inspired me to make my nana’s sugar cookies! But I’m also very excited for your cookie swap next week!!

    1. Speaking of short hair, I just read Zoe Kravitz got a pixie cut- you’re very on trend (per usual)! As a lefty, you definitely need a wireless mouse- that would be a game changer for you at school. Happy baking this weekend :)

  2. Love, love going through your gift suggestions!! So much fun and such a time saver. Thanks Sarah–happy baking!

    1. I so love hearing that Beth :) I’m really glad you enjoy these and they’re proving to be helpful! Have a great weekend.

  3. Great compilation, Sarah! Snapping up a few things for friends and family… and probably for myself ;)

    1. Thank you Madeline! So happy it was helpful :)

  4. Wow! Thank you so much for some of these! I’m actually excited for Christmas this year! Also, totally unrelated, but I love your collages! Do you use Photoshop? You’ve inspired me… I kind of want to create one of these collages for myself so I can keep this year’s gift lists visual and all in one place. Would love to know!