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Amazon Finds : Affordable Barware - roomfortuesday.comIt’s the season of indoor and outdoor entertaining, and I just filled our new custom cabinets with their belongings as we wrap up the kitchen remodel. I didn’t realize just how much barware we had until I filled two GIANT counter to ceiling cabinets. I have a thing for glassware and pretty barware, so it’s no surprise that things have accumulated over the years. If you also love entertaining, playing host / hostess, or are just starting your own home bar, this post is for you! Click through for a giant roundup of my favorite, but more importantly- affordable barware from Amazon.

I’m a details person, so when hosting a dinner party or cocktail hour for friends, I like to make an impression with napkins, stylized decanters, vintage glassware, etc. All of that adds up though… and before you know it, you’ve spent a lot of money on a little party. If you don’t have the luxury of collecting these items over time, I thought an affordable barware post could be really helpful- especially given if you’re in a time crunch. Prime shipping can get these items to your home within a day or two. Let’s get to it!

Amazon Finds : Affordable Barware -


First up, my favorite glass decanters. Decanters aren’t just for liquor! I like putting lots of different liquids in decanters… from mouthwash for a beautiful bathroom display to homemade syrups that display nicely on your countertop, they’re really gorgeous and look MUCH more expensive than they actually are. All of these are under $30!

To shop the collections in this post, simply click on each product!

I could buy glass decanters all day long. Whether they’re styled in a cabinet, on a cart, or left out on your countertop- you can’t go wrong. Decanters instantly create a classic and timeless vignette.


Next up, cocktail shakers… the essentials for craft cocktails. In the summer it doesn’t get easier than a mojito or julep bar. In fact, I was supposed to host a Kentucky Derby party this weekend, but sadly our kitchen isn’t finished in time and the One Room Challenge is taking over our lives, so it’s not happening anymore. Next year, you better believe I’ll be shaking up mint juleps for my pals and watching the ponies. Fun fact- did you know Emmett and I both grew up riding horses in Kentuckiana? We used to barrel race against each other. I digress…

Amazon Finds : Affordable Barware -

Check out my favorite shakers below:

I have three stainless steel shakers (which is probably 2 too many), and I’m here to say- you can’t go wrong with the classics. These also make great gifts for your friends who also love entertaining!

Amazon Finds : Affordable Barware -

I C E    B U C K E T S

I didn’t think I’d use my ice bucket all that often, but it turns out- it’s one of the staples in my bar cabinet. Even if you’re not having alcoholic drinks, it’s an easy addition to any party where drinks are being served.

The bar is definitely a place to insert your aesthetic or personality! They’re actually one of my favorite things to style because of the gorgeous barware.

Amazon Finds : Affordable Barware -

B O T T L E    O P E N E R S

Emmett and I have a weird thing about bottle openers… for some reason we started bringing them home from vacations, so we probably have 9-10 of them in our bar cabinet. They always make for a fun conversation. Emmett’s favorite is the one shaped like a brass shark from our honeymoon. Our friends have also gifted monogrammed ones to him as thoughtful groomsmen gifts, so he gets sentimental about the bottle openers and won’t let me discard any of the extras.

Do you guys also collect bottle openers? I feel like maybe it’s more common than most people think? I tend to gravitate toward the pretty and simple ones, like #2, #6, and #9.

I’m not saying people won’t take away great memories from your dinner party without beautiful barware, but presentation and aesthetic certainly helps it feel more thoughtful, special, and memorable. I love setting up a beautiful bar or tablescape for my friends, and I know they appreciate it. It’s my treat to them!

My friend Aniko just finished a beautiful DIY bar wall, if you’re looking for a shelving bar tutorial- it’s really good and it would be super fun to fill it with all of these items. For more ‘Amazon Finds’ posts, click here. What should I scout out on Amazon next? Give me your ideas and I’ll use them for the next big roundup!

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  1. Lovely round up Sarah – but when is the kitchen posting coming?! Can’t wait to see it :).

    1. Thanks, Anne! It’s looking like the kitchen reveal will happen at the beginning of June. xox