Roundup: Cake Stands

Roundup: Cake
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Good day, design friends! Peggi here. Happy first Friday of Spring! Are we all beginning to thaw? Although both rain clouds and muddy paws are currently abundant, I’m grateful for the advent of warmer temperatures. Of course, March finds me eagerly anticipating garden time (check this out if you are too!), but today’s post features a completely different topic: cake stands. What might seem a notably niche item is surprisingly useful to the frequent baker, avid entertainer or creative tablescaper. Click through if this sounds like you or someone you know (because they make splendid gifts!).

Roundup: Cake
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Much like Sarah, the kitchen is my happy place; my love for baking cakes dates back to…let’s say middle school. I clearly remember following the instructions in our orange-covered Betty Crocker cookbook to create a cat cake from two eight-inch layers. I proudly delivered my chocolate creation to the little girl next door. Fast forward to a new century (ouch), and I essentially foist birthday cakes on my friends. As it happens, three of my favorite ladies were born in spring, so cake stands pop into my consciousness around this time.

Roundup: Cake
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Before we discuss styling, let’s take a gander at this lovely cake stand collection.

Click right on the images to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop my finds.

01: vintage acorn pedestal // 02: vintage glass tortoiseshell // 03: vintage pierced metal // 04: iridescent floral // 05: acrylic tortoiseshell // 06: teak root cake stand // 07: green lily pad // 08: mini handmade ceramic // 09: handmade confetti stand // 10: vintage midcentury marbleware // 11: square lenox // 12: handmade stoneware // 13: classic marble // 14: black and white enamelware // 15: set of 3 wood and metal stands // 16: conical wood stand //

Welp. I should have titled this post “Gimme All the Cake Stands.” I can envision confections and occasions for each one, but I’ll aim for brevity. Number 1 has obvious autumnal vibes. Hello, Thanksgiving! I could satisfy my tortoiseshell dreams with #2 or #5. Adorably speckled #9 comes in four other pretty pastel shades for all your colorful festivities. And finally, I can’t resist the edgy, rustic drama of #16. In case you are a restrained human who only desires one versatile and beautiful cake stand, I hope you’ll spy several options here.

Roundup: Cake
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If you are a person who doesn’t eat cake (surely that is not a thing), don’t worry. Cake stands can certainly hold other treats. Consider elevating your appetizers, cookies or charcuterie; virtually any food you’d present on a platter could happily occupy a loftier spot. Especially if you’re arranging a buffet table or dessert station, serving pieces of differing heights create visual interest and facilitate easy access. You may even need more than one. Wink.

Roundup: Cake
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Cake stands also provide an attractive raised corral for objects besides comestibles. A group of candles or a floral arrangement can sit above the action on the dining table. Exhibit and protect your shells, rocks or other treasures with a glass-domed version. I also adore them styled simply on open kitchen shelves or in a vintage china cabinet, their natural habitat. 

Roundup: Cake
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Do you really need cake stands? No, but I think they enhance the presentation and sweeten the celebration. Plus, pretty. Ha! Besides, all the love you pour into those delicious treats deserves to be put on a pedestal. So, where are my fellow bakers? Does anyone have an enviable cake stand collection? I’d love to hear. I’m wishing you all a fantastic Pizza Friday and glorious weekend. Until next time, friends.

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  1. Good Morning Peggi 🌞
    Ooh who doesn’t love a gorgeous cake stand, it’s like a piece of art, so sculptural and so many material options. While I’m not a baker I do love displaying a bunch of goodies on a lovely cake stand as I have an incredible sweet tooth. You have rounded up an enviable bunch and as I have kitchens on my mind you’ve included some beautiful spaces to keep me motivated ☺️ I’m immediately drawn to #13 the classic marble, so timeless and beautiful 😍 Also your vintage options are stunning and so incredibly unique, #2 is my absolute favorite. I have a decent number of stands I think about 8. They vary in size and are either crystal or glass. My favorite one is vintage I inherited from my grandmother, it’s on the smallish side made of pressed glass. I sometimes stack a small one onto a larger stand for say sandwiches and sweet treats in a party or holiday setting. It makes a lovely display and gives me the “high tea” vibe. You are right you can use these in so many decorative ways. My smaller ones sometimes elevate a candle or an herb plant. I have a black glass one that resides on a console table I decorate with the seasons. It’s a very fun accessory that can be be utilized anywhere I think. And I have one with a dome that resides in the corner of my kitchen counter as it’s so large there isn’t any other spot for it. When it’s filled with treats it makes the best and tastiest display 😋
    As always Peggi your post is a delightful read and inspiration. I envy your affection for baking and would love to be your neighbor 😝 I bet you whip up the most delicious cakes and treats. Yum!
    I have kitchen planning on my mind as when I return to Canada I need to get motivated and finish my kitchen makeover project. Your post has inspired my thoughts around display and styling. Maybe I’ll even bake something today 😜 Wishing you a beautiful day friend ❤️ Happy baking!

    1. Good morning, Colleen! I’m not surprised that you have a lovely collection of classic crystal and glass, including a special heirloom! I also appreciate your faves from the roundup. Timeless choices, indeed. Regardless of who did the baking, a cake stand piled with goodies is irresistible- my favorite kind of styling. Ha. Rest assured, if you were my neighbor, I’d help keep your glass-domed beauty stocked. I love your idea of stacking the stands, definitely high tea vibes! They really do add a special tabletop touch. I’m happy to provide a little inspiration and motivation for your kitchen renovation! Even though projects are exciting, I definitely need intermittent enthusiasm boosts. I tend to get stuck in the dreaming phase or the boring work phase. Lol. And kitchens require SO much planning! You know we’re all here to cheer you on! Happy Pizza Friday! I hope you have a glorious weekend, friend! 💜

  2. Happy Friday Peggi! Enjoyed your post about cake stands. You have shared a great selection of different styles. If I am honest, I have a weakness for them. I too have a vintage crystal one like Colleen from my grandmother. Marble, silver and wood stands are some of my favorite. Baking a cake is not easy (especially for me) so when you have masterly baked a delicious treat, a cake stand is the perfect way to display your creation. In my case it would be to try to hide the flaws and enhance the delectable. Lol!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hello, Danna! Happy Pizza Friday to you! I’m excited that you’re a fellow baker and cake stand appreciator. Most of mine are colored glass, but I am definitely coveting several wooden and silver versions. I’d love to find just the right majolica one someday too. How fortunate that you also inherited a treasure! I at least have some cherished family recipes. As for “hiding the flaws,” I think we judge our efforts much too harshly (probably due to the perfection of Instagram…). I bet your cakes are beautiful, delicious, and wonderfully appreciated. It’s a labor of love, after all. Thanks for sharing and have a stupendous weekend!💜

  3. Good morning Peggi! I’m late to the cake stand smoke show but gladly devoured the selection you’ve included here. Would you believe I only own one cake stand? It’s a marble beauty that typically corals my oils, butter dish, and salt & pepper mills- rarely put to use, but it’s gorgeous. I have been hunting for a pink depression glass cake stand- my grandmother had one for years and a family member inherited it when she passed- it was my favorite. One day I’ll find one that’s just similar enough. I love the wood iterations you’ve shown here, but #4, 9, and 13 speak to me the most. Cake stands definitely remind me of spring and Easter celebrations with the family. I’m envious of your baking talents- I’m great at the baking part; not so much when it comes to decorating. My little baker girl has taught me a few cake decorating tricks though, so at least someone in the family knows how to pull it off, ha! I hope your weather has started warming up. We’re home from our trip escapades and though the temperatures are cooler we have sunshine. Rocky is pleased. Apparently it rained the entire time we were gone so between not having his people and being stuck in rain he was a very depressed boy. As always, thank you for such a lovely springtime post, and I hope your weekend was wonderful and your week is off to a glorious start!

    1. Good morning Lauren! Happy to hear that you made it home safely from your epic escapades. Hopefully, Rocky has forgiven you. Ha. If you’re only going to own one cake stand, make it a gorgeous marble one! I have a beautiful blue depression glass stand that I adore. I’ve always loved depression glass! If you know the pattern of your grandmother’s piece, one probably wouldn’t be too difficult to find. I’ve had my heart set on a pink milk glass stand for ages; I passed on a stunning square version at the antique mall a few years ago in a fit of frugality. Cue regret. Of course, I’m down with your collage choices. #4 and #9 are definitely bringing the Easter celebration vibes. I actually think they might be super cute together on a table. What I love most though is that you’ve got a little baker! Maybe it’s the beginning of a lifelong passion for kitchen creativity and experimentation! (no pressure though!) Spring has been springing over here *eye roll*, but we’ve not suffered catastrophic rains or epic snows like others…so I’ll keep my whining to myself. I’m just wishing us all some pleasant, moderate weather. Also wishing you a smooth re-entry to post vacation life! Ha. Happy day, friend!