Roundup : 2020 Planners

Roundup : 2020 Planners - roomfortuesday.comAt the beginning of each year, I really enjoy starting a fresh planner. I’m the type of gal who likes to list make and write everything down- in addition to keeping a digital calendar. For those of you organized people in the same boat, I thought a roundup of my favorite planners would be a great way to kick off the year! Click through to see my favorites and to see which one I bought this year. 

Roundup : 2020 Planners - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on my finds below to shop or use the numbered links at the bottom of each collage…

01: best year ever planner // 02: natural planner // 03: marigold planner // 04: leather planner // 05: spiral planner // 06: wtf planner // 07: black planner // 08: weekly planner // 09: petite planner // 10: wild cats planner // 11: dotted planner // 12: blue planner // 13: gray planner // 14: white planner // 15: day planner // 16: basic planner // 17: chambray planner // 18: cornflower planner

I ended up with #2 and #8 this year, but I’ve used #3 and #14 in the past… both of which, I liked! I keep my planner on my desk 24/7, so I prefer a planner that looks aesthetically pleasing and fits with my office decor.

Roundup : 2020 Planners - roomfortuesday.comAre you the type of person who keeps a physical planner, digital calendar, or both? I fall into “the both” category, but I prefer a physical planner over anything else. I get so much gratification from writing things down, recording important dates, and crossing things off. It makes me feel so good. Here’s to a fresh planner and a year of fun ahead to fill it up! If you’re looking for a free option, my friend Bre just shared a 2020 modern printable calendar that looks beautiful… just another option. Let’s do this 2020.

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  1. Happy New Year! I have to admit that I’ve never really been busy enough for a planner.🤣 Also, my teacher brain thinks of the year from September to August, not January to December! I have a giant desk calendar at work that is vital, and I invariably just slap my personal appointments on that. I do, however, love to make lists! All kinds of lists! So many lists! I’ve come to view it as a creative outlet. (#weirdo) I recently received a lovely new project book (Thanks!), so this will be the year of all my lists in one place. I’m curious why you get 2 planners. Do you keep one for personal and one for business? One for your desk and one for your bag? I’m wildly fascinated by uber organized people. Happy… What day is it?!💖

    1. Happy New Year!! If I had a big desk, I’d totally want a desk calendar. I can definitely relate to the list making… that is my jam too! It’s so rewarding. For the planners, I normally only have one- but someone sent me one for the holidays, so I’m thinking I’ll do a personal planner (to keep in my bag) and a business planner (for my desk). We shall see!

  2. Dana Moss says:

    Ahhh planner obssessed over here! I used to customize my own in a Filofax planner–designing templates, printing out the pages, making dividers, etc. because I couldn’t find anything that fit everything that I wanted in just one planner. But it got to be too much for me. This year I’ve gone paperless and started using a digital planner in the GoodNotes app on my iPad and it’s been incredible! It’s the perfect blend for me. I love that I have the phyiscal planner feel by using my apple pencil to write down tasks, lists, appointments, but I have the breeze of having my digital calendar right there with me at all times. Plus the minimalist and funtional design of it is great–it looks just like a phyiscal planner (and I can still use stickers digitally–I love my stickers lol).

    1. That sounds intense but amazing, Dana! I don’t have the new iPad / one with an apple pencil, otherwise I could probably be convinced to go paperless. I think what I like most is crossing things off. Maybe it’s time to upgrade my tablet tech :)

  3. Kerri Hansen says:

    I also LOVE having a physical planner to write things down and plan/organize my time. I started using Day Designer a few years ago, and now can’t live without it. I have 3 kids and run my own interior decorating business and blog, and my schedule runs on the minute, lol. I like the hour-by-hour feature on the side so I can see all the appointments and hard deadlines on there and work around that. The good notes app that Dana mentioned sounds really cool though, if I was ever to go completely digital that would be a great option!

    1. Oooh! I haven’t heard of that one. Thanks for sharing Kerri! I feel like scheduling my day by the hour would probably be helpful. I also agree that Dana’s app sounds amazing. I wish I had a newer tablet so I could test it out. Happy New Year! xo

  4. Great list of planners. I just use a desk top calendar that the whole family can see and add whatever they need to. My kids are all teens and older so this really helps. But I’m definitely a list person so I keep a separate notebook for those.

    1. Thanks Liz! That sounds like optimal organization for your family :) Happy New Year!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Have you ever tried bullet journalling? I’ve always wanted to, but haven’t yet. I honestly only use digital calendars for any kind of meaningful planning. I put major events on a year-at-a-glance calendar, and have a monthly desk calendar mostly just as decor (and I sometimes check the date on it? haha).

    1. I haven’t tried bullet journaling, Stephanie! I like keeping both a written and digital calendar.

  6. #15 was a game changer for me this year!

    1. Yes!! So glad to hear that :)

  7. It’s interesting the planners each person picks..paper, app, etc. I don’t know if I could ever go completely paperless so yes I am a spiral notebook/desk calendar girl! I use my calendar on my phone but it does not remind me very well of some things so I have a trust issue with digital ones. I am open to some of the suggestions that others posted like the GoodNotes app…curious! I still do paper lists for groceries even though my Echo Show keeps a list of items.
    We have a family dry erase board (2 to be exact) in our pantry for upcoming activities, etc. The past couple of years I bought an 18 month planner to be frustrated because several months get wasted because you have to start a new one. This year I purchased and Erin Condren 12 month planner that I designed the cover. I went neutral (calm is what I was going for) on the inside pages. I really like the neutral choices you picked.
    Happy New Year Gibson’s! Can’t wait to read all the fun things you do in 2020!

    1. I agree, Danna! I have trust issues with digital. I like have two copies… one of them being a physical / hard copy. I also do written grocery lists- there’s just something about writing and crossing things out that I like. How did I not know I could make a grocery list on my Echo Show?! Thanks for the tip! Happy New Year :)

  8. Sarah, just saw that you were 2nd place for CLJ Homebody Awards for “In Progress”! Congrats. In my opinion you are winners because your space is soooo good…even in progress!

    1. Thank you so much!! Really appreciate that, Danna :) xo

  9. I recently found GoldenCoil and I love how I can personalize it. I like to have lined pages between each week for meeting notes and a spot for my to-do list and GoldenCoil lets me do that. Plus they have the prettiest covers and nice thick paper without any bleedthrough.

    1. Oooh cool! I haven’t heard of them, but am excited to check it out. Thanks Kate!

  10. When I use it, I love my Passion Planner. 🤦‍♀️ Thanks for the reinforcement to getting back to using it! Thankfully I have the undated one. 😌

    1. So many people have been recommending the Passion Planner! I’m behind the times and need to get one :)