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Holiday Gift Guide : Part 1

I figured lots of you (myself included), are beginning to make shopping lists and are planning to take advantage of Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales next week after Thanksgiving. I wanted to get the Room for Tuesday annual gift guide live as early as possible in hopes to inspire some fun gifting ideas! This year, I’m doing things a little different though… rather than one GIANT (and slightly overwhelming) gift guide, I’m going to release a new gift guide segment every Friday, now through December 14th. First up, you’ll find gifts for the decorators, culinary enthusiasts, tech collectors, boss lady business women, and the outdoorsy guys in your life. Click through to see lots of curated gifting items!

Before we dive in, I spent a ton of time reading about products and there are some super cool items in the mix this year! Rather than talking about why I like each one and making this post too lengthy, I thought I’d let you click and discover them for yourself.

To shop, click directly on each item, or use the numbered products at the bottom of each collage. Not all items were eligible to be linked as an image, but everything is linked in the numbered section if you aren’t able to click through… just a heads up!

01: cara portrait // 02: candle votive set // 03: green tassel pillow // 04: velvet cushion cover // 05: mini matte black lamp // 06: decorative marble chain // 07: modern vase // 08: textured dish // 09: botanical print // 10: bust statue // 11: monokle candle // 12: aera home diffuser // 13: soft throw // 14: della rug

I’ve been saving all sorts of inspiring decor for our upcoming move, but in addition to the new things I’m coveting, you’ll also find old favorites- like art created by my friends. Shopping for home decor gifts can be daunting, but I’m confident everything in the roundup above would be a hit for the interior design lovers in your life.

01: wooden cutting board // 02: mini oven mit // 03: glass canisters // 04: copper kitchen timer // 05: marble cutting board // 06: kitchenaid stand mixer // 07: cute recipe cards // 08: oil & vinegar set // 09: stoneware salad bowl // 10: cooking school book // 11: glass teapot // 12: lockjaw knives // 13: measuring cup set // 14: kitchen towel set // 15: bread box

The culinary gift guide makes me want to take some cooking class in 2019 or put my tools and cookware to good use! Anyone else? I’ve tried to mix affordable items with larger products, so there’s a nice range for varying budgets.

01: phillips pocket projector // 02: crosley bluetooth speaker // 03: marble iPhone charging station // 04: bose bluetooth headphones // 05: robovac pet edition // 06: sonos wireless speaker with alexa // 07: tech portfolio organizer // 08: nest learning thermostat // 09: apple airpods // 10: sonicare smart toothbrush // 11: nest video doorbell // 12: wireless charger // 13: frame tv

I’ll admit, I’m not very tech savvy, but I did ask lots of friends what was on their tech wishlist this season. I just purchased the pet robovac for myself and Emmett is trying to convince me we need to upgrade our TV since ours is going on eleven years old. Yikes, he might be right.

01: hidden agenda notebook // 02: minimal wall calendar // 03: task lamp // 04: temperature controlled mug // 05: feminist pencil set // 06: classic wrist watch // 07: leather desk accessories // 08: brass scissors // 09: productivity daily planner // 10: 200 women who will change the way you see the world // 11: brass ruler set // 12: shopper tote // 13: merlot infused coffee

I just bought a leather desk mat for my office reveal and I’m kicking myself because I like #7 much better than the one I ended up with. Argh, don’t you hate when that happens? For all my fellow boss business ladies and professionals, hopefully you’ll find something you love from the roundup.

01: carhartt beanie // 02: glass water bottle // 03: smoker gift set // 04: yeti tundra cooler // 05: wilderness first aid kit // 06: spartan watch // 07: bourbon infused coffee // 08: outdoor speaker // 09: multi-tool // 10: trailblazer headlamp // 11: patagonia down jacket // 12: classic wool sweater // 13: sudski shower beer holder // 14: waterproof outdoor blanket // 15: hiking boots

Lastly, I asked Emmett to help me roundup goods for the outdoorsy guys. This is right up his alley, so if there’s a guy in your life who fits the description, these products have been vetted by my husband! Is it wrong that I want the “sudski” shower beer holder for myself? HA! I may or may not be joking.

If you’re wondering about the remaining gift guide schedule, here’s what you can expect…

Friday, November 23rd // the best Black Friday deals

Monday, November 26th // Cyber Monday steals

Friday, November 30th // gifts for pet parents, the fashion inspired, the handsome men in your life, jet setters, and those who love hosting

Friday, December 7th // gifts for kids, creatives, beauty junkies, the fitness inspired, and gifts under $30

Friday, December 14th // lastly, the series will conclude with 50 of my favorite stocking stuffers

I’ll also be sharing ways to give back, spread the holiday cheer, and a few of my personal goals this holiday season. Stay tuned! Everyone have a wonderful weekend- and happy shopping if you’re an early bird and are tackling your list sooner rather than later.

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  1. Hahahaha. That shower beer holder is hilarious. Who thinks of these things?? I love gift guides for this reason-so many interesting, fun (even ridiculous) products. Also, obviously some amazingly beautiful and useful ones. Those Lockjaw knives might have to go on MY wishlist. I look forward to your other guides. Cheers to Friday!

    1. Isn’t that comical?! ha! I also would like to know who comes up with these things and brings kooky products to fruition- that sounds like a fun job. The knives are gorgeous- I also have my eye on those. Happy Friday Peggi! xo

  2. This reminded me to buy the SO the carhartt beanie he mentioned liking months ago

    1. Emmett and I both have one of those beanies… love them! :)