The Best 2022 Memorial Day Sales (+ My Finds)

The Best 2022 Memorial Day Sales (+ My Finds) - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, and cheers to the holiday weekend ahead! I know it has been a long emotional week for everyone. I’m really looking forward to unplugging and spending time with loved ones this weekend. Our plan is to cook out, spend some time outside, be with friends, and also cross some chores off our to-do list… maybe even get started on the camper. Each Memorial Day weekend, I share a big list of the best sales (with discount codes) along with my top picks from each. I’ve been compiling this post for the past couple weeks and will continue to add to it throughout the weekend. If you are hoping to shop & save this weekend, I hope this blog post is helpful, but as I always say- please never feel any pressure to spend money or shop… especially if it’s not on your mind right now, or within your budget. My goal is always to provide inspiration, helpful information, and share good deals in regards to interiors and all things pertaining to home. I enjoy compiling these lists and browsing all the beautiful things. We’re running our biggest sale of the year at Tuesday Made this weekend, so that discount code is also included for you as well. I truly appreciate you using my links and supporting our shop & small business, if you are in the market for anything. I’m sending you a big heartfelt thank you! That means so much.  Click through for the entire list and my finds, if you’re interested… 

The Best 2022 Memorial Day Sales (+ My Finds) - roomfortuesday.comAlright… first up, our Tuesday Made Sale! Take 20% off sitewide on all orders, using code SUMMER20. I’m going to share some of my current favorite things & best-sellers below…

The Best 2022 Memorial Day Sales (+ My Finds) - roomfortuesday.com01: nautical cup set // 02: woven candle // 03: sphere no.2 pendant // 04: the perfect kitchen book // 05: nero marble brush set // 06: glazed handle vase // 07: french milled bar soap // 08: tuesday made tote // 09: jasper wall sconce // 10: olive branch // 11: mustard herringbone throw // 12: round wood serving board // 13: old fashioned glass // 14: french still life // 15: scallop edge marble dish // 16: botanical blue & white dish // 17: classic taupe tassel // 18: leather tassel bottle opener // 19: petite white hydrangea // 20: woven handle basket // 21: ceramic mini tart dish set // 22: chambray kitchen towel // 23: brass double handle vase // 24: notched corner easel // 25: porcelain floral diffuser // 26: cici vintage rug // 27: glass hurricane

The discount code for our shop also includes lighting! The only thing it doesn’t apply to is made-to-order artwork. We’ve been adding so many beautiful new arrivals & vintage items to the shop this spring, plus- I also just moved lots to our sale section (the discount code will give you an additional 20% off sale items). You’ve probably seen most everything in the collage floating around my house. Ready to move onto the big list? Keep scrolling to see my favorites and save the discount codes, if you’re planning on shopping this weekend.

The Best 2022 Memorial Day Sales (+ My Finds) -
jordan’s beautiful sideboard styling
Annie Selke

20% off sitewide, in-stock items, using code MEMORIAL22. Until June 1st.



20% off sitewide, plus double rewards.



Birch Lane

20% off sitewide using code SUMMER.



Outdoor sale and up to 30% off, plus double rewards… for five days only.


Crate & Barrel

Up to 20% back in rewards dollars.



Up to 50% off sitewide.


Jayson Home

Take 15% off everything with code: SAVE15.


The Laundress

25% off almost everything- use code: MDW25.


Mark & Graham

Warehouse sale: up to 70% off.


McGee & Co

Up to 25% off sitewide.



Up to 60% off, through June 5th.


One Kings Lane

25% off site wide.



Up to 70% off thousands of items.



20% off everything.


Pottery Barn

Up to 50% off all outdoor.



Save up to 70%, plus get free shipping with code: FREESHIP.


Serena & Lily

20% off sitewide with code: WAVES.



Up to 70% off.


The Best 2022 Memorial Day Sales (+ My Finds) - roomfortuesday.comThere you have it… I hope it’s helpful if you’re on the hunt for something specific this weekend. I’m taking a much needed day off on Monday (I hope you get to as well!), so I’ll see you back here on Tuesday! Sound like a plan? I hope you get to do some relaxing, adventuring, enjoy plenty of good food, and spend time with loved ones this weekend. I’m sending you all a virtual hug. Thank you for being here, for your support, and most importantly- for your friendship. I’m so thankful! I’m off to prep my pizza dough for homemade pizzas and plan a cocktail for this evening. Here’s to some self care and a nice, long weekend ahead!

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  1. Good morning! For some reason, I always forget about Memorial Day sales; isn’t that goofy? I am the extreme opposite of an impulse buyer, so I usually can’t make up my mind before a sale ends. Ha. Obviously, a smarter consumer has items on their list and pounces during the sale. With that in mind, can I ask your help? I’ve been eyeing a summer candle at Tuesday Made, but I can’t decide between the woven candle in Sea Salt and the glass jar candle. I like florals and citrus, but nothing powdery. Maybe you could add a “Surprise Me” option to the Tuesday Made site…sort of joking. After this miserable week, a little retail therapy couldn’t hurt. A Negroni on the patio is also high on my list. And I get to help puppysit my friend’s brand new mini Dachshund this weekend, so that will be a highlight! Cheers to Pizza Friday, sunshine, fresh air, and…some peace. Hugs, my friends.💜

    1. Hi Peggi! I hope you had a fun and relaxing long weekend :) I’m so sorry I missed this comment before our sale ended, but I did see your order come through yesterday… thank you so much! Since I missed your comment, I boxed up one of each for you to try (or gift)! Surprise!! Haha! I honestly love both of them for summer. Did you have a Negroni on the patio? I made a Campari cake and I can’t wait to share the recipe with everyone tomorrow because it was SO good. How did puppysitting go? Our next door neighbors just brought home two Great Pyrenees puppies last week and I’ve been loving on them. They’re so sweet. I hope your short week is off to a good start! Talk to you tmrw. xox

  2. Hello, hello! I’m coming up for air as it’s been a busy filled three weeks since our return to Canada 🥵 Ooh I love a sale but I think I might be all shopped out. Lol. I took full advantage this past winter while in Florida and filled up on so many wonderful goodies. I can personally vouch for the Tuesday Made woven candles for this spring/summer candle splurge. I purchased both scents Sea Salt for me and beach wood for my daughter. They are aesthetically beautiful for summer decor and your house will be rocking the smell of summer ❤️
    I tuned out the world yesterday, turned up the music, lit my beautiful candle and got my house all shined up with some spring cleaning. I also made three beautiful floral arrangements from what’s blooming in my garden as flowers bring the joy 💐 My house smells so darn good and switched out winter decor for summer and it feels wonderful. Cheers to a long holiday weekend and treat yourself to what brings joy and happiness 💝💐

    1. I forgot to mention, Jordan’s sideboard styling is gorgeous 😍 Love it!
      Hugs all round 💖

      1. Didn’t she do a lovely job with that? She always finds the best antiques!

    2. Hi Colleen! It’s so good to hear from you- I bet you’ve been super busy settling back in and crossing things off your to-do list. Thanks for your kind words about some of the items in our shop- I love hearing that! Those woven candles are my favorite for summer. Did your daughter like hers?! I enjoyed reading about your spring cleaning day… that sounds so perfect- complete with the florals. I hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

  3. Good morning and happy Friday…pizza Friday that is! I’ve had a list of items for the front room for awhile now, and I was waiting for this weekends sales-and your list! Ha! I was hoping to find a coffee table but so far my picks haven’t garnered any fans. I’m looking for a more modern contrast to the traditional pieces I’ve purchased. Hello CB2 fluted edge- I see you! Sadly, the rest of the family doesn’t have style-or taste. (I’m slightly joking…well, maybe not😜). I’m definitely going to be taking advantage of the sales in an effort to knock down the list, but if you’ll be around the shop today I’ll need your assistance with some additional rug images. I’m still toiling at the list of to-do’s with a clear finish line in sight- and I’m hoping today will cap off the work. I’m looking forward to a self-care weekend, enjoying every minute I can with my family, and processing. I hope you all have a chance to do the same. Sending love, peace, and light to you all. ❤️ Xo, Lo

    1. Hi Lauren! I hope you had an amazing long holiday weekend with your family :) I feel like it was just what we needed. Hopefully you were able to find a coffee table or some good deals for your front room! I know you’ve been knocking out projects so quickly lately. I’m impressed! Hope your short week is off to a good start. xox