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Roundup: Bud Vases - roomfortuesday.comGood day, design friends! Peggi here. I hope February is treating you kindly. Today I’m sharing a roundup of the small but mighty styling gem- bud vases. If you’re picturing those plain glass cylinders with a single, sad rosebud, hold on! While that’s certainly where the name originates, I’m here to report that these tiny vessels have evolved beautifully. Available in a wide variety of shapes, styles and materials, they just scream versatility. When you don’t have the space, budget or bandwidth for a full-scale flower arrangement, a bud vase could be your answer. Click through to see my hefty roundup of these diminutive lovelies and read more about why I’m smitten.

Roundup: Bud Vases -
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Make no mistake, this girl adores enormous, statement-making floral extravaganzas. (cough-entire Pinterest board) Sadly, my everyday life rarely calls for them. Our modest home does, however, boast numerous spots perfect for a bit of botanical cheer. My nightstand is a particular favorite. What’s sweeter than gazing into a single perfect peony or a lovely sprig of lilacs when you first open your eyes? Sarah agrees. Don’t forget a petite floral welcome in the guest room, too! Another choice perch for a bud vase- the accent table. Even my smallest surface can accommodate a drink, a bowl of snacks and a wee pot of fragrant miniature roses. Relax in style, I say.

Roundup: Bud
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If you limit your bud vase placement to tabletops though, you’re missing out! Their compact size allows them purchase on the narrowest of real estate. A couple of pretty blooms on the bathroom sink makes hand washing feel fancy. Add instant charm and pleasing aroma with a few herb clippings on the kitchen window sill. Any other old home owners out there with a telephone ledge? Mine perfectly showcases a pint-sized bouquet.

Roundup: Bud Vases - roomfortuesday.comOnce you start looking around, I bet you’ll be surprised at all the spaces begging for bud vases! Are you ready to see the delightful examples I found?

Click right on the objects to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop my finds… not all are clickable.

01: black and white stoneware vase // 02: bubble pot 03: ribbed marble tumbler // 04: slender nickel vase // 05: striped ceramic vase // 06: pewter art nouveau vase // 07: ceramic flower frog vase // 08: ribbed porcelain vase // 09: sandblasted green & white glass vase //10: gold pottery vase // 11:  glazed terra cotta vase // 12: slender brass vase // 13: pewter vase // 14: etched pottery vase //15: deep green porcelain vase // 16: faceted crystal bud vase // 17: wedgwood vase and saucer // 18: silver wire cachepot // 19: stoneware bud vase // 20: curvy brass vase // 21: green art deco vase // 22: antiqued metal vase //23: italian pedestal vases // 24: beige ceramic vase // 25: textured pot

So many, right? Narrowing my choices is always a struggle, so I used several parameters. Every pick is under seven inches tall and mostly in neutral shades. Although I love color, I prefer to let the plants be the star. I look for interesting shapes and textures instead. Black, white, stoneware, metals and crystal also allow you to easily use these vessels in any room. Now, for my favorites. You can’t beat the curves, patina and price of #20; that would work anywhere! I also dig the shape and simple etching on #13. My top pick is #6. It’s quite a splurge, but my Scottish heart would swoon for a little representation! I wouldn’t be mad to receive #3, #10, or #18…also #5 or #17. Are any of them calling your name?

Roundup: Bud
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While you can certainly find extravagant pieces, bud vases are generally easy on the wallet. I have thrifted beautiful stoneware and cloisonné examples for three dollars or less. Also, keep in mind vintage juice glasses, porcelain creamers or crystal barware. Anything that can hold water can probably support a stem or two. That’s another economical aspect of these small wonders; they’re a bargain to fill! One grocery store bouquet can stock half a dozen bud vases. Better yet, try my preferred trick and forage your yard. Many landscape plants yield buds that shine in Lilliputian displays. (Think lily of the valley, coral bells, thyme, chives and lavender.) Even in dreary February, my cedar branches sport glowing chartreuse tips. Don’t sleep on colorful foliage.

Roundup: Bud
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The best feature of bud vase styling? No fuss! Zero floral foam, glass marbles or tape required. You don’t need to stress about different flower varieties, fillers or my personal nemesis…cutting the stems too short. Topping off the water or changing it completely is a breeze. (The messes I have made with large arrangements!) Honestly, I’d be hard-pressed to think of a simpler task that brings as much joy. Who couldn’t use more of that?

Roundup: Bud Vases -
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Well? Are you a member of the Bud Vase Appreciation Society? Or have I convinced you to join? Ha. Do you also enjoy encountering these little floral moments around your house? Anyone else antsy for spring?! What other tricks do you have for adding life to your space at this time of year? Tell me all about them in the comments! Until next time, friends.

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  1. Whoa Peggi! Now you are talking my love language 😆 I probably have about a hundred vases 😳 Yep, no joke. I have a serious vase addiction. Yikes! Well I love flowers so I guess it makes sense. Your round up is definitely a worthy collection for sure 😍 now out of all the vases I have collected over the years maybe 15 of them are bud vases.
    They are mighty little beauties, but my favorite from your roundup is the crystal hands down. I have a gorgeous crystal vase that was gifted to me many years ago but it’s my favorite 💖 Crystal is classic and goes with any style in my opinion.
    I do also have the cutest blue and white porcelain bud vase that’s my favorite in my collection but the crystal bud vase in your roundup would be a great addition to my crazy addiction 😜 oh gosh Peggi do you think I could add one more? Ha! Absolutely 🥳 Thanks for this amazingly awesome addiction feeding post 💐

    1. Colleen! 100 vases?! I bow down. I would love to see how you display them! No doubt that crystal is timeless, effortless and beautiful. Surely one more little vase couldn’t hurt. wink Like you, I adore flowers and can’t resist bringing them inside. I’m woefully behind you in the vase collection though. Do you grow your own flowers? Have you taken floral arranging classes? I’ve always thought that would be a hoot. I enjoy the creativity of large arrangements, but I confess to being more comfortable on a smaller scale. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm. Cheers to my fellow vase (and flower!) appreciator! I hope your week is stupendous!

      1. OMG Peggi I didn’t realize how many I had until we moved 3 years ago. I use them all through the house. Heavy weighted ones as bookends, pretty ones on display, some stashed in kitchen, tv console, bar and quite a few in storage. We downsized and now when I share flowers from my garden the cheaper vases I gift too as I just I too many for our little house. I’ve never taken a flower arrangement class but it would be super fun. I have a huge variety of flowers to cut from the garden all summer long and they bring me joy. It’s also nice to share and make a friend or family member happy too ❤️ I’m having a wonderful week and I hope you are too! Xoxo

  2. Vases are right up there next to glassware for me… I definitely have an obsession with them and my prop closet has an entire shelf devoted just for vases. Crystal vases and vintage vases are my favorite. I love switching them up and getting creative with fresh florals! I loved all of your picks. Thanks for the reminder to mix up my blooms in a bud vase! Hope you have a wonderful day, Peggi :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello, Sarah! I didn’t realize I was among such avid collectors! You know vintage always has my heart, and there’s something about the tiny size of a bud vase that’s so irresistible. Plus, I can always find room for just one more…even though I don’t have a prop closet (quickly adds to wish list). Have a superb Wednesday, my friend!

  3. Melanie T says:

    Nice selection of vases! I love the art pottery that shows up on Antiques Roadshow from time to time, many of which are vases. I would like to be able to afford a few! I have just two, both from Red Wing Pottery here in Minnesota but they belonged to my mother and mother-in-law so I treasure them. I could really see having an obsession with vases enough to amass 100 of them. Why not collect beautiful things?

    1. Good afternoon, Melissa! Thank you! I’m glad you liked the roundup. I love that you are also a Roadshow fan. I always especially enjoyed the pottery too (and the art and jewelry!). How special that you have Red Wing vases; they are SO beautiful. I’m not sure I’d trust myself with heirlooms like that though because dogs, cat and clumsy. Ha. I like the way you think. Why not collect beautiful things, indeed. I hope your week is a fab one!

    2. Good grief, Melanie! I am sorry I got your name wrong?! I’d like to blame it on autocorrect, but I fear it was my afternoon brain. Ugh. Please forgive my gaff.😳

  4. I’m a huge fan of florals and vases alike. I have a small collection of vases, including a few gorgeous blue and white ones. Our current yard boasts no blooms to be had, but a girl has to be prepared! (I am going about it slightly backwards🥴). I’ll admit bud vases always confused me. I had a gorgeous crystal one for a long time and tried putting it to use, but it just never looked right. Looking at the stupendous styling examples you’ve shown, I realize I could have easily packed that beauty with more flowers than I thought possible and it would have been a delight. I wish I would have dug up my rose tree and moved it with us here-I’ve never seen roses like those since. For the record I wish I hadn’t donated that gorgeous bud vase too! Since I currently don’t own a bud vase, I ordered #17. I love the black and white, the Ivy detail, and the gorgeous image on the saucer- very reminiscent of the intaglios Sarah shared. Other favorites from the roundup include #7 (I have always swooned over this one); #10 reminding of a table skirt with the subtle flow to its shape; #12 because brass😍; and lastly #16. That one has always reminded me of the one that I donated. *Sigh* Since my yard has zero flowers, I typically grab a haul from the market or TJ’s when Im in need of a pick-me-up. Flowers=self care, right??! Hahah! I enjoyed this one Peggi, and thank you for the amazing roundup! I can’t wait for that beautiful specimen to arrive! Happy pizza Friday and have a lovely weekend. Xo

    1. Hello, Lauren! You can’t go wrong with blue and white, right? I was initially flummoxed by bud vases, too, but I just keep practicing. Even a “not what I hoped” arrangement is still flowers! Since I’m a forager, I can always find something to clip. Maybe the next time you and Rocky are on a walkabout, you could bring some pruners. Ahem. Surely there’s a bougainvillea somewhere along your route with a straggly branch! (Oh, I miss those incredible plants!) I’m so excited that you snagged the Wedgwood vase!! I just think it’s the sweetest! I adore your other picks, as well. Flowers are definitely self-care. You’ll have to post a pic when you get your new vase styled. Cheers to a beautiful Pizza Friday and a relaxing weekend, friend!💜