Roundup : 2018 Planners

Roundup : 2018 Planners - roomfortuesday.comI know we’re not even to Christmas yet, but I’m the incredibly organized, scheduling, neat freak type of gal. I thought if any of you were in the same boat, you might appreciate this post sooner rather than later. You know what bothers me to no end? Marking dates for 2018 in a 2017 planner. I know that sounds silly, but I like old school organization that I can physically write and record. You can’t exactly do that once the planner runs out, so I’m sharing my favorite planners for 2018 that are sure to keep you organized in the upcoming year. Click through to see which one I bought…

I can without a doubt admit, I write in my day planner every single day. I get so much satisfaction and accomplishment with crossing things off the list. Does anyone else have that same crazy list making personality? This is always my Christmas gift to myself each year. It’s practical, productive, and keeps me sane.

01: get on my level planner // 02: flamingo planner // 03: blue gray planner // 04: 365 planner // 05: best year yet planner // 06: simple planner // 07: leather planner // 08: white agenda // 09: object planner // 10: no bad days planner // 11: modern planner // 12: grid planner // 13: gold dot planner // 14: embossed leather planner // 15: vacation planner // 16: gold embossed planner // 17: weekly planner

Can you guess which one I bought from the roundup? I landed on #7. It’s pretty classic and gives me tons of room to write my to-do list each day. I love a good leather planner… it’s professional to take to client meetings, feels substantial, won’t easily get lost, and offers my precious pages plenty of protection. Ha!

Would anyone else wholehearted freak if their planner went MIA? I also have things online in a Google calendar, but it’s just not the same. Please tell me you feel the same way!

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  1. This makes me feel better. haha My sister was just teasing me for already having my 2018 (and ’17 of course) planner in my purse. I’ve had it for about a month now because life is busy and I have to plan things out months in advance a lot of the time! I would lose. my. mind. without a planner keeping me organized.

    1. Yes!!! Same here. I’d go insane with my organized planner, so I can relate. ha! xox

  2. I am totally on the same page with you, Sarah. I think “List” is my middle name. Please excuse me while I go find out which planner is the one for me. Thank you and cheers, Ardith