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2019 Holiday Gift Guide For Everyone On Your List

2019 Gift Guide For Everyone On Your List - roomfortuesday.comI’ve been looking forward to sharing my annual, giant 2019 holiday gift guide. Today is the day, my friends! I love putting these together and sharing gift ideas. One of my favorite things is gift giving and making friends & family smile. Although, I am kind of terrible at keeping gifts a secret (just ask Emmett). I’ll buy something, wrap it, then try to gift it to the recipient the next day… even though Christmas is over a month away. Can anyone else out there relate? Haha! Regardless, click through to see ideas for everyone on your list this year… happy browsing!

To shop the gift guide, click directly on the items within the collage OR use the numbered links at the bottom. Keep on scrolling- this is a never-ending gift guide, packed full of ideas. Enjoy!! -Sarah

  1. FLOCKED TREE // I currently have this flocked tree in my entryway. I’m planning to photograph all of my holiday decor once it’s totally finished. I’ll be sharing everything soon!
  2. PEPPERMINT BARK // Peppermint bark is a must each holiday season. I always get a tin of this for my brother because he’s obsessed!
  3. FAUX WREATH // I bought two of these and am trying to figure out where to put them. I’m digging the texture.
  4. NUTCRACKER // This is a fun modern take on a traditional nutcracker! You can’t go wrong with marble and wood.
  5. WRAPPING PAPER // I purchased a few rolls of this wrapping paper. I love the deep color and delicate gold dots.
  6. MARBLE STOCKING HOLDER // These stocking holders are gorgeous. I’m not sure they’d work well with my mantel, but they’re certainly cool!
  7. CABLE KNIT STOCKING // A few days ago, I shared my stocking DIY… but if you’re in the market for new Christmas stockings- these are inexpensive and feel classic.
  8. PLAID FRAME // I love plaid and tartan this time of year!
  9. GREEN VELVET RIBBON // I stocked up on velvet ribbon in traditional colors this year. I’m planning to decorate and wrap gifts with it.
  10. PINE NEEDLE GARLAND // I bought a bunch of this garland last year and am still loving it!
  11. GREEN THROW // This blanket looks super plush and cozy. I’m into the medium sage color.
  12. VINTAGE ORNAMENTS // These ornaments are stunning- they’d definitely be a conversation starter amongst a holiday collection!
  13. FAUX TREE // I really like the shape of this tree- and even the fact it feels sparse.
  14. FOREST + FIR CANDLE // Winter and holiday candle scents are my all-time favorite! Give me all the pine, forest, leather, etc.
  15. BRASS FOOTED PEDESTAL // I bought this brass pedestal a couple years ago and it’s finally back in stock! I rest candles on top of it and get so many messages about where it’s from. I’d grab one before they’re gone for good!
  16. DOG ORNAMENTS // You know I’m a sucker for dog ornaments, obviously.
  17. RED VELVET RIBBON // Again… I went crazy with ribbon this year! I can’t wait to use it all up.
  18. MERRY DOORMAT // Festive doormat, anyone?
  19. WREATH WITH PINECONES // I’m liking this mixed wreath! I’m using something similar on our exterior windows. TBD!

  1. LINEN NAPKINS // I just ordered these as a gift for my sister, since she’s moving into her new home. They’re my favorite classic napkins!
  2. UTENSIL SET // We have these in white and love them! They’re dishwasher safe and you can’t beat the look or price.
  3. ATLIER COOKBOOK // I noticed this cookbook at a local shop. It’s beautifully designed, so I bought it for myself. I can’t wait to try some recipes.
  4. SALT & PEPPER MILLS // These look just like ours but are fraction of the price. This set is a steal!
  5. CAKE SERVER // I loved the hammered handle and thought this would make a great engagement OR holiday gift.
  6. BOWL SET // Simple, beautiful bowls at a fantastic price. I like the organic, handmade shape.
  7. KITCHENAID MIXER // I would be lost without my stand mixer. I use this baby all the time!
  8. PAIRINGS TABLE RUNNER // Is this not the coolest table runner you’ve ever seen?! I bought it for us even though we don’t have a finished dining table yet. When the day comes, I can’t wait to host a dinner party.
  9. SERVING BOARD // I also bought this for my sister as a housewarming / holiday gift.
  10. BONE HANDLED CUTLERY SET // This knife set is stunning! I love the bone handles.
  11. HAND SOAP // I messed up and forgot to drop in the image, but check out this giant post for all of my favorites (with images, details, and links)!
  12. ESPRESSO MACHINE // We’ve had this espresso machine for a few years now and it’s my absolute favorite. Worth every penny!
  13. BLACK MEASURING CUPS // I love the look of these matte black measuring cups. They’d make a great, inexpensive gift for the baker in your life.
  14. GLASS TEAPOT // I’ve never seen a prettier teapot. This just might convince me to start drinking tea. Ha!
  15. FLATWARE SET // We have this flatware set and it’s even better in person. If you want closeup photos, find them in this post!
  16. STRIPED DISH TOWEL // I’m kind of a dishtowel snob. I love simple stripes and subtle patterns.

  1. RETRACTABLE PEN HOLDER // Emmett is OBSESSED with this thing and always has a Sharpie or pen attached to his shirt when working. Apparently it’s a popular mens item, based on the amount of IG messages I received from you guys. Ha!
  2. FLEECE JACKET // He is always wearing this fleece and it makes me want to hug him… it’s super duper soft. I call it his “teddy bear jacket”.
  3. LASER MEASURE // Emmett actually got us each one of these laser measuring devices. They’re super handy and I hate math, so I think it’s probably more beneficial for me than him.
  4. MONOGRAMMED WALLET // I got him this wallet for Christmas a few years ago and it still looks amazing. He loves it! Classic gift for a classic guy.
  5. SPLASH PROOF CHARGER // Someone is always losing his charger and this thing is durable, waterproof, and has a clip that he can attach to himself or his pack (we all know he likes the retractable pen holder).
  6. YETI MUG // Sherwin-Williams gifted me this mug after completing our basement makeover for the Color of the Year (remember this post?)… he stole it from me and I had to buy myself another one. It keeps coffee hot FOREVER. No more reheating.
  7. TRAVEL TOILETRY SET // Emmett is kind of a scent snob and he likes this one. He currently has the full size in our shower, but the travel set would be a good way to test it!
  8. LEATHER BOOT // If he’s not wearing work boots or hiking shoes, he’s wearing these leather boots. They’re not as casual as his other shoes.
  9. BLACK RIFLE COFFEE // This is our favorite Salt Lake City coffee… and they help veterans. You’ve probably seen both of us sporting our Black Rifle shirts.
  10. MITER CLAMP SET // This is a must for millwork!
  11. SLEEP SHIRT // My aunt got Emmett this as a joke one Christmas (because he snores crazy loud), but it turned into one of his favorite shirts. It’s really soft… and hilarious.
  12. YETI TUNDRA // We own a lot of Yeti products because they’re amazing. This is the most convenient cooler.
  13. HEADLAMP // We both have had these for almost a decade and they still work wonderfully.
  14. CARHARTT BEANIE // This is Emmett’s beanie of choice during the cold, winter months.
  15. BRU-MATE // My sister told us about these, we bought a couple to try, and now we’re hooked. If you drink from cans… these are a must!
  16. EAR PROTECTION HEADPHONES // These headphones are amazing- they’re ear protection and bluetooth music in one. Emmett wears these a lot during renovation projects.

  1. CANDLE HOLDERS // I love these dramatic brass tapered candle holders and I’m sure any design lover would feel the same. They’re stunning! Hint hint, Emmett.
  2. NESTING TRAYS // These nesting trays are surprisingly affordable and look more expensive than they actually are.
  3. URN // I have this urn styled on top of our mantel. It’s a cutie!
  4. MARBLE COASTERS // These marble coasters should also look familiar… they sit on my office bar cart. Coasters are an easy hostess gift!
  5. FAUX MAGNOLIA ARRANGEMENT // This is next on my “must buy” faux floral arrangement list. I love the shape and it looks very convincing.
  6. SOFT THROW // I haven’t met a soft throw I didn’t like, and the indigo color of this one is perfect for winter.
  7. AERA SMART DIFFUSER // I will never not have an Aera in my home. We currently have 3 (one on each floor) and EVERYONE comments on how amazing our home smells. It’s because of this smart gadget that syncs to my phone.
  8. SOY CANDLE // I bought one of these for myself over the summer and have since stock piled a few to give as gifts. They’re great, affordable candles!
  9. MARBLE BOOKENDS // These modern marble bookends are sure to make any interior design minded person happy. I’m digging the color blocked look.
  10. ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST BOOK // I just bought this book for our formal living room coffee table- it’s very well done and the cover is perfect for styling!
  11. FLUTED GLASS VASE // I also have this fluted glass vase on our mantel. Styling tip: place a candle inside- it gives off beautiful light! Your guests will be impressed.
  12. ORB WITH STAND // This is another great, unique styling find!
  13. LANDSCAPE PRINT // Lastly, you guys know I’m obsessed with my best friend, Laurie Anne’s, artwork. She’s an incredible painter. You could gift original art or a print!

  1. PORTABLE CHARGER // I keep my portable charger in my purse with a cord and never leave home without it. It’s super handy.
  2. MYSA SMART THERMOSTAT // I like the look of this minimal smart thermostat that syncs to your phone.
  3. RECORD PLAYER // This is high on my wishlist this holiday season! I’ve been begging Emmett for a record player. Oddly enough, we don’t have one.
  4. SOUNDBAR // This is another thing we don’t have, but it’s on Emmett’s wishlist. He’s constantly adding to our surround sound.
  5. BLINK HOME SECURITY SYSTEM // Blink home security has great reviews and the units are nicely designed to blend seamlessly.
  6. ROBOT VACUUM // We affectionately named our robot vacuum Susan. She does the hard work, so I don’t have to. Ha! She’s kind of like our personal Janet (from the Good Place).
  7. NOISE CANCELING HEADPHONES // Emmett and I both have a pair of these and they are a MUST for travel.
  8. ECHO SHOW // We LOVE, love, love our Echo Show. It sits on our kitchen countertop and we use it every single day.
  9. AIRPODS // I hate cords, so these are my ideal headphones. It’s nice to have both hands and no tangling cords when walking the dogs, shopping, or sharing IG stories without looking like a crazy person. My mom got these for me last Christmas and I still love and use them all the time.
  10. SAMSUNG FRAME TV // Remember this conversation? I’m saving alllll my pennies for a Frame TV. I want one so badly! I’ll keep an eye on Black Friday deals and let you guys know if they go on super sale.
  11. MAGNETIC CHARGING CABLE // If you have an Apple Watch, I’m told this magnetic charger is the best.
  12. SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH // I’ve used a Sonicare toothbrush for about ten years now… there’s no turning back! I love it so much.
  13. SONOS SPEAKER // We have two of these. They were wedding gifts years ago, but they still look and work amazing.
  14. NEST THERMOSTAT // Another smart thermostat to consider if you’re trying to enhance your smart home.
  15. AMAZON FIRE TV CUBE // We use Amazon Fire TV and it’s the preferred system in our house.
  16. NEST VIDEO DOORBELL // I’ve been meaning to invest in a video doorbell! This makes a great gift- especially during holiday delivery season.

  1. TOILETRY CONTAINER SET // The lids stay locked on with zero leaking and there is one for every product you need to pack!
  2. NOISE CANCELING HEADPHONES // Noise canceling headphones are a must when traveling. Emmett and I both have this pair (but in different colors).
  3. ESSENTIAL OIL BODY WIPES // If you don’t like feeling gross when traveling, pack these… you’ll be glad you did!
  4. FOLDING UMBRELLA // An umbrella is always a good idea.
  5. TINY HAIR DRYER // This hair dryer is SMALL and easy to pack, but it gets the job done quickly… without taking up precious space in your luggage.
  6. TRAVEL NECK PILLOW // You’ll never want to use another neck pillow again. The best part? It looks like you’re wearing a scarf instead of an inflatable tube around your head. It also folds and packs easily!
  7. LUGGAGE SET // This is my luggage set- it’s budget friendly, looks really nice, and hasn’t failed me yet. It comes with three pieces (small, medium, and large).
  8. WATER BOTTLE // This is my go-to water bottle. Mine is monogrammed (SG), so when others (aka, my friends) have the same black bottle- it’s easy to differentiate.
  9. TRAVEL ADAPTERS // Simple, cheap travel adapters that do the job… these would make great stocking stuffers for your European bound travelers.
  10. WHITE NOISE DEVICE // I can’t leave home without this little gem! It’s lightweight, small, and helps me sleep.
  11. PACKING CUBES // These make packing so much easier. You can also fit more into your luggage when using these cubes.
  12. FLYPAL FOOT REST // This is a game changer for long flights, or if you’re flying with kids. Trust me and check out the reviews!
  13. JEWELERY ORGANIZER ROLL // I’ve had mine for over a decade and it’s a travel organization must.
  14. TRAVEL LAUNDRY BAG // Yes… I’m this person. I don’t like my dirty clothes to touch my clean ones when traveling.
  15. PORTABLE CHARGER // This thing lives in my purse and I’m constantly using it!
  16. LEATHER LUGGAGE TAGS // These come in a ton of colors and would also make great stocking stuffers!
  17. LEATHER PASSPORT HOLDER // A leather passport holder for $17… sign me up. It comes in a variety of colors too.

  1. DOG LOVER SHIRT // I just added this to my Amazon cart because THIS. IS. SO. ME.
  2. DURABLE LEASH // This leash is super durable, washable, and so easy to clean. It’s the only one you’ll ever need!
  3. DOG WASH // I love Aesop shampoo, so I figured their dog wash was equally as amazing… it’s the best smelling pet shampoo I’ve ever used. After each bath, I love sniffing and cuddling the dogs.
  4. BUSINESS BAG HOLDER // Why not make a poo holder pretty? Might as well! If I’m going to carry it around on my belt or in my purse, I’d rather it look decent.
  5. CHAMPAGNE DOG TOY // I think the booze dog toys are hilarious! The boys like squeaking these.
  6. TREAT JAR // This treat jar is going to show up once again in the laundry room makeover on Monday! We love it- especially because it’s sealed and keeps treats fresh.
  7. PET CARRIER // We’re thinking about flying with Cash and I’d feel more comfortable if he had a carrier to keep him safe and corralled. I think this one might be the winner!
  8. BANDANA // Is there anything cuter than a dog in a bandana? I think not! I love putting them on the pups for festive occasions.
  9. PET BED // This is a great looking pet bed for an even better price! I like that the aesthetic and pattern is classic houndstooth.
  10. BONE LEASH HOOK // We use this dog bone hook for the leashes.
  11. PUPPY COMFORT TOY // If you have a puppy- this self warming, comfort toy is a MUST. It even has a heartbeat to make your puppy feel like he’s with a littermate. It was a game changer when we got Crosby.
  12. KONG // This is by far my best kept “dog sitting” secret. We fill these with peanut butter or pumpkin, freeze them, and let the dogs entertain themselves, while enjoying a special treat.

  1. MOISTURIZING LIPSTICK // I get soooo many Instagram messages about my lip color and it’s always the same stuff. This is my go-to lipstick because it feels like chapstick and lasts forever!
  2. BEST DEODORANT // This is my all-time favorite deodorant and one of the few that actually keeps me dry. The awesome scent is an added bonus.
  3. BLOWOUT BRUSH // Just look at the Amazon reviews and you’ll know why this is on the list. I’m TERRIBLE at round brushing my hair with the blow dryer, so I don’t even try… but this handy tool gives me volume, makes the process so much easier, and makes my hair look like I just got a fresh blowout.
  4. SILK EYE MASK // I like to sleep with an eye mask if I’m not at home. I prefer to sleep in total darkness and silk feels the best against my face.
  5. COSMETIC BAG // I have this toiletry case and it’s on the list for a second year in a row because it’s affordable, cute, and the perfect size!
  6. ICE ROLLER // Puffy eyes be gone. This ice roller actually works! I keep mine in the freezer and de-puff my eyes and face when I’m running on little sleep (which is often).
  7. HAIR TOWEL // My mom got me started on this specific hair towel and brand. No joke- I’ve been using these since high school, and I even travel with one. Haha! I like this one best because it feels like a “real” towel and stays in place… I hate touching the microfiber ones.
  8. DYSON HAIRDRYER // I bought the Dyson hairdryer last holiday season and I really love it. It dries my hair very quickly, without damaging it.
  9. COSMETIC BRUSH SET // I took a chance on this $10 brush set and I’m glad I did! They look and feel sooo much more expensive than they actually are- they also work great. Minimal strand fallout too!
  10. PURIFYING FACE MASK // If my face starts to break out, rather than panic- I apply this stuff. It reverses my acne and clears my breakouts. It works like a charm and keeps my oily skin under control.
  11. QUICK FIX HAIR MASK // I ONLY use Davines products on my hair. This is my favorite product (a hair mask) they make and it’s incredible. Use it in place of conditioner and prepare to be amazed. Get ready for shiny, healthy hair in the most incredible scent.
  12. OVERNIGHT FACIAL PEEL // For a cheap face mask / peel, this one is wonderful! It was an accidental Target find and I’m glad to have it in my arsenal.
  13. WET BRUSH // I only use a Wet Brush on my hair. I hate tangles and this one works great and is easy to clean.
  14. SPA SLIPPERS // These spa slippers are my fave! I have three sets. I like them better than heavy fur slippers because my feet don’t sweat. I can also easily toss them into the wash with regular laundry. My feet also enjoy feeling like they’re at the spa.

  1. CLASSIC STATIONERY SET // I just received this stationery set in the mail and I’m obsessed. Appointed has the prettiest minimalistic products and organizational tools.
  2. CLIP DESK ORGANIZER // I thought this oversized paperclip was really fun and would look like a cool sculptural piece on a desk!
  3. LEATHER DESK PAD // I’m a fan of leather desk pads. I’ve moved away from mousepads to larger surface areas to work on. I like the way this one looks… plus, you’re able to personalize the gift.
  4. MONOGRAM MUG // For $6, this is an easy gift that will absolutely get used.
  5. BLUELIGHT GLASSES // These are the blue light glasses I wear every single day. They’d make a great gift for people who constantly look at screens on a daily basis!
  6. MICRON PENS // Microns are underrated. They’re my favorite marker… move aside Sharpie!
  7. BRASS RULER // A classy gift for the person who measures. I use my brass rulers all the time.
  8. SMALL BLUETOOTH SPEAKER // This tiny, portable speaker can easily tuck into a drawer or bag for on-the-go music.
  9. 2020 PLANNER // I just bought this 2020 planner. I like having lots of room to write and it’s bound in fabric, so it looks nice!
  10. WTF NOTES // I thought these were hilarious! Click through to read the notes. I feel like I need to get these for myself and Emmett. Haha! This would also make a fun white elephant gift.
  11. BULLET PLANNER STATIONERY SET // I just got this set and I love the “extras” that came with it- especially the gold bookmark tags.
  12. TOTE // This is perfect for going to and from the office with a laptop in tote! See what I did there?
  13. DEWY SKIN MIST // Ahh… my secret for glowing, dewy skin. I swear by this stuff! When I’m staring at a screen all day, traveling, or just have tired looking skin- a couple spritz of this does the trick. It makes you look like you just had a moisturizing facial.
  14. NOTES TO INSPIRE CANDLE // I’m pro desk candles. Actually… I’m just pro candles (anywhere and everywhere)!

  1. HOLIDAY CANDLE // This is my all-time favorite holiday candle, since discovering it about five years ago. It’s SO good! It looks festive, too.
  2. BATH SOAK // These bath salts are incredible. The Reserve scent is much better than the regular, and it leaves your skin feeling super smooth, soft, and hydrated.
  3. SUNGLASSES // I get questions about these sunglasses all the time- I love the square shape!
  4. COZY SWEATER // This sweater is the softest sweater on the planet. It’s so good, I ordered two more in different colors. It’s another item everyone asks about.
  5. LE CREUSET DUTCH OVEN // I love cooking with my dutch oven. It’s one of those pieces of cookware I’ll have until I die or pass along. Seriously… it will last forever!
  6. PATAGONIA JACKET // Emmett bought me this jacket because he has the same one (apparently he likes twinning, ha… jk!), but it’s my go-to casual zip up. It’s lightweight, easy to pack, and I basically live in it. I guess twinning is worth it for the comfort of this thing.
  7. INQUIRE WITHIN DECK // My best friend, Laurie Anne, gifted me this deck for my birthday. Each morning, I pull a card from the deck, think on it, set my intentions, and focus. It has been really amazing, plus- they’re beautifully designed. I leave them out on a little tray.
  8. BYREDO PERFUME // After trying allll the Byredo sample packs, I keep coming back to this specific fragrance (bal d’afrique). I wear it every single day and it makes me so happy!
  9. BUST STATUES // These have also been putting a smile on my face. I love seeing them perched on our mantel. They’re a great styling piece for the design lover in your life.
  10. INTERIOR BOOK // This is one of my favorite inspirational interior books. The oversized scale also looks great styled on a coffee table.
  11. ICE MULE COOLER // This little cooler pack is awesome! I got it over the summer to stuff in my kayak. It has quickly become my go-to cooler, lunch box, grocery bag, … you name it. They come in a variety of colors!
  12. SOREL BOOTS // These duck boots aren’t great for super deep snow, but they’re incredibly comfortable and work well when there’s only a few inches on the ground. I pretty move live in these too… are you visualizing me in the sweater, black jacket, and these boots? That’s 99% accurate on most days.
  13. LE TIGRE PILLOW // I still love seeing this pillow in our basement media room! So much style and drama packed into a little cushion.
  14. DAVINES OI CONDITIONER // This shampoo and conditioner (linked below) has turned my hair around. I’ve been using Davines products for about two years and I’ll never stray.
  15. DAVINES OI SHAMPOO // You also won’t believe how amazing it smells! Oi is the best of the best, hands down.

  1. CHILDHOOD HISTORY JOURNAL // I know parents (and children once they’re grown) love and appreciate recording sweet milestones and looking back at them. This journal would look beautiful styled on a shelf or table in a nursery.
  2. LE TOT ONESIE // How cute is this “le tot” onesie?!
  3. STARRY TABLE LAMP // I love this charming little table lamp that would be so perfect for a gender neutral nursery.
  4. EIFFEL TOWEL RATTLE // An Eiffel Tower rattle? That’s probably the most adorable thing I’ve seen.
  5. COZY BEAR ROMPER // Actually… this bear romper might be more adorable than the rattle. It looks so soft and cozy for a little babe.
  6. TEETHING BRACELET // This teething bracelet is functional and beautiful.
  7. HONEST LAVENDER BABY SET // I used to use this at bath time when my nephews were itty bitty. It smells fantastic… so much so- that I bought the bubble bath for myself.
  8. SOPHIE GIRAFFE TEETHER // Our nieces and nephews also had this popular teething toy, and it still has amazing reviews.
  9. POP PACIFIER // This one was Jacqueline recommended… these pop pacifiers are supposed to be the best!
  10. HUMIDIFIER WITH OIL DIFFUSER // I’m not even going to lie- I bought this for a friend’s baby shower, then went back to Target and bought one for myself. Yep… you read that right. Emmett and I are currently using this FridaBaby humidifier to diffuse oil and add moisture to our master bedroom. Hey, we live in dry Utah and you can’t beat the simple design of this one (who cares if it’s for babies, haha).
  11. BABY LAUNDRY DETERGENT // You guys know I love the Laundress detergent. They make a special, gentle line for babes too.
  12. NEUTRAL OUTFIT // What a cute little winter outfit… I love the pom on the hood.
  13. NOODLE & BOO NURSERY ESSENTIALS // This would be an incredible gift for any new mom!
  14. 24K EYE GLOW // Since new mommas aren’t getting much sleep, these 24k eye masks will do the trick- making them look well rested, despite short nights!
  15. BABYFACIAL MASK // I’ve been trying Drunk Elephant products and I have to say- I’m very impressed. This babyfacial is a treat for mom.

  1. COLLAPSIBLE COFFEE CUP // These collapsible coffee mugs are awesome. Lately, I’ve been carrying one in my purse and I refill it as I go throughout the day.
  2. ECHO DOT // As I previously mentioned, we’re an Amazon home… the Dot is a great way to ease into making your house “smart”.
  3. SLOW COOKER // This is our exact slow cooker and we love it! In fact, we just made a big pot roast two days ago. It gets used often and makes a great gift.
  4. FRENCH PRESS // A french press is an easy gift for the coffee loving couples in your life. Pair it with a bag of local coffee, tie a ribbon, and you’re golden!
  5. MARBLE KNIFE BLOCK // If our knife block wasn’t built-in (see it in this post), I would be buying this RIGHT NOW. It’s so good!
  6. SPOT AND STAIN CLEANER // Emmett’s dad gave us this as a gift when we graduated college and it’s amazing for spot cleaning. We also use it to clean our vehicles.
  7. MOVIES GIFT CARD // Going to the movies is one of our preferred date nights… gift cards are always an easy win! The best films are released during the holiday season and winter, too.
  8. MONOGRAM COASTERS // We have these coasters on our basement coffee table- they were a great gift.
  9. DOWN ALTERNATIVE PILLOW PAIR // If you have a down allergy, or are just looking for premium lofty sleeping pillows- look no further. These are also on sale right now.
  10. MARBLE CHESS SET // What a beautiful chess set! If I knew how to play, I’d definitely want this. Maybe it would be a good excuse to learn?
  11. MONOGRAM DOORMAT // This should look familiar… we have two of these (our patio and front porch).
  12. AIRBNB GIFT CARD // I would LOVE to receive an Airbnb gift card. I think that’s an amazing gift for the couples who love traveling and making memories together.
  13. FAUX MINK BLANKET // You might actually want to buy two of these so your favorite couple doesn’t fight over “the good blanket”. Haha!
  14. AIR MATTRESS // This is a very practical gift. Luckily, we have plenty of guest rooms to host our friends and family now, but back in the day- we relied on this trusty air mattress often.

Well friends- that concludes the big 2019 gift guide! I spent a lot of time putting this thing together and I hope it sparked some ideas at the very least, or is getting you excited for the holiday season ahead. I have some additional smaller gift guides coming to the blog as well… you can expect to see the following before Christmas rolls around:

  • DIY and Renovating Gift Guide (aka- our favorite tools and project items)
  • Black Friday Deals
  • Cyber Monday Deals
  • DIY and Homemade Gifts
  • Stocking Stuffers

You can also shop my Amazon gift selections here using my curated storefront (check out the White Elephant section, ha)! As always, let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below. Have a wonderful weekend!

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    Oh my gosh! This must have taken you forever?! I had to risk being late to work to give it a thoughtful read🤣. Although I confess that I don’t even know what some of those tech gifts are, your other lists are fab. Airbnb gift cards? Who knew? Aesop dogwash? Joe will be psyched. (Not.) I can’t have the WTF pad at school, but… Seriously, so many great recommendations. But, a Scorpio who can’t keep a secret???
    Are you all ready for your company? Thanksgiving?! How can it be late, but also feel like it snuck up? Anyway, happy Friday, friend!

    • Reply
      November 22, 2019 at 11:04 am

      Let’s just say, I didn’t go to bed last night, working on this massive thing. I laid down around 6am, and about that time- Emmett’s alarm went off and we were up for the day. Haha! I promise to get to the post office tomorrow to FINALLY get your package out. So sorry for the delay and anticipation. Thanksgiving really did sneak up on us. I need to get my menu together. Whew! Have an amazing weekend Peggi :) xo

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    Melanie T
    November 22, 2019 at 9:10 am

    What a comprehensive list! I will have to give this more time to look, but perusing your picks is almost as fun as opening presents. I noticed the Little Green Machine in one section. I purchased one recently after searching online for how to clean HD Silhouettes. While expensive, I love them and after 16 years they are so dirty. FYI, cleaning is not endorsed by manufacturer but will give it a try since I have nothing to lose. My tip for the day.

    • Reply
      November 22, 2019 at 11:06 am

      I LOVE hearing that, Melanie! This is definitely a labor of love for me and I’m happy that people enjoy browsing the gift guide each year. Let me know how it goes cleaning them! We use that little shampoo machine on our cars all the time- it’s super handy. That… and also pet accidents (unfortunately). Have a wonderful weekend!

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    November 22, 2019 at 9:43 am

    you have the best taste, and as a result i will be clicking ‘add to cart’ a lot. haha.

    • Reply
      November 22, 2019 at 11:07 am

      Aw thank you Beth! Really… I mean that. Thank you so much for supporting me and my small business. I hope the gift guide put you in the holiday spirit and helped give you some fun ideas for your loved ones :) Happy Friday!! xo

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    November 22, 2019 at 4:04 pm

    Where does Susan the vacuum robot live? We have Alfred and he parks himself in the living room where he does the majority of his work. This wouldn’t be my first choice, but we have an open floor plan and there isn’t enough room for him in the kitchen. He hides between the credenza and couch so you don’t immediately see him when you enter the room, but he definitely doesn’t go with our Scandi aesthetic. Maybe you could do a post on how to design around ugly, but useful, tech (Sonos speakers, Echos, and phone chargers could also be on the list!)

  • Reply
    November 23, 2019 at 7:47 pm

    Just getting to sit down and look at these….so many ideas! You have given me so many ideas for gifts. Thank you.

    • Reply
      November 25, 2019 at 9:21 am

      I love hearing that Danna! So happy it was helpful for ideas :)

  • Reply
    Rocio Martinez
    January 13, 2020 at 2:48 pm

    Oh no! I don’t know how I didn’t see the little brass footed pedestal from Alice Lane. :'( Hoping it’s back in stock someday…
    Also, thank you for all your work on this post and on everything on your blog! :)

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