My Favorite Gift Ideas From Amazon

My Favorite Gift Ideas From Amazon - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, and cheers to the weekend ahead! I know I promised you a fun evening holiday tour today, but we’re in the middle of a snowstorm here (it’s just getting started as I’m writing this) and I wanted to capture our exterior covered in snow for the annual tour. My plan is to photograph our festive holiday vignettes tonight, twinkling with lights, and hopefully some snow will have accumulated before then. It’s my favorite! I’ll have that ready to go for you on Monday, so expect a holiday treat. Shifting gears today (yet still holiday related), I wanted to share my favorite gift ideas from Amazon with you! I know we’re nearing Christmas and if you’re looking for items that ship quickly and are sure to please, I hope this helps you finish your list or cross off those you are gifting for. I started off the holiday season strong & productive, and then hit a lull, so I still have plenty of people I need to shop for. As a reminder, you can scroll through my giant annual gift guide here, and I also wanted to let you know- today is the last day to place your Tuesday Made orders for guaranteed Christmas delivery! We’re always happy to add ribbon and a gift note; just drop us a note during checkout. Emmett and I will be packing up your orders this weekend! You know the drill… click through if you’re interested in seeing my quick gift ideas from Amazon. I rounded up ideas under $25 and $50 for this gift guide, so there are some great affordable options packed into this post. I hope it’s helpful!

My Favorite Gift Ideas From Amazon - roomfortuesday.comLet’s dive right in, shall we? First up- 20 of my favorite gift ideas under $20! If I’m being honest, I’d really like to have the majority of these for myself. I told Emmett to shop my guides if he is looking for an inexpensive gift for me. Ha!

Shop my finds by clicking directly on each item below, or use the numbered links at the bottom of the collage…

01: balsamic vinegar // 02: candle snuffer // 03: olive oil soap // 04: glass oil or vinegar bottle // 05: leather tray // 06: horse head bottle opener // 07: salt & pepper mills // 08: hand balm // 09: bourbon vanilla candle // 10: the lost kitchen cookbook // 11: marble salt cellar // 12: embroidered handkerchief // 13: monogrammed luggage tag // 14: jewelry organizer // 15: black cat espresso coffee beans // 16: leather journal // 17: french milled soap // 18: monogrammed hand towels // 19: linen cocktail napkins // 20: measuring spoons

If I had to narrow down my top five from this roundup (for myself), I’d pick the following: the french olive oil soaps (#3), the horse head bottle opener (#6), the hand balm (#8), the leather journal (#16), and the monogrammed towels (#18). Do you have any awesome under $20 gift ideas to share? I’d also love to hear your personal favorites or top picks… just for fun! I went to my first “favorite things” party last week and our budget was $20 and under, so this is another guide that could be useful for those type of holiday events… secret santa, favorite things, etc.

My Favorite Gift Ideas From Amazon - roomfortuesday.comLet’s move onto the $50 and under category. I think these would make great gifts for siblings, parents, close friends, in-laws, etc. I tried to cram a lot of my existing favorites into this one!

01: woodford bitters // 02: enameled cast iron dutch oven // 03: french match strike // 04: car diffuser // 05: waterproof snow boots // 06: scarf // 07: quilt // 08: water glasses // 09: monogrammed stationery set // 10: mortar and pestle // 11: stoneware coffee mugs // 12: box of chocolates // 13: faux fur blanket // 14: round pizza paddle // 15: wood sage & sea salt hand soap // 16: wool plaid blanket // 17: bath soak // 18: memory foam slippers // 19: wine glass // 20: nesting bowls

I’ll narrow down my personal top picks for you again, just because I think it’s fun & interesting to hear what everyone gravitates toward! My top five would include: the French match strike (#3), the car diffuser (#4), the snow boots (#5), the quilt (#7), and the gorgeous glassware (#8). I also popped shopping sliders into this post, so you can swipe through and see prices when you hover.

My Favorite Gift Ideas From Amazon - roomfortuesday.comYou can check out all of my Amazon finds here, more gift ideas here, and everything you need for wrapping gifts here. I’ll have my evening holiday tour all ready for you on Monday, so be sure to check back next week!

My Favorite Gift Ideas From Amazon - roomfortuesday.comI’m so happy it’s finally feeling like December here. This snowfall has me excited and in the holiday spirit! Here’s to hoping after packing up Tuesday Made orders this weekend, Emmett & I can get in a few hours of skiing. We’ve been itching to get up in the mountains and do something fun, after a few nonstop weeks of work. What do your weekend plans entail? Yesterday my entryway tile was supposed to be delivered and after four hours of the delivery man trying to push the pallet up our driveway in the snow, they loaded the tile back up and left. I’m not exactly sure if and when I’ll get the tile now, but I probably need to get that sorted at some point this weekend. I’d also like to bake something in the kitchen. Who is up for a recipe post next week?! Have an amazing weekend, friends!

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  1. Good morning! Super bunch of excellent gift ideas! I’m always amazed at what you find on Amazon. It’s funny that you mention a favorite things party. I hosted one a few years ago, and that L’Occitane hand cream was my favorite thing! Such fun memories. Speaking of memories, I would have to go for the Lost Kitchen cookbook too since it’s in Maine. To be honest, I hadn’t heard of it, but I’m sure the images alone would make me happy. From your other list, I’m intrigued by the set of bitters. Winter means cocktail season to me, but I’m not especially versed in the use of bitters…sounds like some important research.😉 I’m also curious about Jo Malone scents. Do they live up to the hype? As for this weekend, I will probably be baking too. I’m dessert for book club next week, so I want to experiment with another vegan layer cake. Piping practice here I come! But for real, the delivery people LEFT with your tile?! How is that even a possibility? I understand that certain locations present difficulties, but…sheesh. Here’s hoping that gets sorted swiftly. And fingers crossed you guys squeeze in a skiing adventure! Happiest of Pizza Friday, friends!!🍕🍷🥶💜

    1. I had such a good time at the party! That was the first time I had ever been to, or heard of a “favorite things” party, but what a cool idea! We did low budget and only had to bring 3 gifts, so it felt very easy and stress-free. I’ve seen some of them (since learning about this) where you have to buy 15+ gifts (which seems crazy to me, ha). Anyway, that hand cream is my favorite! I’ve also been wanting to get the Lost Kitchen cookbook. It has awesome reviews! As for the bitters, we did the bourbon trail a few years back and I ended up buying the bitters at Woodford Reserve and still use them in my cocktails today… they’ve lasted forever- a little goes a long way. I only like one Jo Malone scent… the Wood Sage & Sea Salt. It’s SO good though. The other ones are just meh to me, but that one is worth the hype. Sadly, I didn’t get to bake this weekend (or ski), but we crossed a ton off of the to-do list and worked on my office instead… so I’ll take that! I’m finally ready to style, the curtains are back up, art is installed, and I’m just waiting on Emmett to finish my antique desk. Yay! I hope you had fun baking and nailed the vegan layer cake! I love piping icing. My great grandmother left me her piping set, so my nozzles are all vintage (which makes it a bit more challenging), but it’s super fun to play around with. Ohhh the tile delivery. I feel like my entire Friday was wasted and I’m pretty sure my tile is getting sent back to wherever it came from, but that’s for me to figure out tomorrow. Oof. haha! I’m laughing through it over here. I’m off to make a carbonara for dinner :) Hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday evening! xo

  2. Happy Pizza Friday morning! Amazon is a treasure trove. Some of the items that end up on Amazon gift guides blow my mind, and make me question “what am I doing wrong?” Lol. I don’t feel that I find nearly the greatest items there is to offer. This gift guide is stupendous, and there are quite a few that are on my wish list already (I see you lidded salt cellar and monogrammed towels). Other favorites include the horse head bottle opener, any of the soaps, and that adorable French match strike. It’s the same color that appears in my kitchen so I may just need to snag one for myself. Haha! The snow boots look super cozy and warm. I was wondering if you had a mens equivalent you could recommend? Jeff is in need of a good pair for servicing Colorado, and I’ve been on the hunt for quite some time. I’m nearly finished with my gifting purchases-surprisingly I’ve done quite well this year when it comes to timely shopping. I have a small trip to 5 Below for stocking stuffers for the littles, and another to Ulta for my mom. Yesterday I made a massive Hobby Lobby trip for all my wrapping, and I’m pleased with what I ended up with. We still have yet to buy and decorate a tree, but the gifts will be wrapped by the end of the day, and then I’ll be in the kitchen baking quiche for Christmas morning with the cutest and tiniest of budding chefs there ever was! I’m most excited about that this season. I can’t tell you how sweet it is to watch Brooke in a kitchen learning all the things; she really is just in her element there, and it’s making my heart explode every second we spend together. I hope you all have a joyous weekend, and congratulations on the snow Sarah! The house looks gorgeous! Sending warm hugs to you all! Xo

    1. Haha!! Amazon just requires a LOT of digging, which takes a lot of time (unfortunately). I just mindlessly scroll sometimes. Ha! Of course I love all of your top picks :) I thought that match strike was SO charming and quirky. As for the mens snowboots- a few Christmas seasons ago, I bought Emmett a nice pair of Sorels (these), and he has been wearing them since. They’re a splurge, but are well worth it! He really likes them and says they’re super comfy and warm. He has them in the tobacco color. Let me know the next time work brings him to Utah (when you tag along), so we can meet up! It’s currently a winter wonderland here, so we’re putting those snow boots to good use. It sounds like you’re all set this holiday. Amazing work for finishing your to-do list so early! Now you can just sit back and enjoy the season. That’s the best! I love that your kids are having so much fun in the kitchen with you- especially Brooke. That is just the sweetest! Also sending you a warm holiday hug! Hope your weekend was a great one! xox

  3. Good morning! Thanks. You are so good at curating gift guides.

    1. Thank you so much, Traci! I hope it was fun to scroll through :)

  4. Great selection of Amazon finds for different price points. My $20 & under favorites are: horse head bottle opener, monogram handkerchief & cocktail napkins. I might have to get the cocktail napkins. For the $50 and under my faves are: Pizza board, french match strike, woool blanket and chocolates (for me….ha)!
    Sorry for replying so late. Our electricity went out and had no wifi for several hours. Sounds like you all are getting a good blanket of snow. Makes the holiday lights so festive and beautiful in the evening. Look forward to your home tour on Monday. I am heading out of town to my alma mater for a family graduation. We are expected to get only high of 60*…I’ll take it! Enjoy the weekend and baking.

    1. Thanks, Danna! I love all of your choices. I hope you had an amazing weekend :) So sorry to hear about your electricity. Many of our Utah friends were without power as well (thanks to our snowstorm), but luckily we never lost ours. I’ve been thinking about my friends and family back home in Kentucky, after those tornadoes rolled through. It sounds like many people across the country were without power. I hope you have (or had) a great trip for family graduation, and have excellent weather! xox