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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Holiday Gift Guide - roomfortuesday.comEach holiday season, I share an annual gift guide. It’s something I really look forward to compiling because I love gifting. One of my favorite things in the world is gift giving and making friends, family, and those I love & appreciate smile. This year, I’m doing my gift guide a bit different… I’ll only be sharing one, giant gift guide, that you can reference all season long (whenever you’re ready). It’s filled with products of all types for all the personalities on your list. It includes items from small businesses, artists, makers, designers, and the standard big box stores… it also includes products that support good causes, budget-friendly items, and so many things Emmett & I already own, use, and enjoy. Gift guides always take an insane amount of time, and I want you to know that this one was carefully curated (by yours truly… aka, me) with love. I’ve spent the past two weeks working on it and designing this, in an effort to hopefully make your holiday shopping inspired, exciting, and easy. I truly hope it saves you time!

I also wanted you to know, many of the links in this gift guide are affiliate links- meaning I make a tiny commission if you make a purchase. If you are going to buy something, I’d be so appreciative if you use the links found within this gift guide! It’s what keeps my blog up and running. As always, thank you for your support and friendship! On another note, if you’re not doing gifts or are trying to avoid spending this year- please don’t feel pressure to purchase anything at all. I have plenty of DIY gift ideas, and don’t forget how much fun vintage shopping or baking treats for loved ones can be. My point being- you do what is best for you! Ready to see my finds and selections this year?! Click through and enjoy! 

To shop my gift guide, click directly on the items within each collage OR use the numbered links at the bottom. Keep on scrolling or use the table of contents to hop around- this is a big gift guide, packed full of ideas. Enjoy, and happy holidays! -Sarah


Home Interiors & Design
  1. QUARTZ CATCH ALL // This quartz catchall would look great anywhere- in an entry, on a vanity, styled on a console table, a nightstand, or even on the coffee table.
  2. JUNGLE LEAF BOWL // I’m loving this brass jungle leaf bowl by my friends at Alice Lane Home. It’s the perfect textural styling object!
  3. BRASS CANDLEHOLDERS // You can’t go wrong with antique brass candleholders. They’re classic and timeless.
  4. TORTOISE TUMBLERS // I have a set of these tortoise tumblers and they’re SO beautiful. They’re the perfect gift for someone who has it all, or someone who takes pride in their home bar.
  5. CRYSTAL ORB // This is another easy and interesting styling object. I’m loving spherical shapes this year and I love the way this orb reflects the light. Any design lover will appreciate this one!
  6. CADAQUES PAINTING // This beautiful print is by my dear friend, Laurie Anne Gonzalez… another great artist and small business to support!
  7. LEAF MATCHBOOK // Matchbooks are easy, inexpensive gifts that pair well with other small objects.
  8. LAFCO CANDLE // I just discovered this candle last month, and the scent is my new favorite!
  9. ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST BOOK // This is one of my coveted interior design books, that looks perfect styled on a coffee table.
  10. CORDED VELVET PILLOW // When I first spotted these corded velvet rosewood pillows, I knew they would be perfect in my formal living room- and let me tell you, they’re LUXE. The welted detail, the fabric, the size, and the color… they’re high-end, high-quality, and absolutely stunning in person.
  11. BRASS TRAY // These brass trays make an easy foundation piece for styling and are super versatile. Plus, you’re supporting another small biz.
  12. SMALL VINTAGE RUG // If you’d like to give a one-of-a-kind gift…. or keep it for yourself- I found a vintage rug!
  13. WAFFLED TASSEL THROW // I love throws, I love waffled textiles, and I love tassels. This throw has it all.
  14. RUFFLED MARBLE BOWL // I’m not over the ruffled marble bowl trend. Someone gift this to me, please! Halfway joking. Hah!
  15. SMOKY HURRICANE // These hurricanes are my new favorite objects. Place a candle inside, light it, and you’ll see why I’m obsessing over them this holiday season. Talk about instant ambiance and the perfect party trick!


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Stocking Stuffers (Under $10)
  1. BRASS MEASURING CUPS // These simple measuring cups would look great in any kitchen, and are dishwasher safe.
  2. JOURNAL // I have journals and notepads all over the place… on my nightstand, in my home office, in my car, etc. I love giving them as gifts, too.
  3. MARBLE SALT BOWL // This marble salt & spice bowl is a gorgeous gift for those who love to cook.
  4. ROOM SPRAY // This is my favorite room spray from Target- it seriously smells SO good! I might’ve stocked up- I bought three of them for myself.
  5. TASSEL KEYCHAIN // I like a single neutral keychain, and I’ve been using this one for years.
  6. TAROT CARDS // Some of my friends are into Tarot cards and I’m always admiring the beautiful artwork on them. This is a really pretty deck!
  7. COFFEE SYRUPS // For your coffee loving friends & family… gourmet coffee syrups.
  8. WINE CORKER & AERATOR // I bought one of these and have since bought two more- they make for an easy pour, sealed wine storage, and have a nice minimal look.
  9. COFFEE MUG SET // I’ve always loved the shape of these coffee mugs, and you can’t beat the price.
  10. MONOGRAM MUG // Every year this goes on my Christmas gift guide… it’s such an easy one!
  11. CITRUS BOTTLE OPENER // Is this not the cutest bottle opener you’ve ever seen? I know a lot of people who would love to see this at their home bar.
  12. TECH WIPES // I use these and really like them! If you need a functional gift, here it is.
  13. KIEHL’S SHAMPOO // Small toiletries are an awesome way to test new products!
  14. SALAD SERVERS // Wooden salad servers will always be a classic gift. I like to pair them with a tea towel or cookbook.
  15. FLUTED CANDLE HOLDER // I love the shape of this, and think it would also look nice as a bud vase!


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For the Foodies
  1. LINEN NAPKIN SET // This is my go-to napkin set… I’ve also gifted them plenty of times, and they’re always a hit. They’re my favorite classic napkins! The tassel detail is a nice touch for gifting.
  2. CLASSIC KNIFE SET // This is our knife set, as seen in our kitchen. They’re beautiful, functional, work really well, and are budget-friendly!
  3. UTENSIL SET // We also have this utensil set. They come in a variety of colors, they’re dishwasher safe, and you can’t beat the look or price.
  4. SKILLET LOVE COOKBOOK // This cookbook has been on my wishlist the past few months- I love skillet cooking, and these recipes are highly rated.
  5. PAIRINGS TABLE RUNNER // Is this not the coolest table runner you’ve ever seen?!
  6. STAND MIXER // I would be lost without my stand mixer. I use this baby alllll the time… it’s an awesome gift! My mom actually gifted me my mixer years ago.
  7. CAST IRON PAN // My friends Will & Susan (from House of Brinson) are major foodies. I always trust their kitchen & bar products. The cast iron they carry is top notch and will last a lifetime.
  8. BAMBOO FLATWARE SET // This is our flatware set, but in BRASS. We have the silver version, but the brass was just released and it’s beautiful. Almost identical designer sets are selling for $600+.
  9. SALT & PEPPER MILL // This is another great deal, that looks just like the super high end, French version. For $15, I’d snag a couple of these before they’re gone.
  10. TEA TOWELS // Tea towels are such an easy gift, that you know will be used. This pair costs under $5!
  11. BARISTA EXPRESS ESPRESSO MACHINE // We’ve had this espresso machine for a few years now and it’s my absolute favorite. Worth every penny!
  12. FAMILY PASTA NIGHT GIFT SET // We really enjoy making homemade pasta. This would be such a great family gift- I’m all about gifting experiences, and since we’re all stuck at home- this would make such a fun, memorable evening!
  13. MEASURING CUP SET // These beautiful, budget-friendly measuring cups are always a favorite.
  14. ROUND BREAD BOARDS // Cutting boards, bread boards, and charcuterie boards make a timeless gift for foodies. They’re super versatile, functional, and look great styled in the kitchen.
  15. MARBLE SPOON REST // I have this marble spoon rest and it’s super beautiful and heavy! Plus, I love supporting my friends at Stoffer Home.
  16. KITCHEN SOAP SET // You all know I’m a soap snob. When I’m gifted soap (especially in a SET), I’m a happy lady. We’re all washing our hands a lot more, these days… might as well get the good stuff.


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Emmett’s Favorites
  1. RETRACTABLE PEN HOLDER // Emmett is OBSESSED with this thing and always has a Sharpie or pen attached to his shirt when working. Apparently it’s a popular item, based on the amount of IG messages I received from everyone. Ha!
  2. LASER MEASURE // Emmett actually got us each one of these laser measuring devices. They’re super handy and I hate math, so I think it’s probably more beneficial for me than him. He uses it all the time though!
  3. YETI MUG // This mug keeps coffee hot FOREVER. No more reheating.
  4. FLEECE JACKET // Emmett is always wearing this fleece and it makes me want to hug him… it’s super duper soft. I call it his “teddy bear jacket”.
  5. MONOGRAMMED WALLET // I got him this wallet for Christmas a few years ago and it still looks amazing. He loves it! Classic gift for a classic guy.
  6. BEANIE // This is Emmett’s beanie of choice during the cold, winter months.
  7. BLACK RIFLE COFFEE // This is our favorite Salt Lake City coffee… and they help veterans and are committed to being eco friendly (you’ll see their climate pledge badge). You’ve probably noticed both of us sporting our Black Rifle Coffee shirts in IG stories. It’s a cool company for a good cause- and their coffee is delicious!
  8. BENCHMADE POCKET KNIFE // Emmett has carried this pocket knife for YEARS… the best part? They offer lifetime sharpening for free. He has had his sharpened three times since purchasing it five years ago.
  9. DARN TOUGH SOCKS // These are the only socks Emmett wears- he is very picky. These are made of wool and have a lifetime warranty.
  10. TOM FORD NOIR COLOGNE // I bought this cologne for him years ago because I loved the way it smelled, and he has been wearing it ever since.
  11. HEADLAMP // We both have had these for almost a decade and they still work wonderfully.
  12. YETI TUNDRA // We own a lot of Yeti products because they’re amazing. This is the most convenient cooler.
  13. PATAGONIA BANDITO SHIRT // I don’t even want to share how many of these shirts Emmett has hanging in his closet… I’ll just say- he has one in every color and wears them at least every other day. It has vents, is lightweight, is made of moisture-wicking material, and is rated at SPF 25 for sun protection.
  14. BLUETOOTH EAR PROTECTION // These headphones are amazing- they’re ear protection and bluetooth music in one. Emmett wears these a lot during renovation projects.
  15. CHELSEA BOOTS // These boots are made by Ugg, and lately they are all Emmett has been wearing. He says they’re super comfortable and he’s ready to toss all other boots in his closet. Ha! I told him not to do that.
  16. PRORASO SHAVING CREAM // I actually discovered this men’s shaving cream, bought it for myself (because the ratings were incredible), and Emmett starting use it. 10 years later, it’s still his favorite.
  17. PIG OF THE MONTH BBQ // One of our good friends owns and operates this mail order BBQ company, and her food is the BEST. It’s always a happy day when a box shows up at our door!
  18. CONVERTIBLE BACKPACK BRIEFCASE // This is Emmett’s “work bag” that goes to and from our house to his office.


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Office & Work from Home Gifts
  1. LE PEN SET // Le pen is my preferred writing tool!
  2. SELFIE LIGHT // I had no idea I needed one of these until I got on a very important Zoom call and everyone’s lighting was exquisite. I asked how they did it, and this inexpensive little tool was the answer. Clip it to your computer or phone for good lighting- for meetings or photos.
  3. BRASS RULER SET // I use rulers more for work than I ever expected, so I’m glad I invested in a brass set years ago.
  4. LEATHER MONOGRAMMED WIRELESS CHARGER // I feel like I may need to update my charging situation at home… this is high on my wishlist!
  5. ACRYLIC WALL ORGANIZER // This is another functional gift that is also aesthetically pleasing- I’m digging this wall organizer situation.
  6. BRASS DESK CLOCK // Clocks have been a traditional gift for ages- this petite brass desk clock is elegant and understated.
  7. CHARGING TASK LAMP // I bought two of these for our Tuesday Made office, and Emmett and I have been loving them! Rest your phone on the base for a quick wireless charge.
  8. LEATHER DESK BLOTTER // I have this and love it! I’ve been using it for 3-4 years now.
  9. FOCUS MIST // I got this as a gift and wasn’t sure about it at first… after trying it- I use it almost every day. It smells amazing and is composed of a blend of essential oils to improve focus.
  10. BLUE LIGHT GLASSES // These are my go-to blue light glasses. I wear them each day, and they come in a couple different colors.
  11. LEATHER WORK TOTE // I enjoy having a big bag to toss my work notepads and laptop in. This hangs on a hook in my office, and I think it would make a great gift for someone traveling to and from the office.
  12. WORK FROM HOME OFFICE BUNDLE // I love Appointed products, and everything in this set is perfect for staying on task and getting work done.
  13. NOTES TO INSPIRE CANDLE // This candle smells heavenly! It’s one of my all-time favorites.


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New Parents & Baby
  1. SWADDLING CLOTHS // These shibori swaddling cloths are so beautiful and look super soft.
  2. BEAR FLEECE SET // This adorable little bear outfit looks so soft and cozy for a baby to snuggle up in.
  3. BABYFACIAL SKINCARE // I’ve been trying Drunk Elephant products and I have to say- I’m very impressed. This babyfacial is a treat for any new parent.
  4. TEETHER // This teething bracelet is functional and beautiful.
  5. LE TOT ONESIE // How cute is this “le tot” onesie?!
  6. WASH & LOTION SET // I used to use this at bath time when my nephews were itty bitty. It smells fantastic… so much so- that I bought the lavender bubble bath for myself, and I’ve been using it since!
  7. MAGIC BABY BULLET SYSTEM // I have friends and family members who loving making baby food and turning regular meals into purée for their kiddos with this system. It looks super convenient, as you transition to solids.
  8. HUMIDIFIER // Confession- Emmett & I actually have this humidifier in our bedroom. It’s so minimal- it was the best looking one on the market. It’s great for a nursery (or a primary bedroom).
  9. NEUTRAL COZY SET // What a cute little winter outfit… I love the pom on the hood.
  10. KEEKAROO CHANGER // One of my best friends is expecting, and I bought her this coveted changer from her registry. The 5-star reviews don’t lie!
  11. SILK EYE MASK // Every new parent needs their precious sleep.
  12. STARRY LAMP // I love this charming little table lamp that would be so perfect for a gender neutral nursery.
  13. BABY LAUNDRY WASH // You guys know I love the Laundress detergent. They make a special, gentle line for babes too.
  14. ELEPHANT SNUGGIE // This tiny soft elephant snuggie is sure to be favorite, and would make an easy, inexpensive gift.
  15. BASSINET BASKET // I LOVE this company! I actually purchased a woven dog bed from them earlier this year, and they support a wonderful cause… it’s also woman-owned.
  16. POSTPARTUM BATH SALTS // Every new postpartum mom could use some healing relaxation.
  17. BIRTHDAY LETTERS BOOK // This would be such a special and sentimental gift… it provides a beautiful place for parents to write their children a letter on their birthday, from ages 0-18.


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Under $25
  1. MARBLE SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS // These heavy marble salt & pepper shakers are elegant, come in two marble colors (carrara or nero), and would make a great gift!
  2. HORN BOWL // Under $10, this beautiful horn bowl would be the perfect styling piece for a vanity or bedside table.
  3. WOODFORD RESERVE BOURBON BALLS // Woodford Reserve was my favorite stop along the Bourbon Trail. Their bourbon balls are the best ever! Seriously so good.
  4. LUNCH BAG // This cute lunch bag caught my attention. It would be awesome for packing food on the go.
  5. GLASS CANDLE // I was shocked to see this glass candle only cost $14… the lid, the jar shape, the glass texture, and the tassel make it feel very high-end.
  6. TABLE MIRROR // I’m digging the shape of this brass table mirror!
  7. BLUETOOTH SPEAKER // Emmett and I always take a bluetooth speaker with us- to the office, on adventures, kayaking, etc. This comes in a few different colors.
  8. MATCH STRIKE // You know I love a pretty match strike! This one is made by artist, Tasha Montalvo.
  9. CUTTING BOARD // You can never have too many cutting boards, cheese boards, or serving boards in your kitchen.
  10. TEA TOWEL SET // Tea towel sets, soap, and a cookbook is usually my go-to gifting trifecta.
  11. ELECTRIC WINE OPENER // Emmett & I won this gift last year at a friend’s Christmas party, white elephant gift exchange… now it’s all we use to open wine! We came out winning.
  12. COLLAPSIBLE TRAVEL CUP // These travel cups are nice because they’re collapsible. I got one as a gift and use it in the car often.
  13. MONOGRAMMED LEATHER CATCH ALL // Personalized gifts are usually expensive, but this genuine leather catchall can be monogrammed for your gift recipient- and it’s under $25.
  14. MARBLE WINE COASTER // I thought this wine pedestal was pretty. I love a marble base!
  15. NEST CANDLE // This is my go-to holiday candle. I can’t get enough Nest “Hearth” fragrance in the winter months.
  16. LARGE WOODEN TRAY // This wooden tray is a great scale- you could fill it with something (chocolate bars, tea sachets, etc) to create a personalized gift, or it can stand alone.
  17. VELVET PILLOW WITH CONTRAST WELT // This velvet pillow looks super high-end. It has a contrast welt, and I never would’ve guessed it cost less than $25. It looks designer!


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For The Pet Parents
  1. WOVEN PET BED // We have a pet bed from the same shop, and our pups love cuddling in it… I love the way it looks! It’s a win / win, and you’re supporting an amazing small business & good cause!
  2. DOG LEASH // I’ve purchased from this small business multiple times- the designs on their collars and leashes are beautiful.
  3. KONG EXTREME // This is by far my best kept “dog sitting” secret. We fill these with peanut butter or pumpkin, freeze them, and let the dogs entertain themselves, while enjoying a special treat.
  4. DOG BONE HOOK // We use this dog bone hook for hanging leashes.
  5. STRIPED PET SWEATER // Our boys each have one of these, in maroon. I wish the green would have been available when I purchased them- I’m digging the color.
  6. PHEASANT TOY // Both of our dogs are obsessed with these “zero stuffing” toys. We have the entire collection, and it’s one of the few toys they refuse to destroy.
  7. LEATHER MONOGRAMMED BUSINESS BAG // Why not make a poo holder pretty? Might as well! If I’m going to carry it around on my belt or in my purse, I’d rather it look decent.
  8. MOLDED PAWPRINT ORNAMENT // I bought two of these to do this Christmas. I feel like it would be a fun activity to do with kids, as well. I wish we had a keepsake paw print for Finn, our giant schnauzer who passed away. These will be a special keepsake!
  9. DOG TOY BASKET // We have this toy basket and use it to roundup and contain allllll of the dog toys. It’s cute in person and has handles! Now- if we could teach the dogs to drop their toys in, that would be great.
  10. BUFFALO PLAID BED // I love a good classic dog bed, and you certainly can’t beat the price of this one!
  11. CHAMPAGNE DOG TOY // I think the booze dog toys are hilarious! The boys like squeaking these.
  12. CUSTOMIZED TREAT JAR // Not only is this treat jar customized, with your pet’s name… but it keeps treats sealed and fresh! This would look great left out on the countertop.
  13. STOCKING GIFT SET // This stocking gift set contains lots of dog favorites: two plush toys, a rope toy, and two tennis balls. It’s a great value!
  14. CAT PYRAMID // If we were cat people, I would totally buy this. It’s beautiful and looks like the perfect place for a cat to cuddle and play.
  15. FURBO PET CAM // We LOVE our Furbo doggie cam. I wish we would’ve invested in one of these years ago. We’ve caught some hilarious moments on camera.


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Sarah’s Favorites
  1. VOLCANO CANDLE // I love a classic volcano candle, and their holiday packaging is always beautiful… it makes a great countertop or bathroom vanity vessel once the candle is finished!
  2. WHITE NOISE MACHINE // I won’t travel without this thing. Emmett & I prefer to sleep with a fan or white noise, and this tiny thing comes in super handy for that.
  3. TINY TABLE LAMP // This is my new favorite mini table lamp! If you want to see it styled, it’s currently living in our office kitchenette.
  4. BYREDO PERFUME // This perfume has been a long time favorite. I’ve been switching between this one and the other one linked in this collage! It’s incredible.
  5. PATAGONIA NANO PUFF // Emmett gifted me this jacket a couple years ago and it’s my all-time favorite… light weight, easy to pack, and good for all seasons.
  6. KNIT BEANIE // During the winter months, I’m usually always wearing a beanie. This is my current favorite!
  7. TINY NECKLACE // I’m not much of a jewelry person- I usually only wear earrings, but I’ve been enjoying this delicate evil eye necklace. It’s so tiny, I forget I’m wearing it. It’s just enough!
  8. POSITIVE AFFIRMATION CARDS // These were a gift from one of my best friends, and I draw a card everyday. They’re awesome positive affirmations!
  9. EARRING STUD SET // I’ve bought multiple earring stud set from Loft, and they’re really the only earrings I wear. They don’t irritate my ears, they’re budget friendly, and they’re beautiful.
  10. CAR AIR FRESHENER // This was another gift from a friend, and I’ve since bought myself 2-3 more once it ran out. This car freshener vent clip sachet is SO good- even Emmett requested one for his truck.
  11. TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS BOOK // This is one of my very favorite books! Cheryl Strayed just announced that she’s doing a “Dear Sugar” digital series, and one of my best friends signed me up as a birthday gift.
  12. TATINE HAND SOAP // You know I love my hand soaps- this one is at the top of my list!
  13. MAST COFFEE CHOCOLATE // Having worked as a designer in the chocolate industry, I’m a bit of a chocolate snob. This coffee chocolate bar has been a recent favorite.
  14. SUPER SOFT SCARF // This super soft scarf is two toned, really big (like a blanket), and makes the perfect cozy textile or travel accessory. I never fly or road trip without it.
  15. FAVORITE CHAPSTICK // My favorite chapstick, to help me withstand the dry, winter months.
  16. DAVINES HAIR MASK // You have to smell this hair mask! It’s incredible. I use it in place of conditioner once a week. This little packet will get you 4-5 uses.
  17. JO MALONE PERFUME // Clearly I’m a fragrance loving lady. I spritz perfume every morning- it just makes me happy. This is a favorite scent!
  18. CASUAL FRIDAY SWEATER // I had to support my friends Chris & Julia- their Proper Tee sweatshirts are my favorite, and are super soft. I’ve been living in this one!
  19. WINTER BOOTS // As the snow starts to fall, I’m reminded why these are the best winter boots ever… and you don’t have to tie them. They slip on (because I can be lazy when it comes to shoes)!


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Tech & Smart Home
  1. SMART THERMOSTAT // This thermostat comes highly rated, is very efficient, smart home certified, and looks pretty beautiful- love the brass!
  2. LEATHER WIRELESS CHARGER // I love having a wireless phone charger on my bedside table… this leather one looks great and blends in with my styling.
  3. AMAZON ECHO SHOW // We LOVE, love, love our Echo Show. It sits on our kitchen countertop and we use it every single day. We gifted my parents one last year, and we’ve loved video chatting with them long distance this year.
  4. HALO CHARGER // My mom actually recommended this product, and I’m so glad she did! This thing can charge anything and everything- from your car to your phone. If you’re stranded, without power, or just need your devices to work while camping or something- you need one of these.
  5. NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES // I love my noise cancelling headphones! Emmett bought these for me last year.
  6. SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH // I’ve used a Sonicare toothbrush for about ten years now… there’s no turning back! I love it so much.
  7. IROBOT VACUUM // We affectionately named our robot vacuum Sue. She does the hard work, so I don’t have to. Ha!
  8. UV STERILIZING BOX // Drop in your phone, your keys, credit cards, or whatever needs sanitized. This thing kills germs, bacteria, and viruses- making it the ideal gift this year.
  9. SONOS SOUND BEAM // This sound bar has the best reviews and we’re big fans of Sonos. I like the way this white one looks.
  10. SAMSUNG FRAME TV // I’ve already professed my love for the Frame TV a hundred times, but if you’re on the fence- this is the ultimate gift for design lovers who care about hiding the TV.
  11. AMAZON SMART PLUG // These smart plugs make an awesome gift- as well as stocking stuffers!
  12. AIRPODS // I use my AirPods often… during dog walks, to answer calls, and to listen to music. I like having a wireless headphone option.
  13. BOSE MICRO SPEAKER // This small speaker provides a BIG sound. It has excellent reviews, and it’s compact- so it’s easy to take along on adventures and trips.
  14. SONOS WIRELESS SPEAKER // We have a couple of these and love them!
  15. HATCH RESTORE // Have you heard of this?! It’s way cool… it’s a sound machine and wakes you up naturally mimicking the sunrise- the ultimate alarm clock.
  16. SILICONE IPHONE CASE // This is the only iPhone case I use. It’s affordable, easy to clean, has a nice soft feel to it, and comes it lots of colors!


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Beauty & Pampering
  1. BATHROBE // This terry cloth bathrobe is perfect for lounging at home or having your own spa day.
  2. ORIGIN MASK ESSENTIALS GIFT SET // I bought these for my girls trip to Sedona a few weeks ago, and they were a hit! I’ve loved every single mask I’ve tried so far… and it’s a clean beauty product.
  3. OVERNIGHT LIP MASK // This lip mask has over 1k five star reviews and it is much less expensive than others on the market. I have not had chapped lips since purchasing this product. It would make an awesome beauty gift this winter!
  4. LARGE TOILETRY BAG // I have this toiletry bag and it’s so spacious and beautiful. I love the tassel detail. Fill it with goodies for the ultimate gift.
  5. ICE ROLLER // Nothing helps to de-puff my face (and under eyes) quite like this ice roller. It feels really nice, and also comes in handy for sore muscles or injuries.
  6. WOOD SAGE PERFUME // This has been my go-to perfume this season. If there is someone who appreciates a fine fragrance in your life- try this one!
  7. HAIR CLAW CLIPS // Friends… hair claw clips are back, and I’m VERY happy about it. These are so handy and are much healthier for your hair, as opposed to hair ties and bands.
  8. WET BRUSH // The wet brush is the only brush I use- this would also make a great stocking stuffer.
  9. HAIR TOWEL // My mom got me started on this specific hair towel and brand. No joke- I’ve been using these since high school, and I even travel with one. Haha! I like this one best because it feels like a “real” towel and stays in place… I hate touching the microfiber ones.
  10. CASHMERE MIST DEODERANT // This is my all-time favorite deodorant and one of the few that actually keeps me dry. The awesome scent is an added bonus.
  11. BLOWOUT BRUSH // Just look at the Amazon reviews and you’ll know why this is on the list. I’m TERRIBLE at round brushing my hair with the blow dryer, so I don’t even try… but this handy tool gives me volume, makes the process so much easier, and makes my hair look like I just got a fresh blowout.
  12. MATTE LIPSTICK // I get soooo many Instagram messages about my lip color and it’s always the same stuff. This is my go-to lipstick because it feels like chapstick, is moisturizing, and lasts forever!
  13. FUZZY SLIDE SLIPPERS // These slippers actually have arch & heel support. They also have a memory foam sole, so they don’t get gross or smelly underfoot (like other fuzzy slippers that make you sweat).
  14. OI HAIR CARE SET // This is the only shampoo and conditioner I use. It has totally changed by hair over the past three years… plus- Oi is the very best smell in the entire Davines line.
  15. QUICK FIX HAIR MASK // Another coveted Davines product of mine- I use this hair mask as conditioner when my hair is feeling dull. It’s an awesome product!
  16. AROMATHERAPY OIL SET // These oils are my favorites… in fact- they’re the ones I use to make my beloved sugar scrubs.


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Gifts for Movie Lovers
  1. MARBLE COASTER SET // The best movie nights include drinks, so you’ll want to have the coasters handy!
  2. CINEPHILE MOVIE GAME // This is a fun card game the movie buffs in your life will love.
  3. PROJECTOR SCREEN // For the serious movie and home theater connoisseurs- a retractable project screen.
  4. THEATER STYLE POPCORN MAKER // If you’re missing movie popcorn, make the good stuff at home! My parents have this theater style popper and love it.
  5. MOVIE SNACKS GIFT BOX // Share a gift box filled with snacks you’d find at the movie theater.
  6. PORTABLE PROJECTOR // This portable projector has almost 7k five star reviews! The best part? It’s actually affordable.
  7. SURROUND SOUND SYSTEM // I’ll admit, this is Emmett’s domain… but I do enjoy watching a movie with our surround sound, for the full home theater experience.
  8. MICRO POWDER POPCORN SALT // If you’re going to the trouble of making movie popcorn, you have to get the powdery micro salt… that’s the only way to make it taste the same!
  9. MOVIE NIGHT POPCORN SET // For your friends and family who like to mix up their movie popcorn routine- give them lots of options with this sampler set.
  10. PORTER POPPER BOWL // This collapsible popcorn bowl fits a LOT of popcorn, and folds flats when you’re ready to store it- and it comes with a lid.
  11. NACHO CHEESE WARMER // I wish I were joking, but this is the gift Emmett asked for this year. Haha! The man loves his movie nachos.
  12. CINEMARK GIFT CARD // While we’re all staying home and social distancing, support your local movie theater by purchasing a gift card to use at a later date. We can’t wait to go to our movie theater again!
  13. KNIT THROW BLANKET // The best part of movie night at home is snuggling up and getting cozy. This chunky knit blanket is the perfect throw to cozy up with.


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Gifts for Kids
  1. GASTON BOOK // Lots of kids in our life love the Gaston books! They’re adorable and fun to read.
  2. INDOOR BOWLING SET // This could definitely provide some indoor fun this winter!
  3. PLAY TENT // I see a lot of these, but this budget friendly version has great reviews and is really cute.
  4. CAFE PLAYHOUSE // How adorable is this cafe play house?! This is totally a cafe facade I can get behind.
  5. MOON LAMP // My nephews love this lamp and sleep with it on- it’s honestly really cool!
  6. PLAY GROCERY GIFT SET // This would’ve been right up my alley as a kid. The little cash register and produce is so cute.
  7. HELLO NATURE ACTIVITY BOOK // Another good book rec, with raving reviews… and it provides learning activities!
  8. ECO DOUGH // This eco dough is colored with vegetable dye, so it’s all natural and 100% safe (and fun).
  9. FORT BUILDING KIT // Whoever invented this was a genius… I would’ve LOVED having this fort building set as a child. Kids these days have such cool toys!
  10. PAINT YOUR OWN COOKIE KIT // This is something I would totally do with my nieces and nephews- they love this sort of stuff.
  11. ORNAMENT NECKLACE KIT // This Gunner & Lux DIY necklace is the perfect kit for your stylish little that wants to make their own fashion statement this season.
  12. HOLIDAY TREE NECKLACE // Another fun favorite from daughter / dad duo, Gunner & Lux!


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Cozy Gifts for Homebodies
  1. AVOCADO VASE // I had no idea this existed, but you can take the center of an avocado and put it in this beautiful tailored vase to form a little plant.
  2. JULIET STEMWARE // I love the shape of this glassware!
  3. NESPRESSO MACHINE // We got this espresso maker for our office, and I’ve been loving it. It’s a great option if you’re into coffee!
  4. BATH SALTS // These are my favorite bath salts… they smell amazing and the container is giant, so they last forever.
  5. CLOUD COTTON ROBE // This cloud bathrobe looks so cozy. I especially love the merlot color.
  6. CHOCOLATES // These French chocolates are the best of the best (trust me). I order these for the most special occasions.
  7. HOMEBODY KEYCHAIN // A cute little keychain for the homebody in your life… and you’re supporting a small business.
  8. ALWAYS PAN // I’ve heard nothing but incredible things about the Always Pan, and again- small business love!
  9. SHERPA THROW // This sherpa throw looks ultra comfy! The price is nice and affordable.
  10. CLASSIC SLIPPERS // I have these classic slippers and they’re simple, but perfect.
  11. BATH TOWEL BUNDLE // Are you choosing a gift for new homeowners? This bath towel bundle is the perfect starter set. We have these in our guest bath and everyone LOVES them!
  12. HANDMADE MUGS // I’m digging these stoneware mugs by German artist, Kerstin.


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Secret Santa & White Elephant Gifts
  1. CALENDAR FOR PUN LOVERS // This could be really hilarious! I have some friends who think they’re “punny”.
  2. 3-D CAT CARDS // These 3-D cat playing cards are sure to be fun.
  3. DISPOSABLE CAMERA // Disposable cameras are still around?! Is it weird that I kind of want one? I oddly miss developing film.
  4. SHOWER BEER HOLDER // I do appreciate a good shower beer. This is funny, but also functional (if you’re into that sort of thing).
  5. SHOWER NOTEPAD // I’m actually going to buy this… it’s in my cart now! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I have my very best ideas in the shower and NEED a place to jot thoughts. This is life changing for me. Ha!
  6. THE HAPPY JOURNAL // I love this concept and the reviews are amazing. Do one thing that makes you happy everyday. Challenge accepted?
  7. ICE CREAM KOOZIE // Why did I not know about pint size ice cream koozies? Based on the amount of ice cream I eat, I think I need one. I usually wrap a kitchen towel around my pint, and apparently I’ve been doing it wrong!
  8. ROSEBUD MOTEL KEY FOB // HAHA!! Yes. Just yes. I love Schitt’s Creek.
  9. WEBCAM COVERS // These could actually come in pretty handy.
  10. POCKET IQ TEST // This is something Emmett would be very into. He’s all about stuff like this- he also times himself solving a rubiks cube, so there’s that.
  11. GREASE BIN // This is another funny gift, that seems really functional… maybe we need this in our kitchen (hidden behind a cabinet, door of course)?
  12. ITTY BITTY MARQUEE // I could see some of my friends and family really enjoying this.
  13. BADASS BUTTON // This is a thousand times cooler than the “that was easy” button. I’d rather hear “badass”.


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Easy Appreciation Gifts
  1. TEA GIFT SET // This tea set comes with 40 flavors. The packaging is fun and would be great wrapped with a bow.
  2. ITALIAN REGIONAL HONEY GIFT SET // These regional honey samplers are always a hit. I like to buy them for our kitchen as well!
  3. YETI RAMBLER // This is the easiest, crowd pleasing gift that everyone loves, and you know will get used. We’ve gifted a lot of these.
  4. DARK CHOCOLATE SEA SALT CARAMEL SAUCE // I try to think creatively when it comes to food gifts. Depending on the recipient, I’ll attach one of my handwritten family recipes for ice cream, along with a hot fudge or chocolate sauce. Something personal like that is always appreciated!
  5. FROSTED CANDLES // Candles are another easy peasy gift.
  6. SOAP SET // Everyone is doing a lot of hand washing this year! I like this packaging.
  7. AMAZON GIFT CARD // Gift cards may seem impersonal, but it allows the recipient to buy whatever they need or want. I like pairing a baked good with a gift card.
  8. SEA SALT CARAMELS // These sea salt caramels have RAVE reviews. Apparently, I need to try them.
  9. STUMPTOWN COFFEE // Coffee is another great gift, if you know the person enjoys a morning cup.
  10. MINI OLIVE OIL SET // I love a good olive oil sampler set. This is another one I want for our own kitchen.
  11. LAVENDER SPA SET // This spa set includes a salt, a scrub, and an oil… all made using lavender essential oils.


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Adventure & Travel Gifts
  1. PACKING CUBES // These make packing so much easier. You can also fit more into your luggage when using these cubes.
  2. TRAVEL LAUNDRY BAG // Yes… I’m this person. I don’t like my dirty clothes to touch my clean ones when traveling.
  3. NATIONAL PARKS CANDLE // These candles support a great cause- our National Parks and education! Bring your favorite destination home.
  4. PATAGONIA BAG // Emmett and I share this backpack- it’s an awesome, easy day pack.
  5. LUGGAGE SET // This is my luggage set- it’s budget friendly, looks really nice, and hasn’t failed me yet. It comes with three pieces (small, medium, and large).
  6. TRAVEL NECK PILLOW // You’ll never want to use another neck pillow again. The best part? It looks like you’re wearing a scarf instead of an inflatable tube around your head. It also folds and packs easily!
  7. PORTABLE CHARGER // This thing lives in my purse and I’m constantly using it!
  8. MOISTURIZING TRAVEL WIPES // If you don’t like feeling gross when traveling, pack these… you’ll be glad you did!
  9. HIKING BOOTS // Emmett & I both have these hiking boots… they’re available in both men and women’s. We both really love them!
  10. COMPACT HAIR DRYER // This hair dryer is SMALL and easy to pack, but it gets the job done quickly… without taking up precious space in your luggage.
  11. HAMMOCK // This hammock is backed by over 10k five star reviews.
  12. JEWELRY ROLL // I’ve had mine for over a decade and it’s a travel organization must.


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Gifts for Couples
  1. HOMESICK CANDLE // Remind a couple of home with a candle that smells like their home state!
  2. SLOW COOKER // We have the larger version of this slow cooker and we use it all the time. I love making delicious, easy dinners using this crock pot.
  3. AIRBNB GIFT CARD // For the couples in your life who love traveling!
  4. DATE NIGHT IN COOKBOOK // This fun couples cookbook is filled with recipes for two, for date night in.
  5. FAUX FUR THROW // You might actually want to buy two of these so your favorite couple doesn’t fight over “the good blanket”. Haha!
  6. DOWN ALTERNATIVE PILLOW PAIR // If you have a down allergy, or are just looking for premium lofty sleeping pillows- look no further. These have incredible reviews!
  7. ECHO DOT // Looking for music, the weather, or smart home features? Amazon’s new Echo Dot is the perfect gift!
  8. PIZZA MAKING KIT // Emmett and I started our “Pizza Friday” tradition awhile ago, but I think this would be a really fun gift for a couple who enjoys cooking together. Who knows- maybe they’ll start their own pizza tradition!
  9. PORTABLE CARPET & FURNITURE CLEANER // We upgraded our spot and stain carpet cleaner to this model last year, and couldn’t be happier!
  10. MONOGRAMMED DOORMAT // This minimal, modern doormat would be the perfect welcome to any couple’s home.
  11. LOVESEAT CAMPING CHAIR // We have this exact camping chair, and now all of our friends have one, too! It’s SO good and comfortable. Everyone who has sat in ours, has purchased one (seriously). We use it all the time: camping, concerts, backyard BBQs, etc.
  12. NESPRESSO COFFEE MACHINE // This espresso machine is a deal, and it has over 5k positive reviews to back it up. We just bought one for our office!


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Game Night
  1. PLAYING CARDS // Nothing beats a good game of cards. What is your favorite card game? Mine is euchre. Have you heard of it?!
  2. ANOTHER ROUND // I love trivia! Emmett and I used to play once a week at our favorite bar.
  3. SEQUENCE // I’m honestly not sure what this game is, but it is the highest rated game on the internet. Over 13k reviews on Amazon! I want to buy it and see what the fuss is about.
  4. CATCH PHRASE // We used to play this one often. It’s also easy to travel with.
  5. TICKET TO RIDE // This is my all-time favorite board game!!
  6. WHO IN THE ROOM // This party game also seems fun and has great reviews, once we’re allowed to gather again.
  7. CHARADES // Charades is classic and never gets old- it remains a favorite of mine, even after all these years.
  8. NEVER HAVE I EVER // Another classic party game.
  9. SHOW ME THE MONET // I am super intrigued by this one, and added it to my cart! It seems awesome and the art nerd in me is curious.
  10. CLUE // This is my favorite childhood game. I used to play a lot…. my parents had to buy new note papers for me (that’s how much we played). Haha!
  11. THE HYGGE GAME // This is another new game that looks awesome.
  12. NATIONAL PARKS TRIVIA // Again- the trivia nerd in me loves this… especially since I’m into the outdoors and have visited many National Parks.
  13. TRAVEL SCRABBLE // Scrabble is another favorite I grew up playing. Emmett hates it, so we don’t play often.
  14. MONOPOLY // I have such fond memories playing Monopoly with my family during the holidays!
  15. PROSECCO PONG // This seems like a game my friends would like. Lol!
  16. OFF TOPIC // This is a “new to me” game, but it seems really fun and fast paced.
  17. TONGUE TIED // Lastly, this is another friend party game, once we’re able to hangout again. Let’s be real, if we’re playing games- there are usually drinks involved.


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Creative Gifts
  1. COULOR PENCILS // I’m loving this beautifully organized tin of colored pencils.
  2. MICRON PEN SET // Every artist or creative knows these are THE pens. There is nothing better than a fresh set of microns.
  3. FLORAL EMBROIDERY KIT // I haven’t embroidered in ages, but I think I might gift this to myself… it looks beautiful and I know this would be a relaxing activity!
  4. INSTAX CAMERA // I love and use my instant camera all the time. For awhile, we used it like a guest book for our house… friends & family would come visit, we’d snap their pic, and put it in an album.
  5. WALL HANGING VIDEO WORKSHOP // Looking for a creative, virtual activity or class? Look no further! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to make a gorgeous woven wall hanging.
  6. WIRELESS PHONE PRINTER // One of our friends has this and gifts us all tiny images- it’s the sweetest thing and is super fun!
  7. SKETCH PAD // This is my favorite sketchpad… I’ve been using Strathmore since art school. It’s the best!
  8. SMART GROW GARDEN // Grow fresh herbs and small veggies all winter long, right on your countertop. This would be an excellent gift for friends and family who enjoy gardening & cooking.
  9. SINGER SEWING MACHINE // My grandmother got me my sewing machine and years later, I still use it all the time. It’s such a special gift!
  10. PAINT SWATCH FAN DECK // For the design lovers in your life, gift them a paint swatch fan deck… having all of those colors at your fingertips is pretty incredible.
  11. NATURAL DYE KIT // I’m intrigued by this natural dye kit!
  12. 642 THINGS TO DRAW // Exercise your creative muscle with this highly rated “things to draw” book. This is another thing I might buy for myself. Just for fun!


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Renovating & Home Improvement
  1. RETRACTABLE PEN HOLDER // Put either a pen, pencil, or marker in it. Clip it to your shirt. You will never have to search for your marking device ever again while working on projects!
  2. UTILITY EXTENSION CORD // If you’re going to have just one extension cord, make sure it is a heavy-rated one with a single plug-in. Power tools require more power and a standard home extension cord will not suffice. Get a 25 ft., 12-gauge, single-end cord and you’ll be set!
  3. AIR NAIL GUN // Perfect for arts & crafts, or installing base, crown, and casing- an assortment of all gauges of air nailers is a must. Get a 16ga., 18ga., and a 23ga. nailer and you will be able to join small intricate wall mouldings or large bulky baseboard.
  4. BLUETOOTH HEARING PROTECTION // These are perfect for loud projects, snow blowing, lawn mowing, and other noisy home improvement tasks.
  5. IMPACT DRIVER // This is probably our most used tool. Emmett always has this in his hand.
  6. MITER SAW // Whether you’re building something small or installing millwork, this saw is a must. We’ve used it for every single renovation project we’ve tackled.
  7. AIR COMPRESSOR // We use this small air compressor for running nail guns, including the framing nailer. However, we also use it around the house- putting air in our vehicle tires, etc.
  8. OSCILIATING TOOL // This is another tool that sees a lot of use. It’s great for demo, cutting, and is very versatile!
  9. LASER MEASURE // Once you have one of these, you won’t want to use your old tape measure ever again. It’s so quick and easy.
  10. CORDLESS SCREWDRIVER // This is the perfect gift for any homeowner!
  11. EASY HOOKS // No more hammer, nails, or screws. Basically everything you see hanging on the walls in our home is hung with these nifty little guys. They used to be called “hercules hooks” but have since rebranded. I believe they also started as an “As Seen on TV” thing. Haha! Emmett and I both swear by these hooks. They hold a lot of weight, are easy to install, and you don’t have to worry about your art or mirrors crashing to the ground (or finding studs).
  12. MITER CLAMP SET // Miter clamps allow you to put glue on the two pieces clamp them together and then finish with a nail or two. Your miters will be next level, but more importantly they will stay together until the end of time.
  13. SHOP VAC // You guys know me… I clean. I clean a lot. I can’t stand living amongst the chaos of a construction zone (ugh drywall dust). I’m always following Emmett around with the shop vac.
  14. NAIL SET & COUNTER PUNCH // This spring nail set easily and precisely sets your proud nail, damaging as little of the surrounding area as possible.
  15. DEWALT TOOL SET // This tool set includes an impact driver, a drill, circular saw, and reciprocating saw. A drill allows you to attach different drill bits, a circular saw can rip plywood and other sheet goods, and the reciprocating saw is our demo tool of choice.
  16. STEP LADDER // I’m 5’6″… not the tallest. Our step stool is too short for me to reach the ceiling or trim. That’s a problem because I do all of the painting around here. Rather than lugging out the big, heavy ladder, this step ladder has an extra step that allows me to finally reach higher. It’s lightweight, foldable, and compact. I have yet to fall off of it (knocking on wood), so that’s a win! Would recommend.
  17. SAW HORSES // Use these for a temporary work bench, painting stands, and pretty much anything else to keep you from crawling around on the ground.
  18. LASER LEVEL // I hate math. I love the convenience of setting up a laser level and knowing exactly where to lay tile, hang art, install trim, etc. It doesn’t get easier. With a single click (and zero measuring) you have a perfectly accurate line to start your project with confidence.


→ Back to Table of Contents 

There you have it- that wraps up my annual gift guide. I hope it’s helpful and gets your wheels turning! I’ve got one more important announcement before I sign off for the weekend… I’m taking all of next week off for Thanksgiving. In addition to enjoying the holiday, Emmett & I have a goal to launch our shop, Tuesday Made, before the end of the month. Basically, we have a LOT of work to get done before that happens, so we’re going to grind away at it this coming week, then celebrate Thanksgiving. Wishing you all the happiest Thanksgiving week ahead! I’ve got some fun things to share once I return. Happy holidays, friends! xo

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    November 19, 2020 at 4:12 am

    Thank you so much! I appreciate the time you took to create fantastic lists!

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      November 19, 2020 at 12:05 pm

      Of course, Rebecca! It’s an annual tradition, I know many look forward to (myself included). I hope it’s helpful :) Happy holidays!! xo

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    Amazing list! My gift-giving wheels are turning (and clicking). Thank you!

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      I’m so glad to hear that, Karen! I hope it was helpful and gave you some good holiday gift inspiration :)

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    Wow! This is one big gift guide Sarah. Awesome! Some really fantastic gift ideas 👍 Thank you! I ordered the car freshener for my daughter, but I suspect she will be mad that I think her car smells 🤣 and where was that laser measuring tape 300 projects ago 😜 it would have been so handy when we were trying to measure out what size pool to get. Lol. I ordered for my husband, I’m so tired of holding the measuring tape on every project 😂 I’m almost done Christmas shopping. Hurray!

    • Reply
      November 19, 2020 at 12:03 pm

      Thank you, Colleen! Those car fresheners are super nice… I hope your daughter loves it! We sure enjoy having ours (even Emmett- which is rare, haha). That laser measuring device has been a game changer. I said the same thing, “where has this been my entire life?” lol! We used it outside for building our shed, and I know it would’ve made your pool measurements a breeze. Now you’ll have it for future projects and your husband won’t have to bother you with holding the tape. Way to go on your holiday shopping :) I haven’t even started. Yikes!! Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll talk to you soon. xox

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    Sarah Katherine
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    This might be the holy grail of gift guides. Thank you!! I especially appreciate the variety for the men in my life!

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      I love hearing that, Sarah! I hope it helped to give you some good ideas for the guys :) Have a great day! xo

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    Oh my gosh. I literally just spent 3 hours going through these…and I’m not even finished! Such incredible and unique finds. Gifting is definitely your love language! Have a delectable and cozy holiday!🦃
    I would offer productivity vibes, but I’m pretty certain you already have way more than I do.🤣 I know you two are working tirelessly on Tuesday Made, and I couldn’t be more excited!
    Hopefully, you’ll have a second to post some holiday shenanigans or pics of your table on IG. If not, I’ll see you back here on November 30…bright and early!💜🎉❄️😍

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      3 hours?! Don’t hate me for taking your time this morning. Haha! I hope it was fun perusing all of my finds. I do love curating and gifting… it’s a fun hobby and annual tradition I can’t seem to stop :) I’ll take all the productivity vibes I can get! I’m starting to feel a tiny bit stressed, anxious, and nervous, but I think it’s mostly excited nerves. I’ll still be on IG sharing- and will be sure to cover our holiday table. My plan is to also photograph the guest room before coming back on the 30th. Woohoo!! Wishing you the happiest Thanksgiving with amazing food, a beautiful table, fun times, good conversation, and plenty of relaxing. Have a great weekend, Peggi! xox

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    So much time and effort you put into this Sarah! Very thoughtful gift guides!!! Thank you! You have given me so many ideas for family members.
    Wishing you and Emmett a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your holiday!

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      Thank you, Danna! I’m so happy it sparked some ideas for you :) Wishing you and your fam the happiest Thanksgiving this year, filled with celebrating and relaxing! xox

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    November 19, 2020 at 9:31 am

    Holy grail of gift guides is right! I expected just a few roundups, but man oh man you covered all the bases!! This took a ton of time and effort on your part, so thank you very much for compiling this. I definitely am ear marking this to return to once I actually start purchasing gifts. I looked through each guide and there truly is something on each lost that I could gift to family and friends. Plus tons that I’d love to gift myself haha! I know your week off won’t exactly be relaxing, but I hope you’re able to enjoy the holiday at home with Emmett. Happy Thanksgiving friends!

    • Reply
      November 19, 2020 at 11:52 am

      Haha! It’s a BIG one :) I hope it’s helpful and gives you some inspiration once you’re ready to think about gifts. I also found plenty of things I want for myself, haha! Emmett & I are looking forward to knocking out a ton of work, and of course we’ll take the day of Thanksgiving off to celebrate. I hope you and your fam have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well, Lauren… filled with good food, family, and relaxing!! xox

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    This is AMAZING! I can only imagine the work that went into it. My online shopping carts are now full. :) Thanks so much!

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      Many MANY hours, haha :) But it’s a fun annual blog tradition. I hope it was helpful, Erin! Have a wonderful weekend and a great holiday season. xo

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    OMGoodness! All in one post?! Thank you!

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      All in one! It felt easier and I didn’t want to “spam” people with lots of gift guides if they weren’t interested this year. I hope it’s easy and helpful, Teri :)

  • Reply
    November 19, 2020 at 12:17 pm

    Wowza, this is the most amazing, comprehensive gift guide I’ve ever seen. You have such incredible taste. I would love to give or receive so many of these things. I also love that you are so classy and tasteful, but that you can also enjoy a shower beer. I wish we were friends in real life ; ) Happiest holidays to you. So excited for your store launch!

    • Reply
      November 19, 2020 at 12:42 pm

      Thank you so much, Jamie! Haha! I do love a shower beer :) We would definitely be friends in real life!! I hope you have a happy, relaxing, and joyful holiday season as well. I can’t wait to share all the goodies in our store soon- we’ve been working hard for most of the year, and I’m itching to finally make it live. Lots of work in the week ahead, but it will all be worth it! Have a great weekend. xo

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    Wow! You knocked it out of the park :-) Such lovely and thoughtful gifts. Thank you.

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      Thank you! I’m so happy you liked it! Happy holidays :)

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    What awesome lists…this had to have taken such a long time to curate. Thanks for pulling these together. They’re fantastic.

    • Reply
      November 20, 2020 at 9:13 am

      I’m so happy you enjoyed the gift guide, Jamie :) Lots of hours always go into this annual tradition, but it’s really fun (and hopefully a great resource)! Happy holidays!

  • Reply
    Kim B
    November 20, 2020 at 1:24 pm

    All I can say is, as someone who lives in Paris, I *totally affirm” your love of chocolates from La Maison du Chocolat (in the “Home Interiors and Design” section)!!! A friend brought my husband a box of their Champagne truffles one year for his birthday, and we have been addicted to them ever since.

    Everything they make is delicious, and the packaging is chic, restrained elegance. Perfect for gifting someone!

    Meanwhile, I want that adorable kids’ Crate & Barrel cafe’ stand/BBQ stand. Sooooo cute, and you could make other banners for it too, I am sure. Would be fun to think of different themes and design the signs and all that go with!!

    Thanks Sarah for putting this all together, I am going to be dipping in and out for sure.

    • Reply
      November 23, 2020 at 12:16 pm

      You win the city of the best food, Kim!! La Maison du Chocolat is my FAVORITE. I worked as a designer in the high-end chocolate industry for a bit, and now I’m spoiled / an admitted chocolate snob. Their champagne truffles are very good! You’re right- beautiful packaging, delicious indulgence, and the perfect gift. I actually hope my husband is reading the comment section right now (EMMETT, BUY ME CHOCOLATE). Haha!! I also thought the cafe stand was so darling. I hope you have the happiest holiday season, Kim :) xox

      • Reply
        Kim B
        November 25, 2020 at 12:41 am

        Hee hee hee I hope that he is paying attention!!

        Hope that the prep for the store opening is going well. That’s a lot of hard work. The kitchen looks sooooo good.

        • Reply
          November 25, 2020 at 8:54 am

          Thank you so much, Kim! :)

  • Reply
    November 20, 2020 at 5:24 pm

    Sarah, this list is incredible! Several people in my life are very hard to buy for and I got some awesome ideas from this list just on first scroll-through! I will be coming back to this as I shop throughout the season. Thank you for taking the time to do this!

    • Reply
      November 23, 2020 at 12:11 pm

      Thank you, Danna! I’m so glad it gave you some good ideas :) Have the happiest Thanksgiving week with your family!! xox

  • Reply
    Kim B
    November 22, 2020 at 4:55 am

    And thanks for the reminder on Laurie Anne’s gorgeous paintings and prints!! In the “Home Interiors and Design” section!!

    • Reply
      November 23, 2020 at 12:09 pm

      She is amazing, isn’t she?! :)

  • Reply
    November 23, 2020 at 7:12 am

    This has everything… and I think I just expanded MY wish list whilst shopping for others. Thank you so much fo this@

    • Reply
      November 23, 2020 at 7:13 am

      that would be…thank you so much for this! :)

    • Reply
      November 23, 2020 at 11:58 am

      I love hearing that, Monica! I’m so happy it was helpful :) happy shopping!

  • Reply
    Julie Rossman
    November 23, 2020 at 10:44 am

    I always have a stack of journals to give as gifts. But I might have to add paint deck fans to the list – I love mine!

    • Reply
      November 23, 2020 at 11:56 am

      I love that idea, Julie! :)

  • Reply
    November 25, 2020 at 8:13 am

    This is an awesome list…but none of the Rstyle links are working for me. They pull up blank white pages (on computer and phone). Wish the sources were otherwise linked so I could find these items! Maybe a problem with Rstyle?

    • Reply
      November 25, 2020 at 8:54 am

      Hello! I just received an email from RewardStyle (the linking company I use) and they’re having technical difficulties this morning. They should be up and running again shortly! Apologies for the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience!

  • Reply
    Anne H
    November 25, 2020 at 1:19 pm

    What a list, what a list! I know we already chatted on Insta about it, but this guide is *incredible*, Sarah. Soooo appreciate the amount of time and work this took and I’ll definitely be coming back to it again and again this season. (Someone in my family is getting one of Laurie Anne’s pieces (in my cart as we speak) and I’m so excited to be giving it to them!) My only problem is that I’m going to spend all my holiday money before Tuesday Made opens! Pretty sure everything in your store will be worthy of being on one of your awesome gift guides. Happy Thanksgiving, S&E!!

    • Reply
      November 30, 2020 at 1:22 pm

      Thank you, Anne!! I hope you had the best Thanksgiving and your holiday season is off to an awesome start :) All of your cookies looked incredible! I LOVE that you’re gifting one of Laurie Anne’s pieces. She’s amazing. I know I’m slow to launch, but I just want to make sure everything is working properly. Haha! I’m hoping to be live this week, but no pressure to spend your holiday dollars there. Lol! Emmett has already “had a chat” with me about stealing our inventory. It’s all so pretty- I just want to keep it! Have a good week. Talk soon! xox

      • Reply
        Anne H
        November 30, 2020 at 11:05 pm

        Cannot wait to see what you have in store for us all! ;-D I’ll be refreshing all day tomorrow. Good luck with everything!

        • Reply
          December 1, 2020 at 9:18 am

          Thanks Anne! It looks like it probably won’t happen today (boo!)… we hit a web snag. Hoping tomorrow is the day! We shall see :) Thank you, thank you for your support!! xo

  • Reply
    Karen Seay
    November 29, 2020 at 6:42 am

    Hands down BEST gift guides ever! Thank you so much!

    • Reply
      November 30, 2020 at 1:19 pm

      Thank you Karen!! I’m so happy you like them :) xo

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