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Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comWhewww! WE HAVE ARRIVED. Today is the day. Allow me to finally share our formal living room reveal. Although we started this space for the One Room Challenge that ended back in November, Emmett and I are finally crossing the finish line with this room. Even though we’re a couple months late, I’m still proud as hell. Through sickness, a vacation we already had on the calendar, and the busy holiday season, Emmett and I powered through, working as hard as we could. We bit off more than we could chew for such a short timespan (tough lesson learned), but I’m glad we didn’t compromise and stuck with our original plan and vision. We didn’t cut a single corner and we made it happen together! Speaking of plans- some projects go as planned, unravel easily, and bring happy surprises. This renovation was the complete opposite, and that’s ok. Sometimes that’s how it goes. The extra time, money, and energy we spent getting this room right was a good decision. Ready to see?! Click through for the reveal and of course- all the sources…

If you found me through the ORC site, hi there! I’m Sarah, a designer & blogger located in Salt Lake City, UT. You can see my current home renovation here, as well as my previous home tour here. My husband, Emmett, and I are renovating our third house. In case you missed previous updates, don’t worry! Catch up here: Week 1 (before images, floor plan, and design plan), Week 2 (demo), Week 3 (drywall), Week 4 (fireplace and lighting), Week 5 (sneak peek of furnishings), Week 6 (built-ins and flooring), Week 7 (built-in and furniture placement), Week 8 (millwork), Week 9 (painting built-ins), Week 10 (beams).

Get ready for a long (but good) post, my friends! Here’s a little refresher to remind you what the space looked like BEFORE we started demo a couple months ago…

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comThe room was pretty basic, didn’t have great flow or function, and felt pretty bland in our 90’s builder home. My two biggest goals were to add character and function. With that in mind, ready for the after?

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comIf you’ve been following our progress from the very beginning, you already know- we knocked down walls, removed a closet, traded the carpet for gorgeous herringbone hardwoods, updated the fireplace, added built-ins, installed beams, and about a hundred other things that were kind of a chain reaction (like replacing hot water heaters, new plumbing, the list goes on).

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comOur previous boring beige living room is quite the opposite these days. It’s a space I find myself enjoying on a daily basis. This winter, the gas fireplace has been so dreamy! I often find myself working from my laptop in one of the swivel chairs in front of a toasty fire.

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comReady to chat details and design decisions? I think it’s time! First let me give you a lay of the land, so you can get a better feel for where this space is in our home.

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comSee our kitchen through the arched doorway in the background? This room is sandwiched between the kitchen, dining room (which we have yet to tackle), then out the french doors lives our patio… which is currently covered under a foot of snow.

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comWhen renovating the kitchen, we extended the room a few feet. The result of that decision is this little corner in the living room. I love that it provided an area for a simple vignette and art. I often find I’m missing precious wall space when designing or working with open concept spaces. Back when I was working on the kitchen floor plan, I knew this corner would come in handy once we jumped to the living room.

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI never pass up an opportunity to set out a floral arrangement, burn a new candle, or add incognito seating to a room that is often used for entertaining. That’s where my favorite ottoman comes in…

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI fell in love with this beauty the moment I stumbled upon the Mainly Baskets site. This ottoman is one of nine in a scalloped furniture collection. Aside from its woven beauty, I wanted to install some ottomans in the living room for functionality purposes. We entertain often and people always end up in the kitchen, living room, or patio… I think because they’re centrally located in our house. Regardless, having the option to pull up an additional, easy seat is really convenient!

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comReady to talk about the built-ins? These things were certainly a labor of love. I sketched them up, Emmett built them (grab the built-in tutorial here), and we finished them together. Did you notice the subtle grasscloth wallpaper on the back of the shelves (get that tutorial here)? We wallpapered together on Christmas Eve. It’s honestly one I won’t forget. I have to take a moment to brag on Emmett’s millwork and carpentry skills- he is SO GOOD these days. I swear his skillset continues to expand and surprise me.

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comStyling the shelves last week was soooo much work. Maybe it just felt like that because I had / have bronchitis? I’m not sure, but lugging THAT many books up and down the stairs in our house got the best of me… it took me a solid week just to style these babies. Lots of you have been asking about the nude busts, pictured above… they are sold out everywhere. I’m sorry! I’m pretty sure they were discontinued. Mine came from Lamps Plus.

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comIn terms of shelf styling, this time I went heavy on the books. After all- that’s what bookcases are for. You’ll also find vases, vessels, art, and artifacts from our travels tucked throughout. Did you notice the soapstone counter beneath the shelving? We had a partial Polycor slab leftover from our kitchen renovation, so we integrated it into the built-in. I’m a big fan of repeating materials throughout a home for a cohesive, unified look.

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re wondering what we keep in the lower, closed storage portion of the built-ins… we barely have anything down there right now. I’m sure over time, we’ll fill it up and put it to good use, but right now- we keep basic household items in the cabinet: light bulbs, flash lights, shoe bootie covers, etc. Just random odds and ends!

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comMoving onto the seating area in the living room… we actually use this space frequently. Emmett and I often hangout in here, and as I previously mentioned- people gravitate toward this room when we entertain. Before we had furniture in this space, our neighbors, Brant & Emily, would sit on the carpeted floor with us. Ha! You know you have good friends when they don’t even care if you have furniture… they still come visit. Well, these days we obviously have furniture and it’s much more comfortable! It’s probably time for a dinner party or something.

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI knew I wanted this room to feel very balanced, in terms of the furniture layout. The space isn’t huge, but I wanted to install comfortable and casual furniture. For seating, I landed on a small curved sofa and two swivel chairs. I liked the idea of swivel chairs so you could turn inward to have a conversation with people seated on the sofa, or turn toward the fireplace for warmth. Swivels are the most versatile lounge chair! These beauties from Overstock fit my color palette and the budget.

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comAn oval coffee table fit my slightly curved sofa perfectly. It felt like the best shape to maximize the space in our living room. I scored this vintage Ethan Allen table on Facebook Marketplace for under $100. Oval coffee tables are honestly a difficult shape to style. I kept it simple with a couple books, a candle, a marble tray, monogrammed coasters, and a faux floral arrangement. Did you think that was REAL, because I did. It’s probably the most convincing lilac arrangement I’ve ever laid eyes upon. I splurged for those florals because it doesn’t get better (and zero maintenance).

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comAbove, you’ll see a better view of the sofa profile with the oval coffee table. It’s like these two pieces were made for each other! I love when that happens.

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comYou’ll also notice a couple other pieces of furniture in the space… the zebra print ottomans (again- these will come in handy for extra seating when entertaining) and some side tables.

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comMy rule for tables in a living room setting is this… every seat should have a table nearby to rest a drink. If you can’t reach the coffee table, side tables are necessary. They don’t have to be big- just large enough for a drink! Speaking of drinks, after finishing this space yesterday, Emmett poured a celebratory old fashioned (plus a hot toddy for me since I’m sick), we turned on the fireplace, and watched a snowstorm roll in. It felt incredible sitting in this finished room, admiring all of the work we accomplished.

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comMoving to the other wall, this side of the room also received a lot of attention. After removing the existing bulky plantation shutters, I sanded and painted the doors, everything received updated millwork (that’s all linked in this post), Emmett swapped the door hardware, and we installed custom window treatments. In addition to inexpensive roman shades, I splurged on custom drapery that really softens the space. I went with a triple French pleat drapery panel in this beautiful pinstriped fabric. I had a custom rod made locally, since the span is so large.

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI wasn’t in love with the existing doors and windows, but after dressing them up and giving them the TLC they deserved- they look a thousand times better. I actually like them now!

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comIn typical Sarah fashion, I waited until the morning of my photoshoot to add the textiles to the room. I should’ve unrolled the rug by the french doors earlier last week, allowing it time to flatten. Just FYI- if you’re wondering why it’s a little wavy… that’s why. I landed on this woven sisal runner because of its durability. We use these doors multiple times each day to let our dogs into the backyard to play and do their business. They’re constantly running in and out, so this area sees a lot of foot (and paw) traffic. This felt durable against the elements, cleanable, but also more stylistic than a standard door mat. We do have a mat on the opposing side of the door for added foot wiping too.

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comLet’s hop to the fireplace. You can find all sorts of info about the fireplace makeover, the mantel, and the insert in this post. We have actually had the fireplace portion of the renovation finished for quite some time now. If you’re wondering where our pretty herringbone fireplace panels went… they didn’t fit quite right, so I had to send them back and am trying to trade them for the model that actually fits our insert (shopping fail on my part). For now, I’m fine living without those, but ideally- I’d like to add the appropriate panels in the future.

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI also added a couple tapered candles to the hearth for some added drama. I’ve been into colored candles lately and these light blue ones fit my color palette perfectly!

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comThese charming modern metal horses were a birthday gift from Emily. I decided to display them on the mantel because they make me smile. The curve of the tail kind of leads your eye to the center of the mantel and mimics the shape of the mirror, so they’re actually pretty perfect here. Did you guys know I have a picasso tattoo of a horse? It looks pretty similar to these guys, but in a line drawing on my forearm. I digress… how pretty are those sconces? All of my lighting came from Hudson Valley.

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comNext, let’s talk textiles… starting with the rugs! I knew I needed a large area rug to ground the furniture… especially since this space is open concept to our dining room. I wanted to make the living room feel segmented and like a separate space. I ended up with this beautiful blue area rug that has the prettiest texture. Another perk? It doesn’t shed. Emmett is about to murder me for our wool rug in the basement right now, because it’s shedding since it’s still new-ish. This checks all of my boxes, and meets his non-shedding requirement. I also layered a sheepskin onto the area rug and hearth to enhance the cozy factor.

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comIn terms of textile accessories, I added some stunning pillows to the swivel chairs and sofa, thanks to SWD Studio. Those burnt sienna colored cushions on the loveseat are what my design dreams are made of! The backside looks just as beautiful as the front.

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comYou guys know I’m a fan of snuggling under blankets, so there are lots of those scattered throughout as well. All of my throw blankets came from Garnet Hill. They have the best throws, that feel as luxe as they look.

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI know I’m going to get more questions about sources, so I’m going to link everything I can think of below! Click directly on the items- or use the numbered source links at the bottom of the collage to shop.

01: beams // 02: round mirror // 03: sconce // 04: faux tree // 05: limestone mantel // 06: planter // 07: candle holders // 08: zebra ottoman // 09: squiggle art // 10: sheepskin rug // 11: curved sofa // 12: velvet pillow // 13: area rug // 14: nude art // 15: glass vase // 16: marble tray // 17: leopard pillow // 18: side tables // 19: swivel chairs // 20: floor lamp // 21: cashmere throw // 22: abstract art // 23: asco pot // 24: textured art DIY // 25: bust bookend // 26: alabaster lamp // 27: entry door hardware // 28: drapery fabric // 29: console table // 30: scallop ottoman // 31: faux floral arrangement // 32: woven roman shade // 33: picture light // 34: magnifying glass // 35: woven sisal rug …. PAINT COLORS: trim- Extra White by Sherwin-Williams // walls- Aesthetic White by Sherwin-Williams

If I forgot anything, just ask for the source in the comment section and I’d be happy to share additional info!

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comI owe my One Room Challenge sponsors a BIG thank you for making this possible- and for being so understanding in terms of our construction schedule. Every single brand supported me and encouraged me to execute my initial vision, despite the delay. For that, I am so grateful and would love to sing their praises even louder, because the best part of working with brands & products I love is the incredible PEOPLE behind the them. Shouting a giant thank you to the following (they have earned my business and gratitude for years to come):

The Formal Living Room : One Room Challenge – Room Reveal - roomfortuesday.comEven though the One Room Challenge finished months ago, I still want to link the other talented designers who participated. They cheered me on every step of the way and their reveals turned out amazing. If you missed any of these, they’re worth a look…

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linked below…

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I’ll be sure to share an IG tour on stories so you can get a feel for the room “in person” either later today or tomorrow. As always, you know I love hearing your thoughts in the comment section below. I owe YOU guys a big thank you for sticking with me and following along, even after the One Room Challenge ended. Emmett and I couldn’t have done it without your encouragement and positivity. Thank you for always showing up and making us smile! We love and appreciate you.

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  1. Kylie Wakeley says:

    Sarah and Emmett! You have done the most incredible job. What a beautiful room to walk into and you should be so proud of yourselves for keeping to the incredibly high standard we always see from you. Your work is gorgeous and I hope you spend many many happy hours in that room in years to come 😊

    1. Thank you so much, Kylie! I’m also hoping for many happy hours in here :) xox

      1. Hello Sarah-

        What paint color did you use for your walls and trim?

        1. I believe it was Extra White by Sherwin-Williams for the trim, and Aesthetic White for the walls.

  2. Bravo! Of course, I knew it would be beautiful, but honestly I think you’ve outdone yourselves. So many luxurious and classy details. The quiet palette and sumptuous textures just envelop you, and the geometry of the space really sings to me. Sarah, you may be a math person at heart.😉 For everything you accomplished, your timeline seems beyond reasonable. Truly. I hope you are taking pause to soak up this accomplishment. You both deserve accolades for your diligence and commitment. Well done, friends!💖🥂

    1. Thanks, Peggi! I’m not sure if I’m a math person, but I do love me some symmetry. haha! Our college roomies are coming into town tomorrow, so we’ll be taking a break and sharing cocktails with good friends in this pretty room. Can’t wait to put it to good use! Thanks for following and cheering us on every step of the way :) xo

  3. It’s gorgeous and so fitting in this home! Very well done, you should be so proud of your handiwork. Emmett you are are quite the finish carpenter already!!

    1. Thank you, Michelle! I think I agree… Emmett can add finish carpenter to his resume :) So proud of him! xo

  4. Congratulations 🥳
    What an incredibly gorgeous living room! The built ins are stunning and I love, love how you filled and styled with so many books 😍 And the wood beams are so amazing Sarah!! They add such warmth and beauty to the space. Wow! This room is so classically chic, decorated with so much function ( awesome swivel chairs) and balanced beautifully with color and texture ( love the rug, scalloped ottoman, sumptuous pillows) I mean the list goes on and on! I also love the perfect mix of traditional paired with modern. That is really hard to achieve I think but you designed everything perfectly. The oval classic coffee table, modern artwork, stunning faux floral arrangements ( that lilac is fabulous) This reveal was so worth the wait and I will be spying on this room reveal for days 😉 Such amazing details and inspiration!! Cheers to you both 🥂 Enjoy!

    1. Thank you, Colleen! The beams were definitely a happy accident. I love the warmth they add to the room. So appreciate you following along and encouraging us along the way. Cheers!! xox

  5. We’ve been waiting for this and WOW! What a lovely room, comfortable and classy. I’m continually amazed by the transformation you’re giving your 90s home – the bones are there, and your work is really finessing and enhancing its soul. Another five stars.

    1. Thanks, Karen! The bones are definitely here. I’m so happy with how it turned out. Can’t wait to make lots of memories in here :) xox

  6. This is my most favorite room you have ever done. I love every single detail. Bravo Sarah & Emmett!

    1. Really?! Thank you so much, Monica!

  7. Worth the Wait!! I usually read on my phone but today saved it until I had time to get to the computer so I could see everything bigger :).

    1. Thanks, Anne! I love that you saved the post for your computer… I do the same with my favorite blogs :)

  8. Wowww this was SO worth the wait, you did an incredible job!! I always love seeing your modern take on traditional style! :)

    1. Thanks, Meredith!! That’s the best compliment… I have trouble describing my aesthetic, but I think you’re right- modern take on traditional. I like it! xo

  9. It looks beautiful. Great work Sarah!

  10. Holy cow. Once again, you and Emmett just keep getting better! LOVE the bookshelf styling. love the fireplace. love the textiles. Just love it!

    1. Thanks, Anitra! The bookshelf styling was really fun for me- thanks for your kind words :) xo

  11. Oh my word, it is stunning. This turned out to be such a gorgeous room. Thanks for the great tour.

  12. This is beautiful! You would never know it was a basic 90’s house – the curtains, the millwork, the beams, the bookcases, along with the styling. You guys continue to amaze me!

    1. That’s exactly what I was going for :) Thanks Amanda!

  13. Elizabeth Shuler says:

    This is everything! So inspirational and loved seeing every corner of the room. Absolutely beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! I thought I might’ve included too many photos in this post, but I really did want to share every corner :)

  14. Sarah I am speechless! So stunning! It looks so curated and well thought out. I have looked at your room and pictures for an hour and cannot get over the details! Congrats to you both!!

    1. Thanks, Danna!! We so appreciate your sweet words :) Thank you for cheering us on along the way!

  15. Wow! Your living room is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Melissa! xo

  16. Sarah and Emmett, you’ve done it again! This space is so luxe and gorgeous. I can’t believe everything you did in here— visible AND behind the scenes!! Congratulations and thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thanks, Kim! There was soooo much behind the scenes work in this one. Whew! We’re ready for a break after all of those surprises. Haha! xox

  17. Just stunning S and E. As usual, it’s been a joy to watch. Every room you tackle is so classic, timeless and fresh. You sneak in a trend or two but in a few years you’ll never even know it was a trend. Beautiful! Enjoy.

    1. Thanks, Renee! I love your comment about sneaking in a trend that you’ll never know was a trend in a few years- best compliment! Appreciate that :) xo

  18. A big congratulations! It is beautiful. Worth the wait.

    1. Thank you, Jessica! xo

  19. Seriously the best space every! Congratulations – it is STUNNING!

    1. Thank you, Nicole!! We’re so excited with how it turned out :)

  20. Beautiful! Did you ever post about the paint colors in this room? Would love to know the paint brand & color!

    1. Thanks Gretchen! I just added the paint colors to the post… sorry about that. Walls are Aesthetic White by Sherwin-Williams, and the trim is Extra White (same brand).

  21. I’d love to hear more about how your dogs impact your design decisions (especially sofa fabrics!). Trying to decide what fabrics will hold up to our dogs has been the biggest hurdle in our living room update. Do you have a good post on that already? If not, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts.

    1. Great question, Tara! I always have to find fabric that is performance or cleanable for the pups. The sofa is a super kid and dog-friendly fabric. I think a big blog post is in order for that topic… great idea!! xo

  22. Well, Sara and Emmett, this reveal should take the internet by storm. It is nothing short of breathtaking (uh, literally as well as figuratively, eh?). You two deserve to be uber proud of your new living room. Heck, I’m writing this comment before I even get halfway through the post. It is that phenomenal. I may have more to say after I finish reading through the post, but I just had to share my glee with how it all worked out. Cheers and hugs to you both, Ardith

    1. Ugh, how did I manage to misspell your name, Sarah. I’m so sorry.

      1. No worries! I know you know :) haha! Sometimes I leave the H off by accident too, and it’s my name. lol!

    2. Haha :) thank you, Ardith!! You have been such an amazing cheerleader throughout the process and we so appreciate your encouragement. xox

  23. love everything about this space well worth the wait ! where is the molding for the picture frame molding from ?

  24. It looks so beautiful and timeless, like it’s been there forever! The zebra ottomans are such a fun surprise. And what great thinking on adding a little extra wall space with the kitchen reno!

    1. Thank you, Brittany! I wanted to make sure it felt like it belonged in the house, so I love your “it looks like it’s been there forever” comment :) xo

  25. Just beautiful. One of your best projects yet!

    1. Thank you so much, Teri! xo

  26. Randalynbailey says:

    Paint color on walls?

    1. It’s aesthetic white by Sherwin-Williams :)

  27. Stunning! Would you mind sharing the wall paint color? It’s so soft. Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Kelley! Absolutely… paint color on the walls is Aesthetic White by Sherwin-Williams.

  28. wenda L scott says:

    so very beautiful in every way. i wish i could see it in person along with the kitchen and bathroom. Love, Love it.
    best regards, W. Scott

    1. Thank you, Wenda! I wish you could see it in person too :) Photos don’t do it justice. Thanks for cheering us on! xo

  29. Gorgeous (of course!)! I’d love to know where the cute tassel on your patio door is from?? (Looks like a drapery tieback??)

    1. Thanks Shelbey! Oh yeah… it is a drapery tieback that I just stuck on the doorknob. It’s from Tuesday Morning. I think it was under $10.

  30. It’s absolutely beautiful, and so serene. Love all the little details – the wallpaper on the back of the built-ins, the millwork, the stripe on the drapery… essentially everything. Congrats, guys! It was well worth the wait and so appreciate that you didn’t cut any corners.

    1. Thanks so much, Erin! So happy for your pep talks throughout, and hats off to you for finishing your kitchen in that crazy timeline. You guys are incredible!! xox

  31. Brittany R. says:

    What a beautiful room! and worth the wait! It feels very cozy, and classy.

    1. Thanks so much, Brittany! xo

  32. Tuere Wiggins says:

    You’ve designed this room so beautifully that I’m ready to move in!
    ; )

  33. It’s absolutely amazing and gorgeous and I’m dying to know what paint color is
    on the walls?

    1. Thank you so much, Heather! The paint color on the walls is Aesthetic White by Sherwin-Williams.

  34. The shelf styling QUEEN. 🏆🏆🏆 Everything in the room is beautiful. I’m glad you get to enjoy all your hardwork at last!

    1. Aw thanks Lisa!! I do love shelf styling, haha. We’re ready to enjoy this room now! xo

  35. It’s beautiful! I can wait to see what’s next!

    Could you do a Story or post on how you installed your in-floor outlets?

    1. Thank you, Melissa! We’re currently working on the basement bathroom. I’ll be sure to do a story on the in-floor outlets. Confession: we haven’t installed them yet. The painters tape is still there. Hoping to cut those in the next week or two. Haha!

  36. Laura Hill says:

    You two have outdone yourselves! The living room is beautiful! I especially love the bookshelves and fireplace–wow!

    1. Thank you, Laura! The built-ins and fireplace are also my two favorite things in the room. Can’t wait to enjoy them! xo

  37. WoW!! You two did such a fantastic job! The mill work is beautiful! So glad you took the extra time and stuck with your gut! P.S. hope you’re on the mend!

    1. Thanks so much, Samantha! We’re on the mend… not back to 100, but getting there :) thanks for the well wishes! Appreciate that! xo

  38. This was so worth the wait! Everything is so well thought out, but my favorite detail is where the beams meet the crown molding. Perfection. Emmett is definitely pro-level now, and you always have been. Thank you for sharing your home & renovations with the Internet!

    P.S. The way you upgraded the window and French door wall is amazing! It inspires me, a non-designer.

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! So glad to hear that :) Emmett did an incredible job with the millwork and I know cutting the crown around the beams was a challenge. Thanks for noticing that little detail! The door and window wall is really an easy and impactful change- really glad you found it inspiring. Thanks for sharing! xo

  39. Joy Abegg says:

    Very pretty! I’m curious about the trophy sitting in the shelves. Is it antique or reproduction? I love it’s generous size!

    1. Thanks Joy! Great question… the trophy is a reproduction (would’ve been cooler if it were vintage!!). I snagged it from the McGee & Co warehouse sale over the summer. It does have a nice scale.

  40. I’m so, so impressed by Emmett’s millwork and wood work all over! Whatever he’s getting paid, increase it! lol. The light is so pretty in here now- not sure if it’s the snow reflecting or just the plantation shutters gone but yeah, A+.
    And that fireplace, sigh! Perfection. Your decorating style is definitely more formal than my own barefoot California mountains vibe, but as I scrolled I realized it looks like high end designer stuff from the east coast, and you definitely know your stuff.

    1. Me too, Julie! Haha :) he deserves a raise for sure. Removing the plantation shutters really brightened the room so much- it’s crazy. I like to keep is comfortable and casual, but since it’s our formal living room- I liked dressing this room up a bit more. Such a nice compliment! xo

  41. Sarah, this was definitely worth the wait! You and Emmett did such careful, precise work that brings balance, beauty, and function to the space. I know you are already starting on your next project, but definitely take some time to enjoy this space!

    1. Thank you, Deborah! We’re going to take some time to enjoy it this week actually- we have house guests arriving tomorrow and can’t wait to relax, catch up with old friends, and enjoy some drinks in here :) xo

  42. Yup, totally worth the wait. Where’s the jaw drop emoji when you need one?? It looks beautiful, cohesive and so cozy. I can see why you’d be hanging out in there in front of the fireplace.

    I really love the little tie in’s like the herringbone pattern in the f/p insert (soon!) and the herringbone wood floor, as well as the more modern zebra ottomans with the rustic wood beams, and how the black tie/bracket on the beams echos the black in the zebra print, black mirror, and console table. Those little accents of black really add a touch of sophistication and crispness. Total score on that coffee table, too!

    I’m so thrilled you’ve finally been able to share your ORC room, Sarah, but even more thrilled that you guys finally get to enjoy it!! Cheers to hot toddies (you & me) and old fashioneds (B & E)! 😭

    1. Thanks, Anne! Super score on the coffee table, for sure… I love the way it centers the space. I’m also thrilled we can FINALLY share (and enjoy) our ORC space- even if it’s months late. Haha! Hope Bill is feeling better :) xo

  43. Nailed it! This is so beautiful!

  44. You have such great style!! The pillows are gorgeous, love the stripe across the back. The beams and moldings and cabinets and fireplace are all so so good. Of course, I’m dying to know a source for those black horses.

    1. Thanks, Jen! I wish I had a source for the horses, but since they were a gift from a friend, I don’t. I’ll see if I can do some digging and find out for you guys :) xo

  45. Oh, man, I absolutely love it. It feels so timeless and classic and everything is so perfectly detailed and well balanced. I’m glad you guys took the time you needed to get it right!

    1. Thank you, Lori! It took us awhile, but we finally made it happen. Whew :) xo

  46. This room is stunning! It looks so lovely, yet really livable at the same time. I can’t believe it’s all new because it looks like it’s been there for years. Bravo!

    1. Thanks Dotti! Livable is a great keyword… we actually use this space, so I wanted it to feel comfortable :) xo

  47. Absolutely beautiful! This may seem like an easy thing not requiring instruction, but do you guys have a DIY or post on how to do the wall molding like this? Would love to try and emulate it in my living room. Thanks!

  48. Absolutely LOVE this! I’m in the process of re-doing our living room and i’m totally taking inspo from this! Do you mind sharing where you go the pulls from on the built in?

    1. Thanks, Sarah! That’s the best compliment. Please take all the inspo you want :) Great question on the pulls… how could I forget those?! They also came from Emtek. Find them here: https://emtek.com/cabinet-knobs/prosser-knob (in satin brass). xo

  49. I just can’t get enough of this room. It will inspire me for some time I am sure. We are an expat family who are likely to move from Singapore, where we currently reside, to Washington state. We have never lived in America before. After living in a shoebox three bedroom apartment your home is quickly becoming the standard by which all my “American house” hopes are measured against! I never comment but your blog and Instagram feed is my go to every morning with a cup of coffee. Oh, and thank you for styling a bookshelf with actual books in it! It feels like I never see that any more!

    1. Thanks, Rhonda! We’re used to living in pretty small homes, so this was a BIG change for us (and the first time we’ve ever lived in a home that has more than 1 bathroom). Thank you so much for starting your day here :) So appreciate that. xo

  50. Absolutely stunning. What a welcoming and comfortable space you created. Fits the aesthetic so beautifully of your home. You are truly talented and inspiring.

    1. Thanks so much, Traci :) xo

  51. What an incredible room!!! You guys hit it out of the park. It’s gorgeous, timeless, and very feminine “Ralph.” I can’t believe you tackled it mostly yourselves. It seriously looks SO professional–and still so comfortable. Your styling is so spot-on too. It looks like the living room a celebrity would have :) You should be very proud!

    Sarah, this might be too intrusive, but I always enjoy reading your budget breakdowns after a room reveal. Have you ever considered making a post about long-term decisions–like, for example, how much value you expect your work to add to the house? I know that’s SUCH a tricky topic and so hard to say definitively, but that’s something my husband and I wonder about *all* the time with our house projects. I’d love to hear if you and E ever take that into consideration! <3 Hope you're enjoying the finished space!

    1. Feminine Ralph… I love that!! Thanks, Madeline! Not too intrusive at all- I always try to be transparent and share a budget breakdown after the reveal goes live. You can search “budget” to see other room breakdowns we’ve tackled in the past while I’m working on this one. You can also read how we decide how much value to add to a home in this post: https://roomfortuesday.com/ways-to-add-value-to-your-home/ Hope this helps :) xo

  52. Paige Poorman says:

    This is BEYOND stunning! Lovely!

  53. Hi Sarah!

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Sorry if i’ve missed this in the comments or post.. what series of knobs did you use on the built-ins? Looking for something similar for my bathroom remodel. Thanks and keep up the beautiful work!!

  54. Katie Lew says:

    The bookcases would look awesome if they were painted Aesthetic White, as well.

    1. Thanks Katie! I usually love monochromatic spaces, but I wanted to have some contrast between the walls, millwork, and wallpapered shelf backs :)

  55. Stunning space! Would you mind sharing sourcing for the smoke vases and tray on your console table? All your styling is perfect.

    1. Thank you, Stacie! Those came from H&M Home, but they no longer make them. I’m sorry!

  56. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  57. This room is absolutely gorgeous. I love every single thing about it. The colors are so soothing. The modern abstract painting is perfect (it may be my favorite item in the room). I love your accent seating. All the throws are so cozy and elegant at the same time. The built in is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The styling is amazing. One thing that I love that you did not link is the gorgeous gold tassel hanging from the door. Great job

    1. Thank you Tricia! I have a to of fun shelf styling, and I also love reading- so this blended the best of both worlds :) The tassel came from Tuesday Morning. xo

  58. Amanda lomupo says:

    This room is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing so many details! Would you mind sharing the paint color you used for the walls and trim? Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Amanda! Happy to share the paint color… walls: Aesthetic White // trim : Extra White (both by Sherwin-Williams). xo

  59. Lani Mcneice says:

    You and Emmett are all stars. The amount of work and detail you put into each room you tackle is mind boggling. From Emmett’s craftsmanship and your ability to plan out and decorate every last inch to a room is beyond inspiring. Congratulations on another amazing room. Worth the wait and no one is complaining.

    1. Aw thanks, Lani! We really appreciate that :) xo

  60. This is just gorgeous! Bravo!!!

    I actually appreciate seeing a more realistic time frame on this than the usual ORC. Every detail is just stunning.

    1. Thank you so much, Beth! Really appreciate that :)

  61. Leslie Morris says:

    So beautiful! Do you have a favorite line of SW paint (i.e. Duration or Emerald) and what finish do you typically choose? Or is this something I should defer to our painter. Thanks in advance!

    1. Thanks Leslie! I do… I like Emerald Interior. For walls, I prefer a flat or matte, and for trim & millwork- I prefer semi gloss. xo

  62. Hello! I love this room. I’m currently using it as inspiration for a refresh of my tiny living room. I’m wondering, now that you have had the chairs- – do you find them comfortable? I find some chairs to be rather deep & not actually that useful as you are so far recessed. Also, I LOVE the zebra benches, but they are sold out. Have you seen anything somewhat similar lately? I’ve been looking around online and I’m sure I will stumble upon something eventually. Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Gillian! I love hearing that. The chairs are very comfortable- not too deep, and I love that they swivel. I haven’t seen any similar zebra ottomans- the brand name is Butler if you’d like to do some digging. I had a feeling they would sell out fast, as there was only a handful left. Too bad!

  63. You really are so talented. It looks so collected and homey, and super interesting. Bravo!

    1. Thank you so much, Julie! xo

  64. Robbie Terry says:

    Hi Sarah! I’ve recently stumbled upon your Instagram account and love everything you do. I’ve been trying to discover my style for years, and YOU are it! We’ve recently had a flood and are being forced to replace all our wood floors which will then lead to paint, etc, etc.! Do you have rule of thumb when choosing paint colors if you’d rather not work around furnishings that are currently present…a good neutral? Should I have 3 separate colors-walls, trim, ceiling? I’m working with the color SW Alabaster on trim/doors. This color is in areas of the home that will not be redone. I’ve considered using it on the walls as well. As we’re working on this project, I’m also trying to emulate your new living space! in Paris, TX…wish you were closer! I’d love to work with you on my entire home!

    1. Hi Robbie, thank you so much! I’m really glad I could be helpful :) When choosing paint colors, I do like to have a few colors for the walls, millwork, and I always use Ceiling White for the ceiling. The exception is if you’re intentionally creating a monochromatic space- then you’d just have a finish difference. I have a TON of paint-related posts here on the blog. Just type “paint” into the search bar. Alabaster is one of my favorites- great choice. Hope this helps! xo

  65. Absolute perfection! Thank you for sharing. Are your ceilings higher than 8′? The beams are especially nice, but I’m worried about using beams on my already low, 8′ ceilings. What do you advise? Also, can you provide a source for the pedestal bowl on the lower right bookshelf?
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Deb! Our ceilings are in between 9 and 10 ft. With 8 foot ceilings, I think beams are still possible, but with a much lower profile. The pedestal bowl came from a local company, I’m sorry! xox

  66. I’ve really enjoyed following the renovation and appreciate all of the thought and sweat you have put into this room and others. And your openness! I know this was asked earlier, but now that you’ve sat in them a while, how do you feel about the chairs? Good quality? Do they hold up to the dogs? Are they comfy for an adult man? Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much, Kate! Emmett and I still love the chairs and sit in them often (probably every night while making dinner). The dogs use them too! They’re amazing for the price, comfortable, and I definitely would recommend :)

  67. Marcy smith says:

    Beautiful room! Can you please share the paint color for the fireplace? Thanks!

    1. Thank you! The fireplace isn’t painted… it’s limestone and it actually comes that color :)

  68. Mckeela Sutton says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Question is this a north facing room or south facing?

  69. Thank you for letting us know where you bought the beautiful rug and for the paint colors that you all used! I appreciate that! Lovely room!!!

    1. Of course! Thank you so much, Gina.

  70. Your living room is absolutely beautiful. I could stare at the pictures all day. You are so talented. I am currently searching for a living room paint color and really love the color on your walls. Would you say that Aesthetic White has any obvious undertones? Does your living room get a lot of natural light? Thanks for the inspiration!

  71. Hi Sarah – I am in love with this room and trying to recreate it (somewhat) in my own living room! Do you think the navy rug as a 9×12 would be overpowering? We have a library wall unit as well, but it is weathered oak from RH, so not sure if those pieces together will make the room too dark. Would love your thoughts when you have a moment. On that same note, do you think the swivel chairs you used would be the right scale? Our space overall is not really bigger, just longer/different shape. We are also looking for a similar couch but longer. Thank you so much!!

    1. Hi Katie, thank you! It totally depends on your own space and the floor plan. I love having a dark area rug. In terms of scale, again- it’s tough without seeing your space. I’d check measurements and make sure they fit with your existing furniture :)

      1. I decided to go with the big navy rug – so excited! I know it’s going to be gorgeous. Thank you so much!

        1. Yay!! It’s going to be beautiful, Katie :)

  72. Mellanie Thorum says:

    Sarah! You are very talented. Your designs are rich, deep and hold my interest!

    Do you mind sharing the wall color in your formal living room? I love how light yet warm it is. The contrast against the extra white is brilliant.

    Thank you

    1. Thanks so much, Mellanie! I’d be happy to share… the wall color is Aestethic White by Sherwin-Williams.

  73. Amanda Lachin says:

    This is the most beautiful living room I have ever seen!! The color palette is perfection.

    What color did you use on the fireplace wall? It is so beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much, Amanda! The color is Aesthetic White by Sherwin-Williams.

  74. beautiful Sarah! now come do my home lol where did you source the gold tassel on the door?? ive been on the hunt for one for awhile for my front door and this would be perfect. ive been all over etsy but its definitely time consuming! its all in the details….

    1. Thank you, Jayme! The gold tassel is a curtain tieback. I think it came from HomeGoods or someplace like that :)

  75. Hi Sarah! Everything is beautiful! Your fireplace appears to be a perfect cream/beige color. The Lowes site shows the mantel as being more “yellowish” in tone. Would you say your photo depicts the color in truer form? Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you so much, Jenny! I would say my photo is more accurate than the Lowe’s photo. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the color because I expected it to look more like the image.

  76. Hi Sarah!

    You did such a stunning job on this room. The links to the sconce and the door hardware no longer work. Do you have recommendations for favorite door hardware sellers (and also favorite lighting purveyors)? I live in a 1920s home so looking for some period pieces.

  77. Whitney Lemons says:

    I’ve been in love with this before & after since you first posted!! I’m finally looking to up my shelf game and would love to use a subtle grasscloth wallpaper like you did here. I have studied your office post where you give the “how to” and some sources, but I’d still love direction on what color you used here. We have Simply White built-ins around a taupe painted-brick fireplace so I don’t want much color, just texture and enough color that white and white-ish decor that I mix in with the books won’t totally disappear. Thank you for any help and for your amazing blog…I’ve “followed” your progress from house to house and always find such inspiration!

    1. Thank you so much, Whitney! I really appreciate that. I used a Thibaut wallpaper here, but sadly- I haven’t been able to find it to link. I’m sorry! I think it was discontinued. I love this Schumacher grasscloth with just a hint of color (and it’s amazing quality): https://rstyle.me/+coVmqSsN54IZ27Mv7oiruQ I’ve seen that one in person and it’s really nice. I hope that helps. Have an amazing weekend! xo

  78. Hello, such a lovely room! Just wondering where your couch and side chairs are from? I clicked the links but they were broken. Any help would be appreciated!

  79. Hi Sarah. Apologies if you mentioned it already but where is your curtain rod from? I’m looking for an extra long one just like it! Thanks :)

    1. Hi Stacy! I had that custom made locally. Sorry! I wish I had an easy link for you. I’d recommend checking with custom drapery installers or suppliers in your area.