5 Inspiring Shelf Styling & Built-In Posts

5 Inspiring Shelf Styling & Built-In Posts - roomfortuesday.comI have a major case of built-in fever. I’m used to having shelves to play with, style, and a place to display our travel treasures, artwork, and books. I figured it would be fun to share five posts from the past to get my fix. Consider this your guide to all things built-ins, bookcases, shelf styling, and the best accessories to fill those gorgeous shelves with. Click through for the post and lots of ideas!

#1 // DIY Built-Ins

5 Inspiring Shelf Styling & Built-In Posts - roomfortuesday.comYou better believe we’ll add built-ins to our new home eventually. I definitely want them in my office again and the formal living room! This post covers the process, a DIY tutorial on how we build them from scratch, and the tools you need to get the job done. If you’ve always dreamed of having built-in shelving in your home, it’s really not as difficult as you might expect.

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#2 // Shelf Styling Finds From Amazon

5 Inspiring Shelf Styling & Built-In Posts - roomfortuesday.comI rounded up vases, accessories, decorative objects, trays, baskets, bookends, and more- all from Amazon! If you’re looking to furnish your built-ins or do some shelf styling… put that free Prime shipping to good use and check out this post. I found a lot of designer items for much less.

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#3 // A Neutral & Sophisticated Shelfie

5 Inspiring Shelf Styling & Built-In Posts - roomfortuesday.comI pulled this one from my “Shelfie” series and it’s still one of my favorites! You can’t go wrong with classic, neutral shelf styling. Everything in the rendering above is shoppable!

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#4 // How to Wallpaper Built-Ins

5 Inspiring Shelf Styling & Built-In Posts - roomfortuesday.comAfter adding grasscloth wallpaper to the back of my office built-ins, it’s safe to say I’ll definitely be doing that again. It looked SO good and added a ton of texture & depth! If you’re interested in that easy process, this post is for you. I’m telling you… a contrast shelf back is a complete game changer.

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#5 // A BTS Look at How I Design Built-Ins

5 Inspiring Shelf Styling & Built-In Posts - roomfortuesday.comI shared a peek into the process of designing and building our living room shelving. There are some pretty crazy before images in the post too! You can catch a glimpse at how the project evolved through each stage of the process.

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5 Inspiring Shelf Styling & Built-In Posts - roomfortuesday.comBuilt-ins are such a great area to display your treasures! Hopefully this post helped give you some inspiration on shelf styling. It’s honestly one of my favorite things to do.

5 Inspiring Shelf Styling & Built-In Posts - roomfortuesday.comQuestions about built-ins, bookcases, or shelf styling? Hit me with them in the comments below. My friend Bre also just shared an awesome ladder shelf DIY, if you’re looking for a little project to style! Emmett and I are headed back home today and I can’t wait to get back, cuddle the dogs, and work on the kitchen reveal for you guys! That’s going live in less than a week- I’m SO excited!

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  1. Sarah, enjoyed this post. We just installed ikea closet system in our master and I have been considering wallpapering the back of the cabinets. It will be my first wallpaper diy and a I’m a bit nervous! Do you prefer non-adhesive paper over the ones that have adhesive and you spray with water before adhering? What about the peel-n-stick? Im looking at all options. My first choice is the grasscloth….all the love for this one for some time!
    Looking forward to your kitchen reveal. It will be a stunner I know!

    1. Thanks, Danna! I think you should go for it :) I personally prefer to install the traditional wallpaper (with glue / paste), but you could definitely try to the adhesive / removable kind if you’re apprehensive. I’m about to install some of that in my friend’s nursery… stay tuned for that reveal and update! xo

  2. Love this post! I have a question regarding choosing to paint vs wallpaper the back side of built in bookshelves. The noncommittal part of me is thinking peel and stick grass cloth may be great, but wondered what would look best/most polished in a front room. Thanks!

    1. Happy to hear that, Shelly! You could definitely go for a peel and stick grasscloth- there are some really convincing ones out there.