Roundup : Classic Patterned Floor Tile from Lowe’s

Roundup : Classic Patterned Floor Tile from Lowe's - roomfortuesday.comWith our basement bathroom renovation officially underway, I thought it might be interesting to share the floor tile options I pulled during the design phase of the project. It has been awhile since I’ve used porcelain patterned floor tile in a space, and I wanted to change that! I envisioned using a classic pattern in the bathroom atop the radiant heated floor. Why? Click through to find out and to see a big roundup of the tile options and swatches I saved before landing on this classic black and white number! I’ve also got tips for selecting timeless patterns. 

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Roundup : Classic Patterned Floor Tile from Lowe's - roomfortuesday.comIt’s no secret I’m a fan of using patterned floor tile. Remember our previous kitchen, pictured above? Having lived without fun patterned floor tile for over a year now, I was ready to add some to our current home– but this time in a neutral way… in our basement bath.

Thinking back to the last time I installed patterned floor tile in a bath setting, the below image comes to mind. Maybe you’ve seen it floating around Pinterest? Wayyyy back in 2015, I helped my talented friend, Debbie, design this beautiful bathroom for a show home. All of that to say- it’s time for more patterned porcelain.

Roundup : Classic Patterned Floor Tile from Lowe's -

How I Landed on Patterned Porcelain Tile

I knew I wanted a patterned floor tile to add some interest to the space. Why not draw attention to the floor? After all it is going to be heated and that’s pretty special! I also think timeless patterned tile is a smart move in terms of design. I landed on an old world black and white encaustic pattern tile from Della Torre, an Italian company, that feels very classic and simplistic- pictured below.

Roundup : Classic Patterned Floor Tile from Lowe's - roomfortuesday.comWhy porcelain? I have lots of reasons…

  1. It’s waterproof.
  2. It’s made from natural ingredients (aka, healthy and beautiful).
  3. It’s pet and kid-friendly… which equates to scratch and slip resistant.
  4. It’s awesome for multiple applications: flooring, walls, basements, showers, kitchens, baths, etc… very versatile.
  5. It’s easy to clean and low maintenance- no sealing is required.
  6. It’s fade resistant and will not change or patina over time.

It’s basically perfect for our basement and a bathroom that will get a lot of use.

Roundup : Classic Patterned Floor Tile from Lowe's -

How to Choose a Timeless Pattern

If you’re wondering how to choose your own timeless (keywords being TIMELESS… or CLASSIC) tile, I’m going to drop five tips below…

  1. Look to history for inspiration // Has this print been used elsewhere before? I like looking back at artwork, magazines, and archives to see how long a particular pattern has been around. Older is usually better or less trendy.
  2. Stay away from new age and trendy geometrics // I’m not saying to avoid modern geometric patterns altogether, BUT- I do feel most have less longevity. I grabbed a sample of a super geometric tile (pictured in the upper left corner below), and realized this felt too trendy for my liking. Organic, classic shapes on porcelain are usually a safer bet.
  3. Stick with neutrals or a monochromatic color palette // If you’re going with a bold pattern and want it to withstand the test of time, opt for a neutral or monochromatic color palette.
  4. Simple is best // Complex patterns with lots going on and multiple colors inserted are usually a red flag for me. Simple is best if you want to keep it classic.
  5. Look at it in the space alongside other materials // Be sure to order a swatch and look at the tile in the space alongside the other materials you’ll be using. This is just as important as selecting your patterned tile. Does it play well with your other materials? Do they feel timeless and cohesive as a family?

Roundup : Classic Patterned Floor Tile from Lowe's - roomfortuesday.comI scoured my local Lowe’s store and their website for hours, in search of the best porcelain patterned tiles. You can find my top options below. Use the numbered source links at the bottom of the collage to shop.

Roundup : Classic Patterned Floor Tile from Lowe's - roomfortuesday.com01: bedrosians palazzo tile // 02: della torre cementina tile // 03: bedrosians vintage grey tile // 04: elida ceramica cardoso deco tile // 05: della torre fiona tile // 06: della torre annabelle gray tile // 07: emser rhapsody porcelain tile // 08: emser porcelain tile // 09: della torre sorrento tile

In keeping with the dark palette in our basement, #5 and #2 were my obvious choices. Having installed a patterned tile like #2 in the past, I naturally gravitated toward the soft, unique floral print #5 offered. I ordered the swatch, looked at the tile alongside my other materials, and immediately knew it was a great fit. I’m excited to see the space come together- look for more updates soon!

Roundup : Classic Patterned Floor Tile from Lowe's - roomfortuesday.comAnother fun patterned floor tile example can be found in this classic white kitchen reveal Jacqueline shared last year. Remember that post? Regardless of where you’re installing patterned tile, hopefully these tips will help you find a timeless and classic option you’ll love for years to come. I’d love to hear your thoughts or questions in the comment section below! Are there any specific posts you want to see in regards to the basement bath reno? We’re busting out the jack hammers and are doing concrete work this weekend. Wish us luck!

PS… I started styling the built-ins last night in our formal living room, and I severely miscalculated a couple things… #1: how many more books I’ll need to add to our collection to fill those pretty shelves (time to go thrifting), and #2: how well I was feeling. I quickly overdid it and am back to feeling terrible again today. Bronchitis has me down, friends. Please don’t hate me if it takes a couple days longer than I expected to get the reveal post on the blog for you. I guess you’ve waited this long! Thank you for that.

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  1. So fun! Your choice is definitely my favorite; good job!😉 I love the subtlety of the pattern, and the simple floral seems so fresh! I think my second favorites are #3 and #7. You show 9 tiles in the round-up, but how many do you usually consider when you are designing a space? I can get a little carried away pondering options before I realize some are too crazy pants for my actual home…maybe that’s just me. I am soooooo sorry you had a little setback! Recovering can be an aggravating process, especially for doers. Sending some extra patience along with my healing vibes today.💖

    1. I’m so glad you approve :) If you and Joe are ever out west and come for a visit, you can have your choice of the upstairs guest bath or downstairs bath. Ha! Great question… I pulled 5 or 6 tiles that I actually considered for the space. Thanks for the patience and healing vibes! You know I’m not great at sitting around, although that’s what my body needs. You’d think I’d be getting smarter about this the older I get. Argh.

  2. So funny about the books! I tried to copy your Christmas shelving idea and failed miserably. I scoured thrift sales for red books last year and thought I had plenty. But when I put them up, I discovered I need twice as many as I thought. So you know what is on my shopping list for this year… 🤣

    1. Really?! It always takes soooo much more than you’d expect. I went to a couple stores today, thinking I’d have enough, but I still have THREE empty shelves to style. Phew!! I clearly don’t know the correct formula or magic number either. haha :)

  3. The tile you had in your last kitchen still is my favorite! Looking forward to seeing the tile you chose for your basement bath installed.
    Book shopping is right up my husbands alley! He actually reads everyone of them. I go for aesthetics (color of spine, title, etc). I liked the book you put in your laundry room.
    Hang in there. Hope you are completely well soon!

    1. Mine too!! I hope it’s still there. I’m not sure the new homeowners were into it. When it comes to books, I do both- shopping and reading! I’d like to think I’ll get around to reading all of them someday… I’m not very good at slowing down (which is probably why I got sick). Ha! I hope you’re having a wonderful week, Danna :)

  4. I love this post! Inspiration for us all! I’m in the pre-planning phase of our kitchen/laundry/half bath reno, and I keep going back and forth about the flooring. I love your choice. I’m also glad you included that geometric tile, because I think it’s a possibility for our mid-century California ranch home.

    I hope you get better soon. Naps always help me when I’m recovering. I just work until I’m tired, rest, then try again. Kind of like a toddler. 😉

  5. I have a terribly low threshold for pattern (I’m a texture person really) but this was a fun post. Your tips about how to choose are really good too- and I like the tile you went with for the room!

    1. Thanks Julie! I also love texture, so I get it. I’m excited to see this tile installed soon. I’ll keep you updated :)

  6. Deciding between #5 and #9. What color was your grout on #5? Having lived with it for a year -do you still love the dark color?

    1. We used “Charcoal” by Mapei, and I still love it :)