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Amazon Finds : Classic Kitchen Essentials - roomfortuesday.comHello and happy August! I hope your month is off to a wonderful start. We had a fun weekend camping at a nearby lake. It was great to take the camper back out and do some summer swimming. To kick off the week, I decided to share some favorites from my most frequented Amazon list with you… kitchen & serving essentials. This curated Amazon collection I put together definitely sees more action than any of the others- and for good reason. There are so many beautiful, practical, and affordable things that make hosting, cooking, baking, and enjoying the kitchen much easier. From salt & pepper mills to daily flatware, click through for a big roundup of my top picks! I know we’re nearing the end of summer, but if you’re attending any late summer / early fall weddings… these items also make great wedding, house warming, or host gifts! 

Amazon Finds : Classic Kitchen Essentials - roomfortuesday.comI was chatting with Laurie Anne last week, who is knee deep in her own kitchen renovation, and she asked me where I source nice looking & functional kitchen goods. She was on the hunt for my white silicone utensils. We’ve actually had those for years- you can even catch a glimpse of them in our previous kitchen, pictured below. Anyway- I’m probably biased because I think our selection at Tuesday Made is fantastic and beautifully curated (ha!), but aside from that- I made sure to send her my Amazon list. It got me thinking that this post may be helpful for others who are in the midst of kitchen renovations, dreaming up future plans, or just want to add a few new things to their space.

Amazon Finds : Classic Kitchen Essentials - roomfortuesday.comThis quick post contains items of all price points… from a $5 soap dish to a $500 espresso machine, hopefully you can find something helpful to add to your wishlist that fits your aesthetic and budget. If nothing else, it’s just fun to brainstorm!

Amazon Finds : Classic Kitchen Essentials - roomfortuesday.comYou’ll also notice lots of familiar items that I’ve shared from my own kitchen in the curated roundup below. For the more expensive items or brands- like Le Creuset, AllClad, Breville, KitchenAid, etc… I like to save those big items and wait until they go on sale or appear in a flash deal. Prime Day only rolls around once a year, but flash deals are pretty frequent. It’s an easy way to keep an eye out and save some money…

Amazon Finds : Classic Kitchen Essentials - roomfortuesday.comShop my finds by clicking directly on each item below- everything is clickable… which is a good thing because it’s a long scroll!

The big item on my personal wishlist? #16- the Caraway ceramic bakeware set. Someday, I’d like to replace my old mismatched baking sheets for something nicer that fits more compact inside the cabinet. I almost splurged for it on Prime Day, but opted to snag my stick vacuum instead (which I’m loving, by the way). Maybe next year… or maybe later this fall if it goes on sale for Black Friday!

Amazon Finds : Classic Kitchen Essentials - roomfortuesday.comSome things I can’t live without here at home? Our glass water bottles get used every single day. You can read more about our RO system here. These are an amazing eco alternative to plastic bottles- and they’re dishwasher safe. They also look great neatly organized in the fridge.

Amazon Finds : Classic Kitchen Essentials - roomfortuesday.comWe also use our All Clad cookware every day. I like that it nests together and saves room in the cabinets and drawers. It is a bit of an investment, but this is the type of set you’ll have for a lifetime.

Amazon Finds : Classic Kitchen Essentials - roomfortuesday.comOur espresso maker is another item in our kitchen that is used on the daily (or multiple times each day). Ours is over five years old and still works like a charm! Again- this is another expensive item that may be worth waiting for a flash deal… but it does go on sale. I always try to share once it does.

Amazon Finds : Classic Kitchen Essentials - roomfortuesday.comI’ve post a LOT about our kitchen, organization, and and design tips over the years. I’ll link some other relevant posts that may be helpful below, in no particular order…

… There are lots more, but that’s a hefty list to get you started! Use the search bar to find more- or something specific.

Amazon Finds : Classic Kitchen Essentials - roomfortuesday.comThere’s something about new kitchen items that makes cooking, baking, and hosting more fun. I just like getting organized- especially in the kitchen… and if my tools are aesthetically pleasing, it makes me happy. Once a designer, always a designer, I guess. Ha! We have a couple weddings to attend, so this list definitely got my wheels turning in regards to gifts. Here’s to a great week ahead! It’s another busy one over here, but I’m excited and optimistic for a new month. Cheers to August and happy Leo season! Speaking of… Peggi has a fun lion related post lined up for later this week. Check back for that!

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  1. Good morning! Happy new week and new month! As an avid cook and baker, my kitchen is the space where I definitely splurge on the best tools. My Kitchenaid mixer and All Clad pans are approaching 20 years of heavy use. Well worth the cost imho. Stocking a kitchen can take time; I wish there’d been Amazon and Prime Day when I was starting out. (Also, I need to get smarter about flash sales…) I think you’ve basically curated a perfect bridal registry! The only gadget I might add to your list is a Cuisinart food processor; I use mine all the time-at least once or twice a week! As for other kitchen essentials, I am also partial to your Tuesday Made picks.😍 The brass pepper mill totally elevated my counter sitch, and it works like a dream. Also, funny story. I basically bought the dish brush because I thought it would look cute by my sink (it does), but I only recently started using it! I was delighted to discover it’s super effective. Ha. I’m a dork. One who can apparently talk about kitchen tools at length! Here’s to a great week! 💜

    1. Good morning, Peggi! Happy August :) I’m with you on splurging on quality kitchen items that last decades. It takes time to collect all the kitchen goods, but well worth it- excellent point. You can set up alerts for flash sales- or save the items and see how the price fluctuates. I am so surprised you use your food processor that often. Maybe I need more ideas of what to use it for… I maybe use mine once every month or two. It is definitely nice to have though! What kind of delicious things are you making with it? The dish brush does a great job! I use mine everyday- love to hear that. I’ve been on an organization kick lately. Next on my list is to deep clean my closet, which I’ve kind of been procrastinating. Hope your day, week, and month are off to a great start! xo

      1. Hummus, pesto, baba ganoush, peanut sauce, vegan ricotta, cookie crumbs for pie crust, energy bites, falafel, salsa, nice cream… Ha. Seriously, I use my Cuisinart all the time!

        1. Ok- you’ve got my wheels turning! I’m pretty sure I’ve only used mine for crumbs / curst. I need to get that thing out and start using it- all of those sound delicious!

  2. I second Peggi’s rec on the Cuisinart food processor. I’ve used mine in the last hour. Literally! haha. I sliced a ton of onions, and then shredded blocks of cheese-which I prefer to pre-shredded cheese if I have the time. And it cleans up great in the dishwasher! I’ve been eyeing your All-Clad set for some time too. Years really because I remember you mentioning them with your previous home’s kitchen. Which also made me realize I’ve been reading your blog for years now :) Another tool I have that I love is a Williams Sonoma pair of tongs. I think they’re only like $15, but every time I use them I appreciate the quality-weird, but it’s the little things when you’re working in the kitchen. BTW, I recently got the rug pad I ordered from your shop, and it’s obvious it’s high quality. Thank you so much!

    1. This is so good to know, Brittany! We have the KitchenAid one and it rarely comes out of the cabinet. I have never used it for chopping or shredding, and now I’m wondering why?! Haha! I feel like clean up is always a mess… I never considered putting it in the dishwasher. I wonder if mine is dishwasher safe. You have my wheels turning! I love, love, love our All-Clad set. That was one of the best kitchen investments we’ve made. I’m with you on the Williams Sonoma tools & utensils- they always have the best quality items. Our WS tools are still doing great after years of use. Thank you so much for reading all these years- and for supporting my small business. I can’t tell you how much that means :) I’m thrilled you’re liking the rug pad! I had them made for our shop, with durability and quality in mind. I love how thick and grippy they are. Anyway- thank you, thank you! Hope you’re having a great week!

  3. Happy August!! We made it home safe and sound- it was a quick trip to squish the (not-so-new) nephew. While I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with the family, the highlight was our Friday lunch meet-up. I had the best time, and it really was like catching up with an old friend. I’m so happy we made time for it!
    Your Amazon kitchen list is by far my favorite of all of them. There are so many beautiful and functional items to be found there- and I agree, the perfect one stop shop for bridal and house warming gifts. I’m surprised to hear you rarely use your food processor! I use mine constantly! Ours is Kitchenaid, and I highly recommend. I use mine for quickly chopping veggies for dinners, making salsa…that and my instapot are the work horses of my kitchen. You all made great points about kitchen tools taking time to build- I’m still building! I too would love to upgrade the mix-match bakeware with a lovely Caraway set. I think it’s so neat that they store so compactly. Thank you for sharing your roundup Sarah! It sounds like you and Emmett had a great time on your trip this weekend. I hope August is off to a great start for you! Xo

    1. Happy August! So glad you made it home safely and had a fun trip to spend quality time with the family. Thanks for making time to squeeze me in :) So fun!! Ok- you all have convinced me I’ve got to start using the food processor more. We also have the KitchenAid one- I just never know what to use it for. I’ve never thought to use it for chopping veggies or even making salsa. I bet it could save me loads of time. Our instapot rarely sees action these days, but we used it a ton during our kitchen renovation. My sister has convinced me we’d get a lot of use from an air fryer, but I’m not sure I want ANOTHER small appliance, haha! Fun news about Caraway… they reached out after this post and we’re working together on some upcoming reviews! I’m hoping they’ll let me host a giveaway and of course I’ll report back after my bake set arrives. Fingers crossed! Hope you’re having a great week! xo

  4. Since you’ll likely be in the market for a new oven at some point…many of the new ovens feature air fry as well as the other common functions. Do yourself a favor in the meantime and buy the air fry lid for your instapot- one appliance functionality for the win. The lid isn’t too bad size wise for storage, and for you and Emmett, would work perfectly. No need to buy an additional appliance!