Surprise Kitchen & Dining Remodel

Surprise Kitchen Remodel & Living Room Makeover - roomfortuesday.comFive or six months ago, my friend Crystal asked if I’d be interested in collaborating on a special project that was close to her heart. She wanted to makeover her aunt’s kitchen and dining space- here in Utah. I’ll admit, Crystal did the majority of the work, but I was thrilled to be apart of such a unique passion project- even if just in a small way. Sentimental design projects for a deserving person? Count me in! Last week, I drove to her aunt’s house to finish installing the banquette, style, and photograph the space. Today, we’re sharing the end result. Click through for a beautiful kitchen and dining nook makeover that ended up being a really fun collaboration between four Utah bloggers: Crystal, Kristen, Kenna, and myself…

*Before we dive in- I want to thank ALL of our amazing brand partners who kindly donated product for this special project: Sherwin-Williams, Pepe & Carols, Nostalgic Hardware, Elkay, Article, Juniper Print Shop, Shelfology, Monarch Plank, and Urban Loft Window Treatments. Without them, this project wouldn’t have been possible. I’d also like to thank Crystal for organizing and including me!

Surprise Kitchen Remodel & Living Room Makeover - roomfortuesday.comCheck out this before / progress image! This is the space we were dealing with. Crystal envisioned this room being bright, light-filled, and cheerful for her aunt. When Crystal was telling me about Patty, she went on and on about how she’s always so generous and helping others- even when she had been dealt a difficult hand. Here’s what she said about her aunt…

Patty is a single mom that has raised four boys on her own, all while working three jobs and dealing with various health issues. Despite all this, she has served her community and given so much to those around her!

Her reaction to her new kitchen was pretty priceless. I’ll see if I can get it to share on Instagram stories for you. I’m happy Crystal was able to make this happen for her, and I feel proud to have made a small contribution to the end result. Ready to see the after image?!

Surprise Kitchen Remodel & Living Room Makeover - roomfortuesday.comPretty amazing, right? It’s clean, modern (but inviting), and will make the perfect fresh canvas for Patty to make her own, settle in, and begin creating beautiful memories.

Surprise Kitchen Remodel & Living Room Makeover - roomfortuesday.comI can’t take credit for the design plan, but I did tackle the styling and photographs. You’ll probably notice lots of my personal picks, from our shop. I’m sure at this point, you’ve seen the same products throughout my home for years and can recognize they’re my tried & true favorites. Ha!

Surprise Kitchen Remodel & Living Room Makeover - roomfortuesday.comThis little corner vignette really highlights a few of my favorite things in the room: the textural backsplash tile, our cookbook stand, and that stunning cabinetry hardware! There are so many nice textures playing together in this vignette.

Surprise Kitchen Remodel & Living Room Makeover - roomfortuesday.comOne of the biggest changes made to the floor plan and layout was moving the above range microwave to the newly installed bank of cabinets or pantry. That allowed room for a custom hood that blends nicely with the cabinetry.

Surprise Kitchen Remodel & Living Room Makeover - roomfortuesday.comThe cabinetry wall also added a TON of additional storage, and helped the fridge to better fit into the space. Previously, it was positioned in the center of the wall and didn’t flow very well.

Surprise Kitchen Remodel & Living Room Makeover - roomfortuesday.comThe sink area is definitely a highlight for me. When I was editing these photos, Emmett said it reminded him of our first kitchen. Perhaps it’s the shaker cabinets, the large farmhouse sink, or the pull-down faucet, but it really is a happy and functional moment that felt nostalgic to us.

Surprise Kitchen Remodel & Living Room Makeover - roomfortuesday.comI will always love some sort of open storage in a kitchen setting. The floating shelves were fun to style, and we kept them very simple. I could envision Patty keeping everyday dishes here, cookbooks, or even some plants in the spring and summer months.

Surprise Kitchen Remodel & Living Room Makeover - roomfortuesday.comWhile the kitchen is gorgeous and very well done, I think the little dining nook takes the cake for me. Lighting floods into the sliding doors, and it’s such a bright moment in the small space. I would definitely enjoy having my morning coffee or meals here.

Surprise Kitchen Remodel & Living Room Makeover - roomfortuesday.comKristen and Kenna built the shiplap wall, which added some really nice visual interest. They also built the wooden bench seat. My job for this area was the banquette upholstery! You know I love a good upholstery project.

Surprise Kitchen Remodel & Living Room Makeover - roomfortuesday.comI envisioned a modern backboard that was also comfortable and sleek. Emmett and I cut radius corners, upholstered the board, and I sourced some nice leather to install it. I’m digging the contrast! We got the seat cushions on Amazon and Kristen built the bench to fit them (just like we did with our outdoor sofa).

Surprise Kitchen Remodel & Living Room Makeover - roomfortuesday.comSince sharing this project on Instagram, I’ve received hundreds of messages requesting a tutorial, so I decided to put one together for you (separate from this post). It will be on the blog next week, for those of you who would like to know how to replicate the look. It was really easy. I’ll share all of the tools and source links in that post.

Surprise Kitchen Remodel & Living Room Makeover - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of sources… I know I’ll get questions, so I made a roundup for you! Use the numbered links below the collage to shop- I’m sorry, the products are not clickable in this one… 

Surprise Kitchen Remodel & Living Room Makeover - roomfortuesday.com01: chandelier // 02: semi flush mount // 03: round handle cutting board // 04: meditation abstract art // 05: tatine hand soap // 06: faux leather pillow // 07: round dining table // 08: striped pillow // 09: dining chairs // 10: potted rosemary // 11: hardwood flooring // 12: faucet // 13: cabinet knob // 14: cabinet pull // 15: single basin sink // 16: modern wall sconce // 17: dish brush // 18: marble bowl // 19: pot filler // 20: backsplash tile // 21: floating shelves // 22: kitchen towel // 23: berry bowl // 24: clawfoot pedestal dish // 25: cookbook stand // 26: round cutting board // 27: tuesday made candle // 28: paint color… sherwin-williams snowbound // 29: marble rolling pin

Let me know if I missed anything you’d like to know about! I’d be happy to share or find the resource or answer for you.

Surprise Kitchen Remodel & Living Room Makeover - roomfortuesday.comI’m really grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with a wonderful group of women for an incredibly deserving lady. It’s projects like this that remind me design and a focus on the home has the ability to make a real impact on someone’s life. In 2020, I didn’t get to do as many “giving back” projects as I normally would, thanks to the pandemic, but I’m hoping I can participate in more of these feel good makeovers in the year ahead! Do you enjoy them, too?

Surprise Kitchen Remodel & Living Room Makeover - roomfortuesday.comCrystal went above and beyond and also decided to makeover Patty’s living room, as an added surprise! I styled and photographed it, but I figured I’d send you to her blog first for the big reveal. If you’re interested to see how that space shaped up, she’ll be posting it here. Consider this your little sneak peek…

Surprise Kitchen Remodel & Living Room Makeover - roomfortuesday.comI hope you’re all having a good week, are keeping warm, and are finding bright moments that make you smile. This was a big one for me this month! It was great to have some human interaction, a positive project, and to work on something out-of-the-norm.

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  1. What a great project! Of course it looks amazing. The custom range hood is a major upgrade, and the bank of cabinets really does help integrate the fridge. That can be such a problem for older homes. The radius corners and leather straps on the banquette back are perfection! I really love that bright little spot. Who wouldn’t enjoy sipping their morning coffee there? Naturally, the styling is impeccable. The best part though is that you all collaborated for another’s benefit! I will fight anyone who says that lovely functional home doesn’t improve your quality of life. Kudos also to the generous sponsors! Your last sentence really hit me. Human interaction, a positive project, and something out of the norm. Yup. That sounds like a needed prescription right about now. Off to check out that living room reveal. 💜💜💜

    1. Thanks, Peggi! The contractor came up with the range hood design and I’m so impressed- he just went for it and it turned out amazing. Thanks for your kind words about the styling- you know that’s my favorite part. Haha! I LOVED teaming up with talented women to surprise Patty. She is so deserving and it was a special project. I have truly missed collaborating, human interaction, and positivity- so this really did it for me. Cheers to more of these types of projects in the future!! Hope you had a happy Thursday :)

  2. Melanie Thielke says:

    I love this coordinated effort dedicated to a worthy and selfless loved one.. The design is clean with so many luxe details integrated: simply beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Melanie! I felt so lucky to be a small part of this project. These feel good makeovers for incredible people or organizations are always my favorite!

  3. I’m always amazed at how transformative slight layout changes can be for smaller spaces like this. I love the pantry wall- incorporating the refrigerator here makes so much sense, and bonus that the microwave was accommodated for the gorgeous hood! The eat-in area and open shelving are my favorite. I love the way the dark wood really highlights the backsplash, and the leather straps on the seat back are such a simple, elevated addition. Perfect spot for morning coffee! I spy a mini lamp on the open shelving, and it’s oh so cute! Any chance you have a source for that one? This is such a beautiful gift for a deserving person- I love seeing others use their gifts to give back and put that extra positivity and light into the universe. All of you did such an incredible job! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Me too, Lauren! I was thinking the same thing about the dining space- it would make the perfect spot for coffee, working from home, or family game night. It’s such a cozy spot! I think the cake stand kind of looks like a mini lamp in one of the photos, but I WISH I would’ve thought to bring one to style on the floating shelves. Thanks so much for your sweet words about the space! It was really a special project- Crystal did an amazing job organizing and surprising her aunt :)

  4. Ok so I’m sitting in a little cry puddle at the end of this post, tears of happiness and incredibly moved by reading this amazing reveal. Oh my gosh, Patty certainly sounds like an outstanding wonderful lady very deserving of this beautiful kitchen ❤️ Bravo to you four for making her kitchen dreams come true ❤️
    Now the kitchen is gorgeous and this is no ordinary white kitchen. There are so many details that make this white kitchen different, that appeals to me on a ginormous level. It exudes such a warm, cozy, prettiness that’s not overdone but has everything you could possibly need for a functional hard working space. I agree the kitchen nook is a gem and really adds personality, style, comfort and feels so relaxing to me. Well done on that banquette Sarah! I can see such wonderful conversation happening here, i bet it will be that spot in the house everyone gravitates towards. The floors are stunning 😍 and the cabinet hardware add an incredible sparkle. I love the layout, overall design and aesthetic. I think the shiplap, the very pretty lighting and the drapes really soften and add a layer of sophistication and style that totally works for me. I also think it has the perfect blend of storage, open shelving and counter space that adds superior function. I’m loving this kitchen so much 😍 wow! And the backsplash really shines. What an incredible project! This post has made my day 🙏

    1. Awww, I love you for that Colleen! Sadly I didn’t get to meet Patty (because we were being super safe and it was a surprise), but based on what Crystal has told me about her- she is such a kind hearted, giving, and sweet lady. It has been a tough year for her and I know this really was a big deal to her! She said it almost felt “too fancy” for her, but she deserves it. I really appreciate all of your kind words about the space :) It really came together nicely! The backsplash tile is stunning in person- and the floors were another favorite of mine. Lots to admire! I’m glad you enjoyed this one, too. Hope you’re having a good evening. xox

  5. This is such a gorgeous kitchen for a well-deserving person! Love everything about it!

    1. Thank you, Arli! It was such a special project. I’m so happy Patty loves her new kitchen!

  6. Beautiful! What is the source for the curtains?

  7. LOVE everything about this! Especially all the warm wood tones in the accessories and furniture. And my eyes were instantly drawn to the roman shades above the sink since I’m currently looking around from something similar in our bedroom. Do you have a source/color/fabric for them? Now I’m off to check out the living room reveal!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! All of the window treatments (the drapery and roman shades) came from Urban Loft Window Treatments. I believe they’re all custom and you can choose your preferred fabric :)

  8. What a beautiful kitchen for a deserving woman. Such a wonderful act of kindness.
    I too thought of your previous kitchen Sarah when I first saw the pictures. I spied a few accessories from you adorable shop. The banquet seating with pillows, art and soft drapes makes for a beautiful vignette to enjoy a meal or conversation over cake. Off to check out her living room.
    You have talented friends near you. Warm hugs from Texas for such a selfless act.

    1. It was such a special project that I loved being apart of! You had me at “conversation over cake”, Danna. That’s my kind of afternoon. How are you doing in Texas, Danna? I know I’m miles away, but please let me know if there is anything I can do to help from afar- don’t hesitate to message me! I hope you’re hanging in there and are keeping warm!

      1. Sarah, you are the sweetest and most thoughtful. We are doing better than a lot of others. Today was a warm 78* which is crazy after the 10* we had just a couple of days ago. Our only loss is plants and we feel so fortunate. My daughter is still without water but we are able to help her. I will be delivering emergency water to the elderly on Tuesday. I feel like Covid has prepared our state for emergency situations and other than busted pipes and no water, we will return to normal soon. Thank you again for your thoughts and appreciate you asking.

        1. I’m glad you had a warm day yesterday, Danna! You are so kind for delivering emergency water- that’s incredible and super sweet of you. I’m also happy to hear you’ve been able to help your daughter. I’m glad Texans have been pretty well prepared and are always eager to jump in and help one another. I feel like last year definitely taught us to band together, offer a hand, and show up for one another. I’m thankful for you!

  9. So beautiful…especially love the tile. Can you share the color of tile grout used and how far apart the tiles are placed? Thank you for sharing this lovely space!

    1. Thanks, Donna! That tile is SO pretty in person. The grout color we used was “bright white”. The tile spacing was 1/16″! Hope that’s helpful :)

  10. Kirsten F says:

    gorgeous! So well done in every way…nice job, ladies! what an amazing gift to give the auntie!

    1. Thanks so much, Kirsten! We had a lot of fun and Patty is enjoying her new setup :)

  11. Love this! Thanks for sharing. I’d love to know where the planter/plant (real or fake) on the kitchen table it from! I’m looking for something similar! Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Kendra! That is a real fern, and I believe it came from Lowe’s or Home Depot.

  12. Anne Marie says:

    Gorgeous renovation! I love the dining nook! So bright and cheery! The white cabinets just sparkle in the space! What is the source for the cabinets?
    Thank you!

  13. The transformation is gorgeous, as always! How amazing that you were able to make such a big difference for a wonderful, well-deserving person!

    I had a quick question about the Pepe and Carols chandelier. I’m unsure about sizing. What dimensions did you use for the space? 6” arm and 24” rod?

    1. Thank you, Laurel! It was truly a special project that I was thrilled to be apart of. On the fixture, I actually think Crystal ordered the 6″ arm with the 18″ rod, with the beige shade. I love how customizable their light fixtures are! We use Pepe & Carol’s hardware in our previous kitchen and everything was very high quality. Hope that’s helpful!

  14. Gorgeous! I found your blog via Pinterest and I’m so glad I did.

    1. Thank you so much, Dawn!

  15. So beautiful!! What size is the print?

    1. Thanks, Julie! I believe that was the 31×47