Roundup : Kitchen Countertop Lamps

Roundup : Kitchen Countertop Lamps - roomfortuesday.comLet’s talk kitchen countertop lamps… ever since I styled my $30 black lamp on our soapstone kitchen counters, I’ve steadily received questions about it. Inquiring minds want to know where the cord lives (does it even have a cord… what kind of sorcery is this?!), does it get dirty or greasy resting by the range, and what type of lamp shapes and styles work best in kitchens? I’m obviously on board the “lamp on the countertop” trend, and having lived with it for quite some time- I can say it has come in very useful. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, but I’ve grown accustomed to the soft glow it puts off in the evening hours, and how it acts as a nightlight in our kitchen. Click through for the answers to all of the aforementioned questions and for a giant roundup (26, to be exact) of my favorite table lamps that would look stellar on the kitchen counter…

source : alice lane interiors

Why style a table lamp in the kitchen, anyway? For starters, it’s beautiful… I love the cozy aesthetic it adds. Secondly, it’s honestly very functional! We switch our counter lamp on every evening, and even after turning the main lights off in our kitchen, we leave the lamp aglow. It provides a nice, soft nightlight that helps us navigate the kitchen in the evening hours or early hours of the morning. I haven’t stumbled around our kitchen at night since adding the lamp, which is helpful… especially when I need a drink of water or a midnight snack. It’s also handy when we have house guests who aren’t as familiar with our home. The kitchen is a highly trafficked area, so having a little light makes perfect sense.

Roundup : Kitchen Countertop Lamps -
source : heidi caillier design

What kind of table lamps work well in a kitchen setting? This totally depends on YOUR kitchen and preferences (the colors, the materials, the size, the amount of counter space, the layout, etc). I prefer a bit of contrast, so my black lamp works very well against our gray tiled backsplash.

Click directly on the lamps to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: birdie lamp // 02: round rattan lamp // 03: allure lamp // 04: square nero lamp // 05: capiz lamp // 06: mayer lamp // 07: alabaster lamp // 08: mini lamp // 09: square marble lamp // 10: orb lamp // 11: artichoke lamp // 12: diagonal weave lamp // 13: ceramic lamp // 14: simple brass lamp // 15: aged iron lamp // 16: winnie lamp // 17: forged lamp // 18: faceted lamp // 19: woven lamp // 20: cube lamp // 21: umie lamp // 22: curvy lamp // 23: fluted lamp // 24: wood lamp // 25: obera lamp // 26: copper lamp

There are SO many beautiful options in this roundup. I actually ended up buying a lamp for the kitchenette at our office. Any guesses which one? It was #9. I already own #1 (at least it is very similar from the same Alice Lane collection… that lives in our bedroom), #10 (that lives in our formal living room), and of course #22 (pictured, in the kitchen). I also bought this one for our guest bedroom, but forgot to include it in the collage! I feel like I just tossed you a major curveball, haha.

Roundup : Kitchen Countertop Lamps -
source : nate berkus

Adding a lamp to a kitchen feels cozy and intimate to me. I guess I would compare it to installing outdoor curtains… usually they belong elsewhere (like the interior or your home), but they make any outdoor area feel extra romantic and inviting. They’re kind of a game changer! The same goes for the kitchen lamp- maybe it’s an unexpected place to install a small light fixture, but it really enhances the mood and makes the kitchen feel more welcoming and lived in. Since we’re basically in the holiday season, I guess I could also compare it to warm twinkle lights on a Christmas tree. They’re so charming and cozy… why wouldn’t you want that glowing effect year round?

Roundup : Kitchen Countertop Lamps - roomfortuesday.comIn regards to the lamp that lives in my kitchen, pictured above… I want to elaborate on the cord- or lack thereof. There is no sorcery or magic happening here… there actually is no cord. I ended up cutting it out completely. I took my kitchen scissors and lopped it off, then pulled out the excess. If you’re wondering how it functions, I used a puck light on a remote. The remote lives in the drawer directly below the lamp, and we have it set on a timer. The puck light itself is just resting on the harp where the lightbulb would live. If you’re curious what that looks like, I explain the process in this DIY lamp post! Having a cord on my countertop near my cook space would probably drive me nuts. If it were on an island or out of the way, I wouldn’t care… but in this location, I like having a small, cordless lamp.

Roundup : Kitchen Countertop Lamps -
source : madison and such

Have I convinced you to put a table lamp on your kitchen countertop or island? Or maybe even on your floating shelves in the kitchen? I’m all about it! Maybe you already have a counter lamp? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this lighting dilemma! I know we’ve talked about it here on the blog in the past. Do you have any favorites from the roundup? Apparently I have a thing for mini lamps. Happy Tuesday, friends!

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  1. Good morning! This is also a dreamy kitchen inspiration post! I pinned every single image. (The marble corbels in the Alice Lane example? Dead.) I love, love, love the idea of a countertop lamp, but our kitchen just doesn’t have a great spot. (Unless I removed some key items and moved others…which would cause serious consternation.😱 So, in the interest of home harmony, it’s a no.) I could really become a mini lamp “collector” though! There are SO many good options here; I especially love the ones with interesting scale and shape. I’d take #2, 5, 6 ,8 ,9 and 10. Oh, and 20. And, 18 and 21 with different shades. SEE? If I could ever find these in thrift stores, I’d need an intervention. Snort.
    Happy goofy Tuesday! (I think daylight savings time has made me punchy.)💜

    1. Good morning! I know- I also loved and gawked at every single one of these gorgeous kitchens… and they’re all totally different and unique. Lots of good inspiration! I could also become a mini lamp collector. I have wayyy too many table lamps! Emmett just asked if he could swap his bedside floor lamp for a table lamp and I asked if I should buy one (lol!! an opportunity presented itself), to which he replied, “We have a hundred, I’ll just shop our house or check your prop closet.” Touchè. I love all of your top picks! Great choices :) I haven’t had much luck finding small table lamps in thrift stores. I usually see big clunky versions from the 80’s (not in a cool, “vintage” way). Daylight savings is bleh! Such a weird week, but happy goofy Tuesday (I like that)! xo

  2. I am with you on having small lamps in the kitchen. I also love small lamps in the bathroom & contemplating one in my closet. Your selection is good. Too many to pick! Target has some small lamps and I think I look at them every time I go in.
    Do you like the light from your lamp in your kitchen or the under cabinet lights or both? I have gone back and forth on getting under cabinet lights in our kitchen. A lamp I can get on board with easily.
    Emmett’s response to having a choice of lamps hits a familiar note. My husband has said the same about lamps and pillows in our house. LOL!
    Looking forward to our time today Sarah!

    1. Absolutely! The bathroom is another great space for a small lamp. We’ll definitely add one to our master bath when it comes time to renovate. We have a double vanity, and I think one would be perfect in the middle / to fill negative space. I haven’t been to Target in awhile, but I’ll have to check out their lighting section next time! Thanks for the tip, Danna :) Our cabinetry lights are bright. We use them often, but I wouldn’t leave them on overnight. That’s why the lamp comes in handy! We use both though- just for different purposes. I had to laugh at having your own personal selection of lamps and pillows… two things I can’t resist. Haha!! It was so nice chatting yesterday. Hope you have another great day with beautiful weather! xo

  3. Fully on board! I added a small marble based lamp from West Elm to our bar cart and thanks to getting dark now so early, it’s the first “table” lamp that goes on. I absolutely love it and the fact that it subtlety signifies happy hour is a another plus in my book. 🤣I hadn’t thought of using a puck light like that. Do you find that it gives off a warm enough glow (ie. more yellow than blue/white light)? I haven’t looked at pucks a lot, but it’s been my impression, perhaps wrongly, that they’re more cool in tone. Absolutely adore all of those kitchens, too!

    1. I love that you added one to your bar cart! That’s such a great idea and the perfect place for a little lamp. As for the puck light, I think it’s about finding the right one. There are definitely some bad, blue hued lights on the market, but there are also warmer options. Some of them can even be dimmed, which is nice (ours does that).

  4. What a genius idea to cut the cord and use a puck light! Do you have a post where you talk more about that? Or a recommendation for the puck light? Would love to see if it’s as warm of a light as our bulb. Thank you as always!

    1. Consuella floyd says:

      I saw a diy project, where some one took a thrift store terra-cotta jar, and a small lampshade, from the thrift store and the puck light was cool light puck light. Hope it answer your question. Btw I tried to make the lamp, but couldn’t balance the puck light on the lamp hole where the bulb would go, I used 2 sided tape, I wanted the light to be a little more brighter, so I went back to the thrift store and bought a regular little lamp, kept the lampshade I bought from another store , and now using a regular lightbulb.

  5. Melissa D. says:

    I love the lamp in the kitchen look. Although my current pre-renovation kitchen has absolutely nowhere to put a lamp, I think I’m going to plan a space for a cute little lamp once our renovation finally gets here! My favorites out of the roundup are #4 and and #15, though #12 speaks to my coastal/beach-loving soul… and though it’s weird for me, #5 is super cute too! I love the idea of a puck light on a timer/remote instead of a plug in. Now I’m off to drool over more photos of all these amazing kitchens!!!

    1. Me too, Melissa! I love all of your picks from the roundup :) great eye! In the kitchen, the puck light works great. I enjoy not having a cord in the way… plus the lamp is extra easy to move if needed. Have a lovely day! xo

  6. I love this idea and aded a lamp to my kitchen a few years ago. I love this round up and it makes me want to change up some lamps around my home!

    1. I switched up some lamps yesterday after posting this and it was fun to style them in different areas in my home :) It’s nice to mix things up. I’m also a fan of keeping one in the kitchen! It’s so handy. Have a great day, Teri!

  7. I’m fully on board with the lamp in the kitchen! It’s such an easy solution-one that hits at the perfect time for a dilemma I’ve had in my own kitchen. Awhile back we needed to replace our over the range microwave and the range itself. The surface light for the microwave is either too dim or too bright. We also have the worst under cabinet lighting I’ve ever seen in a kitchen. These lights are mini fluorescent tube lights-like what you would put in a garage. I can’t stand the light that comes from them, and they’ll be the first things to get demo’d come renovation time. Currently, there isn’t a proper spot to place a lamp, but when we make the plans for a new kitchen I’m definitely going to make a spot. And I need one for my coffee station too! I really love the lamp in Heidi’s kitchen (can I just take the entire kitchen??)…the color and scale are just perfect! My favorite from the roundup is #2, but I’m a bit disappointed that it isn’t Terra cotta-it totally looks like it could be! My question about having one in the kitchen: how do you keep the shade grease free? No matter what I do when I’m cooking-even with using a grease shield-it seems like grease spots get everywhere! Such a lovely roundup of all the mini lamps…I’m about to go down a rabbit hole.

    1. I know!! Isn’t that kitchen amazing? Heidi can do no wrong. As for cleaning, make sure it’s far enough away from the range. I feel like ours is pushing it, but we haven’t had any issues with grease. It probably depends on what side of your range you cook on? We’ve really only had our black lamp in the kitchen, which hides anything and everything. If you’re into one that is lighter, I’d suggest positioning it a spot far enough from the range. The base is easy to clean, but certain shades are not. Hope this helps :) Have a great day, Lauren! xo

  8. Cici Haus says:

    I’m doing a long corded bulb that’ll wrap around my peg board under the cabinets and hang down a bit in my kitchen renovation! I’m so excited to have extra task lighting in a fun way!

    1. That sounds awesome, Cici!

  9. I love this, and I just realized this could be a solution to a problem I’ve had! I have an old house and several electricians say they can’t install a ceiling fixture in my dining room. After reading your post, I think I can put a few lamps on the dining room table! Thanks for the inspiration, I’ll keep you posted on how it works out.

    1. I love that idea, Jessie! Yes, please let me know how it works out :)

  10. Hello,

    What is the paint color and brand of those gorgeous green cabinets?