Refrigerator (& Kitchen) Organization

Refrigerator (& Kitchen) Organization - roomfortuesday.comYesterday was gloomy and rainy, so I decided to get organized in the kitchen. It felt like a good rainy day project! A couple weeks ago, I ordered a bunch of organizational containers for our fridge. After sharing a snippet on IG stories yesterday, due to popular demand… here I am writing this blog post, spilling all the details. Apparently you guys like being organized as much as I do. Ha! Click through for a peek into our refrigerator, the kitchen, and of course- all of the source links…

Refrigerator (& Kitchen) Organization - roomfortuesday.comFirst up, if you’re new around here- you can catch our full kitchen tour / reveal right here. It’s hard to believe we’ve almost lived with our renovated kitchen for a year now! This is really my happy place in our home. Ready to see my newly organized fridge? It’s the large cabinet doors on the right side of the above image- it’s disguised with cabinetry panels, just like I like it! Ok… let’s do this.

Refrigerator (& Kitchen) Organization - roomfortuesday.comBasically, I went crazy in the clear bins department. I spent wayyy too long (hours) putting organizers into my online cart, researching, and looking at organized refrigerators on Pinterest. Haha! Sadly, I’m serious. I tried to find containers that were stackable, had lids (to stack other items on), and were convenient with the shape & size of our KitchenAid fridge and diet.

I should probably say… our food selection isn’t the norm right now. We’re almost ready for our next instacart delivery, and the last one didn’t go totally as planned. For example- normally I buy brown eggs, but I ended up with white. Those types of substitutes were made, which is totally fine for now. There were also lots of items on my list that were sold out. Anyway, all of that to say- our fridge is usually more stocked and varies a little more in color.

Refrigerator (& Kitchen) Organization - roomfortuesday.comOne thing I definitely wanted was a bottle holder. We often keep champagne or prosecco in this fridge for breakfast cocktails or celebratory occasions, and my pet peeve is glass bottles rolling all over the glass shelves in the fridge. I was able to find a bottle rack that was stackable, which is the ideal situation!

Refrigerator (& Kitchen) Organization - roomfortuesday.comEmmett and I order HelloFresh meal kits, and our box arrives once a week (that includes 3-4 dinners). That’s what the brown paper bag is- one dinner. I tried to make room on a shelf to house 3-4 HelloFresh bags, so given we’re on our last meal this week… it looks a little empty, but will fill out once our next order arrives! In the drawer below, I keep all of our fresh veggies… kale, carrots, zucchini, squash, broccoli, etc.

Refrigerator (& Kitchen) Organization - roomfortuesday.comWe consume a lot of fruit, so I kept that at a nice reaching distance. I love having my apples, oranges, and lemons in convenient bins now. Below is more produce and our eggs. We also go through a LOT of eggs. From breakfast to baking, I knew I needed two containers to hold all of those. It’s really nice that they stack on top of each other.

Oh- and on the top shelf… that’s where our beverages live. Honestly, we don’t keep many drinks upstairs because we have another refrigerator in the basement (I should’ve photographed that one). It also holds water, sparkling water, tonic, beer, cocktail mixers, and occasionally the rare soda (I’ll admit- Mexican Coke with cane sugar is my guilty pleasure).

Refrigerator (& Kitchen) Organization - roomfortuesday.comOne of my friends told me how convenient having a lazy susan that spins 360 degrees in her fridge has been, so I added that to my cart! It works well for condiments if your refrigerator door is full, or you have odd sized items. I keep things like lime & lemon juice, pesto, salad dressings, garlic, and mustard on this handy little turntable.

Yesterday I got hundreds of source requests, so I’m linking everything (and more) below. Click directly on the objects to be redirected to the source and shop… lots of these come in different colors & sizes.

If you’re curious about our glass bottled water, I have an entire blog post devoted to that here! We love and use these dishwasher-safe bottles multiple times each day.

Refrigerator (& Kitchen) Organization - roomfortuesday.comWe also have a large pantry in our kitchen, but I’m going to have to order more bins before I tackle that space! You’ll have to hold tight for that one. I do keep some produce out in our kitchen. I have a bowl on the countertop that is great for things like onions and bananas.

Refrigerator (& Kitchen) Organization - roomfortuesday.comI also keep a produce bowl for apples on the mid section of our kitchen cart. I’m one of those strange people who likes eating both room temperature and chilled apples… which is why I have them in the fridge AND on the cart. I like to have options!

Refrigerator (& Kitchen) Organization - roomfortuesday.comNext to our range, you’ll also find another lazy susan (a little prettier though… marble). This is where I keep our salt, pepper, oil, butter, garlic, etc. I like to keep that out for easy access when cooking.

Refrigerator (& Kitchen) Organization - roomfortuesday.comThis post is getting long, so I’m going to wrap things up… but if you’re interested in more kitchen organization- I have a BUNCH of those type of posts. I’ll link them below if you want to look through my cabinetry, check out my dishes, tackle your spice rack, and more:

Refrigerator (& Kitchen) Organization - roomfortuesday.comLet me know if you have any questions! I’ll try to add these organizational items to my Amazon Storefront, too. Give me a few days to do that. What is everyone up to this weekend?! We’ll be working in the yard again, if weather allows. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend filled with sunshine and fun!

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  1. This looks so fresh and pleasing! Clear storage is perfect for this!

    Two small things – unless your home is really warm absolutely everywhere, potatoes shouldn’t be stored in the refrigerator and they also shouldn’t be kept near either onions or fruit. Ideally they should be stored in a cool, dry place and, crucially, in the dark. Secondly, unless it’s just the aesthetics that you prefer, I’m sure you know that there is no nutritional difference between brown and white eggs. The essential thing to ensure is that one buys the best quality free range available, which often, but not always, means organic and/or specific breed.

    1. Thank you, Sally! Typically I keep potatoes in the pantry, but every once in awhile we’ll get some in our HelloFresh meal kit. If they’re already refrigerated, I’ll leave those in the fridge. I’m weird about taking produce from cold to room temp, but I were to buy them at room temp… they stay in the pantry. I’m partial to brown eggs because raising chickens and growing up on a farm, that’s what ours laid- so I’ve always been team brown eggs since that’s what I grew up eating / knowing :) Happy Friday! xo

  2. Looks great! My fridge is definitely on the barer side right now too. One thing I’ve been doing lately is supplementing grocery store runs with produce and eggs from local farms. In San Diego, I found a webpage that outlined all the local farms that sell to residents ( I am now hooked on the local produce, and even more so – THE EGGS! The local eggs, from Three Sons Farms, are AMAZING. The yolks are dark orange, and are just heaven when served over-easy. They sell out online, so I check back every day or so for availability, and when I checked back yesterday, I snagged FOUR dozen – that’s how good. The produce is great too, so many greens and it’s all of course delicious. I also helps me form meals b/c I’m working with what comes out of the box.

    And of course, there’s the bonus of supporting local farms. One of the farms I have to pickup from, and nowadays, taking a 20 minute leisure drive on a Saturday morning isn’t so much a chore – it’s an event (THE Saturday AM event?). I even let my younger daughter come with me (she didn’t get out of the car, and she chose to wear her face mask the entire time).

    I also now follow both farms on IG, and it’s fun to connect that way. So win/win/win? :)

    1. Thanks Karen! Yes- we’ve been taking that route too. We quickly went through our farm box from last week (sadly it didn’t include eggs). I need to find a good local resource for those. I feel like I would welcome your Saturday morning EVENT. Haha! But really- I’ll take any excuse to (safely) get out of the house. It really is a win/win/win :) Happy Friday!!

  3. Of course the inside of your refrigerator would look camera-ready! We switched to a French door model last fall (which I was thrilled to do!), but I’m still adjusting to how to utilize the space. It’s actually looking a little bare right now because I need to do a grocery order. I admit that I miss wandering down the aisles and choosing my own food, and we’re still experiencing shortages in our area-last week no flour or eggs. Funny story about white eggs. I had actually never seen them until I moved to AZ for college! My first thought was, “Who would bleach an egg?”🙈 To this day, a white egg looks unnatural! Food preferences can be so quirky! I’m team cold apples. One thing we can all agree on is…Happy Pizza Friday!
    I think we’re going to continue with outside chores this weekend, too; I might be planning to treat myself to a little front door makeover as a reward for doing the drudgery. Somebody told me it’s got great ROI.🤣 (Get ready for lots of traffic on your door hardware posts!)💖

    1. I also miss grocery shopping (that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say, ha!). I’m cracking up at your white egg story! I think I’m partial to brown eggs because growing up on the farm we always had chickens that laid that variety… so I’m team brown eggs. HAPPY PIZZA FRIDAY :) I hope you have a fabulous weekend of nice weather for your outside chores. I can’t wait to see your front door makeover! xo

    2. Team cold apples over here too Peggi!!! My entire life I thought I was strange for not liking the flavor of room temperature apples! I do keep some out when I want to use them for baking but that’s a rarity. Happy Pizza Friday!! What are your toppings of choice? I love hearing what people like on their pizza!

      1. Hey Lauren! I’m afraid I’ll disappoint with our favored pizza toppings. Mostly we like mushrooms, onions and turkey pepperoni (when I can get it). I have been making homemade crust, and once our herbs come in, we forego sauce for a garlicky herb paste. Nothing too exciting, but we sure enjoy it! Have an awesome weekend! Sounds like you’ve got many exciting things happening at your place!

        1. Actually Peggi that sounds really yummy! I’m a mushroom fanatic! And garlic…I’m so there! We love pepperoni and olive, and mushroom and sausage! Oh the projects! But they’re fun and enjoyable to watch the transformation; Happy Friday Peggi!

  4. Your fridge looks so pretty, Sarah! And, what a perfect rainy day project. Our fridge contents are looking a little odd these days, too, with a lot of our normal items being swapped or sold out on grocery delivery day. We also try to only order groceries every couple weeks (to keep slots available for others and limit the germs), so the fridge looks a little pathetic toward the end of that time – usually about 30 types of condiments and dressings, 10 half-full glass containers of random leftovers, and a sad little cucumber or two. Ha!

    Also, I love your fruit bowls – both the one on the counter and the one on your kitchen. Any chance that they’re not vintage and you’d share where you got them? Happy Friday! :)

    1. *on your kitchen cart :)

    2. Thanks, Julie! That’s our grocery method as well… instacart every 2-3 weeks, HelloFresh, and a farm box here and there. The fruit bowl on the countertop is vintage, and the one on the kitchen cart came from Slate Interiors. I got it on my last trip to Charlotte and shipped it home. Happy Friday!! :)

      1. Thank you! I’ll have to keep my eye out for something similar. :)

  5. It looks gorgeous! I always laugh at bloggers fridges: mine is full of condiments and sauces and cheeses and leftovers and so many pickled vegetables. haha

    1. Thanks Sarah! Believe me when I say, it normally doesn’t look this tidy, organized, and sparse. Haha! There are lots of condiments in the door shelf. I should’ve photographed the cheese drawer! It’s right above the produce drawer. We LOVE cheese in this house. As for pickled veggies and leftovers… we usually don’t have many of those. Happy Friday! :)

  6. Honestly, I came just to check out your water bottles!! I must have missed the original post but clicked over today and read all about them. They are gorgeous! We are a refillable water bottle family but they’re all a bunch of mix-matched ones collected over the years. Once we upgrade to a new fridge in a couple weeks I mayyy just have to find it in the budget to order a set of these pretty bottles. Also, just curious – are you still using the bottle filler from your previous post? We also have icky water and are trying to figure out a better solution then the extra large poland spring containers with the pour spout. Your fridge looks great and I’m happy to see some examples of how these storage containers can be used. I’ve looked into them in the past but could never really envision how I would but them to use in my own fridge – moving eggs from the carton to a holder never really made sense to me – but seeing how you’ve done it all has inspired me! Loving the lazy susan and the Prosecco bottle holder is a game changer!

    1. I thought the same thing Cori! My family goes through a ton of eggs! I thought it would be quite the chore to transfer 6 dozen eggs into the containers, but I truly love them! I have three, and it’s far better and more space saving than the flat they typically come on, and you can’t put anything on top of those! I’ve never looked back!

      1. So far, that’s probably my favorite organizer! It’s so convenient and space saving :)

    2. Thank you, Cori! We really love those water bottles, and use them all day everyday. They’re so nice and convenient. We are indeed still using the same water bottle filler from that post! Happy organizing :) have a great week! xo

  7. OOOOOOH!!!!! This is the absolute best!! I just saved every single one to my Amazon wish list, and can’t wait to get my refrigerator in tip top shape! I’m digging the lazy susan most, because condiments in my house seem to be a hoarder’s dream! Ha! I think the clear containers are beautiful and oh-so functional! Ardith hasn’t turned up the last few days, and I’m really missing her; hoping she is well! Also, I don’t know what changed, but when I subscribe to follow-up comments now, it only shows me when you comment. ;( THis weekend we’re installing post lights and hopefully brick repair! HAve a wonderful weekend!

    1. Lauren! How the heck are you, you lovely being you? What kinds of condiments are we talking about here? Personally, I think you and Sarah are very brave to use lazy Susans in your refrigerators. In the home of the man with extra large hands, I live in fear of what havoc such a device would wreak. Countertops aren’t safe. Bathroom sinks aren’t safe (aka, they end up looking large birds took baths there). I can only imagine what the fridge would be like when a free-spinning surface is involved. Anywhohow, Ms. Lauren, we’ll be standing by for a report on your weekend DIYs, come Monday. Cheers and hugs, Ardith

      1. Yay!!!! Hello lovely! How I missed you! I am slowly melting into oblivion with our triple digit heat today, but you just raised my spirits! Ooooh, Ardith!! If you only knew of the condiments…I’m talking boysenberry preserves, plum jelly, Chalula, Tapatio, Salsa verde, regular salsa, and mustards of all varieties!! I’m a weirdo of rare form and can’t stand ketchup, so in-lieu of, I have mustard! Beaver brand has some amazing spicy mustards, so that’s my brand of choice; plus dressings of all varieties! My mom is the real condiment hound and she’s slowly turning us all to the dark side! HA! What a wonderful point about the ogre hands! I hadn’t quite thought of that, and those of us that live with this variety of male species know the struggle is real! Now you’ve got me second guessing…perhaps I’ll jump down the Amazon rabbit hole and look for one that has sides and a lid perhaps! Happy Friday! Enjoy a lovely weekend!

      2. Hahah!! I’m laughing at the extra large man hands. Emmett is pretty good at keeping our organized areas tidy. I just have to create a system and he’ll usually stick to it with me (luckily). We love our condiments… barbecue, mustard, balsamic glaze, crema, give us alllll the dipping sauces and toppings!! :)

    2. We also like our condiments over here… so much so that they all won’t fit in the door, so this seemed like a great solution! I feel like a new woman after organizing the fridge. Ha! Would highly recommend if you need a rewarding, stress-free activity. Maybe you can work that into distance learning somehow? Hahah!

      In regards to the comments- I haven’t had time to go in, investigate, and make any changes yet- so it should be the exact same (as I haven’t touched it). SO weird! Thanks for the heads up!

  8. Hello, Beautiful People!!! I’m here, I’m here. Sorry, I got lost in the recesses of my refrigerator, trying to figure out how I can make 8 chicken breasts, two dozen eggs, 7 cartons of almond milk, a plethora of faux butter, some newly mashed potatoes, two bags of avocados, and 8 cups of white rice look pretty. I failed, and I had to come to terms with it. So, I’m just going to print out some of Sarah’s photos and tape them to my fridge instead. Instant beauty! So, how is everyone? Cheers, Ardith

    1. Hey lady!! I was worried about you!! I didn’t see you on yesterday, and then didn’t see you today…I’m so glad my comment notifications are back and I can see everyone again!!! I don’t know what happened but yesterday was a huge bummer!! Smiles, hugs, and cheers Ardith!! Glad to know you were just peering into the promises of your fridge! Haha!

      1. Lauren, you made my day. No, scratch that, you made my month with your kind message. Truly. Big smiles and hugs right back at you. So, how YOU doin’? How are the kiddos, the cows?

        1. Kiddos are climbing the walls!! It’s all I can do to contain them; we had a very interesting walk this morning with one feisty little girl and two scrounge old dogs; boy did we look like a tribe!! No new cows yet; I’m anxiously awaiting their arrival! The horses are pretty curious about our happenings in the yard, but they weren’t grazing today due to the heat. We may get a morning visit tomorrow! We were in the 100’s today temperature-wise, and without the palm trees it’s going to be pretty sketchy until summer! Still no regrets, but added incentive to find a fruitless olive and get the container wall rebuilt! Much to do this weekend, so I’m hoping triple digits was a one day fluke. Cheers my friend! XO

      2. Oh they’re back?! YAY! I didn’t touch anything, so I have no idea what happened. sorry about that :) Happy you’re all here. Love reading the comment section each day. Happy Monday, friends. xo

        1. Yes Sarah! They’re back and I’m so ecstatic! I don’t know how or why they were messed up; it could be my crappy phone honestly. Ha! My morning ritual is restored HALLELUJAH for that!!!

    2. Snort! At least your fridge is well-stocked! 2 bags of avocados? I smell guacamole in your future! Have a lovely weekend!

      1. Ah, wouldn’t that be grraaand? Especially along side a top-shelf margarita. Then again, pizza sounds fantastic, particularly after loads of outdoor shenanigans and a front door beautification project. Yes, pizza Friday, pizza Saturday, pizza Sunday sounds perfect, Peggi. Oh, we’ll be wanting that Monday report from you as well. K?

        1. Just tell me when to come over. Haha! We had margaritas and guac over the weekend and it was in the 70’s… it felt like spring over here and it was fabulous. I hope Pizza Friday was fantastic and everyone had a good weekend! xo

    3. Hello, hello! Hope you had a lovely weekend, Ardith. Your fridge sounds STOCKED (that’s another good feeling I love)- so many dinner options. I’m anxiously awaiting our next grocery delivery. It’s feeling sparse over here. Ha! Have a great day :) xo

  9. I love your bog! So many great ideas. Do you have links to your marble lazy suzan next to your stove and your oil holder? Thanks

  10. Loved the post, may I ask where the glass water bottles are from? Would love a link. Thank you